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Dwarf Planets and the Pandemic


AAA is pleased to introduce our first Guest Blogger, Sue Kientz, Dwarf Planet Astrologer extraordinaire!  I’ve relied on Sue’s interpretation and understanding of outer solar system points for years.  In this post she enlightens us about the current pandemic and what these icy worlds reveal about COVID-19.


And so, without further ado, here’s Sue!

Dwarf Planets are large icy worlds many times the size of the largest asteroids. Pluto is a Dwarf Planet.


Anyone who believes or even disbelieves astrologers is likely saying by now, “So why didn’t the astrologers predict this worldwide crisis?” The problem is, the clearest view of it comes by using Dwarf Planets. As you will see in the following charts, Dwarf Planet Sedna has been looking very ominous both in progression and transit to the USA chart, a development I’ve watched for years. Sedna is the farthest sizable planetary body in our solar system, with an excruciatingly slow orbit of ~11,400 years, and operates like Saturn-Neptune combined. Certainly we are in the worst of a Saturn and Neptune problem – the country’s structure is teetering, with businesses of all kinds facing ruin unless government props them up (Saturn), as we face a global pandemic (Neptune). While those are Sedna’s negatives, its positives list all we sorely need in this crisis: determination, steadfastness, and endurance.


As I write, transiting Sedna is conjunct second-largest asteroid Vesta and has been for weeks, as they stationed near one another. In my September 2019 finale of a series called “Trump Won’t Leave Until,” I wrote, “The Vesta/Sedna won’t be over soon as both planets are stationing. As mentioned in earlier installment Part 1, both these potent bodies are also semi-square the USA Sun. Vesta is a reliable indicator of disaster,[1] and either another big mess is in store, or resolution of the Big Mess of Trump is finally indicated. Or both.”[2] You can shoot me that I didn’t specify a pandemic, but we are definitely in a Big Mess, right after we indeed had to stomach the phony acquittal of President Trump’s impeachment.


Add to this, we are approaching the first close instance of Pluto square the fourth-largest Dwarf Planet, Haumea. We haven’t seen this configuration since the 14th Century.[3] In my book More Plutos, I warned about this long square period coming up. It looked like the indicator of Climate Change, but who knew there would be a warm-up act. Don’t go screaming into the streets yet (because you’re supposed to stay inside), because I have some mitigating things to mention, but Pluto-Haumea is not only square, but in a T-square with Dwarf Planet Eris (as large as Pluto). Pluto itself is clustered in a huge stellium with Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and largest asteroid Pallas. Ergo, we are having a worldwide crisis and you can see it astrologically. But you might not realize its unique severity without Haumea (signal of dramatic change, including death – it was discovered two days after the 2004 East Asian Tsunami – as well as birth,[4] healing, and fixing things) and Eris (indicator of Other people, either fear of or connection with Others. In our present state, we have both – we are keeping our distance from every other human being we don’t live with, but we also need others as never before).


In the transit bi-wheel provided, you see Sedna/Vesta semi-square the USA Sun; know that Sedna will take a long time to finish that transit. We already know that normalcy will take a while to return. The disaster is most acute now, but Vesta is moving on. Perhaps we will adapt and get somewhat used to this new (ab)normal. Jupiter will soon conjunct Pluto at a point closely opposite USA’s Mercury. We are reduced to remotely communicating, instead of in-person relating to people. Lastly note that opposite the USA Sun is the largest unnamed body in our solar system, 2002 MS4. This near-Sedna sized Dwarf is prominent in the charts of exceptional thinkers like Einstein, Newton, Goethe, Oppenheimer, and Edison. Some extremely smart people are somewhere working hard to get us through this monumental challenge.[5]


A colossal health crisis is similarly indicated in USA’s secondary progression, with USA’s p. Sun conjunct p. Sedna early in January, as we were initially warned of China’s deteriorating situation. In that provided chart, notice that Sun/Sedna forms a close grand trine with p. Jupiter and p. Hygeia, the latter being the fourth-largest asteroid and indicative of health. Progressed Pallas is also conjunct Sun/Sedna, and is prominent in charts of famed warriors like Patton and Napoleon (and infamous ones like Hitler and Bin Laden), so when I saw this coming years ago, I expected we might be in a war (Pallas/Sedna), but we would win (trine Jupiter), yet I wondered at the Health indicator (trine Hygeia). We now see the war we are fighting is with a deadly virus, most notably waged by thousands of health care workers, our heroes (Pallas) on the front lines of this war. Progressed Moon shows we have a few critical months ahead. First p. Moon is sesquiquadrate p. Uranus (panic, loss of freedom due to staying home or quarantine, and bold ideas implemented),[6] followed by p. Moon semi-square p. Haumea (there will be deaths). The timing is there, showing this will not go on forever. It will not break us. But we all must step up and follow the social distancing instructions, religiously.


