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A Tale of Two Andrews

Two famous Andrews came to crisis moments in their biographies within a day of each other, in mid-August 2021.  On the 9th, a lawsuit was filed against HRH Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, Queen Elizabeth II’s second son, alleging sexual abuse of a minor; and on the 10th, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned under a firestorm of condemnation after a probe into allegations of sexual misconduct revealed a pattern of abuse of female staffers.

Two Andrews, in two days, both charged with sex crimes?  What’s going on here, celestially speaking? 

Astrologically, there are a distressing number of MNAs (Mythic-Named Asteroids) named for characters from Greek myth associated with forcible sexual contact, both male and female.  Among the most notable male abusers are Aristaeus, who attempted to rape Orpheus’ wife Eurydice as she dallied in a pasture; and Nessus, the centaur who attempted to violate Heracles’ wife Deianira after offering her a piggyback ride across a flooded river.  Among the notable female victims are the aforementioned Eurydice and Deianira; Kassandra, the prophetess of Troy seduced and raped by Apollo; and Persephone, abducted from a field while picking wildflowers, by her uncle Hades.

A quick check of the ephemeris showed that asteroid Eurydike (an alternate spelling of her name), was currently at 20 Leo, conjoined asteroid Dejanira (ditto) at 26 Leo, dividing their time between the Sun at 17 Leo and Mercury at 25 Leo, placing a spotlight (Sun) on matters of sexual misconduct (Eurydike/Dejanira) and propelling that into the news (Mercury).  Moreover, Eurydike/Dejanira was embroiled in a Grand Cross with squares to asteroid Kassandra at 24 Taurus, named for another of the likely suspects when issues of rape arise, and asteroid Nemesis at 29 Scorpio, named for the goddess of divine retribution and righting wrongs; and an opposition to an exact pairing of Jupiter with Damocles at 28 Aquarius, with Jupiter ruling both royalty and political figures, and Damocles representing the doom hanging overhead, about to descend at any moment.

There’s the stage set, folks.  Now how about the actors?  They’re there, too, in the form of steroid Andree (the female form of the French Andre, equivalent to Andrew) at 11 Libra, creating a Pentacle of the Grand Cross, with semisquares to Eurydike and Nemesis, and sesquiquadrates to Kassandra and Jupiter/Damocles.  Andree is conjoined by asteroid Sisyphus at 16 Libra, named for that Hadean worthy doomed to forever roll a rock uphill, only to have it roll back down again, thus necessitating an eternal repetition of the action.  The implication is that both individuals are serial abusers, which is alleged for Cuomo, with 11 accusers.  As well, Andree appears at the Apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjunct aspects to both Nessus at 14 Pisces and Uranus at 14 Taurus, with asteroid Askalaphus, named for the tale-bearer or witness, at 12 Taurus.  This speaks of a fated (Yod) controversy, shock or unexpected event (all Uranus) involving the revealing (Askalaphus) of sexual misconduct (Nessus), focused (Apex) on a person or persons of the name of Andrew (Andree).

andrew virginia
A pic of 41-year-old Prince Andrew with 17-year-old Virginia Roberts at a 2001 party held by Jeffrey Epstein belies the Prince’s assertion that he never met Roberts. Asteroid Roberts on his Ascendant, conveying the ability to affect his public image, and asteroid Virginia conjunct Jupiter, T-squared asteroids Epstein and Askalaphus, bears witness to the connections between them and His Royal Highness

I’m not going to dwell too much on Andrew Cuomo’s story, which I profiled earlier when the accusations were first made.  Suffice to say that his resignation was couched in a tedious, tendentious, self-serving and gaslighting speech, the operative portion of which came at 12:06 PM EDT on August 10th, with the phrase, “Given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to government, and therefore that is what I’ll do, because I work for you, and doing the right thing, is doing the right thing for you.” 

We’ll look at the timing of that renunciation later.  But let’s begin with the fresh ground of Prince Andrew’s situation.  This, too, is a story which has been hanging fire for years, since the arrest and imprisonment of Jeffrey Epstein, charged with sex trafficking of underage girls, one of which, the former Virginia Roberts (now Giuffre), is bringing the suit, alleging she was coerced to have sex with the prince by Epstein in 2001, when she was below the age of consent.  Andrew has denied all knowledge of her (despite at least one photo of them together at a party), and insists on his innocence.  Let’s see what the stars have to say about that.

