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Donald Trump’s 2019 Solar Return: Jupiter to the Rescue

In last year’s Solar Return, I opined that 2018 was the critical time – if he made it through that solar year, Donald Trump would likely finish his term in office, and could possibly be re-elected. Despite the Mueller Report’s scathing details of impropriety and actions which would be judged criminal coming from anyone not shielded by the office of the presidency, Trump has hung on. Impeachment in the House may still be on the table, but with a GOP majority in the Senate which refuses to budge on its support for the 45th president, conviction and removal from office is unlikely.


Reflecting that earthly reality, the skies seem to have parted somewhat for Trump, and the 2019 Solar Return puts a more favorable light on his prospects going forward. Believe me, I evince no pleasure in reporting this, but an old friend which has sustained The Donald since birth is once again stepping into the breach, fortifying the Lucky Schmuck with its substantial staying power and grace.


I’m speaking of Jupiter, of course. Jupiter has been Trump’s stalwart since birth; at 17 Libra, in trine to his Sun, Trump’s Jupiter came to its direct station within hours of his birth, making its indefinable quality of “luck” a powerful force for increase and advantage, an embedded factor in his psyche. He expects to win, and he usually does, even if he has to redefine the term to do so. A stationary Jupiter promotes a sense of well-being, satisfaction, protection and that tendency to always land on one’s feet, whatever may befall. Expansive and acquisitive, outgoing and focused on growth, Jupiter at its station exudes benefit and positive outcomes. Donald Trump was born with every advantage: a millionaire by the age of 8, Trump always had daddy to bail him out of his riskiest ventures. He’s always had the ability to fall into a pile of shit and emerge smelling like a rose.


We’ve recently learned, from New York Times reporting, that Trump lost more than a billion dollars in the decade from 1985-1994, more than anyone else in the country, a record of miserable defeat, and yet, here he is: President of the United Sates, based on his vaunted business acumen. During 1987, the year in which he released (but did not write) his bestselling book, “The Art of the Deal”, Trump still lost some $4.5 million, his best showing in the decade; other years showed losses in the hundreds of millions, fiscal defeats so severe that he avoided paying taxes completely for 8 of the 10 years.

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Often an event symbolic of the year to come will manifest within a few weeks of a solar return; Donald Trump’s June 3-7 visit to Europe qualifies, and sets the stage for more mean Tweets, barely adequate official appearances, and public condemnation or mockery

But he always came back – that’s Jupiter. And he always managed to look better than he was; that’s also Jupiter. Its embedded stationary stance provides much of Trump’s bombast, braggadocio and bluster, granting that larger-than-life quality that (some) others find so attractive. Whether he’s up or down, Trump always leaves the impression that he’s on top of the heap; “winning” is his credo.


A stationary Jupiter is hard to beat; if an upside to disaster can be found, he’s the guy to find it. And for Trump’s 2019 Solar Return, cast for 2:05 AM EDT on June 14th, 2019 in Washington DC, the planet of optimism and bravado opposes the 22 Gemini Sun from 19 Sagittarius, a direct line to Jupiter’s considerable power to promote growth and provide opportunities. In short, it’s “lucky.”


The best caveat I can offer is that, if Jupiter has a downside (and it does), it’s that it encourages overreach, extending oneself too far, going to extremes, false confidence, and stepping out on that limb before being assured it can support one. Of course, if the bough breaks, when the baby falls, he’ll bounce.


Don’t get me wrong; there are mitigating factors, things which may limit Trump’s success or progress, but the bottom line is that most things are likely to go his way this year, even if the edges are in tatters or the outcome is not his preferred result. Impeachment? Unlikely. Conviction and removal from office? Impossible. His position could be unassailable; his popularity may even increase.


The Sun/Jupiter polarity, strong as it is, doesn’t stand alone. There’s a wide Grand Cross also, comprising TNO Chaos in conjunction with the Sun from 24 Gemini, with asteroid America squared from 14 Virgo and a quartet of points in mid-Pisces also in square: asteroid Icarus at 13 Pisces, Neptune at 18, asteroid Russia at 21 and asteroid Karma at 24 Pisces.


