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Impeachment Update: The Lev-ity of the Situation


January 15, 2020 was yet another bad day for Donald J. Trump. Within hours, the impeachment articles against him had been signed and delivered to the Senate for his trial, and an associate, Lev Parnes, gave a devastating interview confirming the President’s direct involvement in the Ukraine aid-for-dirt shakedown. Trump had previously publically denied knowing Parnas, a statement which apparently insulted his henchman, causing him to flip on the boss.


But let’s begin with the signing of the Articles of Impeachment by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, which occurred at 5:25 PM EST in Washington DC. A chart cast for that time shows Mercury at 28 Capricorn, ruling the paperwork itself and the act of signing, just setting on the 29 Cap Descendant, with asteroid Nancy, for the Speaker, exactly conjoined the Moon, ruling the people, at 4 Libra, making her their representative in that moment. That degree exactly squares Donald Trump’s natal asteroid Whitehouse at 4 Capricorn, itself activated by an exact Solar Eclipse hit in late December, perhaps signaling an end to his time in the Oval Office.


The MC at 15 Aries is closely squaring Trump’s natal asteroid Nemesis, that point of self-undoing and ruin, at 16 Cancer, which “just happens” to be exactly conjoined by transit asteroid Washingtonia, representing the venue for the action. Exactly trine Nemesis is an exact pairing of Neptune with asteroid House at 16 Pisces, indicating the House of Representatives, from which Trump’s impeachment stems, as well as the attempted bribery, dishonesty and fraud (all Neptune) in which it is based.


lev pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi signs the Impeachment Articles, with Mercury conjunct the Sun, Saturn, Pluto and the Descendant, and asteroid Nancy exact with the Moon, exactly squaring Trump’s natal asteroid Whitehouse

The IC at 15 Libra is transiting Trump’s natal Chiron/Jupiter conjunction at 14 and 17 Libra, suggesting a political (Jupiter) wound (Chiron) from which he may not recover, as we see him at the nadir (IC) of his fortunes. Regardless of the outcome of this trial, and its effect on galvanizing his base, Donald Trump will forever be tarred with the brush of impeachment. Throwing fuel on the fire is transit Jupiter (also the planetary ruler of legislators generally and the Senate in particular, as well as the Chief Justice who will preside over the trial), which at 10 Capricorn brings out a T-Square with Chiron/Jupiter and Nemesis; widely accompanied by asteroid Truth at 18 Cap, there’s just the barest hope that justice will be done here.


Speaking of the Chief Justice, John Roberts is also prominent in this chart. With asteroid Roberts at 1 Taurus conjunct Uranus at 2, there may be some surprising developments from that quarter, if he decides to be more than a passive observer at the trial. With an opposition to TNO Rhadamanthus at 2 Scorpio, named for a mythic judge noted for his scrupulous honesty, incorruptibility, and the meting out of harsh but fair punishments, the conservative Roberts might not be the rubber stamp of the proceeding which Republicans are hoping for. Asteroid Themis at 5 Scorpio, named for the Greek goddess of justice, also argues for Roberts’ impartiality and desire to do the right thing, whatever the political consequences.

As the action on impeachment shifts from Pelosi to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, we see the Kentucky Senator represented by asteroid McConnell, which at 21 Libra is within orb of the IC and closely squared the Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 23 and 22 Capricorn, as well as the Sun and Mercury at 25 and 28 Cap. This highlights (Sun) “Moscow Mitch” (McConnell) as the power (Pluto) who will write (Mercury) the rules (Saturn), but he needs his full caucus solidly behind him to pull off this hat trick. McConnell’s support for Trump is reflected in his PNAs exact trine to asteroid Troemper at 21 Aquarius, and although the President can only be removed with a two-thirds vote against him, it only takes a simple majority to make the rules, so if four GOP senators side with the 47 Dems on such issues as the calling of witnesses, McConnell loses control pretty quickly.


lev managers

The House Managers solemnly walk the Impeachment Articles through the Capitol to the Senate chamber; asteroid House is exact with Neptune, exactly squared Trump’s natal Nemesis

Also denoting McConnell’s importance to the proceedings is asteroid Mitchella (for Mitch), which at 26 Taurus is stationary, having turned direct just the day before. Stationary points exert a greater-than-typical importance on events or in biographies, and this “change of direction” for Mitchella could indicate a change of heart in the Majority Leader. A staunch Trump supporter so far, ultimately GOP control of the Senate is his top priority, and if he feels that vulnerable Republicans may lose their seats over their stance on impeachment, he may cut Trump loose and allow his caucus to vote their conscience (assuming they have one).


