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TRIUMF or Tragedy?

There’s a new point (to me) which has come across my radar recently – asteroid TRIUMF, which may have bearing on the 2020 election outcome.  An anagram for the Canadian national particle accelerator (originally called the TRI University Meson Facility), TRIUMF seems to operate well as its phonetic clone, “triumph”, an indicator of ultimate victory or success.


TRIUMF would of course have many applications not solely related to the political or career sphere, in theory pertaining to any successful endeavor.   But this teeny orbiting rock chunk does appear to portray a pattern of influence on US presidential nominees and elections, at least in recent times.


Bill Clinton, who won the presidency twice, in 1992 and 1996, has natal TRIUMF at 6 Scorpio, semisextile the Ascendant/Mars/Neptune conjunction at 5 and 6 Libra, and squared Saturn, Mercury and Pluto at 2, 7 and 11 Leo (he also had asteroid Whitehouse stationary, trine the Sun and squared William).  At his first election on 3 November 1992 transit TRIUMF at 1 Sagittarius conjoined transit Mercury (ruling the vote) at 4 Sagittarius, and these sat atop his natal asteroid Williams (another variation for his first name of William) at 2 Sagittarius and opposed transit Williams at 2 Gemini (with transit William conjunct Saturn and squared the transit Sun, plus transit Whitehouse squared his natal Sun).

TRIUMF clintons 1992

The way we were: Bill and Hillary Clinton in 1992; with natal TRIUMF semisextile the Ascendant and squared Saturn, Mercury and Pluto, Clinton won the White House twice

George W. Bush also served two terms as US President, with natal TRIUMF at 26 Libra angular on the 24 Libra IC, within orb of Jupiter at 18 Libra and the Moon at 16 Libra, and exactly squared Saturn at 26 Cancer, also squared asteroid George at 0 Leo and sextile asteroid Whitehouse at 29 Sagittarius.


His 2000 opponent, Vice President Al Gore, had natal TRIUMF at 3 Gemini, conjoined Venus at 26 Taurus, squared asteroid Albert at 4 Virgo, trine asteroid Gora (closest to Gore) at 29 Capricorn and semisquare Whitehouse at 16 Aries.  This gave both contenders a personal connection to TRIUMF and the Oval Office, though Bush’s connection is more heavily weighted planetarily.

TRIUMF bush gore 2000

George W. Bush and Al Gore squared off in 2000; with transit TRIUMF at the election conjoined both Bush’s natal Whitehouse and Gore’s natal Saturn, Gore won the popular vote but was denied the office

As you might imagine, given the aftermath of that chad-afflicted debacle, TRIUMF’s placement on 7 November 2000 was somewhat murky.  At 27 Sagittarius, transit TRIUMF is isolated in the Election Day chart, but conjoins both Bush’s natal Whitehouse at 29 Sagittarius and Gore’s natal Saturn, planetary symbol of the presidency, at 28 Sag.  Gore in fact won the popular vote by some 600,000, and would have gotten the office if the Supreme Court had not stepped in and stopped the Florida recount.


In 2004 Bush faced reelection against Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, with natal TRIUMF at 1 Aries in a Kite pattern, comprising a Grand Trine with Pluto at 8 Leo and asteroid Johney at 4 Sagittarius, with the string being TRIUMF’s opposition to Neptune at 4 Libra.  On Election Day, 2 November 2004, transit TRIUMF at 9 Capricorn seemed to favor Kerry, in semisquare to Johney at 22 Aquarius and sesquiquadrate Whitehouse at 20 Taurus, although it also opposed George Bush’s natal Sun at 13 Cancer.  The wide discrepancy between the exit polling and official results in key swing states caused many to wonder whether Kerry had been the victim of fraud (both Neptune keywords, with the planet of deception and disappointment guiding the manifestation of Kerry’s natal Kite incorporating his Oval Office ambitions) in his lost bid for the Oval Office.

TRIUMF bush kerry 2004

In 2004 Bush and Kerry competed for the top honor; with natal TRIUMF opposed Neptune, many thought Kerry had been defrauded of the win when exit polling didn’t match up with the official results

Like Kerry, Barack Obama also includes TRIUMF in a Kite, but he fared rather better, with two successful White House runs, in 2008 and 2012.  Natal TRIUMF at 9 Libra is trine Jupiter, ruling politics and luck, at 0 Aquarius, and the Moon with asteroid Victoria (named for the Roman goddess of victory) at 3 and 1 Gemini.   The string is formed by asteroid Barry (for Barack, a name by which he was known in his youth) with the Sun at 5 and 12 Leo.  TRIUMF also broadly conjoins asteroid Nike at 18 Libra, named for Victoria’s Greek counterpart, but this point is too wide to be considered part of the Kite.


