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2020 Election Preview: A Stolen Democracy?

The date of posting this article marks six months exactly until the General Election which will decide Donald Trump’s (and the nation’s) fate. Typically I don’t comment this early on a fall election, particularly when the official Democratic candidate has yet to be named (though Joe Biden’s nomination appears to be just a formality, in the age of coronavirus, nothing can be taken for granted), but the popular acclaim for advanced analysis has been deafening of late. So here we go.

In this article, I’ll be focusing on peripheral factors unrelated directly to the candidates; we’ll save that for closer to the event itself. But there are several unalterable factors that independently impact the day. And an alarming number of them point to electoral fraud. So we’ll just be looking at the day itself in isolation, irrespective of the individuals’ winning potential (though we will discuss how the candidates’ PNAs factor into the patterns of the day).

What stands out first is Mercury, which turns direct on Election Day itself, roughly midway through the day, at 25 Libra. Of course, Mercury rules elections – the voting process itself, the tabulation and reporting of the event. Mercury at station is in flux, at a literal “turning point”, embedded and powerful, a focus of energy and locus of action, a still point upon which the the chart revolves.

This is of course perfectly appropriate for an election, so attuned to its energies, but also creates a situation fraught with potential for disaster. The mind harks back to 2000, when another Mercury station sparked the most bizarre electoral tabulation process in American history. That election took some six weeks to resolve, featuring the insanity of the Florida recount process, until a partisan Supreme Court gave George W. Bush the nod.

That particular station was a retrograde, this one will be direct, so we may hope for some small mercies from that. But Mercury at station depicts a dug-in electorate, unwilling to budge or compromise, as well as snarled or slowed electoral processes: technical glitches, long lines and wait times, lost ballots. Change is in the wind, but it may be slow in coming.

EP2020 2000 election

A Mercury station occurs on Election Day 2020, just as it did twenty years ago, eliciting voting havoc; then Mercury turned retro, this time it’s direct – will we see a better outcome?

Mercury’s square to a stellium of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn at 21, 22 and 26 Capricorn certainly validates its key role in the day. But much of what it tells us is contradictory, or at odds. Mercury squared Jupiter suggests a higher-than-normal voter turnout, perhaps record-breaking, but Mercury squared Saturn also describes voter suppression. Of course, it’s perfectly possible for both to coexist: more people flocking to the polls, and more being turned away. And COVID-19 feeds more uncertainty into the equation – will a second wave of infections in the autumn suppress turnout in and of itself? GOP attempts to block vote-by-mail as the safer alternative are already in evidence, will the pandemic add to their efforts? With Jupiter traditionally representing progressives and Saturn representing conservatives, we see the electorate torn between these two alternatives, which in reality are more closely aligned in their interests than many would like (as illustrated by the conjunction between them).

Mercury squared Pluto is our first suggestion of electoral shenanigans, as well as establishing the high stakes gambit in play – this election is a bid for ultimate power, Pluto’s nesting ground. Republicans began this administration with total control of all federal government power centers, both houses of Congress and the presidency in their hands; they may end it with control of none. The risk/reward quotient is at peak now, and Republicans desperate not to be shut out will stop at nothing to retain power. This elicits Pluto’s darker side of control via manipulation, coercion, and criminal activity. This is an existential crisis for the GOP, and they know it.

So much for what Mercury’s interactions with traditional planetary energies can tell us. Asteroids, as always, fill in so much more. Conjoined Mercury and coloring its every facet for the period is asteroid Loke at 22 Libra, an alternate spelling of Loki, named for the Norse Trickster god who delights in mischief-making. Loki will have many opportunities to practice his patented brand of disruption, deceit and misdirection as the day unfolds in voting precincts across the nation. Malicious and mean-spirited, Loki’s shape-shifting abilities allow him to penetrate this election in many guises, using otherwise trustworthy or well-meaning individuals as his unwitting accomplices.

EP20202 Loki

Loki guiding blind god Hoder’s aim, using a mistletoe shaft to kill Balder; with this Trickster god conjunct Mercury on Election Day, will we see similar acts of mischief?

Prominent in Mercury’s additional contacts is an exact trine to asteroid Buysballot and centaur Asbolus, both at 25 Gemini, with TNO Chaos at 27 Gemini also in orb. Buysballot is named for a nineteenth century Dutch chemist and meteorologist, C.H.D. Buys Ballot, and the derived meaning of this two-word surname is easy to see in English. It seems to spell “election fraud” in so many words, and Buysballot’s track record of performance in prior elections, including that of 2000, supports this (as this earlier AAA profile attests).

