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2020 Holiday Asteroids: A Gift-Giving Guide

2020’s holiday season promises to be one of the weirdest on record, with coronavirus pandemic concerns dimming the lights and dampening spirits across the globe.  A Zoom Christmas isn’t what most of us anticipated as we cleared the wrapping debris from the last Yule debauch, but perhaps COVID isolation is the universe’s way of telling us we’ve overextended ourselves, socially, fiscally and commercially.  Time to focus on those nearest and dearest, and what’s right in front of our noses.

Santa may be masked this year, but he’s still expected to make his annual rounds.  He could use some help, however, so AAA is stepping into the breach with holiday gift-giving suggestions, employing asteroid Santa as our guide for the best options for each Sign.  (And check out the links at the end of this article for prior articles on Christmas-themed asteroids and how they show in the charts of classic Yuletide shows, songs and entertainers.)

But first, a word about holiday-themed asteroids this year, and the Christmas celestial weather forecast generally.  Santa Claus is front and center for 2020, with asteroid Santa at 2 Capricorn closely conjoined the Sun at 4 Capricorn on Christmas Eve, highlighting the nocturnal dispenser of largesse.  A trine to Uranus at 6 Taurus suggests Santa’s alienated look, masked and socially distant, but also encourages us to look for innovative, creative and technologically-enhanced ways of relating and interacting this holiday season.  With Mercury also in the mix from 7 Capricorn, it’s a perfect time to focus on gifts of the mind, things which make you think or enhance intelligence, or involve crafting or manual dexterity of some kind.

santa mask2
Often forbidding to your children at the best of times, a masked Santa can seem an intimidating sight indeed; but the jolly old Elf always adapts

Santa’s sidekick Rudolph, the ruddy-beaked ruminant cosmically depicted by asteroid Rudolf, isn’t far behind.  At 4 Sagittarius, conjoined asteroid Yule at 6 Sag, Rudolf is semisextile the Sun/Santa pairing, lending support for Jolly St. Nick while bonding with the day itself.  Rudolf and Yule are clustered within orb of Venus at 12 Sagittarius, one of the traditional rulers of gifts, and sextile to Jupiter at 1 Aquarius, the other, so presents are definitely on the agenda.  But with Jupiter also conjunct Saturn at 1 Aquarius, many will face straightened circumstances, with the wolf at the door as in the US, federal support for pandemic-incurred losses to individuals and businesses is set to expire the day after Christmas. 

Saturn/Jupiter definitely puts a damper on the gifting budget, and their square to Uranus challenges us to find creative ways to fill the shortfall.  In-person social gatherings are also disfavored with this combination, anther obvious sign of the times, to be replaced with tech options like Skype, Zoom and Facetime festivities.  So it’s over the bits and through the bytes to grandmother’s laptop we go!  Large parties are also counter-indicated with this conjunction, if not officially banned, and the buoyant, optimistic spirit Christmas often evokes is muted at best.

santa ornament
It didn’t take retailers long to find a way of sucking a few extra bucks from the pandemic, as this masked Santa ornament attests; let’s hope that someday COVID is so rare, this becomes a collector’s item

But Christmas is still Christmas, and gifts are inevitable, so even if the distribution system is a drone rather than a sleigh, the binge-buying must go on!  Asteroid Santa’s placement may help to refine the choices for everyone on your list, whatever Sign of the zodiac they hail from.

For Aries, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Tenth House, so gifts relating to career, social status or business are appropriate.  Perhaps a new briefcase, professional  clothes, or a gift certificate for a service that evaluates and improves resumes?

santa shield
Santa with a face shield is at least more recognizable as his affable self

For Taurus, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Ninth House.  Travel could be an option, but it’s best not to lock into a date certain, until we see how this pandemic plays out.  Perhaps college supplies, classic literature or books on religion, metaphysics or philosophy?

For Gemini, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Eighth House, so investments of all sorts, from stocks to US Savings Bonds, would fill the bill here.  Gift certificates for legal work such as tax preparation, wills or estate planning would be another option, as would books on the occult, reincarnation, or erotica.

For Cancer, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Seventh House.  Artwork comes to mind, anything of beauty or fashion which enhances and uplifts.  Books on compromise, conciliation and diplomacy, or those relating to relating and partnership, are favored.

For Leo, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Sixth House.  Exercise equipment, pets or pet supplies, work-related items such as workaday clothes, dietary supplements, certificates for chiropractic or homeopathic services, and books on trivia would all be options.

For Virgo, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Fifth House, so modest forms of gambling, such as scratch-offs or lottery tickets, are sure-bet stocking-stuffers.  Tickets to the movies, concerts or theater performances would be appropriate, once these are fully operational again, or any entertainment-related gifts, such as board or video games.

santa plexiglass
A plexiglass barrier is another option for a safe visit to Santa, but you have to forego lap-sitting and whispering your desires in his ear

For Libra, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Fourth House.  Home furnishings, décor, perhaps a security system or yard maintenance equipment, would all be suitable.  Cookbooks and family history or genealogy reports will please.

For Scorpio, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Third House.  Books, books and more books!  Gloves, pens and pencils, stationary or phones will find favor.  Perhaps a tech course or adult education seminar, anything which teaches a skill or involves handwork or crafts.

For Sagittarius, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Second House, so gardening supplies, plants, and of course sweets and confections top the list!  Cold hard cash is always appreciated, anything of intrinsic value, and perhaps a gift certificate to a craft store for the hobbyist on your list.

For Capricorn, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar First House.  Clothes, salon treatments, or hair care products are appropriate, as is anything that enhances personal appearance.  Self-help or self-improvement books are good options.

santa chocolates
Candy makers also adapted to the new normal quickly; it might be very satisfying to bite the head off one of these masked Santas

For Aquarius, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Twelfth House.  Books on mysticism, spirituality, dream interpretation or poetry are good options, as is any form of music or alcoholic beverage.

For Pisces, the Sun/Santa conjunction falls in the solar Eleventh House, so club memberships, high tech gadgetry, computers or science-related gifts are appropriate.  Books on science and technology, sci-fi or fantasy, humanitarianism and marketing are other options.

If you’re hard-pressed for gifting ideas, cosmic Santa has a list that’s sure to please!

Looking for a more in-depth analysis of the asteroids that make the holidays tick?  Check out AAA’s expose of asteroid Santa, prominent in the lives of those who crafted Santa’s image and brought him to life on the screen.  Asteroid Rudolph sheds a rosy glow on his creators and those who were key to bringing his story to the public.  For the musically inclined, asteroids Yule and Carol have been instrumental in the charts of songwriters and singers who gave us all those classic Christmas melodies.  And if it’s feline festivities you’re after, cat lovers should not fail to peruse my perennial favorite, A Visit from Santy Claws.”

Happy Holidays from AAA!

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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