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Asteroid Sleuth: The Case of the Shameless Shove

It was the shove watched ‘round the world.  On Saturday, 1 June 2024, at a WNBA contest between the Chicago Sky and the Indiana Fever, Sky guard Chennedy Carter gave a superfluous shoulder shove to Fever rookie phenom Caitlin Clark, knocking her to the floor.   Clark was not in possession of the ball at the time, and the foul, later upgraded to “flagrant-1,” made local and national news across the country.  Carter’s teammate Angel Reese, a former college rival of Clark’s, was seen to leap off the bench and clap at the infraction; later, she decked Clark herself with an illegal elbow move that wasn’t called by the refs.  After the game, Reese was fined $1000 for failing to make herself available to the media.  Despite the interference, the Indiana Fever came out on top, 71-70, with Clark adding eleven points to the scoreboard.

Clark has been taking some Fever heat from other players as she embarks on her WNBA career, after a storied college stint with the Iowa Hawkeyes, and is widely regarded as one of the greatest collegiate players of all time.  She went into the draft already well-steeped in national endorsements, including contracts with Nike, State Farm and Gatorade.  The cold reception she has received from other players likely stems from envy; while they’ve been playing their game in relative anonymity for years, this upstart newcomer arrives with media attention galore, and a national profile ranking her among the top five best-known athletes in her sport.  And as we all know, chills often follow a Fever.

The shoving incident became a cause célèbre, with both Carter and Reese appearing on Fox News, expressing “no regrets” for the incidents, Carter adding “I’m going to compete and play 100% hard no matter who it is or who we’re playing.” 

foul carter clark1
The heated rivalry between Chicago Sky’s Chennedy Carter and Indiana Fever’s Caitlin Clark is seen as asteroids Kennedy and Clarke conjunct, squared asteroid Indiana and sextile asteroid Chicago, exactly inconjunct each other

There are a good number of PNA (Personal-Named Asteroids) matches for the proper nouns in this story, which is what attracted me to it.  The relative celebrity of the principals also granted good birth data, often not available in “small” stores of this type.  Chennedy (pronounced with a hard “ch,” thus “Kennedy”) Carter is represented by asteroids Kennedy 7166 and Carter 10683.  There are no solitary matches for Caitlin, but three CNAs (Compound-Named Asteroids, comprised of both first and last names strung together as one word, which can be separated and used for either) will serve:  Caitlinmann 25456, Caitlinrita 17178 and Caitlinshearer 34405.  Surname Clark is seen as asteroid Clarke 4923, and Angel Reese shows as asteroids Angel 11911 and Rees 4587.  The Sky and Fever basketball teams are represented by asteroids Chicago 334 and Indiana 1602, while the foul infraction can be symbolized by asteroid Fowler 2762, a phonetic match; and for the fine we have asteroid Feingold 19461, a sort of celestial mishmash of “fine” and “gold”, indicating a financial penalty.

For the June 1st competition, we see an exact inconjunct from asteroid Chicago at 15 Taurus to asteroid Indiana at 15 Libra, signifying their rivalry and the tension between them, with Indiana embedded at station, perhaps granting the win (Indiana turned direct on May 23rd, still at its station degree).  Indiana is also sesquiquadrate to Jupiter at 1 Gemini, which rules professional sports and is known as “the Greater Benefic,” often conveying luck or positive outcomes.  Note that Jupiter is also exactly trine to Pluto at 1 Aquarius, ruling intimidation and coercion; and also squared to asteroid Toro 1685 at 4 Virgo, noted for bullying, aggressive behaviors, setting the stage for a fraught match.  With asteroid Caitlinrita conjoined Toro from 7 Virgo, Caitlin Clark is the recipient of the bullying; Caitlinrita’s square to the 11 Gemini Sun places her in the spotlight and guarantees public notice.  Mercury with the Sun at 10 Gemini makes this a newsworthy event.

foul clark carter
Clark and Carter are yoked together by more than an armlock; both have asteroid referents for the other, at station in their birth charts, denoting a pivotal role to play in their biographies

A conjunction of asteroids Kennedy and Clarke at 9 and 13 Cancer, sextile Chicago and squared Indiana, suggests which players might come into noticeable contact or conflict.  Points in conjunction can act in tandem, as allies; or they may create friction via proximity, with interaction inescapable.  As well, Kennedy is sextile the Toro/Caitlinrita conjunction, again linking Carter with the bullying behaviors towards Clark.