One last note. Pluto and Jupiter were also conjunct during the 1918 Flu Epidemic, but here’s one piece of good news for us. In 1918, Pluto/Jupiter in mid Cancer were square Sedna at 12 Aries. This is what made things worse than a run-of-the-mill Pluto/Jupiter conjunction. You have that conjunction about every 14-16 years, so it can’t bring this kind of upset by that contact alone. Here’s the promising glimmer of hope: This time, Pluto/Jupiter will be trine Sedna. That is huge. Why? Consider the last Pluto trine Sedna: 1955, when the Polio Vaccine was announced to be ready. Church bells rang nationwide, people were jubilant, the great scourge of polio was about to be cured! On that day, Sun/Sedna trined Pluto/Haumea, the latter duo making their last exact conjunction in their positive role as Powerful Healing. The chart of that glorious news is one of the most beautiful you will ever see. And now, Pluto again is just a few degrees from trine Sedna, as Pluto conjoins Jupiter, making Jupiter trine Sedna as well. There’s much to hope for. This current Pluto-Sedna trine will last years in orb and will likely herald the eradication of more than just this terrible virus.


For now, do your part. Be safe. Wash your hands. Think positive.



“More Plutos” author and Dwarf Planet expert Sue Kientz

Sue Kientz specializes in Astrology’s mid-sized planetary bodies, the largest Asteroids and most massive trans-Neptunian Dwarf Planets Eris, Makemake, Haumea, and others discovered this century. Her research led to her book More Plutos, which received a 2016 eLit Award. More Plutos also addresses how resonance and fractals explain how Astrology works. Sue is currently working on a general-reader book on how Dwarf Planets are Astrology’s great breakthrough, equivalent to what micro-organisms did for Medicine, and has two articles on the Dwarfs and Richard Tarnas’s new cosmology published in the current and upcoming Astrological Journal. Website:; E-mail:




  3. The last square of Pluto-Haumea was a long inexact closing square, but close enough to bring on the infamous Black Death pandemic. Pluto-Haumea formed five conjunctions from 1517 to 1955, so this is the opening square. See more at
  4. Haumea-driven birth will likely emerge nine months from now, with a baby boom generated by all the couples cooped up together, “staying at home.”
  5. As this article goes to press, the WorldPost gives evidence of MS4 at work: “[S]cientists and technologists around the world in big data, bioinformatics and genomics are sharing everything they have with each other in a kind of distributed Manhattan Project to defeat the natural genius of this mutating virus. Jingoism and nationalism have no voice here. From the Wellcome Trust in the U.K. to the China National Knowledge Infrastructure, new findings and research are being transparently shared on open platforms. Using nature’s own technology such as CRISPR to reconfigure genetic sequences, labs across the globe are burning the midnight oil in cooperation with each other to reach a remedy as rapidly as possible.” – Gardels, Nathan, Ed., “Weekend Roundup: Planetary Co-Immunism Is On the Way,” The WorldPost, March 21, 2020,


  1. Next to Uranus is a “Weeping Heart” icon representing fifth-largest Dwarf Planet Gonggong, recently named for a red-headed Chinese dragon-god who accidentally flooded the Earth. Gonggong shows up in charts of individuals who are extremely sensitive and compassionate (positive trait) and those too sensitive or oversensitive (negative). Expect everyone you encounter to need your compassion, as all of us will be struggling with extreme emotion and stress.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Sandi Campbell

Wow, Alex, thank you for this! I had not heard of Sue before and found this very reassuring.
I hope all are staying well and safe.


Any idea, looking ahead, when Pluto/Jupiter will go opposite Sedna? or come into contact in any way again? Years?

    Sue Kientz

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Pluto won’t be opposite Sedna for hundreds of years. It was last opposite Sedna in the mid-1980s, when AIDs, the Challenger Disaster, Chernobyl, and “New Coke” (also a disaster) debuted. Michael Jackson was set on fire in a Pepsi ad as well, which likely began his addiction to pain killers. Jupiter opposes Sedna in 12-13 year increments. Back to Pluto-Sedna aspects, Pluto will square Sedna in 2067, and that’s the next major aspect after it finishes the trine. Pluto-Sedna-Saturn will be conj in 2215. OK here’s your target: May 5, 2331 Sedna will be opposite Pluto-Jupiter. A long wait.


Thanks for this intro to Sue, Alex!


You talked about “Trump won’t leave until”. Do you know when that will be? I’ve read that part over a few times and am not sure if this will be his downfall. The election is on the horizon and the Democrats are pushing for mail in ballots in all states to make sure all people can vote. Meanwhile there was an article about the Post Office needs financial help from the government or they may close, I believe, in June. Is there anything you can see about that or the election?

    Sue Kientz

    Hi Karen,
    It looks like it will be the election that will ensure Trump’s exit out of the presidency. The USA chart shows on that very day as p. Moon sextiles p. Makemake. When p. Moon semisquared p. Makemake, was when impeachment proceedings began. The sextile should be more friendly to the People, and represent the effusion of emotion and excitement that finally he will be ejected. In transits at election time, Trump faces Uranus semisq his n. Sun, something similar to Nixon’s exit (Nixon had that in progression), and in progression, Trump’s p. Moon will semisquare his p. Saturn. Not very lucky at all. By the time the new president is inaugurated (expect Trump not to show up), Trump’s p. Moon will square his p. Moon and p. Sun axis. He’ll be in a crappy mood for sure, plus may be trying to avoid the NY state marshals trying to serve him a few subpoenas.

Esperanza Acosta

Gracias por sus artículos y enseñanzas. Hoy a través de esta página conozco a Sue Kientz especialista en planetas enanos.

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