Obama’s 2008 opponent was Arizona Senator John McCain, whose natal TRIUMF at 7 Cancer conjoined asteroid Johnny at 3 Cancer, at the base of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with Johnny/TRIUMF and the Sun at 6 Virgo both inconjunct the Moon on the Apex at 2 Aquarius.  TRIUMF is also trine natal Whitehouse at 13 Scorpio.  On 4 November 2008, transit TRIUMF at 29 Capricorn was broadly squared asteroid Barry at 8 Scorpio (itself conjunct the 12 Scorpio Sun) and exactly squared Mercury at 29 Libra (which Barry widely conjoined), also semisquare transit Whitehouse at 11 Pisces (which was also trine Barry).

TRIUMF obama mccain 2008

In 2008 John McCain went down to defeat, despite TRIUMF in a fated Yod pattern with asteroid Johnny, the Sun and Moon; Barack Obama’s TRIUMF was part of a Kite incorporating Sun/Barry, Jupiter and Moon/Victoria, which proved the stronger hand

This brings us to 2016 and the contest between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  Hillary’s natal TRIUMF sports a plethora of contacts in her chart:  at 5 Taurus, TRIUMF is widely square her exact Mars/Pluto pairing at 14 Leo; exactly trine asteroid Hilary at 5 Virgo; inconjunct Neptune at 1 Libra; opposed the Sun at 2 Scorpio; inconjunct Jupiter at 0 Sagittarius; and exactly sextile a stationary asteroid Whitehouse at 5 Pisces.  This places TRIUMF at the Apex of a Yod with Neptune and Jupiter.


But Trump brought a strong TRIUMF to the table as well.  At 24 Libra, TRIUMF is stationary, turning direct the day after his birth, and widely conjunct his stationary Jupiter at 17 Libra, adding its element of luck to Trump’s success (in the aftermath of his unexpected win – Trump hadn’t even written a victory speech – he expressed that his election was a fluke, it could have been held any other day and he’d have lost).  TRIUMF is also squared natal Saturn (career) and Venus (money, romantic encounters) at 23 and 25 Cancer, trine the 22 Gemini Sun, and sextile the 29 Leo Ascendant (looking like a “winner”).


As with Gore in 2000, Clinton won the popular vote on 8 November 2016 (by a staggering three million votes!), but failed to gain the office via the arcane provisions of the US Electoral College system.  The cause is easy to see, with transit TRIUMF at 25 Pisces conjoined transit Troemper (our celestial referent for The Donald) at 22 Pisces, both of them at station, and both squared transit asteroid Whitehouse at 26 Sagittarius!  This combination entwined Trump personally (Troemper) with the theme of successful endeavor (TRIUMF) at a powerful “turning point” (stations) at a critical time period (the election).  TRIUMF turned direct on October 27th, with Troemper following suit the day before the election, granting Trump the office.

TRIUMF clinton trump

In 2016, both contestants were evenly matched, with strong natal TRIUMFs, but on Election Day Troemper’s conjunction with TRIUMF, with both at station and squared asteroid Whitehouse, eked out a victory, despite Clinton’s 3 million popular vote lead

This brief examination of recent US elections shows that often, both candidates have strong placements for TRIUMF which have brought them to their respective nominations.  The deciding factor between them seems to be the relative strength of their natal TRIUMFs, and the asteroid’s interactions on Election Day, both by transit to the birth chart and in the day’s sky.


In 2020 we have again a fairly even playing field between the combatants, vis-à-vis TRIUMF.  Where Trump has TRIUMF in trine to the Sun and embedded at station, Joe Biden has it conjoined his 27 Scorpio Sun from 5 Sagittarius, making the principle of success a central defining characteristic.  As well, TRIUMF opposes Saturn (career, the presidency) at 9 Gemini, trines Pluto (personal power and transformation) at 7 Leo and is inconjunct the Moon (the public, the residence) at 0 Taurus.   TRIUMF is also in an out-of-Sign square to natal asteroid Whitehouse at 28 Aquarius.


On Election Day, 3 November 2020, TRIUMF at 7 Taurus will oppose the11 Scorpio Sun and trine asteroid Bida, our celestial referent for Biden, at 6 Capricorn, tying the Democratic nominee directly to the focus of the day (Sun) and the drive for success (TRIUMF).  But TRIUMF also conjoins Uranus at 8 Taurus, suggesting an unexpected or upset win.  Although reelection bids typically favor incumbents, with Biden comfortably in the lead nationally and in most battleground states for months before, could his victory fairly be characterized as “unexpected” or an “upset”?

TRIUMF trump biden 2020

Once again, the 2020 nominees both have very active natal TRIUMF placements, but on Election Day, only one has connections to transit TRIUMF – that’s Joe Biden

Add to this the fact that asteroid Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory, appears in this chart at 24 Libra, exactly conjoining Trump’s natal TRIUMF, and you have the makings of a national tragedy wrapped in a personal triumph.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Another great article, Alex! Loved the Canadian twist with TRIUMF! I will start using this asteroid to analyze Canadian elections here at home. Thanks for drawing attention to it!


I also enjoyed this one although I still don’t know, will it be Biden or Trump? I think Alex left this one as a mystery, wrapped in an enigma.

loyce hairston

Biden/Harris 2020. Hope karma will work for the people/masses, not the oppressive wealthy few, just plain tired of DJT antics. Insightful article.

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