Mars rules athletes and competition, but also anger and violence; at 24 Aries, Mars is exactly trine asteroid Carter at 24 Leo and closely inconjunct asteroid Fowler at 25 Virgo, with a semisextile binding Carter and Fowler.  This identifies Chennedy Carter (Carter) as the source of the violent, aggressive act during a competition (Mars); asteroid Caitlinshearer conjoined Fowler from 28 Virgo specifies who (Clark) was fouled (Fowler).

foul clark down
Carter fouls Clark, later upgraded to “flagrant-1” status; asteroid Carter is semisextile a conjunction of asteroids Caitlinshearer (for Caitlin Clark) and Fowler (phonetic match for “fouler”)

Asteroid Caitlinmann at 1 Leo conjoins asteroid Photographica 443 at 5 Leo, opposing Pluto exactly and sextile Jupiter exactly, reinforcing the sense that Clark (Caitlinmann) is the object of intimidation (Pluto) at a sporting event (Jupiter); Photographica shows as the videotape the referees reviewed before upgrading their initial ruling on the foul to “flagrant-1,” as well as the broadly disseminated footage of the infraction.

Angel Reese’s fine appears as asteroids Angel and Rees conjoined at 6 and 9 Leo, trined by asteroid Feingold at 1 Aries.  Angel exactly semisextile asteroid Kennedy at 9 Cancer shows Reese’s solidarity with her teammate.

As illuminating as the chart for the incident is, when we delve into the birth charts of the women involved, we find a truly remarkable resonance, a cosmic rivalry of karmic proportions. 

foul carter tongue
Chennedy Carter expresses herself freely on the court; natal asteroid Kennedy conjoins asteroid Toro (aggressive, bullying behaviors), squares Uranus (volatility, unconventional responses) and is trine asteroid Clarke at station

Born 14 November 1998 (no time available), Chennedy Carter has a bit of a short fuse, with asteroid Kennedy at 4 Scorpio squared Uranus at 9 Aquarius.  Quick-tempered, prone to erratic, impulsive action, Carter doesn’t mind coloring outside the lines of what is considered proper play.  Kennedy is also bound up in a Grand Trine with asteroids Caitlinrita at 6 Pisces and Clarke at 9 Cancer, linking her directly with her rival.  As well, asteroid Clarke is embedded at station, indicating a prominence for someone of that name at some point in Carter’s life.  Clarke turned retrograde two days before Carter’s birth, and squares asteroid Carter at 5 Libra, further highlighting the conflict between them.

A general antipathy toward Clark’s team is seen as Carter’s 22 Scorpio Sun squared asteroid Indiana at 24 Aquarius, with the tension of the square redoubled by asteroid Fowler at 28 Leo, forming a T-Square.

Mars at 22 Virgo opposed Jupiter at 18 Pisces and inconjunct Saturn at 28 Aries opens the door to a career (Saturn) as an athlete (Mars) on a professional sports team (Jupiter).  A square from Mars to asteroid Chicago at 29 Sagittarius, itself trine Saturn, defines which team.  Saturn also opposes asteroid Toro at 27 Libra, marking Carter as potentially an aggressive, borderline abusive player.  The personal touch is granted by asteroid Kennedy at 4 Scorpio sesquiquadrate Jupiter and opposed Saturn, with the 22 Scorpio Sun in trine to Jupiter, exactly sextile Mars.

foul clark draft
Caitlin Carter was the #1 WNBA college draft pick in 2024; she came to her professional career already steeped in celebrity endorsements, one of the top five most widely recognized players in her field, likely the cause of the envy that has made her debut problematic among rival players; natal Mars squared a conjunction of Jupiter with asteroid Caitlinshearer, and sextile a combo of Saturn with asteroid Clarke, indicates a career (Saturn) as an athlete (Mars) in professional sports (Jupiter), with all the attendant celebrity (also Jupiter)

