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Baby India Finds Justice

Almost four years ago, an infant newborn was found abandoned in a wooded area of Forsyth County Georgia, near Cumming, left in a plastic shopping bag.  Alerted by cries initially thought to be those of a cat, police were called to the scene when teenager Kayla Ragatz and her sisters investigated the sounds, finding the squalling baby, just hours old, with umbilical cord still attached.  Nicknamed “Baby India” for her apparent ethnic heritage, the girl was put into foster care and eventually adopted.  Forsyth County Sheriff Ron Freeman promised justice for the foundling, and more than three years later was able to identify the child’s father, based on advanced DNA investigative processes.

That breakthrough led to the arrest on 18 May 2023 of the mother, Karima Jiwani, 40, a woman with a history of “hidden and concealed pregnancies and surprise births,” described as going “to extremes to conceal this pregnancy.”  Police theorize the child was born in a car, then driven to a remote wooded area to be dumped.  Jiwani has been charged with criminal attempt to commit murder, cruelty to children in the first degree, aggravated assault and reckless abandonment, and is being held on no bond.

Bodycam footage of the rescue records a time of 2:13 AM EDT on 7 June 2019 for the moment Baby India was released from the plastic bag, and a chart cast for that time in Cumming, Georgia well describes the event.  We’ll be using asteroids Cumming 14348, Georgia 359 and Forsytia 1054 (for Forsyth County) for the general location, as well as Davis 3688, Davida 511 and Crick 12845 for the specific Dave’s Creek Road abandonment site; Child 4580 and Bambinidipraga 5804 (named for Bambini di Praga, a Czech children’s chorus, this CNA – Compound-Named Asteroid – begins with “Bambini”, Italian for “babies”) for children generally; Baggaley 5136, Baggessen 4088 and Bagley 34283 for the plastic bag in which she was found; Kayala 2564 and Ragazza 1839 for discoverer Kayla Ragatz; and Rone 8680 and Freeman 415925 for Sheriff Ron Freeman.  Mother Karima Jiwani is represented by asteroid Carina 491.  There is no exact match for “India” by itself; however, CNAs, which combine first and last names strung together as one word, can be separated into their component parts, and used for either; Indiawadkins 7299 is the only point which uses India as the first name.

baby india bodycam
Bodycam footage pinpoints the moment Baby India was rescued from her plastic bag confinement near Cumming, GA; asteroid Baggaley conjunct asteroid Child, and asteroid Baggessen squared asteroid Indiawadkins portray the event, while asteroid Bagley conjunct asteroids Cumming and Tantalus indicate a heinous crime involving a bag in Cumming

The 21 Pisces Ascendant is closely conjoined by asteroid Karma 3811 at 22 Pisces, suggesting a “fated” or predestined quality to the event, as well as the potential for being called to account at some point for the abandonment.  Sheriff Freeman has frequently described Baby India’s discovery as “divine intervention,” referring to the set of circumstances which led to her rescue, which also squares with the karmic feel of this configuration.  Also here is Neptune, symbol of invisibility or absence, exactly conjunct asteroid Bambinidipraga at 18 Pisces, and trine asteroids Crick and Rone, both at 26 Cancer, for the Dave’s Creek Road location and Sheriff Ron Freeman, so invested in solving the case. 

These oppose Pluto (ruling criminality generally and homicide specifically) at 22 Capricorn, and Saturn at 19 Capricorn (representing a parent or authority figure, as well as law enforcement and the Sheriff, and punishment to be meted out for the crime), with asteroid Davis (also for Dave’s Creek Road) at 27 Capricorn.  This polarity forms a T-Square with asteroid Bagley (for “bag”) at 27 Aries, conjoined an exact pairing of asteroids Cumming (the town) and Tantalus at 29 Aries, with Tantalus 2102 named for a mythic figure guilty of heinous acts (including the dismemberment of his own son, whom he cooked in a stew for the gods).

baby india jiwani
Mother Karima Jiwani is seen as asteroid Carina, conjunct asteroid Georgia and in a T-Square with asteroids Davida (for the Dave’s Creek Road location where she dumped her child) and Ceres, named for the Roman goddess of motherhood

Asteroid Indiawatkins at 27 Virgo appears on the 21 Virgo Descendant, in a T-Square with asteroid Baggessen at 23 Gemini (also for the bag) on the 25 Gemini IC and asteroid Carr 3837 (for the vehicle where Baby India was presumably born) exact on the 25 Sagittarius MC.  Also here is TNO Ixion, named for the first murderer in Greek myth, at 27 Sagittarius, and Jupiter at 19 Sagittarius, the likely source of the propitious outcome for the infant, as well as the publicity and national fame surrounding the event.