Exact with Buysballot is Asbolus, named for a centaur who was a seer, an augur for his people, who read the future in the flight patterns of birds. As such, I have used this point as emblematic of a feel for the zeitgeist, or spirit of the times, and it works well in that capacity. I have not personally explored its other possible usages, but among the astrologers who have are Mark Andrew Holmes, who assigns to it the qualities of “conspiracy, mystery and oppression” and “lack of integrity.” As such, its involvement with Mercury could obviously tend toward the inimical, although in a more neutral sense it is merely a barometer of popular feeling at the time, expressed via the vote.

EP2020 Buys Ballot

Asteroid Buysballot is named for Dutch chemist C.H.D. Buys Ballot, but resonates to electoral chicanery of all types; with transit Buysballot exactly trine that stationary Mercury on Election Day, are we looking at fraud on a massive scale?

All the centaurs have irregular orbits which link standard planetary energies beyond the Asteroid Belt with each other. Asbolus at perihelion enters the orbit of Jupiter, and at aphelion skirts Neptune, so on its journey it combines energies resonating to politics and those which represent deception, illusion and fraud. As such, this is not a point one can comfortably associate with another representing electoral chicanery on a day in which an election occurs which involves a stationing Mercury.

Add in TNO Chaos, whose meaning is also clear, and we have a prescription for polling problems, confusion, “irregularities”, tabulation errors (intentional or otherwise), and general pandemonium for the electoral process. Somehow, these sorts of glitches, complications and SNAFUs always seem historically to favor Republicans.

This trine becomes a Grand Trine with another to Damocles at 23 Aquarius, a point representing impending doom, and this in turn becomes a Kite pattern when the opposition to asteroid Koronis and TNO Eris at 20 and 23 Aries is factored in. Eris indicates populations which consider themselves marginalized, disrespected or scorned, just the sort of voters Donald Trump rallied to his banner in 2016 (when Eris’ conjunction with Uranus heralded their uprising and anti-establishment revolution), and Koronis represents our old friend coronavirus, an influence on our electoral politics which we have yet to fully understand.

Put this all together and we see an election (Mercury) potentially doomed by (Damocles) a conspiracy (Asbolus) to commit fraud (Buysballot) by encouraging anarchy (Chaos), enacted by individuals concerned with being sidelined (Eris) if the vote doesn’t go their way, possibly assisted by fear of viral infection (Koronis). This is a prescription for electoral trickery on a massive scale.

EP2020 vote lines

Will a fresh coronavirus outbreak disrupt the 2020 election, leading to scenes like this from the Wisconsin Primary in April? Asteroid Koronis conjunct Eris and opposed Mercury says it might…

There is one more factor interacting with Mercury which may ameliorate the above. At 25 Libra, the planet ruling the election is conjoined Nemesis at 2 Scorpio, which is itself exactly conjunct asteroid NOT. Mercury with an unqualified Nemesis could cut either way – it might mean that the goddess of divine retribution, charged with maintaining the cosmic balance, will come down hard on perceived wrongdoers. In this case, representing Donald Trump’s karmic chickens coming home to roost, in the loss of his power and unmaking of his presidency. It could also suggest that the vote itself is somehow flawed, damaged, ruined or a punishment for prior transgressions.

But it’s NOT here that creates the most ambiguity. In general a cosmic disqualifier, preventing progress or successful conclusion, NOT exact with Nemesis acts as a sort of cosmic “double negative”, potentially canceling out the effects of each. Having these opposed Uranus at 8 Taurus just ramps up the uncertainty factor and the likelihood of an unexpected outcome. Thankfully Mercury itself is too far wide to be considered opposed to Uranus; that could lead to a level of volatility, controversy, even physical violence which is not pleasant to contemplate.

