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Florida Georgia Line (of Scrimmage)

Florida’s primary election on August 28th was a true shocker! Tallahassee mayor Andrew Gillum, who had been polling third in the Democratic field, edged past the leading candidates for a three-point win. This sets up an interesting dynamic for the November General Election, with the Bernie Sanders-backed Gillum facing off against Trump-endorsed Ron DeSantis. Gillum is African American, and would be Florida’s first black governor; with fellow Democrat Stacey Abrams vying to be the first black female governor just across the Georgia line, we can justly wonder if “the New South” is finally becoming a reality.


Don’t get all post-racial on me yet, however! Less than 24 hours after Gillum’s unexpected win, Republican opponent DeSantis was on Fox News, lauding him as “articulate” as a debate “performer”, but cautioning Florida voters not to “monkey things up” by electing him. Forget racial dog whistles – is there such a thing as a dog bullhorn?


It pains me to say it, but DeSantis does seem to have a celestial leg up on a win in November, though Abrams’ chances in Georgia look better. Asteroids significant to the outcome show a marked preference for the Trump sycophant, famously portrayed in his primary campaign adds as indoctrinating his toddler in Trumpisms, helping her to “build that wall”, dressing her in “Make America Great Again” gear, and reading “Apprentice”-based bedtime stories ending with “You’re Fired!” For me, the jury is still out on whether PNAs are predictive or merely descriptive, but if the former, we may be seeing a blatant Trump-clone racist in the Florida Governor’s Mansion come January.

FG desantis wall

GOP Florida gubernatorial candidate and Trump clone Ron DeSantis teaches his daughter to “build that wall!”

Making the predictive process more difficult still is the fact that neither candidate has any exact PNA matches for their names. Andrew Gillum can be seen as asteroids Andry and Guillaume; Ron DeSantis has Rone and Disanti. None of these is particularly strong (though Disanti for DeSantis comes pretty close), but they do seem to resonate, judging by their placement in the primary election chart.


To start, looking at August 28th 2018 generally, we can see something fated in the wind in the selection of candidates, which I would propose is borne out in principal by Gillum’s unexpected victory. The Sun at 5 Virgo is in a T-Square with asteroid Victoria, named for the Roman goddess of victory, at 4 Gemini, and Karma, the results of our actions, at 4 Sagittarius, so predestination (Karma) of these wins (Victoria) is certainly in play. This is set within the larger context of a Grand Trine from the Sun to Nike, named for Victoria’s earlier Greek counterpart, at 5 Taurus and Uranus, ruling shocks and upsets, at 2 Taurus, with Saturn, representing chief executives such as governors, at 2 Capricorn. We see there a clear allusion to an unexpected (Uranus) victory (Nike) in a race for governor (Saturn), on the day in question (Sun).


Specifically for the candidates, Ron DeSantis ties to the solar T-Square, with asteroid Disanti at 7 Sagittarius conjoined Karma, opposed Victoria and squared the Sun. Asteroid Rone at 29 Gemini is trine to asteroid Troemper at 22 Libra, reflecting the Trump endorsement which vaulted him ahead of his establishment rival in the GOP primary. For Andrew Gillum, asteroid Andry at 11 Aquarius squares Nike and trines Victoria, a double hit on winning factors. Guillaume at 13 Cancer opposes Pluto, perhaps an indicator of his “stealth” candidacy (Pluto has affinities with invisibility), a placement which also grants some power and heft. But it’s easy to see why both candidates came out on top in their respective races.

FG desantis trump

Trump’s endorsement boosted DeSantis to the top of the GOP field, and DeSantis clearly agrees that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

When directly facing off against each other, however, DeSantis does seem to have the advantage. Born 14 September 1978 (no time available), his 21 Virgo Sun is locked in a tight T-Square with both winning asteroids, Victoria exactly squared from 21 Sagittarius and Nike opposed from 24 Pisces. That’s a lot of positive energy for success, in whatever arena he chooses to express it (he is currently US Representative for Florida’s 6th District and made a run for the Senate in 2016 before Marco Rubio opted back into the race after his failed presidential bid).


In contrast, Andrew Gillum (born 26 July 1979 no time available) has less central connections to the winning asteroids. True, asteroid Nike at 26 Gemini conjoins Mars at 21, making him a good campaigner, lucky with competition generally, and also exactly squares asteroid Andry at 26 Pisces, his rather weak PNA referent. But asteroid Nemesis is also in the mix, forming a T-Square from 29 Virgo. Nemesis represents self-undoing, loss, obstruction by others or by circumstance; its inclusion in this pattern acts as a counterbalance to Nike’s success. Gillum’s asteroid Victoria at 10 Gemini squares Saturn, granting some degree of career success, as well as asteroid Guillaume at 6 Virgo, another weak PNA referent. But clouding this picture is a second T-Square, created from asteroid Disanti, his opponent’s asteroid, which at 5 Sagittarius not only opposes Victoria and squares Guillaume/Saturn, perhaps blocking a Gillum win, but is also stationary, turning direct three days before Gillum’s birth. Having this point stationary is a clear indicator of a magnified importance for individuals of that, or a similar name, and with Disanti the closest match out of the four to the actual names involved, it may have special application and resonance in the story. Additionally, Disanti is also trine to Gillum’s Sun/Karma/Mercury combination at 2, 6 and 11 Leo, implying that he may have a fated (Karma) role to play with Gillum’s (Sun) prospects for the vote (Mercury). And topping things off is the fact that DeSantis’ natal Disanti at 29 Virgo is an exact match for Gillum’s natal Nemesis, making him a potential obstruction or hindrance to Gillum’s agenda.

