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Justice 2, GOP 0

With national Republican figures, from the highest to the lowest, being indicted, tried and convicted of multiple crimes in both civil and criminal cases, the GOP runs the serious risk of becoming identified as the party of lawlessness as the 2024 elections careen toward us.  Two major developments in as many days in early May added fuel to the fire of Republican miscreants, much in the way a spate of stories involving GOP corruption and sexual misconduct led to Democrats reclaiming the House in 2006.  On May 9th, Donald Trump was found liable for sexual assault and defamation in the E. Jean Carroll civil rape suit, and on the following day Trump Mini-Me George Santos, with aspirations to ascend to Liar-in-Chief, was arrested and charged with 13 counts of wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds and lying to Congress.

It’s unclear what immediate effect, if any, these developments will have.  Trump continues to rocket to the top of the polls for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, and Speaker McCarthy refuses to unseat Santos until after a verdict is rendered, which could easily run out his term.  As well, the two cases clearly illustrate the shocking disparity in treatment between the newly minted congressman, arrested after just four months in office, and the former president, still unindicted more than two years after his attempt to overthrow the government.  But as Justice in America in 2023 goes, we’ll take what we can get, and the skies concur that justice is being done here, however partially. 

A prime cosmic feature tying both cases together is the ongoing extended conjunction between Saturn, representing government officials, and Damocles 5335, that threat of doom hanging overhead.  This pattern began in the last weeks of the old year and dominates the entirety of 2023, affording ample opportunity to root out corruption and malfeasance in elected officials.

Currently at 6 and 3 Pisces respectively, the conjunction applies in potential to all such individuals, but the cosmos casts a scrutinizing eye on those with personal connections to the pattern.  The extended conjunction between asteroids Troemper (our celestial referent for The Donald, now at 27 Aquarius) and Karma (paying debts, now at 1 Pisces), effectively opening up Trump to accountability for prior misdeeds and in effect for more than two years, is slowly edging into this pattern.  The heat is on, as seen in the $5 million judgment against Trump, and as the two conjunctions merge, will be turned up to the boiling point.  In contrast, the hammer has already fallen on George Santos, with asteroid George at 3 Pisces for his indictment exactly conjunct Damocles.  Saturn also signals the potential for loss or punishment, a key factor in both individuals being brought to justice and paying for their crimes.

trump santos LIES
George Santos addresses a media gaggle after his arrest, with an appropriate signage backdrop; asteroid George conjunct Damocles, asteroid Karma and Saturn speaks to the looming threat (Damocles) of punishment (Saturn) for Santos (George) based in prior bad acts (Karma)

Let’s break down the two cases separately, starting with Santos.  When I profiled this serial liar and con artist previously, I somehow neglected to take note of the placement of asteroid Bilk 4425 (we all have our bad days).  Though named for an observatory in Dusseldorf, Germany, Bilk works quite well in its English language usage as “to defraud, cheat, deceive or swindle.” 

I rectified that error when I reviewed his birth chart (born 22 July 1988) for this article, and was not at all surprised to find asteroid Bilk in a very prominent place indeed – at 16 Pisces, Bilk is at station (having turned retrograde July 12th), in sesquiquadrate to the 29 Cancer/0 Leo Sun (with no birth time, not that we’d believe it anyway coming from him, the Sun could be in either Sign on that day) and tightly opposed asteroid George 3854 at 17 Virgo.  George is clustered amidst asteroids Icarus 1566 (rash, reckless behaviors heedless of the consequences), Karma 3811 (being held accountable for our acts) at 19 Virgo, and Nemesis 128 (ruin or undoing, often self-created) at 22 Virgo. 