The Sun at 16 Gemini forms a Grand Trine with asteroid Child at 13 Libra (itself conjunct asteroid Baggaley, our third bag referent, at 7 Libra) and a stationary asteroid Forsytia at 13 Aquarius, which would turn retrograde five days later.  The Moon at 6 Leo, representing the mother, opposed Forsytia transforms this into a Kite pattern, and is further accompanied by asteroids Apophis 99942 at 4 Leo (named for the ancient Egyptian personification of pure evil) and Themis 24 (named for the Greek goddess of justice) at 8 Leo.   This suggests an eventual comeuppance (Themis) for the mother (Moon) who committed this horrific act (Apophis) against an infant (Child) in Forsyth County (Forsytia).

baby india kayla
Teenaged Kayla Ragatz (center) discusses her role in finding Baby India; asteroid Kayala (for Kayla) conjoined asteroid Demeter, named for the Greek goddess of motherhood, placing her in loco parentis to the child, and squared the Sun, putting her in the spotlight; asteroid Ragazza (for Ragatz) conjoined Mercury provides the link to a young child

Karima Jiwani is more specifically identified by asteroid Carina at 5 Virgo, conjoined Georgia at 4 Virgo and a Kayala/Demeter 1108 pairing at 11 Virgo.  Demeter is named for the Greek goddess of motherhood, while Kayala represents Kayla Ragatz, responsible for her daughter’s rescue.  This grouping lies at the fulcrum of another T-Square, with squares to asteroids Davida at 3 Gemini (for the Dave’s Creek Road locale) and Ceres 1 at 5 Sagittarius, Demeter’s Roman counterpart, reiterating Karmia Jiwani as Baby India’s mother.

Mercury, ruling young children, appears at 4 Cancer, conjoined asteroid Ragazza at 9 Cancer and squared asteroid Freeman at 6 Aries, linking the child’s rescuer (Kayla Ragatz) and her champion (Sheriff Ron Freeman).  Mercury is also exactly semisquare asteroid Justitia 269 at 19 Taurus, named for the Roman goddess of justice, suggesting eventually justice will be done for the child.

baby india freeman1
Fulton County Sheriff Ron Freeman holds aloft a photo of the abandoned Baby India in 2019; asteroid Freeman opposed asteroids Child with Baggaley, in a T-Square with Mercury conjunct Mars, identifies Freeman as the champion (Mars) of the child (Mercury, Child) found in a bag (Baggaley)

That came almost four years later, when Karima Jiwani was identified as the abandoned girl’s mother via DNA testing, and arrested for her attempted murder on May 18th.  That Jiwani would be a focus of the day, for good or ill, is seen in asteroid Carina at 24 Taurus, conjoined the 27 Taurus Sun, with asteroid Nemesis 128 within orb from 0 Gemini.  Nemesis refers to ruin or undoing, often self-created, and its placement here virtually guarantees that the spotlighting influence of the Sun would not be a positive one.  Nemesis is also squaring a Triple Threat of Damocles 5335 at 3 Pisces, asteroid Karma at 4 Pisces and Saturn at 6 Pisces, indicating that the looming threat (Damocles) of punishment (Saturn) for prior misdeeds (Karma) is about to descend, bringing destruction (Nemesis) in its wake.  The addition of asteroid Child at 6 Virgo creates a T-Square and alludes to the young age of the victim.

In contrast, the Sun is also exactly squared asteroid Indiawadkins at 27 Leo, providing a more upbeat focus for the child, with the woman who abandoned Baby India to what she thought would be certain death, finally called to account for the deed.  Indiawadkins is also trine asteroid Justitia at 29 Aries, a repetition of the theme of justice being done in her case.

baby india jiwani2
Karima Jiwani is arraigned for her crime; the Sun conjunct asteroids Carina and Nemesis shows her in focus as she faces ruin; an exact solar square to asteroid Indiawadkins places her baby in the spotlight as well

Motherhood asteroids Ceres and Demeter have joined forces here, at 24 and 26 Virgo, in trine to Sun/Carina, with Demeter also at station, turning direct the very day of Jiwani’s arrest, indicating a mother at a turning point.  A T-Square formed by an opposition to Neptune at 27 Pisces, with asteroid Baggessen on the fulcrum at 26 Gemini, reminds us of the abandonment (Neptune) of the infant by her mother (Ceres, Demeter), in a plastic bag (Baggessen).  Incredibly, Baggessen has just made its first Return to its degree (23 Gemini) in the Baby India rescue chart, only five days before the arrest, confirming its utility as a celestial stand-in for “bag.”  Sheriff Ron Freeman’s pivotal role in the story is evidenced by asteroid Freeman at 23 Pisces conjunct Neptune, which also rules prisons and incarceration.

A cluster of points in early Taurus includes Jupiter (once again conveying publicity to the story, and positive resolution, in finding the offender) at 0 Taurus, asteroid Themis (justice served) at 4 Taurus, Mercury (children, newsworthy event) at 6 Taurus, and asteroid Bagley (the plastic bag again) at 8 Taurus.  These lie on the fulcrum of yet another T-Square, with Pluto (homicide, devastating transformation) at 0 Aquarius and asteroid Georgia (the state involved) at 2 Leo.

baby india1
Baby India has since been adopted and is thriving, a well-deserved outcome for the child born with her PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) in square to Jupiter and trine Venus

Unfortunately, no birth date for Karima Jiwani has been published, so her chart remains a mystery, leaving unanswered the cosmic question of what could cause a mother to dispose of an unwanted child so horribly.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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What a distressing story. Thank God there was a happy ending but I found myself wondering if this woman has done the same thing to other babies in the past. Maybe there is some karma between Kayla and the baby—a chance for Kayla to return a favour from a past life perhaps. It would be great to have the mother’s birth data. Here’s hoping the baby is not emotionally scarred by the early abandonment. Thanks Alex. The asteroids were amazing as usual.

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