EP2020 election theft

Vote theft is likely in 2020, given the preponderance of fraud-related asteroids on Election Day, and the relative ease of hacking electronic voting systems

Unfortunately, there are several other indicators of dirty dealing in play on Election Day. Take for example the exact pairing of asteroids Whitehouse and Swindle at 18 Scorpio. I can’t imagine a more emphatic indicator of election fraud in attaining the Oval Office. These are within orb of the transit Sun at 11 Scorpio (which is opposed Uranus, granting some of that volatile feeling to the election, as well as intimating the importance of tech and gadgetry to whatever happens then), affording them enhanced significance and visibility on the day, with asteroid Fox at 15 Scorpio interspersed. Again, the celestial messaging is clear – Trump’s allies at Fox News aid and abet his fraudulent retention of the presidency. Whitehouse/Swindle also forms a T-Square with an exact opposition between asteroid Karma at 23 Leo and Damocles at 23 Aquarius. Karma states, “as ye sow, so shall ye reap”, and the harvest here is that looming peril indicated by Damocles. But on whom will the sword fall?

EP2020 Swindle

Astronomer and meteorite expert Tim Swindle gave his name to an asteroid which reliably depicts fraud and deception; on Election Day 2020, asteroid Swindle exactly conjoins asteroid Whitehouse

For those interested in the silver lining, this could also be read as peril for the current occupant of the Oval Office in a devastating karmic payback if he attempts to scam the electorate. But Trump has played fast and loose with karma his whole life, and not been caught yet, though recent transits may have reset how that energy operates in his life.

Reiterating the likelihood of Trump’s electoral super-deception is asteroid Troemper itself, at 1 Gemini, in exact sesquiquadrate to asteroid Bilk a 16 Capricorn. Though named for an observatory in Dusseldorf, Germany, Bilk also resonates to double dealing and fraudulent acts, and its exact aspect to our celestial referent for The Donald underscores his willingness to operate the long con in this contest. Bilk is also within orb of the Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn conjunction, adding its special blend of duplicity and deceit to the political (Jupiter) power play (Pluto) for the presidency (Saturn), coloring it at its baseline planetary level.

EP2020 Bilk

Asteroid Bilk is named for an observatory in Dusseldorf, but also resonates to fraud and double dealing; on Election day 2020, asteroid Bilk is exactly sesquiquadrate asteroid Troemper

Troemper is multi-faceted in this chart, and none of it is good. That Nemesis/NOT conjunction we referred to earlier comes into play again here, with Troemper at the Apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjuncts to Nemesis/NOT on the one hand, and a triple conjunction of asteroids Icarus, America and Bida, at 1, 3 and 6 Capricorn on the other. Icarus represents risk-taking: rash, reckless acts undertaken without thought for the consequences; America of course represents the nation and defines the field of play for that rashness; while Bida is one of several celestial markers for Joe Biden.

In a Yod, the Apex point is the one calling the shots, modified by its connections, which in theory puts Trump (Troemper) in the driver’s seat in this contest between him and the former VP (Bida) for the soul of the country (America), though once again Nemesis/NOT’s influence is hard to quantify. Will Trump (Troemper) be prevented (NOT) from acting as nemesis (Nemesis) to the country (America) for another four years and to Biden (Bida) in this election, or will that goddess refuse (NOT) to perform her retributive role in re Trump?

EP2020 hermes

Loki isn’t the only Trickster god active on Election Day; asteroid Hermes is also noted for mischief-making for the sake of it, and squares Troemper

But Troemper doesn’t stop there! Perhaps its most troubling connection is as the fulcrum of a T-Square incorporating asteroid Lie at 5 Virgo and a pairing of asteroids Hermes and Machiavelli at 1 and 2 Pisces. Lie is self-explanatory, yet another indicator of deception and fraud; Hermes is the Greek equivalent of Mercury, so also carries some election undertones, but has major overtones as the Trickster, a force for instability and chicanery, disruption and mischief for the sake of it.

But it’s Machiavelli which is the most problematic; named for the sixteenth century Italian political philosopher, author of “The Prince”, Machiavelli represents the drive for power at all costs, without reference to laws, morality, custom or convention. Power is the absolute and only goal, and the means used to attain it is unimportant and justified, so long as the goal is reached. Not only is this point closely squared Troemper, funneling its ruthless and unscrupulous energies into the President, it is also stationary, turning direct that very day, making it an embedded factor in the election’s outcome. It will have an outsized impact on the results, and its alliance with Troemper points to where its energies will be directed.

EP2020 machiavelli

Asteroid Machiavelli is named for the 16th century exponent of the ruthless, amoral acquisition of power by any means necessary; it stations direct on Election Day, also squared Troemper

And what about the presumptive Democratic nominee in all of this? Where do we find Joe Biden?