Bilk also conjoins asteroid Brasilia 293 at 14 Pisces (named for the capital of Brazil, with that country being the scene of some of Santos’ earliest scams and schemes) and this polarity forms a Grand Cross with asteroid Lie 26955 at 12 Gemini and a stationary asteroid Santos-Sanz 9288 (closest to Santos) at 14 Sagittarius, which turned direct the day of his birth.  What more can we say?  Bilk tied so directly, not just to the Sun, but also to both PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) referents, indicates a deep self-identification with untruth, fabulism, falsification and deception of others.  We might describe Santos as “Sanz” morals of any kind.

trump santos indictment
The 13-count indictment against George Santos; transit asteroid d’Arrest (arrests, indictments) conjoined natal asteroid Santos-Sanz (closest to his surname) and squared natal asteroid Bilk (fraud, deception), both at station

But as with all fraudsters, the deception eventually catches up with them, as Bilk’s current transit position for Santos’ arrest on April 10th clearly shows, involved in a pattern which keys off Santos’ natal Sun at 29 Cancer.  At 26 Libra, Bilk squares the natal Sun and is highlighted in a Grand Cross, opposed transit Jupiter (judging and justice generally, as well as going to extremes) at 28 Aries with transit asteroid Justitia 269 (named for the Roman goddess of justice, and the root of our word) at 25 Aries, with the crossbars formed by transit asteroid Veritas 490 (Latin for “truth”) at 19 Cancer with transit Mars (taking action, as in bringing the indictment) at 24 Cancer, and a stationary transit asteroid House 4950 at 25 Capricorn. 

House symbolizes the US House of Representatives, of which Santos is now a key member, on whose vote the fragile GOP majority routinely depends for their passage of legislation.  House turns retrograde on May 17th, and the Santos debacle could well be a turning point (station) in the affairs of the lower chamber, should his vote be lost.  It’s also the case that all of these current indictments stem from Santos’ campaign for the House position he now holds, or occurred during his time in office, making that body a key factor in his discomfiture (there are plenty of earlier actions which may also yield charges in the future, unrelated to his time in Congress).

One more point to consider here, which is asteroid d’Arrest, symbolizing indictment, the filing of charges, detention and actual arrest.  At 13 Sagittarius, transit d’Arrest feeds into the Grand Cross, semisquare to Bilk and House, sesquiquadrate to Jupiter/Justitia and Mars, forming the point of a five-sided Pentagram.  Transit d’Arrest is also conjunct Santo’s natal asteroid Santos-Sanz at 14 Sagittarius, squared to that stationary asteroid Bilk at 16 Pisces in the birth chart, and setting off that natal Grand Cross.

As well, transit asteroid Santos-Sanz at 5 Libra is involved in a T-Square which further reveals George Santos’ situation.  Santos-Sanz conjoins asteroid America 916 at 8 Libra and asteroid Kassandra 114 at 2 Libra, nicely summing up the issue – do his countrymen (America), and specifically his constituents, find him credible (Kassandra)?  Apparently not, with polling of his district showing a definite desire to be rid of him, and fellow members of the New York Republican congressional delegation calling for his resignation.  This grouping squares Venus at 3 Cancer, indicating the financial crimes he is alleged to have committed, and asteroid Washingtonia 886 at 1 Capricorn, representing DC, where he now works and resides.

But truth will out, as they say, and this Venus lies at the Apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with asteroid Truth 249521 at 1 Sagittarius and Pluto, ruling criminality, at 0 Aquarius.  Seemingly, Santos’ monetary (Venus) infractions (Pluto) will be fully revealed (Truth).

trump santos mccarthy
Santos’ congressional seat is secure for now, with Speaker Kevin McCarthy unwilling to lose his vote, so vital to passing legislation; but asteroid House at station for his arrest and indictment suggests there may be major changes soon to occur

The recent Solar Eclipse of 29 Aries on April 20th formed a square to his natal Sun, setting the stage for a major development in his life.   Pluto’s subsequent station on May 1st at 0 Aquarius closely opposed that Sun, and together, they highlight (eclipse) Santos’ criminal behaviors (Pluto), perhaps prompting a major transformation or devastating outcome (both Pluto) affecting his self-identity (Sun).  Like Donald Trump, George Santos had so far escaped serious legal jeopardy for his manifold misdeeds earlier in life, and like the disgraced, twice-impeached, indicted former president, it was their entry into politics which finally brought both men down.

