The 2018 Midterm Elections: A Preview


Never too early to dream, right? It might seem odd to have the first post of 2018 speculating about one of the last political events of the year, but it’s also the most crucial – at least, the most crucial we’re aware of in advance. (Fate and happenstance have a way of shaking up expectations and deciding what becomes crucial.) If the Democrats regain control of even one legislative chamber in the US Congress, as seems likely as of this writing, the GOP agenda is ended, and perhaps the Trump presidency along with it.


So what does an early analysis of Election Day, 6 November 2018, reveal? As one might expect, Donald J. Trump will be an important factor, despite the fact that he’s not on the ballot. Asteroid Troemper at 22 Scorpio is widely conjunct both the Sun at 14 Scorpio and Jupiter at 29 Scorpio, as well as more closely squared Mars at 24 Aquarius and Damocles at 21 Aquarius. So the President somewhat colors the energies of the day (Sun) and the political outlook (Jupiter) of the time, but is a source of contention, division and strife (Mars). He’s out there championing (Mars) his cause, but there is a lot of pushback (also Mars). Importantly, the day will strongly affect his future, with that sword of Damocles, Democratic control of Congress, hanging over his head.


Troemper is also at the Apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjunct aspects to TNOs Eris at 23 Aries and Chaos at 24 Gemini. The Yod suggests a fated quality to the moment, something predestined and karmic, and at its base are two of Trump’s chief handmaidens, the principle of disaffection and grievance (Eris), which drove his campaign, and the quality of disruption and turmoil (Chaos), which has characterized his presidency. Bisecting the Yod by opposition to Troemper is TNO Sedna at 26 Taurus, representing isolation. Trump may find himself abandoned by the disgruntled voters who supported his candidacy in 2016, now ready to sow a little turmoil of their own, by giving Democrats the keys to Congress.

donald trump

US President Donald J. Trump – does he have any idea how important this election is for his future?

Trump’s centrality to the day is shown more clearly by the placement of asteroid Whitehouse, representing the Oval Office and the presidency generally, which at 11 Taurus closely opposes the Sun. And “opposition” is the key term here, with the “resistance” to Trump having its first major opportunity with this election to deal his presidency a body blow, a fatal wound from which he may not be able to recover.


A sign that the electorate may be looking in the rearview mirror and harking back to a bygone time is asteroid Eurydike’s placement at 16 Scorpio, conjunct the Sun. Eurydike evokes nostalgia, a longing for a former time, one more amenable and pleasing, but which has been lost forever, irretrievable. Eurydike tries, vainly yet valiantly, to revive that lost utopia, but cannot – events have gone far beyond our ability to reclaim them, vanished in the past. Nevertheless, voters may try to roll back the clock on the Trump presidency, installing Democrats in an attempt to erase the faults and failings of the prior two years.


Additionally, TNO Typhon, which represents storms and troubles, and metaphorically, the political “tidal wave” that could ensue from a Democratic sweep at the polls, is broadly conjoined the Sun from 6 Scorpio, from where it is also sextile Saturn at 5 Capricorn and opposed Whitehouse at 11 Taurus. This signals the “wave” energy on Election Day, and moreover, reiterates its effect on the President, represented here by both Whitehouse, his residence, and Saturn, ruling the office of the chief executive. Beset on all sides, Trump may feel he has entered the maelstrom Typhon symbolizes, and will be overwhelmed or swept away.

US house-of-reps

The US House of Representatives: who will fill these seats come January 2019?

Historically, the Party in opposition to the President always gains seats in a Midterm Election, particularly in the House, where Democrats need only flip 24 seats to regain the majority. This is harder than it looks, the result of gerrymandering wrought by redistricting under the auspices of the Republican Party after the 2010 census. Many of these seats are “safe” for conservative candidates, but in a true wave election, as 2018 promises to be, even safe seats are at risk. Asteroid House, here representing the US House of Representatives, appears at 28 Sagittarius, in the company of asteroid Karma at 25 Sagittarius, suggesting a comeuppance or rectification is due. House is also exactly squared Chiron at 28 Pisces, while sextile both Venus at 27 Libra and a Mars/Damocles combination at 24 and 21 Aquarius. This sends a double message of wounding, which Chiron is famed for, but also the inclusion of Damocles, which represents an unexpected doom or attack. Women (Venus) are likely to be key to the results, both as voters and as candidates, with more women expected to run for Congress than ever before. Women have been pivotal in Democratic victories throughout 2017, and this trend of female political engagement and activism is likely to continue.

US house seal

If the House of Representatives is fairly certain to change hands, the Senate is more problematic. Currently held by Republicans with the slimmest of majorities (51-49), most of the seats considered vulnerable are in Democratic hands, making victory there a steeper uphill climb. But there may be support in the skies for a major shakeup there, too, with asteroid Senator and Uranus conjoined at 5 and 0 Taurus respectively. This could indicate a shocking or unexpected result, and points to the potential ascendancy of the “rebels” opposing the status quo, which in this case would mean the Democrats.

US senate floor

US Senate chamber – is it safely in Republican hands?

Lastly, there is a remarkable T-Square of energies, all at precisely 13 degrees of their respective Signs. These constitute Washingtonia, exact with Neptune at 13 Pisces, opposing America at 13 Virgo and squared by Photographica at 13 Sagittarius. This reflects the image (Photographica) held by much of the country (America) of the status quo GOP-dominated government (Washingtonia), which is viewed as ineffectual, out of touch, deceptive and dishonest, and a major source of disappointment or disillusion (all Neptune traits).


This exact T-Square becomes a Grand Cross when we factor in asteroid Nemesis, symbolizing due enactment and the retribution of divine justice, at 17 Gemini, itself conjoined centaur Asbolus at 20 Gemini. Nemesis acts to redress imbalances and right wrongs, cutting down to size offenders of the cosmic order, punishing those who have stepped out of line, failed to acknowledge the blessings of providence, or acted badly in the past. A karmic comeuppance is due, and Nemesis ensures it is paid. Asbolus was a seer who read the future in the flight of birds; astrologically, it represents the ability to tap into the zeitgeist, the “spirit of the times”, to have one’s finger on the pulse of humanity and read its intent and direction.

US senate seal

Considered together, the image that emerges is of a discontented electorate, disappointed by its leaders, nostalgic for a prior “golden age”, ready to make changes and lay blame. And with a government whose three governing bodies are all in Republican control, where else can responsibility for the present sorry state of affairs be placed? Nowhere but in the small hands of Donald J. Trump.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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