Of course, with its very slow movement, Chaos has been with Trump’s Sun since before his 2015 entry into the race, and it closely squares his Sun natally, so anarchy, confusion, disarray and turmoil follow him like so many bridesmaids at a wedding. This is his métier, the artistic medium with which he paints his world. The idea that he would sow his particular brand of chaos into the American political sphere is what brought him so many supporters in the first place. Now moving two degrees off his Sun, Chaos’ transit force is beginning to wane, but its natal connection promotes continued chaotic continuity, if I may so term it.

TSR19 toilet

The “Dump Trump” float put The Donald in his appropriate potty-mouth context, and was a popular feature of the London protests against his State Visit

Neptune may be less inclined to play ball. It can heighten Trump’s powers of illusion, delusion, deception and misdirection, but may also lead to disappointment, isolation, depression, even mental collapse. There is a slippery quality to Neptune; it’s hard to pin down, difficult to control, impossible to predict, permeable but also pervasive. It also represents the covert, the hidden, things done furtively, clandestinely, under cover of darkness, invisible. Much will be percolating below the surface this year, and likely none of it is good.


And speaking of not good, there’s asteroid Russia, once again in a prominent showing, like the last two solar returns. At 21 Pisces, Russia is the closest in aspect to the Sun, affecting Trump’s core being more than the rest. The connection to Neptune indicates the surreptitious nature of the contact, and hints at further espionage and collusion, perhaps in the run-up to the 2020 presidential election, just five months away when this new solar return expires.

TEV queen walk

Trump reviews the troops with the Queen during his recent State Visit; perhaps intending a compliment, he later averred that the 93-year-old monarch “can walk as fast as I can.” At least he strode respectfully behind her this time, unlike his private visit in 2018.

But there’s also a connection to asteroid Karma, offering hope that, in whatever way, Trump’s Russian connection may finally result in a comeuppance, a payment due for prior bad acts.   More generally, Karma’s exact conjunction with natal Chaos (now involved with itself in a first –quarter square, representing a crisis of action) could suggest that the turmoil he has sown, the disruption he has caused, will finally catch up to him. There is evidence that his Tweets no longer make the impact they once did; Americans, even some supporters, are beginning to tune him out.   Karma squared the Sun should indicate that all manner of misdeeds will be exposed and punished, but Jupiter’s coinage is accepted in all courts, and Karma may not be able to press its claims.


At 8 and 9 degrees out of orb respectively, I might not ordinarily include America or Icarus in this pattern at all, but their close opposition to each other, and the aptness of their meanings, inclines me to do so. The suggestion is that Trump may be reckless or impetuous (Icarus) in his dealings with the country (America), overtly irresponsible actions which lead to disaster (also Icarus). Will he escalate his Trade War? [Author’s Note: this article was written the week before new tariffs with Mexico were announced (and later aborted, when the heat became too much); often an event encapsulating the energy of the coming year will occur within weeks of the Solar Return itself, setting the tone of what to expect.] Initiate hostilities with Iran? [Author’s Note: Ditto on the recent escalation in tensions with Iran and in the Persian Gulf.] Declare martial law? Although outside the parameters of the Grand Cross, it’s significant that America also squares asteroid Washingtonia at 11 Gemini. The implication is that the country (America) is at odds with (square) its government (Washingtonia) this year.


TSR19 cake

It may be Trump’s party, but no one’s attending; an increasingly isolated president finds solace in sweet treats

Regardless, the square from Icarus to the Sun indicates an inability to follow good advice, which can facilitate Jupiter’s weakness for over-extending itself. Trump seems incapable of controlling his worst impulses, of revealing his corrupt intent in tweets, of acting responsibly and ignoring the pinpricks to his ego from others. He’s used to acting outrageously and getting away with it via Jupiter’s celestial hall pass, so he never feels the need to moderate his behavior or act circumspectly. This could lead to a downfall, but even if so, it’s one which Jupiter will cushion as much as it can, like Fred Trump bailing out his son repeatedly over the decades, to the tune of some $400 million in today’s money.