Born 19 February 1960 at 3:30 PM GMT in London, England (Rodden Rating AA), Prince Andrew’s chart shows a number of markers of potential sexual misconduct, not the least of which is a broad conjunction of his 0 Pisces Sun with asteroid Aristaeus at 20 Aquarius, and squares to Dejaniera at 1 Sagittarius and centaur Nessus, her mythic abuser, at 24 Taurus, bringing together abusers (Aristaeus, Nessus) and abused (Dejanira) in a way central to his core identity (Sun).  Andrew’s title of Duke of York is prefigured in a Grand Cross of these points above with asteroid Duke at 28 Leo and asteroid York at 28 Scorpio, further personalizing the potential for sexual abuse to him (having these two in an exact square at birth, tied to the Sun, for the princeling who would eventually bear that title, is surely a remarkable example of cosmic synchronicity). 

andrew family
Happy Families. The Duke of York with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and their daughters, Beatrice and Eugenie. Andrew has a T-Square of the Sun with asteroids Duke and York, establishing his title, but also a triple conjunction of Venus, Mars and asteroid Child, suggesting a romantic and sexual attraction for underage partners

On the Scorpio/Sagittarius arm of the GC is included asteroid Karma at 2 Sagittarius, closely conjunct Dejanira at 1 Sag, suggesting some fated link to abuse (Dejanira), as well as the requirement to be responsible for our actions (Karma).  Also here is Andrew’s Moon at 25 Scorpio, exactly conjoined asteroid Hebe, named for Zeus’ ever-youthful nubile daughter.  Hebe is the root of our word “hebephilia”, which is sexual attraction for post-pubescent but legally underage individuals (and often conflated or confused with pedophilia, sexual attraction for sexually immature children).  With Mars and Venus in sextile from 27 and 28 Capricorn, this creates a strong emotional attachment (Moon) and sexual attraction (Mars) to underage (Hebe) romantic partners (Venus), as does the presence of asteroid Child at 23 Capricorn, conjoined the planetary emblems of sex (Mars) and romance (Venus).

Also opposed the Sun (and conjoined Duke at 28 Leo) is Pluto at 5 Virgo, suggesting the potential for coercion, manipulation, scandal and criminality (all Pluto), perhaps based in his social status (Duke).  Also squared the Sun (though not conjoined Nessus), is an exact pairing of asteroids Prinz (German for “prince”) and Sisyphus at 9 Gemini.  This suggests that Prince Andrew (Prinz, Sun) may be a serial abuser (Sisyphus, a symbol of repetitious actions).  These oppose Dejanira and Karma, as well as asteroid Persephone at 11 Sagittarius, another mythic character resonant to rape and abuse, and square Pluto, the Roman name for Hades, Persephone’s abductor and rapist.

andrew epstein
Prince Andrew with royal procurer Jeffrey Epstein; asteroid Epstein in Andrew’s birth chart was conjoined by transit Venus, asteroid Karma and asteroid Prinz, and opposed centaur Nessus, when the lawsuit for sexual abuse was filed

There are a lot of paths to sexual abuse in this celestial roadmap, and specific signposts to the other actors involved.  Andrew’s accuser, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, is seen as asteroid Virginia, which at 22 Sagittarius conjoins Jupiter at 28 Sag, and asteroid Roberts, which at 13 Leo conjoins the 11 Leo Ascendant and Uranus at 18 Leo.  Asteroid Geoffroy can pull double duty, for both Roberts’ married name of Giuffre, which it closely matches phonetically, and for Jeffrey Epstein, Andrew’s alleged procurer, an alternate spelling of his first name.  Geoffroy at 28 Aries conjoins Andrew’s MC at 22 Aries, while asteroid Epstein at 20 Virgo squares Virginia/Jupiter and T-Squares asteroid Askalaphus at 24 Pisces.  Let’s break that down.

