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Georgy, We Hardly Knew Ye: George Santos Booted from Congress

In the “It’s about time!” category, Washington watchers were pleased to note the ouster from Congress of Representative George Santos (R-NY) on December 1st, removed from office less than a year after his swearing in.  The noted, notorious fabulist and fraudster was finally ejected by a resounding margin of 311-114, after a House Ethics Committee report revealed numerous, egregious, staggering lapses of judgment, ethics and morals, as well as probable infractions of the law and campaign finance rules. 

AAA had profiled Santos before, after a New York Times expose uncovered rampant fraud and deception of voters in his 2022 congressional campaign.  In the course of that endeavor, Santos misrepresented, not only his family origins (stating his grandparents were Jews fleeing the Holocaust), his mother’s occupation and cause of death (stating she was a victim of 9/11), but his own educational and employment history (stating he had degrees from universities he never attended, and had worked for top Wall Street firms who never heard of him).

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“Really? I can’t charge my OnlyFans porn site subscription to the campaign? But that’s how I relax after work!” George Santos was expelled from Congress after a GOP-led Ethics Committee investigation revealed rampant campaign finance violations, with asteroid Bilk (financial fraud) conjunct asteroid Santos-Sanz (closest to Santos), squared Neptune (deception)

It seemed like just a matter of time before Santos found himself on the receiving end of an indictment, but it took House Republicans, with their slender 5-vote majority, 11 months to finally expel their errant member.  Finally Santos’ legal issues became more of a liability than his Party-line vote was worth, and he was cast into the void, the first US Representative to be removed from office by a floor vote in over twenty years.  Santos is now a member of a very exclusive club indeed, with just six House members expelled by their peers in the country’s history.

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“My name is George Santos, I’m running for Congress, and this is my ‘biography’.” Santos’ egregious deception of voters was only second nature to him, with a natal Grand Cross incorporating asteroids George and Santos-Sanz with asteroids Lie and Bilk

The final vote came down at approximately 11 AM EST on 1 December 2023, at which time asteroids Nemesis 128 at 8 Leo and Achilles 588 at 5 Leo were clustered on the 5 Leo Descendant.  Achilles exposes vulnerability and weakness, while Nemesis prompts ruin and destruction, often self-created.  Achilles had turned retrograde on November 25th, and Nemesis followed suit on December 4th.  Also at station was asteroid Queen’s 5457, representing the New York borough that formed part of Santos’ District, which had turned direct on November 18th, indicating a major shift for the area, which will now undergo a special election to replace him.

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George Santos was rapidly on his way to becoming one of the more flamboyant dressers in Congress, with a preference for puce; at his ouster, a Sun/Mars/America conjunction squared Saturn (loss, penalty) with asteroids George and Karma (paying for misdeeds)

Also here was the Moon (the public), which at 0 Leo was exactly conjoined Santos’ natal Sun (born 22 July 1988, no time available); the people had spoken, with a majority of his constituents and fellow members of the New York GOP delegation calling for his ouster for months.  The lunar combination also opposed his natal asteroid Themis 24 at 7 Aquarius, named for the Greek goddess of justice, signifying that justice was being done at last.  A Grand Cross is formed by natal Pluto at 9 Scorpio, which governs corruption, criminality and devastating outcomes, and asteroid America 916 at 1 Taurus, representing the country he had defrauded.   Transit Themis and asteroid Justitia 269 (her Roman counterpart) are also active in the ouster chart, bookending the 25 Tarus IC from 28 and 22 Taurus respectively, giving them angular force and power in the moment.

santos out kitara ravache
At least he stuck to pants in Congress; George Santos as his Brazilian drag alter ego, Kitara Ravache; asteroid Drago (for drag) opposes his Sun, with asteroid Kitty (for Kitara) conjunct Mercury, which rules the naming function

Further indicators of Santos’ issues include a close conjunction of asteroids Bilk 4425 and Santos-Sanz 9288 (closest to Santos) at 20 and 22 Sagittarius, squared Neptune at 24 Pisces.  Bilk indicates fraud, particularly of a financial nature (Santos is accused of using campaign funds for such personal expenses as rent, wardrobe, spa treatments, and membership at adult video sites), while Neptune rules deception and fraud on a general level.  Natally, Bilk at 16 Pisces is at station, indicating a greater-than-typical importance in Santos’ life and biography.    Bilk participates in a Grand Cross with asteroid Lie 26955 at 12 Gemini, asteroid George 3854 at 17 Virgo, and asteroid Santos-Sanz (itself at station) at 14 Sagittarius, personalizing energies of fraud (Bilk) and deception (Lie) to George Santos specifically.  Natally, George is conjoined by asteroids Karma 3811 and Nemesis at 18 and 22 Virgo, suggesting that at some point, Santos would have to pay the piper for his misdeeds (Karma), and come to a self-generated ruin (Nemesis).

santos out plaid
George Santos is a graduate of the Steve Bannon School of Fashion & Design, here sporting a trademark unshaven, layered look; the Moon for his expulsion was exactly conjunct his natal Sun, and accompanied by asteroids Achilles (vulnerability) and Nemesis (self-undoing)

Transit Karma again teams with asteroid George, at 7 and 8 Pisces, suggesting that Santos’ time for accountability had come, with Saturn also in the mix, from 1 Pisces, ruling government employees generally and legislators specifically, and also the arbiter of punishment as well as career matters.  This Pisces group squares the Sun at 9 Sagittarius, casting a bright spotlight on the proceedings, and Mars at 5 Sagittarius, indicating that action (Mars) is finally being taken.  The Sagittarian points conjoin Santos’ natal asteroid Justitia at 6 Sagittarius, while natal Jupiter, asteroid Nassau 9240 and asteroid House 4950 at 0, 1 and 4 Gemini respectively, form a T-Square, and natal asteroid Queen’s at 8 Virgo completes a Grand Cross, combining politics (Jupiter) with areas Santos represented (Queen’s and Nassau) and the principal of justice eventually triumphant (Justitia).

santos2 yelling
A pre-vote George Santos expresses himself to a press gaggle: “There’s people with all sorts of sheisty backgrounds [here], and all of a sudden, George Santos is the Mary Magdalene of the United States Congress!” Asteroid Magdalena conjoined asteroid George and Saturn (punishment, loss), perhaps prompting the conflation

An exact conjunction of transit Pluto with asteroid House at 28 Capricorn shows the US House of Representatives attempting to purge corruption and criminality from its midst, while a square to transit asteroid Nassau at 21 Libra again confirms the source of the contagion.  Santos’ natal asteroid Washingtonia at 22 Libra, indicating DC, fits into this pattern as well.  Pluto/House is exactly opposed natal Achilles at 28 Cancer, underscoring Santos’ vulnerability, and natal Mercury at 17 Cancer aligns closely with transit asteroid Lie at 18 Cancer – the vote (Mercury) regarding Santos’ deception (Lie).

“Good riddance to bad rubbish” might be the most fitting epitaph for George Santos’ political career, but something tells me that in today’s wackadoodle GOP, there may yet be a future for him.  Perhaps as Trump’s VP?

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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