Asteroid Astrology: Research

Circe 34

CirceCirce was an enchantress who lived on an island in the Aegean Sea. A daughter of the sun god Helios, Circe was a minor goddess of witchcraft, and skilled in potions and herbal lore, especially the arts of transmutation.

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Chaos 19521

Chaos was the ancient Greek personification of the void, the first thing to exist, from which everything else emerged. There was a creative, potential-generating aspect to the original Greek usage, which in modern times has become more focused on anarchy, disorder, disarray and confusion. Chaos is the name given to a TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object) in the Kuiper Belt region of the solar system, near Pluto.

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Daedalus 1864

Daedalus and IcarusDaedalus was a skilled craftsman, artist and inventor, who created many ingenious devices. Chief among these was the Labyrinth built for King Minos of Crete, to house the half-man, half-bull Minotaur.

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Damocles 5335

Damocles was a courtier of King Dionysius II of Syracuse, Sicily. Damocles was fond of flattering his master, often opining on how fortunate the king was, as absolute master of his realm, surrounded by pomp, magnificence and riches.

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Demeter 1108

DemeterDemeter was the Greek goddess of agriculture and the harvest, fertility and motherhood, who presided over the natural cycle of birth and death.

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Deucalion 53311

Deucalion was a son of Prometheus, a righteous and upright man who, with his wife Pyrrha, was saved from a huge flood Zeus sent to punish and destroy mankind for its hubris and savagery. Forewarned by his father, Deucalion built a huge wooden chest to ride out the raging seas.

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