Stationary points tell a great part of this tale; there is a prescient, poignant cluster of them in Virgo which, with Mitchella, forms a Grand Trine with the transit Sun at 25 Capricorn (as well as all that other late Cap stuff). These include asteroid Senator, which already turned retrograde at 17 Virgo on January 10th, signaling another possible “about-face” for the jurors in this trial. Senator and Whitehouse have been traveling together for most of 2019, giving Trump his Senate firewall on impeachment, but they started to separate in late December. Now they’re more than ten degrees apart, perhaps signaling a separation of interests, and the emergence of daylight between them.


Also in the mix is asteroid Nemesis at 26 Virgo, denoting ruin or downfall, which turns retrograde on January 17th, and asteroid Johnny (for Chief Justice John Roberts) at 19 Virgo, which turns retro on the 18th. Whitehouse is here also, currently at 29 Virgo, preparing to turn retrograde January 30th at 0 Libra. With the trial now slated to begin in earnest on January 21st, it will still be well underway by Whitehouse’s station, and its slip into an entirely different Sign from Senator before it turns underscores the separation between them. Another indicator is Senator’s opposition to Neptune at 16 Pisces, describing a further erosion of their support. It’s quite remarkable to have so many asteroids which bear so heavily on the circumstances, all embedded at station, a nod to the precision and perfection of celestial timing if ever there was one.


Two of the seven House Managers Pelosi sent to oversee the trail are Adam Schiff (D-CA) and Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), respectively the Chairs of the House Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, where the Impeachment Articles were investigated and then written. Both are celestially present and accounted for, with asteroid Adam at 2 Sagittarius, conjoined asteroid America at 1 Sag and Mars (representing the prosecution of the case) at 8 Sag; asteroid Schiff at 21 Sag conjoined asteroid Veritas (Latin for “truth”) at 23 (both squared Nemesis); and asteroid Jerold at 11 Capricorn, sandwiched between Jupiter at 10 Cap and asteroid Truth at 18. Armed with truth (Schiff/Veritas, Jerold/Truth), these key players go forth to do battle (Mars) in the Senate (Jupiter) for the soul of the nation (America).


lev roberts sworn

SCOTUS Chief Justice John Roberts is sworn as presiding judge for the trial; asteroid Roberts conjoins Uranus and opposes TNO Rhadamanthus and asteroid Themis; there may be some shocks or surprises in his performance, with Rhadamanthus noted for its strict adherence to impartial justice and Themis ruling fairness

And what of Trump himself? After almost a year spent in the company of Saturn and Neptune, not the most congenial of companions, his PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) referent, asteroid Troemper, now finds itself in even less pleasant company. Barely out of the frying pan of Saturn/Pluto, since late December Troemper has found itself enmeshed in the fire of the tag team of asteroids Achilles and Damocles, which together display his vulnerability and weakness (Achilles) and the doom hang overhead (Damocles). At 21 Aquarius, Troemper will be within orb of these (currently at 24 and 28 Aquarius) until late March, with exact conjunctions to Damocles occurring January 24th and to Achilles on February 16th. Both conjunctions could be within the scope of the Senate trial, if witnesses are called, but Troemper/Damocles is sure to be; we can only hope that overhanging doom descends swiftly and fully.


We haven’t checked in with asteroid Ukraina of late, celestial referent of Ukraine, not since the story first broke. This pivotal asteroid, which defines the arena of Trump’s impeachable offenses, now appears at 25 Scorpio, exactly sextile the transit Sun and squared Troemper/Achilles/Damocles. That degree also places it on Trump’s natal IC.


Nancy Pelosi took a lot of heat for delaying transferring the Articles of Impeachment to the Senate for a month, both from Republicans and some in her own caucus. But her timing here has proved to be impeccable, for in the interim, much more has been leaned which bears on the case. We now know that Trump was aware of the whistleblower’s complaint and the immanence of his being caught out in his extortion scheme before the Ukraine aid was finally released; we know that former NSA John Bolton, who had termed the entire enterprise a “drug deal”, is telegraphing his willingness to testify; and most damning of all, we now have documentary firsthand evidence of the president’s perfidy from associate Lev Parnas.


lev senators sworn

Chief Justice Roberts swears the Senate en masse; with asteroids Senator and Whitehouse now separating, and Senator in full retreat opposed Neptune, Trump’s Senate firewall maybe eroding as his interests and theirs diverge

Which brings us to the second phenomenal story of January 15th, Parnas’ TV interview with MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.  Airing at 9 PM EST from New York City, the chart shows asteroid Rachele (for Rachel) at 24 Virgo just within orb of the 14 Virgo Ascendant, with Nemesis more closely conjunct at 26 Virgo and Neptune (ruling TV) at 16 Pisces on the Descendant. Like the other late Virgo points discussed above, asteroid Rachele is at station, about to turn retrograde on January 21st, making Rachel Maddow a key figure in the impeachment drama as well. Asteroid Troemper is of course still entwined with Achilles and Damocles, and the interview showcased Trump’s vulnerability and exposure to the impending doom.