Which brings us to the startling judgment in the Trump civil suit brought for rape and defamation by E. Jean Carroll, who alleges a sexual assault that took place in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in the mid-1990s.  Two weeks of testimony, with blistering cross examination from Trump’s attorney, led the jury, composed of six men and three women, to side with Carroll, finding Trump liable and awarding her a total of some $5 million in costs and damages.  The jury stopped short of finding that Trump raped Carroll, but did conclude that sexual battery was committed (the difference being penetration that did or did not occur).  As a civil trial, the verdict brings no threat of incarceration, but vindicates Carroll’s statement nonetheless, and constitutes another black mark on Trump’s already tarnished reputation.

When the verdict came down on April 9th, it wasn’t just that Saturn/Damocles conjunction activation that Trump and Santos had in common, The Donald also had an early Libra referent setting off the Kassandra/Venus/Washingtonia T-Square.  Asteroid Donn 4689 at 1 Libra is even more closely conjoined Kassandra at 2 Libra, and more closely squared Venus at 2 Cancer.  This may help to explain why Santos (with asteroid Santos-Sanz at 5 Libra) is merely having to defend his credibility (Kassandra) on financial matters (Venus), while Trump is being forced to actually shell out (Venus), following a failure of the jury to find his story believable (Kassandra).

trump santos carroll
A triumphant E. Jean Carroll exits the court after her favorable verdict; an incredible triple conjunction of the Sun with Uranus and asteroid Lie, asteroid Carol also within orb, depicts the focus (Sun) on Trump’s controversial (Uranus) defamation (Lies) of her (Carol)

It’s said in astrology that Venus rules the thousands, Jupiter the millions, and Pluto the billions.  Some confirmation of this can be seen in Jupiter’s 28 Aries placement, parenthesized by asteroid Justitia at 25 Aries and asteroid Themis 24 (named for the Greek goddess of justice) at 1 Taurus, with the justice system (Justitia, Themis) forcing Trump to disgorge millions (Jupiter).  As well, Themis joins a cluster of points including asteroid Whitehouse 4036 at 4 Taurus, indicating a US president, and a retrograde Mercury at 6 Taurus.  Mercury is the verdict itself, and its retrograde status signals that we’re going back over old ground, with the incident under scrutiny dating from some 25 years before. 

This grouping is rather active as well.  There’s a square from Pluto at 0 Aquarius, ruling criminality in general.  Although as a civil trial, no criminal charges applied, the jury did find that Trump more than likely committed a criminal act, in the sexual assault.  Pluto also has a connection to that theme of forced sexual contact, in the form of his Greek alter ego Hades, who famously abducted and raped Persephone.  Not to be outdone, asteroid Dejanira 157 at 6 Aquarius not only conjoins Pluto, but also squares the Taurean points, Mercury exactly.  Dejanira is named for Heracles’ wife, whom the centaur Nessus attempted to violate while giving her a piggyback ride across a flooding river.

The rape theme emerges also in a Yod from the Taurean stellium to that Donn/Kassandra pairing in early Libra and asteroid Eurydike 75 at 3 Sagittarius, another mythic figure remembered as a victim of attempted rape, by Aristaeus.  Eurydike is accompanied by asteroid Truth 249521 at 1 Sagittarius, essentially validating the veracity of Carroll’s rape claim.  And this pairing conjoins Trump’s natal Veritas 490 (Latin for “truth”)/Troemper 28130 conjunction at 1 and 2 Sagittarius, bringing the truth of the rape allegation home to him personally.  Note that Eurydike further squares the Saturn/Damocles conjunction to which Troemper and Karma are applying, symbolizing the threat (Damocles) of punishment (Saturn) for Trump (Troemper) as he pays the price (Karma) for his sexual battery (Eurydike) of Carroll. 

trump santos carroll trump
E. Jean Carroll’s role in calling Trump to account and meting out punishment for him can be seen in a phenomenal cluster of asteroids Elisabetta (Carroll’s given first name is Elizabeth) and Jeanne with Troemper (Trump), Karma (paying for prior misdeeds), Damocles (the looming threat) and Saturn (loss, punishment)

Confirming the plaintiff here as E. Jean Carroll are asteroids Jeanne 1281 (for Jean) and Elisabetta 23337 (the “E” stands for Elizabeth), which at 1 and 5 Pisces respectively, conjoin Saturn/Damocles and establish Carroll as pivotal in Trump’s punishment (Saturn).  Just for good measure, there’s a T-Square formed with asteroid Persephone 399 at 1 Virgo, that other famous rape victim, opposing Saturn/Damocles, and reiterating the underlying offense.