Just as Chennedy Carter sports a PNA representing Caitlin Clark at station in her nativity, so, too, does Clark’s birth chart include a stationary referent for Carter.  Born 22 January 2002 (no time available) asteroid Kennedy at 23 Virgo turned retrograde three days prior, closely conjoined asteroid Caitlinrita at 22 Virgo, also at station (turning retro on January 17th).  Note that 22 Virgo degree – that’s just where Carter’s natal Mars resides, further evoking animosity and competition between them.  Transit asteroid Fowler at 25 Virgo for the June 1st game brings that potential for conflict into real time, in a way that penalized Carter.  The proximity of Kennedy and Caitlinrita at Clark’s birth, potentially creating friction between them, is reiterated in the chart for their conflict, which shows asteroids Kennedy and Clarke conjunct in real time, as the incident unfolded.

Also at station, asteroid Clarke at 7 Gemini, conjunct Saturn at 8 Gemini and trine the 2 Aquarius Sun; and asteroid Nemesis 128 at 14 Libra, conjoined asteroid Carter at 10 Libra.  Clarke turned direct the day after Clark’s birth, Nemesis turned retrograde on February 4th, but is already at its station degree.  Clarke conjunct Saturn suggests mastery or advanced achievement in her profession, with Clarke acknowledged as one of the best collegiate players ever.  Nemesis refers to an enemy or opponent; its conjunction with Carter illustrates the ways Nemesis alternates its expression.  First, Carter plays Nemesis to Clark in the foul, then Clark returns the favor with the penalty.  A PNA attached to Nemesis can indicate someone with whom the native has a lifelong rivalry, yet to be seen in this instance.

foul clark ball
Caitlin Clark sports a natal conjunction of asteroids Caitlinrita and Kennedy, both at station, creating a natural friction between them; this combo is closely conjoined by Chennedy Carter’s natal Mars, adding fuel to the fire, and was touched off by transit asteroid Fowler when Carter fouled Clark

As with Carter, Clark also owns connections between Mars, Jupiter and Saturn which promote a pro sports career.  At 2 Aries, Mars squares Jupiter at 7 Cancer and is sextile the Clarke/Saturn conjunction at 7 and 8 Gemini.  The personal connection shows as asteroid Clarke conjunct Saturn, sextile Mars and exactly semisextile Jupiter, with asteroid Caitlinshearer at 0 Cancer conjoined Jupiter and squared Mars.

Remarkably, asteroid Indiana has a roughly four-year orbital period with the Sun, so both women, born four years apart, share it at the same degree, 24 Aquarius.  A square to asteroid Chicago at 27 Taurus signals the rivalry between the two teams, while asteroid Fowler at 12 Taurus inconjunct to asteroid Carter at 10 Libra signals her role in their competition.  Fowler also opposes asteroid Toro at 15 Scorpio (indicating aggressive acts as the source of the foul), in a T-Square with asteroid Caitlinmann at 10 Aquarius (identifying Caitlin Clark as the player fouled) and Mercury at 13 Aquarius, which may help to explain the widespread Media (Mercury) attention for the incident.

foul reese
Carter’s Chicago Sky teammate Angel Reese was seen to applaud at Clark’s fouling, and was later fined for not making herself available to the media after the game; asteroids Angel and Rees conjoin, squared asteroid Chicago and trined asteroid Feingold (for a monetary – “gold” – penalty – “Fein”/”fine”)

Lastly, asteroids Carter, Caitlinmann and Clarke also form a Grand Trine incorporating both competitors’ PNAs, mirroring a similar pattern in Carter’s chart.  Grand Trines can often remain somnolent, requiring a spark to stir their potential.  In Clark’s case, this was supplied by the Lunar Eclipse of 25 March 2024 at 5 Libra, conjunct natal Carter.  For Carter, the impetus came from the same eclipse, squared natal stationary Clarke at 9 Cancer.

No doubt about it, the rivalry and tension between these two is real, and seemingly cosmically ordained.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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I admit, I am not a sports fan, but I appreciate your work here. The eclipse connection is a good catch. I hope Caitlin Clark is thick-skinned enough to hang in there. Seems like a tough business. Thanks Alex!

    Alex Miller


    I’m not a fan either, Laurien – but I do appreciate the fact that even when it’s a topic I’m not “into,” the rules still apply. helps me feel confident I’m not just cherry-picking in the celestial orchard.

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