Not only did Parnas emphatically link Trump with the Ukraine goings-on, he also implicated VP Mike Pence, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, and Attorney General William Barr in the scheme. His evidence, now before the House Intelligence Committee, also details electronic and visual surveillance of Marie Yovanovitch, the US Ambassador to Ukraine, who Trump wanted ousted as a hindrance to his extortion efforts. Lev Parnas specified one Robert Hyde, a Trump devotee now running for Congress in Connecticut, as the point man for this surveillance. [Asteroid Hyde, by the way, exactly conjoins Neptune, ruling spying and surveillance, at 16 Pisces on the Descendant (this pairing also confirms Parnas’ depiction of Hyde as a drunk, with Neptune ruling alcoholism). The day after the interview, the Ukrainian government announced it would examine the alleged surveillance of the US Ambassador, and sought FBI help. Trump should be happy – he’s finally getting his Ukraine investigation!]


lev mcconnell

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell signs the oath book, affirming he will provide “impartial justice”, after stating he is coordinating with the White House on this trial; asteroid McConnell squares Saturn/Pluto and trines Troemper, while Mitchella trines Whitehouse

Lev Parnas himself is represented by several PNAs, some of them a bit of a stretch. But hey, they all factor significantly into the day and Trump’s natal chart! If it’s good enough for the cosmos, it’s good enough for me!


Let’s start with asteroid Lev Tolstoj, which at 8 Aquarius closely opposed Trump’s natal Pluto, the seat of his personal power, at 10 Leo. Lev Tolstoj is also exactly semisquare transit asteroid Veritas (that truthful rock chunk) at 23 Sagittarius, sesquiquadrate Nemesis in Virgo, and exactly sextile transit Mars at 8 Sag, so we can feel confident of the veracity of Parnas’ testimony, albeit he is now a Trump opponent (Mars). Lev Tolstoj squares Uranus, inciting controversy, volatility, shocks and surprises; it’s also trine asteroid Justitia at 5 Gemini, named for the Roman goddess of justice, representing fairness, and his interview has certainly galvanized the push for witnesses and a “fair trial” in the Senate. Natally Lev Tolstoj appears at 25 Leo, conjunct Trump’s Mars/Ascendant at 26 and 29 Leo and squared his 24 Taurus MC, establishing Lev Parnas as a former champion turned adversary (both Mars) with the ability to influence Trump’s public image (Ascendant) and his career path (MC).


There’s also asteroid Levin for Lev, which at 23 Leo not only conjoins natal Lev Tolstoj, enhancing its effects, but also opposes that transit Troemper/Achilles/Damocles combo (as well as squaring the natal MC). Natal Levin at 5 Aquarius is at station (it turned retrograde 8 days before Trump’s birth), indicating powerhouse status in his biography, and is sesquiquadrate his Sun, exactly trine natal Neptune at 5 Libra, in a precise Grand Trine with asteroid Blarney at 5 Gemini, illustrating themes of Trump’s dishonesty and deception. It also conjoins transit Lev Tolstoj, making for doubled synastric connections between these two Lev Parnas referents.


Asteroid Levski at 14 Scorpio is also broadly squared Troemper, and opposes his natal asteroid Lie at 17 Taurus, once again bringing focus to his underlying untruthfulness. Levski is also exactly sextile the 14 Virgo Ascendant for his interview. Natal Levski at 7 Capricorn conjoins Trump’s natal Whitehouse, perhaps having a bearing on his time in the Oval Office. At any rate, in specifies the venue that brought them together; had Trump not become President, their paths would likely never have crossed. Levski also opposes natal Mercury at 8 Cancer, casting Lev Parnas in the role of “mouthpiece” for Trump, which he actualized in his negotiations with Ukrainian leaders over the proposed Biden investigations.


lev rachel

Lev Parnas’ interview with Rachel Maddow on the night the Impeachment Articles were delivered to the Senate was devastating for Trump; asteroid Rachele conjoined the Ascendant and asteroid Whitehouse; Lev Parnas has four PNAs to approximate him, and all show powerfully in the chart for the interview as well as Trump’s nativity

Last but not least is asteroid Levy, which at 29 Scorpio also squares Troemper/Achilles/Damocles and conjoins Trump’s natal IC at 24 Scorpio, as well as exactly squaring his Horizontal Axis at 29 Leo/Aquarius. This puts him in a “foundational” position (IC), able to affect Trump’s image (Ascendant) and his relations with others (Descendant).   Natal Levy at 19 Taurus conjoins both natal Lie and the natal MC at 24 Taurus, bridging the gap between Trump’s basic dishonesty and his career.