Asteroid Aristaeus makes the scene as well, and its progress over the course of the trial is fascinating in what it portrays.  When the trial began on April 25th, asteroid Aristaeus 2135 was exactly conjunct asteroid Elisabetha 412 (anther variant on Elizabeth) at 15 Aries; this is E. Jean Carroll’s (Elisabetha) rape allegation (Aristaeus), yet to be proved.  At the trial’s conclusion Aristaeus has moved to exactly conjoin asteroid Justitia at 25 Aries – this is justice (Justitia) being done for the assault (Aristaeus).

Carroll is further highlighted as asteroid Carol 2214, which at 16 Taurus conjoins a stunning exact triple conjunction at 18 Taurus of the Sun with Uranus and asteroid Lie, neatly summing up the controversy (Uranus) stoked by Trump’s lies (Lie) about Carroll (Carol).  This places her in the spotlight (Sun) for the day, though a solar conjunction can go either way, for good or ill; Carroll’s semisquare to Venus at 2 Cancer, known as the “Lesser Benefic”, may have helped to push for the positive outcome for her.  This solar conjunction straddles Trump’s natal asteroid Lie at 17 Taurus, again focusing (Sun) us on his false statements (Lie) defaming Carroll (Carol), which were key to the suit being brought.  Carroll had no intention, when she made the attack public in 2019, of pursuing any legal action against Trump for the rape itself.  It was only his denials and lies about her, couched in defamatory terms, that prompted the suit.  Incredibly, transit Lie has just returned to its natal degree two days before the verdict.

trump santos CNN
The day after the verdict against him, Trump repeated his defamatory remarks about Carroll on a live CNN Town Hall, prompting her to consider filing a second suit; asteroid Donn conjunct asteroid Kassandra and squared Venus portrays Trump’s (Donn) lack of credibility (Kassandra) when it comes to his interactions with women (Venus), and the financial hit (Venus again) he took in the verdict; asteroid Troemper conjunct asteroid Icarus, squared by asteroid Nemesis, suggests continued recklessness (Icarus) on Trump’s part (Troemper), leading to self-undoing (Nemesis)

Asteroid Nemesis is just a bit down the celestial pike, and at 26 Taurus is still within orb of the solar grouping.  More to the point, Nemesis conjoins Trump’s natal MC at 24 Taurus, further eroding his reputation, and also squares transit Troemper at 27 Aquarius, bringing the wheel of cosmic justice and retribution (Nemesis) full circle.

No matter how you slice it, a brace of GOP poster boys for scams, shams, frauds, deceptions, and immoral and illegal acts has just taken a giant step forward toward justice and accountability.  And that’s got to be a good thing.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Wow. This provides hope that at some point Trump will be indicted for one of his many crimes that will send him away in an orange jumpsuit.

Thanks for this, Alex.


Fascinating! I’m going to have to keep an eye on that pairing of Saturn and Damocles! At least these two had it coming! Thanks Alex!


We all know that Trump is possibly one of the world’s worst idiots, but it beats me how anyone with eyes in their heads could ever vote for someone with a dishonest little face like Santos’. Kevin McCarthy doesn’t look much better – does he always sneer like that?
Very pleased about the E Jean Carroll verdict. Let’s hope she gets her cash soon and it isn’t tied up in endless appeals.
But my best take away from your – once again – excellent analysis, Alex, is the point that Laurien emphasises. Saturn conjuncts Damocles all of this year and affects ALL of us! No wonder so many people are walking around with feelings of impending doom, as am I.

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