FG gillum

Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, unexpected winner of the Democratic primary in the Florida Governor’s race

But there are some ameliorating factors which could favor Gillum. DeSantis’ natal asteroid Andry at 25 Sagittarius sits atop his Victoria, perhaps “suppressing” its freedom of action, while also squaring his natal Sun, indicating a possible block or hindrance to his full development. And DeSantis’ natal Rone at 11 Pisces exactly opposes Gillum’s natal Saturn at 11 Virgo, perhaps dampening his forward momentum (though this is contradicted by the incidence of his own Saturn erectly atop Gillum’s Guillaume). Gillum’s Saturn also sits astride DeSantis’ natal Saturn/Mercury at 6 and 7 Virgo, another contact which could depress DeSantis’ turnout, especially with Gillum’s natal Guillaume there as well.


But Election Day factors are mixed at best. First name PNAs for each candidate are both in aspect to the 14 Scorpio Sun on 6 November 2018: Andry squares from 11 Aquarius (oddly, the same degree as the primary, with Andry having changed direction in the meantime), suggesting energy in the fight (square), but Rone at 13 Cancer is in a supportive trine, and also stationary, turning retrograde four days later (Rone’s degree is also reminiscent of the primary, being exactly where asteroid Guillaume was then). Hard to call that one, they seem to cancel each other out.

FG Gillum-Sanders

“I see your Trump and raise you a Sanders” – progressive darling Senator Bernie Sanders endorses Gillum for governor

Asteroid Guillaume at 28 Cancer is in a T-Square with Venus at 27 Libra and Nike at 26 Aries, which could augur well for popular appeal (Venus) and victory (Nike); there is also a close trine to politics-ruling Jupiter at 29 Scorpio. But Disanti at 0 Capricorn splits the difference between Karma at 25 Sagittarius and Saturn at 5 Capricorn, suggesting a fated or predestined career move; Rone opposes Saturn widely, connecting both DeSantis’ PNAs to the office of governor for which he is competing, and also opposes Pluto at 19 Capricorn, perhaps providing additional power or force. Disanti is also trined Uranus at 0 Taurus exactly, as well as trine Nike, so polling may well show Gillum ahead, only to collapse on the day itself, leading to an upset victory (Uranus/Nike) for the Republican. Again, conflicting images and cosmic crosscurrents.


Of course Florida is justly famed as the birthplace of voting tabulation irregularities (which somehow always seem to favor the GOP), and this could be a significant factor in the outcome, with Neptune at 13 Pisces trine the Sun and in square to Mercury at 7 Sagittarius. Rone ties to Neptune and the Sun in a Grand Trine, which becomes a Kite when we consider Rone’s opposition to Pluto at 19 Capricorn, so expect any electoral chicanery that does occur to support DeSantis. With Jupiter widely conjoined Mercury, it’s likely to be a day of massive voter turnout across the country.

FG gillum desantis

Ron DeSantis and Andrew Gillum battle it out for the Governor’s Mansion on November 6 – who will win?

So with both the Sun and Nike tied to PNAs representing both candidates, the deciding factor may be what Victoria has to say about the matter. Victoria is reprising her degree of 4 Gemini from the primary contest (now in retrograde), but seems unwilling to commit to either candidate. She is widely trine Andry at 11 Aquarius, more closely inconjunct Disanti at 0 Capricorn, but I would suggest that neither of these aspects is definitive or controlling. In the interim between the primary and general elections, Victoria has come close to making its return to its natal degree of 10 Gemini in Gillum’s chart, something which would have given him a boost, but fell a few degrees short, at 8 Gemini, before turning retrograde.


So we’re left with a picture of confused celestial allegiances on Election Day and are thrown back on natal potentials for victory, which do seem to favor DeSantis strongly.


In Georgia, however, the picture is somewhat different, and more encouraging from a progressive viewpoint.


We’ve already profiled Stacey Abrams, when she won the Georgia primary election in May. But at that time, her Republican rival was undetermined, with no one in the GOP field earning a majority of the votes. A subsequent runoff election was held July 24th, and the winner emerged as Brian Kemp, another Trump-backed candidate.