Virginia with Jupiter (no slouch in the seduction and rape department himself) is a reiteration of the theme of abuse.  T-Squared Epstein and Askalaphus, this shows Virginia Roberts Giuffre’s claim to fame (Jupiter) as a witness (Askalaphus) to Jeffery Epstein’s (Epstein) role as royal (Jupiter) panderer, and the current publicity (also Jupiter) about that connection.  Epstein squared Virginia indicates a state of conflict between them (Giuffre asserts she was coerced into the act).  Asteroid Geoffrey conjunct the MC shows both individuals’ (Jeffrey and Giuffre) ability to impact Andrew’s social status (MC), while Roberts on his Ascendant indicates someone capable of affecting his public image, how others see him, for good or ill.  Roberts conjunct Uranus suggests shocking, controversial, unconventional or socially unacceptable acts, and the opposition of this pair to Achilles and Damocles (at 11 and 12 Aquarius respectively) on the 11 Aquarius Descendant depicts a weakness or vulnerability (Achilles) based in relationships (Descendant), which constitutes a looming threat (Damocles).  Asteroid Andree at 5 Taurus in T-Square completes the picture and anchors it personally to Andrew.  (Achilles and Damocles also conjoin Aristaeus at 20 Aquarius, suggesting an inherent vulnerability to charges of sexual abuse, which constitute an impending doom.)

So there’s the natal construct.  Let’s take a look at the transit sky for August 9th, when the lawsuit was announced. 

andrew giuffre
Virginia Roberts Giuffre today, as the lawsuit was announced; in that chart, asteroid Roberts conjoins asteroid Andree (French for Andrew), celestially binding the two, while asteroid Virginia squares a Pluto/asteroid Hebe conjunction, suggesting criminal sexual acts involving minors

The Sun at 17 Leo is with Eurydike, Mercury and Dejanira at 20, 25 and 26 Leo, and this activates the zone in Andrew’s chart extending from the 11 Leo Ascendant through asteroid Roberts (his accuser), Uranus and Duke, at 13, 18 and 28 Leo respectively. The opposition to Jupiter and Damocles at 28 Aquarius is just a degree off his 0 Pisces Sun, refining it’s “threat to royalty” theme to him in particular, as well as precisely T-Squaring the exact natal Duke/York square.  Also squaring the Sun are transit Uranus, Child and Kassandra, at 14, 18 and 23 Taurus, indicating the shocking (Uranus) statutory rape (Kassandra) of a minor (Child).  These oppose natal Moon/Hebe and York at 25 and 28 Scorpio (with transit Nemesis at 29 Scorpio), and T-Square natal Aristaeus at 20 Aquarius.

Transit Virginia at 23 Aries has just crested his 22 Aries Midheaven, giving Virginia Roberts Giuffre a prominent spot on his career/status Angle in the moment of her lawsuit against him; a conjunction with natal Geoffroy at 28 Aries, also on the MC, represents her as well as Epstein.  Virginia also squares transit Hebe at 19 Capricorn with Pluto at 25 Capricorn, reflective of the scandal and criminal charges (both Pluto) for underage sex (Hebe) with Giuffre (Virginia).  Pluto and Hebe conjoin natal Child, Mars and Venus at 23, 27 and 28 Cap, and form a T-Square with natal Eurydike at 26 Cancer, which Pluto exactly opposed at its April 2021 station retrograde, setting the ball rolling.

Asteroid Roberts at 7 Libra conjoins Andre at 11, binding them yet further; these square Epstein with Duke at 0 and 8 Cancer, bringing out the Jeffrey Epstein connection that introduced them.  Transit Duke is exactly conjunct Andrew’s natal Nemesis, and opposed a natal Saturn/asteroid Manhattan conjunction at 14 Capricorn, suggesting ruin (Nemesis) for Andrew (Duke) related to a clash with the law (Saturn), occurring in Manhattan (where the sex was alleged to have happened, in Epstein’s mansion and other locales).  Transit Geoffroy at 0 Aquarius is widely conjunct Saturn at 9, suggesting penalties to follow from their connection, and opposed Aristaeus at 3 Leo, acknowledging sexual abuse as the crime to be punished, while a T-Square with Achilles at 4 Taurus suggests Andrew’s weakness and vulnerability in this proceeding.  A possible outcome is hinted at by the synastric Grand Cross formed by these three with Andrew’s natal Neptune at 9 Scorpio, ruler of prisons and incarceration.

A grouping of transit Prinz, Karma and Venus at 17, 21 and 22 Virgo straddles Andrew’s natal asteroid Epstein at 20 Virgo and squares natal Virginia/Jupiter at 22 and 28 Sagittarius, describing a comeuppance (Karma) for Andrew (Prinz) concerning the affair (Venus) with Giuffre (Virginia), spurred by Epstein (Epstein), with the attendant publicity (Jupiter).

Transit Persephone at 5 Gemini squares transit Mars at 6 Virgo (as well as natal Pluto at 5 Virgo) and T-Squares transit asteroid York at 4 Pisces (and the natal Sun at 0 Pisces), once again linking abused (Persephone) and abuser (Pluto) in the person of Andrew (York, Sun) and the charge of sexual assault (Mars).