The cosmic players who have dominated the past few solar returns continue to make their presence felt. We’ve already seen how Russia factors into the solar Grand Cross. Asteroid Moskva (Russian for “Moscow”, its capital) is once again in a commanding position. At 5 Libra, Moskva hugs the 10 Libra Descendant, providing angular force and signifying that Trump’s relations with the Kremlin may be an important factor of the year. An exact opposition to centaur Chiron at 5 Aries, on the 10 Aries Ascendant, suggests that this relationship may constitute an incurable wound which directly affects how others see Trump (Ascendant), based in his continued maverick behaviors with the Kremlin. With TNO Salacia also here, representing scandal and sensationalism, there may be some shocking developments in the offing (perhaps even the release of that alleged pee tape). This becomes a T-Square with asteroid Whitehouse at 2 Cancer, on the 5 Cancer IC, confirming once again, with its angularity, the importance of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the year, as well as the high level of enmeshment with the Kremlin (in the Whitehouse/Moskva square).


The former Special Counsel is in evidence as well. Asteroid Mueller doesn’t have the same punch it had in the two prior return charts, but at 23 Taurus it falls close by Trump’s natal Midheaven at 24 Taurus, affecting his career and reputation. Its exact opposition to asteroid Kassandra at 23 Scorpio, on Trump’s natal IC, shows the standoff between them as regards credibility and veracity, both Kassandra attributes. In a battle over trustworthiness and believability, Mueller wins hands down, and Trump may find that his credibility has reached its nadir (IC). Mueller is also T-Squared an exact conjunction of Achilles and Damocles at 28 Aquarius, symbolizing his role in exposing Trump’s inherent flaws and weaknesses (Achilles), and perhaps enacting that doom hanging over his head (Damocles) the past two years. Achilles’ influence could be particularly powerful, as it is stationary, turning retrograde the day before Trump’s birthday, making it a key factor for the year (un addition to its emphasis on vulnerability, look for other Achillean traits to become more prominent in The Donald – sulks, moodiness, an unwillingness to cooperate, mulish noncompliance). But again, with Jupiter’s silver-lined safety net just waiting to catch him, Trump may not fall very far.

TEV projection1

The London protests went far beyond street crowds; several prominent tourist attractions were used as backdrops for projections tweaking the 43rd US president, such as this display on the Tower of London, pointing up the contrast between Trump’s approval ratings in the UK, and those of his predecessor

With Mercury at 15 conjoined both Nemesis and Mars at 18 Cancer, Trump’s rhetoric will become even more aggressive, violent, bellicose and provocative, though Nemesis here is a cosmic warning that this may somehow lead to his ruin or downfall. With Lie and Uranus conjoined at 2 and 5 Taurus, Trump’s falsehoods will become even more shocking and outrageous, used to incite and inflame, perhaps even promote violence from his supporters.


With Mars exactly opposed Saturn, Trump’s campaign (Mars) for the presidency (Saturn) starts this year; in fact, it has already begun. Pluto also opposed Mars suggests a continuation of criminal activity (Pluto) in the furtherance (Mars) of his career goals (Saturn). Now that Trump understands he has a free hand, with no possibility of intervention from lapdog William Barr’s Justice Department, the sky’s the limit on corruption, obstruction and illegality.

TSR19 MAGA cakes

Not EVERYONE hates Trump (just a majority): MAGA hat cupcakes are a popular seller in some Midwest bakeries

There’s one small ray of sunshine in all this. With asteroid Troemper at 25 Capricorn still within orb of both Saturn and Pluto, the intense pressure the President has been under will not wane when their months-long conjunction fades in the autumn. It’s embedded in the Solar Return, and therefore its effects, of restricting, limiting (Saturn) and threatening to destroy (Pluto) The Donald will remain in force until the next Solar Return, in June of 2020.


So, while Jupiter may bail him out, time and again, at least he won’t be at his comfort and ease. It’s a time of testing and debasement, hardship or privation and forced change or adjustment. No-siree, he won’t be liking the celestial heavy weather forecast one bit.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Alex I don’t have much faith in tropical and based on evidenced hindsight I tend to go with sidereal I wonder if you backed up 24 degrees if Trumps Jupiter would remain a saving grace? On the other hand a Vedic astrologer predicted a terrible time for Trump when his north Node was in his 12th house and Trump survived that; damn him

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