Asteroid Astrology: Mythic Named Asteroids (MNAs)

Asteroid Lilith

Lilith 1181

Lilith is a character from Jewish folklore, perhaps based in part on an earlier Babylonian class of night demon known as Lilitu. The text of Genesis is ambiguous on the point of the creation of man, with two distinct myths being presented: an earlier version, where god creates both male and female from the same soil, and a subsequent version which assigns a later creation to Eve, as Adam’s wife.

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Logos 58534

Logos is an ancient Greek philosophical term meaning “the Word”. It represents logic (for which it is the root term) and reason; rational, cognitive thought; and was used particularly for persuasive argument. It stands for the principles of order and knowledge, the premise of an idea or thesis, and the logical arguments or examples which support this.  

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Memoria 1247

Memoria is the Latin word for “memory” or “remembrance.” As such, it functions astrologically
in that capacity, as an indication of a good (or bad) memory, depending on aspects; a harking back to former circumstance, a reviving of the past; the collective sum of remembered experience which makes us who we are.

Midas 1981

Midas was a king of Phrygia, in ancient Greece, noted for his greed and avarice, which became his undoing, in the following manner.

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Minerva 93

Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, crafts, commerce, strategy and magic, the counterpart of Greek Athena. She was born from Jupiter’s head, fully grown and armed to the teeth.

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Astroid Narcissus

Narcissus 37117

Narcissus was a Greek youth so famed for his beauty that he pridefully spurned all who sought to love him. The goddess Nemesis learned of his brutish behaviors and enticed him
to a pool in the forest, where he saw his own reflection.

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