We’ve already noted the position of Bida at 6 Capricorn, with America and Icarus. In itself, this shows a strong connection between Joe and the country which can only be for the good, so far as his campaign is concerned. But there’s a cautionary tale here as well – Icarus suggests that Biden needs to think out-of-the-box, take some risks; after four years of Trump, people crave stability and normalcy, but playing it too safe can also be deadly. Although this decision will be made months before the election, this could also be a signal to pick a running mate who may seem shocking to some, but is willing to put it all on the line to win. Bida trine Uranus at 8 Taurus is another admonishment to shake things up, choose someone high energy, even if the choice seems somewhat controversial.

Bida/America is also in a T-Square with asteroid Truth at 7 Aries and Venus conjoined asteroid Sisyphus at 7 and 9 Libra. This says that the key to the nation’s (America) affections and his own (Bida) popularity (both Venus) is for Joe Biden to level with the American people: speak plainly, honestly, in a straightforward, disarmingly frank manner (all Truth). And do it repeatedly! Beat people over the head with the contrast between an inherently dishonest incumbent and a forthright challenger. This is where Sisyphus comes in; it represents repetitive action, the need to perform a task over and over again. Biden needs to continually draw that distinction between himself and Trump.

EP2020 Stealing Election

Will 2020 see a fair and free election, or will foreign intervention and domestic dirty tricks tilt the vote Trump’s way?

There are also several PNAs which represent Joseph and can be used to rate Biden’s involvement in the day’s sky. At 28 Capricorn, asteroid Josephina, a feminine form of Biden’s first name, is part and parcel of the late Cap stellium including Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, and squared Mercury. This makes him an integral part of the major planetary alignment for the election, an enviable position, and directly taps him into the electorate as well, via Mercury.

Of course, nothing astrological is without its counterpart. Josephina is most closely aligned with Saturn at 26 Capricorn, which offers success and achievement with one hard, and withholds it with the other. Will Saturn provide a firm grounding on the day, an unassailable foundation, or will it deny and limit Biden’s career goals? Pluto is similarly two-faced, and could suggest a major increase in personal power (which attaining the Oval Office surely grants) or a devastating loss. In 2016, asteroid Hillary opposed Pluto on Election Day, and we all know how that worked out. Even Jupiter, the so-called “Greater Benefic”, has its attendant risks; it can instill a sense of invincibility which boosts morale but glosses over potential threats or problems, denying their existence until too late.

Josephina is also squared Eris at 23 Aries, in a T-Square with Mercury, perhaps allowing Biden (Josephina) to attract discontented elements (Eris) of the electorate (Mercury). In 2016 Donald Trump forged these into a winning coalition, but the shoe is on the other foot now, and voters disappointed with Trump’s general incompetence, off-putting personality and erratic management style may use it to boot him from office.

Another celestial option for Biden is asteroid Josefa, which at 28 Scorpio is just moving out of orb with Whitehouse at 18 Scorpio. This gives Biden a tenuous connection to the Oval Office on the day; not strong, but better than Troemper offers Trump. But Josefa is also squared Damocles at 23 Aquarius, perhaps a signal that doom hangs over the head of Biden’s campaign. The T-Square with Karma at 23 Leo says, whatever happens, it was meant to be.

EP2020 trump biden2

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are the presumed nominees for the 2020 contest, though neither is official before their respective Party conventions; Biden’s PNAs show a closer connection to the nation, but Trump’s are awash in energies representing deception, theft and fraud

Lastly we have Jose, a Spanish variation of Joseph, and Giuseppina, a feminine Italian form. At 19 and 18 Virgo respectively, both conjoin asteroid Washingtonia at 13 Virgo, possibly an indication of where Biden is headed after the election is concluded. There’s no really good asteroid candidate to approximate “Donald”, but there is a Donald Duck, perhaps an appropriate marker for the President, given his often-cartoonish antics, though I have previously hesitated to use it. But at 18 Sagittarius on Election Day, this exactly squares Giuseppina, ably depicting the struggle between the rival candidates, so perhaps it’s a valid cognomen anyway.

Ordinarily we might look to “winning” asteroids Nike and Victoria, named for the Greek and Roman goddesses of victory, for clues about who will come out on top in this election, but their contributions are ambiguous at best.  Both conjoin Mercury, Nike from 24 Libra and Victoria from 1 Scorpio.  Nike squares Josephina, suggesting a Biden win, but with a four degree orb, this is less than emphatic.  Victoria is inconjunct Troemper, a less impressive aspect, but it’s exact.  Take your pick.