From a cosmic perspective, the case seems open and shut.

andrew resigns
NY Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned his office on August 10th, in the wake of sexual harassment allegations; asteroid Andree was the focal of a Pentacle pattern linking rape victim asteroids Eurydike, Dejanira and Kassandra, Mercury (news), Nemesis (downfall) and a Jupiter/Damocles pairing (looming disaster for a politician)

Now back to Governor Cuomo (born 6 December 1957, no time available).  Like Prince Andrew, Cuomo’s birth chart displays many indicators of possible sexual misconduct, as Eurydike conjunct the Sun at 8 and 14 Sagittarius; Andree at 28 Scorpio conjunct Kassandra at 24 Scorpio and opposed Nessus at 22 Taurus; and Aristaeus at 19 Capricorn in a Thor’s Hammer (a fated pattern similar to a Yod), with sesquiquadrates to Persephone at 7 Gemini and Pluto at 2 Virgo, squared each other.

When Cuomo announced his resignation (to be effective in two weeks) at 12:06 PM EDT on August 10th, transit asteroid Aristaeus at 5 Leo had just crested the 4 Leo Midheaven, making sexual misconduct the focus of all eyes, the highest elevated point in the chart.  Aristaeus also squares transit asteroid Andrewkomo at 9 Scorpio, a compound-name PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) which closely approximates “Andrew Cuomo”, neatly identifying the perp, and T-Squares transit Achilles at 4 Taurus, suggesting Cuomo’s vulnerability and total lack of political support.   Transit Saturn, exactly squared Andrewkomo from 9 Aquarius, and natal Damocles at 6 Aquarius, the threat looming overhead, transforms this pattern into a Grand Cross, with Saturn representing the Chief Executive of New York state, as well as Cuomo’s abnegation of that office.

The Sun is still bundled with Eurydike, Dejanira and Mercury, now at 18, 21, 26 and 27 Leo, and these square natal Nessus at 22 Taurus, T-Squared natal Kassandra/Andree at 24 and 28 Scorpio.  Andree is exactly squared by that transit Jupiter/Damocles pairing at 28 Aquarius, indicating the real-time (transit) impending disaster (Damocles) to a politician (Jupiter).

Transit Andree at 11 Libra opposes transit Chiron at 12 Aries and TNO Salacia at 7 Aries, portraying an incurable wound (Chiron) for the Governor (Andree) stemming from lewd and licentious behaviors (Salacia, the root of our word “salacious”).  Natal asteroid Andrewkomo at 3 Cancer creates a T-Square here, and a Grand Cross is formed with natal Mercury and Salacia at 5 and 10 Capricorn. 

Transit Persephone at 5 Gemini is just about to return to its natal degree at 7 Gemini, reactivating its birth potential, while transit Mars at 7 Virgo exactly squares Persephone, and has recently crossed natal Pluto at 2, energizing that natal Persephone/Pluto square, and the Thor’s Hammer involving Aristaeus.

andrew james
NY AG Letitia James presented the case against Cuomo in an August 3rd press conference, spotlighted by asteroids Laetitia and James conjunct the Sun and squared asteroid Andrewkomo

One final note, about NY Attorney General Letitia James, who announced the results of the four-month probe into allegations of Cuomo’s sexual misconduct a week prior, on August 3rd.  The devastating report led to nationwide calls for Andrew Cuomo’s resignation, and an active movement to impeach him in the New York State Assembly.  When James held the press conference to announce the results, she also held center stage, terrestrially and celestially, with asteroids Laetitia (alternate spelling) and James at 15 and 4 Leo, conjoined the Sun at 11 Leo and squared asteroid Andrewkomo at 6 Scorpio.

No matter how you slice it, mid-August 2021 was a fraught time for Andrews behaving badly.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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A fascinating analysis as always, Alex! Amazing there is actually an asteroid ‘andrewkomo’! I have noticed before that transits to PNA’s can effect multiple people who share the same or similar names. I wonder how many more Andrews out there are having a rough time of it! Not that they are all sex offenders but they are still being hit by Jupiter/Damocles square Nemesis, for example. Thanks again for a great read, Alex!


Good reading on duh two Andrews! Hope Karma settles the score, brings down the world wide high-stakes sex rings that the wealthy use to procure underage minors.

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