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Impeachment Update, “Christianity Today”, and That Four-flusher, Trump

Well, we all know the country is going to shit, but for some reason, as impeachment loomed large on the horizon and his evangelical allies began to desert him, Donald Trump felt the need to call attention to the nation’s true crisis – the need to flush toilets 10 or 15 times to gain the desired result. Far from the four-flusher we already knew him to be, Trump has revealed himself as the much more elusive ten-flusher. And so let’s go down this cosmic rabbit hole, from the sublime impeachment to the ridiculous toilet tantrums, and see where it takes us…


On December 18th Donald J. Trump set another record, one he didn’t want, as only the third US President to face possible removal from office, when the House of Representatives adopted two Articles of Impeachment on a Party-line vote. A Grand Cross dominated the day, with the Sun at 26 Sagittarius accompanied by asteroid Requiem at that same degree, asteroid Jerold at 25, asteroid Icarus and the Galactic Center at 27, and TNO Ixion at 28 Sagittarius; asteroids Nemesis, Whitehouse and Nancy at 23, 24 and 29 Virgo, with the Moon passing from 19 through 25 Virgo during the course of the proceedings; TNO Chaos at 25 Gemini; and asteroid Karma at 26 Pisces.

ICF nadler

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), responsible for overseeing the drafting of the Articles of Impeachment, shows as asteroid Jerold, prominently displayed with the Sun for the floor vote

To break that down, the Sun shows the focus of the day; with asteroid Jerold for Jerrold Nadler, House Judiciary Committee Chair who oversaw the drafting of the impeachment articles themselves; Requiem suggesting an ending of some sort which is imminent; Icarus indicating rash, reckless actions taken heedless of the consequences; the Galactic Center guaranteeing universal interest and a global audience for the event; and Ixion representing a sense of entitlement, an inability to take advantage of a proffered second chance, and poor judgment. This all squares nicely with the facts of the underlying case for Trump’s impeachment, rooted in an ill-considered attempt to solicit foreign intervention is his re-election bid, just a day after the Mueller testimony ended any likelihood of being punished for his first attempt in 2016.


The Virgo placements signify a period fraught with potential downfall or ruin (Nemesis) for the occupant of the Oval Office (Whitehouse), with Nancy representing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and the Moon’s transit bringing this vividly before the public. TNO Chaos suggests both The Donald’s political Superpower of disruption and the impending crisis he finds himself in; while asteroid Karma shows a comeuppance, a need to pay for prior bad acts.


This pattern becomes a five point star with the inclusion of asteroid Troemper, our celestial referent for Trump, which at 9 Aquarius is semisquare to the solar stellium and Karma, and sesquiquadrate to the others. Troemper is also caught up in a T-square with Uranus at 2 Taurus and TNO Typhon at 11 Scorpio, indicating the controversy and volatility of the moment, as well as a potential for an unexpected outcome (all Uranus) and the maelstrom or storm in which Trump finds himself embroiled (Typhon).

ICF pelosi

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, clad in funeral black to underscore the solemnity of the occasion, gavels in the adoption of the first Article of Impeachment; asteroid Nancy with Nemesis and Whitehouse shows her as the vehicle for the goddess of retribution in enacting divine justice on the occupant of the Oval Office

Also of note, that Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 18 and 21 Capricorn, about to come to perfection, opposing asteroid Washingtonia at 22 Cancer, suggesting the federal government’s (Washingtonia) official response to presidential (Saturn) criminality (Pluto). And Mars exactly conjunct asteroid America at 19 Scorpio, with asteroid Schiff close beside at 21 Scorpio, indicating the nation (America) at war (Mars) with itself, and acknowledging House Intel Chair Adam Schiff’s (Schiff) pivotal role in starting the impeachment ball rolling with his committee’s investigation.


