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Georgia On My Mind

“Door-knock for Warnock, and vote your Ossoff!”  – Democratic slogan for the runoff campaign

Lost in the mishigas and melee at the Capitol on Wednesday was a political revolution of another sort, this one successful.  Even as Trump supporters vainly stormed Congress to prevent certification of Biden’s victory, the last race of the 2020 election cycle was being called in Georgia.  Against all odds, both Democratic candidates in two runoff races won, bringing the Dems to parity with the GOP in the US Senate.  For the first time since 2009, Democrats control both houses of Congress and the presidency.

Both races were hotly contested, and the margins of victory were narrow, but Raphael Warnock bested incumbent Kelly Loeffler by 51%-49%, becoming the first black man elected to the Senate from Georgia.  It took another 24 hours to determine the winner in the second race, but Job Ossoff pulled it out in a squeaker, beating incumbent David Perdue 50.5%-49.5%,and becoming the first Jewish senator from the Peach State.  The full point advantage is important for prompt certification; had the race come in at under half a point, a recount would have been mandated by state law, further delaying a determination.  But full certification is expected before next week’s inauguration, at which point Mitch McConnell will magically cease instantaneously to be Senate Majority Leader.

GR2 biden
President-Elect Joe Biden stumps with Warnock and Ossoff the day before the election; their dual victory grants his administration control of the Senate, and some breathing space to implement his agenda; asteroid Georgia conjunct the Sun on the day showed the spotlight the Peach State was under as the nation breathlessly awaited the results

The same underlying aspects which brought us the Epiphany Coup wrought this more enduring revolution.  Namely, a station by asteroid Washingtonia that very day at 21 Virgo, squared asteroid Senator at 18 Sagittarius, which indicated a major shift (station) in DC (Washingtonia), specifically as regards the Senate (Senator); and a perfection of the forming square between asteroid America and Uranus, also exact that day from 6 Aquarius to 6 Taurus, which speaks of a startling or shocking upheaval in the nation’s Upper Chamber (with America semisquare Senator and Uranus sesquiquadrate). 

We discussed this election in an earlier article at AAA, but let’s review the day again in hindsight to see how it played out.  [Regretfully, that article also featured an inaccurate birthdate for Jon Ossoff, corrected here.  Many apologies to AAA readers, I am covered in shame; all I can plead is heavy Neptune transits – I’m not always as focused of late as I’d like to be.]

GR2 warnock
The Reverend Raphael Warnock is the first black man elected to the US Senate from Georgia; asteroid Rafaelta squared asteroid Senator for the vote, with asteroid Raphaela conjoined asteroid Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory

The Peach State’s literal moment in the sun is seen with a conjunction of asteroid Georgia at 18 Capricorn with the Sun at 15 Cap, highlighting the state and its doings for the timeframe.  The Dems seemed to have the upper hand for victory, with asteroid Demokritos at 1 Sagittarius conjoined Victoria, named for the Roman goddess of victory, at 4 Sagittarius; this pair is semisquare the Sun/Georgia conjunction, tying it directly to the day’s events.  But since there is no suitable referent for the Republicans, we have nothing to compare it to, and can’t be certain of a win here.  So let’s dig deeper.

Asteroid Senator, for the job to be filled, appears at 18 Sagittarius, exactly squared Neptune, so there’s something unclear or indistinct about the race, but there’s plenty of fanatical zeal to go around, on both sides.  Senator squared Neptune also describes the hopes and dreams of the candidates, some to be fulfilled, others to be dashed. 

The candidates themselves connect with Senator as well, though not equally.  The best linkage by far is for Democrat Raphael Warnock, represented by asteroid Rafaelta at 19 Pisces, cojoined Neptune and closely squared Senator.  It’s tight, and it’s energetic, but Neptune can debilitate or disappoint; again, not a sure thing at all. 

GR2 ossoff
Jon Ossoff is the first Jewish man elected to the US Senate from Georgia; asteroid Jonathanma was at station, in square to asteroid Senator, while asteroid Jonathanli conjoined asteroid Victoria, named for the Roman goddess of victory

Next likely is Jon Ossoff, represented by asteroid Jonathanma, a compound name asteroid which can be broken into its component parts and used separately.  At 10 Virgo, Jonathanma has a huge advantage in also being at station – it will turn retrograde the following day, making Ossoff an embedded factor in the race.  10 Virgo also squares Senator, but broadly, once again adding a note of uncertainty to Ossoff’s prospects.

Kelly Loeffler has two asteroid referents, asteroids Kelly and Kelley, an alternate spelling.  Kelley at 23 Cancer is sextile Kelly at 22 Taurus retrograde, and each is broadly inconjunct to Senator, creating a loose Yod, or Finger of Destiny.  This might seem positive on the surface, but Fate is a funny thing, with both positive and negative elements.  Kelly is slowing to station, and will turn direct nine days later at 21 Taurus, but she’s not there alone. 