So. That’s what all this says. But what happens?

Well, that’s another question, and one I’m not sure I’m capable of answering. To so much as try, we’ll need to look, not just at the day itself, but to the day each candidate will have, in his own chart and life, via transits. And that’s a topic for another day…

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Jerry Ketel

Alex, what chart time and location are you using? Thanks!

    Alex Miller


    I never cast a chart for an election. it’s a national event, spanning several time zones, and doesn’t have a locus. if you note, I don’t discuss angles or the Moon; this is just a mean average of where these points are for the day.


Apparently only Republicans are capable of stealing elections, what a naive cartoonish way to see the world and how objective of you. You were right this election is been stolen but not by the Republicans but by the Left, god forbid the left would stand for Justice when it does not benefit them, justice is only important when it benefits your agenda, you don’t care about the truth or democracy and is not Trump supporters that are unhinged, do you see us looting, rioting and burning down buildings? We are not the ones that have spent the last 4 years been horrible to our president and generating fake news, not accepting the results of election of 2016 and calling anyone who does not think like a liberal racist. I am truly disgusted by the left #Walkaway

    Alex Miller


    it hurts to lose, doesn’t it? especially when you must understand, somewhere deep inside, what a toxic jerk you’ve supported. best to you, Amelia! may you find peace and wisdom as you #Walkaway.


    Just a quick glance and I learned there are two natal signatures that create a Trump hater. One is hard mercury neptune contacts and the other is moon Rahu contacts. In vedic astrology, the north node is the demons head and the moon is the mind. Gurus will not even talk to such people, their minds are incapable of even perceiving truth under this aspect. This could be 30% of the population susceptible to deep state media propaganda. The deep state has been rigging our elections for decades, and the media is now on board to push a Great Reset, Trump is in their way. They needed to cheat A LOT to “win”, so much so, I think this time they will get caught. Eyes will be opened.

      Alex Miller


      interesting. Trump has Mercury square Neptune, and the Moon opposed the North Node. so, does he hate himself?🤣

Rj Toro

Today is Jan. 7 2021.
Yesterday, the violent angry CHAOS ascended upon the D.C. Capitol bldg in Washington ..as we all looked on in horror- actually I just rolled my eyes cuz ‘astrologically’ I saw it coming….
You just have to look where Mars is on inauguration day Jan. 20th: [conjuct Uranus, in case no one’s been paying attention…]
Plain as the nose on my face. Both at 6deg.!!
…Although I cannot figure out how slow, earthy, Taurus plays into this …

Nonetheless – that conjunction largely indicated to me something quite shocking or unexpected in terms of physical aggression/ militaristic action, violent behavior etc… I’ve been waiting months for this
I kept thinking is someone ??Joe Biden?? gonna get shot? what kind of violence is gonna go down?… hmmm
I did not run across one astrologer on line posting about this curious and what I call blatant conjunction on Inauguration Day [something that’s been bugging me] esp. in light of all the protest rioting violence recently ALLOWED to occur across the US during 2020. [from late March into July- in case any one wants to weigh in astrologically, with horary predictive proof, on that]

So I submit the CHAOS mentioned in above analysis by Alex is rather accurate albeit presented in less specific and in a more vague sense. plus the other mentions such as higher than normal voter turnout..yeah, highest ever – and voter suppression, millions thought their votes didn’t get counted. Quite bang on.

Well perhaps inauguration day will be violence-free, but yesterday Jan. 6th, being just two weeks before the 20th, as Saturn entered Aquarius [of course the sign ruled by Uranus] I think: close enough!! I personally didn’t find it all that surprising but most of america, and even world did…
Besides, dang! Mars JUST entered Taurus the very day the attack on CapitolHill took place, only 8deg. orb from the upcoming Mars-Uranus conjunction. And Saturn which has just entered [2deg] [square!!!] Aquarius to boot! The sign of: surprise, rebellion and yes, CHAOS. Saturn is death.

    Alex Miller


    the effect of Taurus energy here for which you are groping will relate to values, and Mars/Uranus the violent clash of them. i was working on my Inauguration Day article, when this intervened. it will be posted prior. you may not have seen this online, but trust me, astrologers are aware and VERY worried about the Mars/Uranus conj you cite. i hope this ‘premature ejaculation’ at the Capitol will avert the worst of what might be in store for then, and the Trumpists have shot their wad. we’ll see…

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