So we won’t dwell on Abrams’ natal chart here, except to repeat her bona fides for winning. Born 9 December 1973 (no time available), Abrams’ 17 Sagittarius Sun is in a close T-Square with victorious Nike at 18 Pisces and asteroid Georgia, the state she wants to lead, at 17 Virgo. This type of personal connection with her constituency is very helpful, not to say determinative. Asteroid Victoria at 1 Libra conjoins Pluto at 6 Libra, arbiter of personal power, and is exactly trine Venus, ruling popularity, at 1 Aquarius. Victoria also provides a second intimate connection with winning, via its square to asteroid Stacey at 2 Capricorn, which is the degree of Saturn’s direct station on September 6th, ruling career and chief executives like governors.

FG abrams poster

Stacey Abrams tries to make history as Georgia’s (and the US’) first female black governor

Brian Kemp, born 2 November 1963 (no time available) is ten years her senior. His winning asteroids are also compelling: Victoria at 5 Scorpio conjoins his 9 Scorpio Sun, while Nike at 5 Pisces is in trine, and also at station, having turned direct on October 24th, nine days before his birth. The other stationary points in Kemp’s chart are asteroid Georgia at 2 Cancer and asteroid Stacey, representing his opponent, at 13 Pisces, both of which turned retrograde on October 29th, 1963, four days before he was born. Georgia is also trine the Sun and sesquiquadrate Saturn at 16 Aquarius, but the latter is conjoined by asteroid Kassandra at 18 Aquarius, perhaps eliciting credibility issues for Kemp as a gubernatorial candidate. Sun/Victoria with Georgia and Nike form a Grand Trine, very useful and beneficial, but there is a Kite also formed with the oppositional “string” to asteroid Nemesis at 6 Taurus, that point of undoing or frustrated ambition, which could throw a monkey wrench into the works.


Asteroid Brian at 25 Capricorn is not well integrated in the chart, although it is sesquiquadrate a natal pairing of Uranus and Pluto at 9 and 13 Virgo, which asteroid Kempelen (closest to “Kemp”) also conjoins from 9 Virgo. This grants a degree of power and presence from Pluto, someone formidable and to be reckoned with, while the Uranus connection suggests a level of volatility or individualized expression. With Kemeplen exactly conjoined Uranus, he may be viewed as independent of traditional Party ties, a Trump-style disruptor, or merely as quixotic and eccentric.

FG kemp rifle

Kemp’s overt support of gun rights was a key factor in his primary win

Abrams is also represented in Kemp’s chart by asteroid Abramson, which at 17 Scorpio squares Saturn, possibly blocking career goals, and conjoins natal Neptune at 15 Scorpio, perhaps making her an agent of that planet’s tendency to disappoint or disillusion. Asteroid Abramov at 15 Gemini conjoins Achilles at 16, symbol of a weakness or vulnerability, something which threatens to destroy the native, another indicator that Abrams may play the spoiler in Kemp’s biography, especially when we see that Stacey also squares this combination, doubling down on her possible effect.


For his part, asteroid Kempelen appears at 17 Leo in Stacey Abrams’ natal chart, also trine the Sun and at station, turning retrograde nine days after her birth. Having her PNA at station in his chart, and his in hers, shows a symbiotic relationship which confirms the importance of each to the other’s biography, whichever way this contest between them turns out. Abrams’ natal asteroid Brian at 11 Aquarius conjoins asteroid Karma at 10 Aquarius and Jupiter at 9, also suggesting a fated role to play in her political aspirations. Brian also opposes her natal asteroid Abramson at 8 Leo, itself at station, signifying their antagonistic stance for this election.


Kemp’s victory in the July 24th runoff election is easy to read, with the Sun at 1 Leo exactly conjunct asteroid Georgia and within orb of Kempelen at 27 Cancer, which is itself closely squared Nike at 29 Aries. Transit Brian at 18 Aquarius squared both transit Jupiter at 13 Scorpio, increasing his political prospects, and transit Victoria at 22 Taurus, granting him the win, while forming a Grand Cross with Mercury, ruling the vote, at 23 Leo. Brian also conjoined natal Saturn at 16 Aquarius, marking another notable step on his career path.

Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp contend for Georgia’s highest office; will the Peach State emerge as the epicenter of the New South, or is it just the pits?

When these two face off head-to-head on November 6th, Stacey Abrams seems to have the edge. Asteroid Abramov at 26 Libra conjoins popularity-focused Venus at 27 Libra and exactly opposes Nike at 26 Aries, while Abramson at 2 Gemini pairs with Victoria at 4, two prime indicators of a win for Abrams. A loose T-Square is formed by Pluto at 19 Capricorn, suggesting a transformational period for Abrams. Additionally, asteroid Stacey at 28 Aquarius is conjunct Mars at 24, perhaps bringing energy and drive to her campaign.


Brian Kemp is not totally out of the running, however. Asteroid Brian at 14 Aquarius is exactly squared the transit Sun at 14 Scorpio, making him a focus of the day, and is once again conjoined his natal Saturn, as at the runoff election. But asteroid Kempelen at 18 Virgo is perhaps encumbered by its opposition to Neptune at 13 Pisces, which often brings disappointment in its wake, though Kempelen is also trine Pluto, which could provide a boost.


At this point, all things being equal, I’m calling it Red for Florida and Blue for Georgia.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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