Also here is asteroid Troemper at 21 Taurus, our celestial referent for The Donald, fresh from its direct station at 20 Taurus on New Year’s Eve.  This close conjunction of Kelly with Troemper created a hyper-identification of Loeffler with the President, something which was definitely not an asset in the current atmosphere.  Trump had been promulgating the theory for months that the race in Georgia, which he narrowly lost, had been rigged, and the voting system flawed or manipulated, requiring that all loyal Republicans support this view.  Or else.

GR2 trump
Like the devil, Donald Trump also went down to Georgia, but his endorsement of GOP candidates Perdue and Loeffler was less than helpful, after months of decrying the honesty of the state’s elections, which suppressed Republican turnout; asteroid Troemper t-squared with Nemesis (ruin and undoing) and Damocles (impending doom) vividly depicts his negative impact on the race

This placed both GOP candidates in an untenable position.  Turnout was vital for their win in the runoff elections, and they needed to lock in Trump’s masses, but how do you tell folks on the one hand that the system is rigged and worthless, and on the other that their vote is desperately needed?  It’s a needle neither candidate was able to effectively thread. 

Trump’s role as spoiler to the GOP chance of victory can be seen in the contacts his asteroid is making, opposed Nemesis at 25 Scorpio, representing undoing and ruin, and squared Damocles at 24 Aquarius, known as the impending doom hanging overhead.  Nemesis is certainly a role performed by the President for his Party in this race, and the doom he represents came home to roost for both Loeffler and Perdue.  Of course, with her PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) Kelly conjoined Troemper, Loeffler also shares these aspects directly, bringing them home to her very personally, not just in the guilt-by-association shared with Perdue.

David Perdue’s connection to Senator was tenuous at best; at 27 Libra, asteroid Davida, a feminine variant of his first name, is six degrees wide of a semisquare to Senator at 18 Sagittarius, not nearly close enough to grasp the brass ring.  [Perdue was forced to sit out the final days of the race, going into quarantine on December 31st after coming into close contact with a staffer who tested positive for COVID-19.  Asteroid Koronis is our celestial referent for the coronavirus, and appears at 20 Libra in Perdue’s birth chart, a degree transited by asteroid Davida, a feminine variant for David, two weeks before Perdue’s exposure.]

Additionally, asteroid Jonathanli at 29 Scorpio, another celestial moniker for Ossoff, conjoins both Demokritos and Victoria, suggesting the Democrat would win through.  Asteroid Raphaela, another Warnock stand-in, appears at 19 Scorpio, from where it conjoins asteroid Nike at 14 Scorpio, Victoria’s Greek counterpart, another goddess of victory.  Therefore both Democratic candidates are personally associated with “winning” asteroids on the day.

GR2 fire wall
Losers Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue described their candidacy as the GOP’s “firewall” to prevent a socialist agenda; well, they certainly got burned, with asteroids Kelley and Davida t-squared with Mars and Pluto, for a devastating loss in the campaign

As well, both Perdue and Loeffler show connections from their PNAs to transit Pluto for the election.  Pluto can enhance personal power, or provide a devastating outcome.  Transit Davida at 27 Libra squared Pluto at 24 Capricorn with Mercury at 25 Cap, while transit Kelley at 23 Cancer opposed these.  In both cases, transit Mars at 29 Aries intervenes to form a T-square, for a campaign (Mars) ending in a vote (Mercury) that resulted in their political destruction (Pluto).

Natally, both Perdue and Loeffler show superior indicators of a Senate career as contrasted with their Democratic challengers, and indeed, both have this position on their resumes, so that potential has been fulfilled, if fleetingly (Perdue served only a single term in the Senate, while Loeffler’s tenure was even more short-lived, barely a year since her appointment).  But they came up short on the day of the vote, with the cosmos declining to renew their contracts with Fate.  They were perhaps singularly unfortunate in the opponents they faced, for the seeds of their loss are also present in their birth charts.

For David Perdue (born 10 December 1949, no time available), natal asteroid Jonathanli at 21 Scorpio, hit by transit Nemesis at 25 Scorpio for the vote, was exactly trined natal Nemesis at 21 Pisces, which exactly conjoins Jon Ossoff’s (born 16 February 1987, no time available) natal asteroid Jonathanma and also his natal Senator, at 21 and 22 Pisces.  For Kelly Loeffler (born 27 November 1970), natal Nemesis at 19 Scorpio was exactly conjoined by transit asteroid Raphaela for the vote, coming shortly after her Nemesis Return.  Natal Nemesis is also at the Apex of a Yod, with inconjunct aspects to natal Rafaelta at 19 Gemini (exactly) and natal Raphaela at 15 Aries (which was also at station, granting Raphael Warnock a disproportionate influence in her biography).

GR2 mcconnell
Perhaps the biggest loser of the day was Mitch McConnell, about to be the former Senate Majority Leader due to this loss; asteroid Mitchella at 24 Libra also t-squared Pluto and Mars, bringing the GOP candidates’ defeat home to him personally

The implications for these Democratic victories cannot be overstated – although the margin of their majorities is razor thin in both the House and Senate, full control of the legislature allows Joe Biden to at least contemplate the successful seating of his appointees, and the successful implementation of his legislation.

It’s a better place to start picking up the pieces of this shattered nation than we could have hoped just weeks ago.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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