Anubis 1912

AnubisAnubis is the ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, including embalming, and was a protector of graves. Depicted as a having a human form with the head of a jackal, Anubis was also instrumental as a guide of souls, assisting them across the threshold between life and death. He was also known as the Guardian of the Scales, appearing at the weighing ceremony, where the deceased’s heart was weighed in the balance. If lighter than a feather, the soul was judged worthy, and Anubis conveyed it to eternal bliss; if heavier, the soul was deemed undeserving, and consigned to the crocodile-headed god Ammit, who devoured it.

Astrologically, Anubis is an indicator of death, endings or transformation. If properly placed, it could indicate employment with hospice or other end-of-life roles, as well as any number of jobs associated with morticians, grave keepers, the morgue, embalming or rituals for the dead.

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