Before I end this article, I’d like to give a congratulatory shout-out to fellow astrologer Sue Kientz, who previously pinpointed this week as critical for Donald Trump, based in her observations of TNO Sedna. As long ago as last summer, when the whistleblower was just a gleam in Adam Schiff’s eye, Sue determined that the period when Sedna interacted with the US Sun and Trump’s Moon would be eye-popping. I reached out to her for her thoughts:


Last night’s Lev interview on Rachel Maddow was like an H-bombshell. And I know! Trump’s p[rogressed] Moon was exactly and I mean to minute, sesquiquadrate his p Sedna last night! He hasn’t been so scared since he “won” the election! Same marker type, p Moon square p Sedna on 11-9-16 [the day after the 2016 election, when Trump’s victory was called].


Sedna determination is big in this as USA’s p Sun is conjunct p Sedna right now, just passed exact on 1/7. And last Sedna thing, Schiff has Sun sextile Sedna natally. He’s a dog with a bone, he will not give up doing all he can to get trump exposed and ideally, removed.


I asked Sue for clarification on the importance of Sedna with the US Sun historically, and in specific, to this story:


Sedna represents hopelessness, suffering, and feeling cut off, but more positively can manifest as determination, a steadfast intent. The myth perfectly represents this faraway body, which can be also described as like Saturn-Neptune.   Moon-Sedna in hard aspect can make one feel completely hopeless, cornered, powerless, but can also make you harden a stance and press on even with odds against one.

Sun-Sedna manifests this hopelessness/determination in real life. The USA was founded at Sun trine Sedna. The chance of success looked bleak that the American colonies could detach from the British Empire. But General George Washington was born Sun conjunct Sedna and had the required complete devotion and determination to make the impossible happen.

At USA p Sun opposed p Sedna in 1830, William Henry Harrison became the first president to die in office. It was a shock and most were unsure how to proceed with the succession, e.g. was the VP a temporary president?

At USA p Sun square p Sedna, the GOP admin mishandled the 1929 stock market crash and the country experienced the Great Depression. This led to FDR winning in 1932 and Republicans lost the presidency for a generation.

At USA p Sun semisquare p Sedna, Nixon resigned. He gave up as he knew he was caught.

At this current very important USA Sun progressed contact with Sedna, Trump could be convicted and/or the Republicans shut out again from power.


You can’t argue with solid research; thanks, Sue!


lev trump

Lev Parnas posing with Boss Donald Trump, Capo Mike Pence, Consigliere Rudy Giuliani and cohort Igor Fruman; yeah, that looks casual… and not at ALL Mario Puzo

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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I think ‘Mitch’ is also conjunct Caput Algol which is usually considered ominous.

    Alex Miller


    you’re quite correct! thanks for noting that.


From your lips to God’s ears.

Margarita Abadie

When there are no asteroids named after a specific name I’m working with, I will sometimes look up the meaning of a specific name (in this case the meaning of the name Lev) to then see if I can find an asteroid that would correspond. To wit, the meaning of the name Lev (Hebrew/Russian in origin) is Heart – Lion. So in that regard, I feel that both asteroid 3000-Leonardo (Lion-bold) currently retrograde at 8° 11 of Cancer conjunct the transiting NN and square transiting Jupiter, which in turn is also T-square DJT’s natal Eris at 6° 41′ of Aries and his natal retrograde Ixion at 10° 15′ of Libra; and asteroid 9903-Leonhardt (Lion-Brave) currently at 13° 7’ of Aries (opposite DJT’s natal Ixion/Chiron/Jupiter and square his natal Nemesis) would also be relevant.

As for Sedna, I couldn’t agree more with Sue’s observations. Of interest, Lev’s natal Sedna is at 1° 42′ of Taurus conjunct his natal Apophis which in turn falls in DJT’s 9th house of legal matters conjunct transiting Uranus, quincunx DJT’s natal Lilith, and forming a grand trine to DJT’s natal Whitehouse and natal ascendant. Not only that, but Lev’s natal Sedna/Apophis conjunction is sextile his natal Pholus (no turning back) and also square DJT’s natal ascendant.

    Margarita Abadie

    As for Lev’s natal Sedna/Apophis conjunction… I meant to say that it is sextile his natal Pholus (no turning back) “which in turn” (meaning Pholus) is also square DJT’s natal Ascendant.

    Having clarified the above, what also strikes me as most interesting, is that transiting Pholus is currently conjunct DJT’s natal Whitehouse while transiting Nemesis is currently trine DJT’s natal Pholus.

    Alex Miller


    Margarita, I often use a similar ‘derivative’ approach by using an asteroid’s English meaning. Schwartz, for example, is German for ‘black’, and asteroid Schwartz shows prominently in racial incidents. I haven’t tried the ‘double translation’ method you describe, of finding a meaning and then searching for a name that aligns with that, but it sounds reasonable.

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Love it again!! 🙂

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