But the cosmos wasn’t content with this imprecision, continuing to highlight crucial events as the day unfolded. When Speaker Pelosi took to the podium for her opening remarks at 12:07 PM EST, that Virgo stellium appeared front and center on the 24 Virgo Ascendant, itself exactly conjoined Whitehouse, with the Moon at 19 Virgo also exactly trine Saturn, Mars/America on their midpoint, exactly sextile each.


By the time the contentious debate period was concluded and the first Article of Impeachment gaveled into adoption at 8:34 PM EST, that Moon had moved to exactly conjoin Whitehouse: the people (Moon) were laying their legitimate grievances at Trump’s door (Whitehouse). The Ascendant at 15 Leo was now conjoined Trump’s natal Pluto at 10 Leo, and opposing transit Troemper, while the MC at 6 Taurus was highlighting Uranus and reinforcing the revolutionary nature of the act.

ICF trump turning point2

Good to know the Universe has a sense of humor; just days after his impeachment, Donald Trump addresses young conservatives with a backdrop reading “Turning Point USA”

Sometimes the Universe just beats you over the head with symbolism. And so it was that at the very moment Donald Trump was impeached, he was speaking in front of a crowd of supporters at a rally in Battle Creek, Michigan. What are the odds? A city with a martial moniker, as we embark on the greatest conflict of Trump’s political career.   Not to be outdone, a few days later Trump kicked off his holiday vacation with an appearance before young conservatives in Florida, at an event called “Turning Point USA”, which was emblazoned all over the backdrop of the podium. I mean, how literal can the cosmos get?


Recently I’ve been toying with the idea that a significant numeric value in a story might resonate to the asteroid with that number. The impeachment was based in HR (House Resolution) 755, and asteroid 755 is named Quintilla. Quintilla refers to a type of poem with a five-line stanza structure having two rhyming components, each line with 8 syllables, where the last two lines cannot be a rhyming couplet.


Clearly, I’m going to have to keep looking for the numeric resonance I was hoping to find, but the meaning did prompt my own attempt at versifying the celestial aspect to impeachment:


As Nemesis shadows Whitehouse

and shelters Nancy in her wings,

The President can only grouse

and Tweet his cyberbully zings;

It’s plain to see he’s just a louse.


While Karma with Chaos colludes,

Mars and America contend;

Icarus/Ixion intrudes

As Saturn and Pluto portend –

To ignore these signs is just rude!


So much for the sublimity of impeachment. A second potential body blow fell on Trump’s corpus delicti the following day, when the editor of “Christianity Today”, the premiere evangelical print magazine founded by none other than Billy Graham, came out in favor of his removal from office.


The defection of “Christianity Today” from Trump’s cause may signal cracks in the President’s Fundamentalist Firewall; natally asteroid Church is stationary, with asteroid Christian conjunct the Midheaven, both symbolizing the importance of church-goers to Trump’s rise

On December 19th, Mark Galli broke a years-long, deafening silence from the Christian community regarding the paucity of Trump’s moral example, and advocating for his removal from office. Referring to the Ukraine scandal, the proximate cause of the current proceedings, Galli stated: “But the facts in this instance are unambiguous: The president of the United States attempted to use his political power to coerce a foreign leader to harass and discredit one of the president’s political opponents. That is not only a violation of the Constitution; more importantly, it is profoundly immoral.”


But the CT Editor didn’t stop there; he went on to elucidate the underlying situation. “The reason many are not shocked about this is that this president has dumbed down the idea of morality in his administration. He has hired and fired a number of people who are now convicted criminals. He himself has admitted to immoral actions in business and his relationship with women, about which he remains proud. His Twitter feed alone—with its habitual string of mischaracterizations, lies, and slanders—is a near perfect example of a human being who is morally lost and confused.”

ICF mark-galli

Mark Galli, Editor in Chief of “Christianity Today”, called for Trump’s removal from office; natally Trump has asteroid Galle at station, conjoined politics-and-religion-ruling Jupiter, and squared Nemesis

Amen, brother! Testify! Of course the President fired off a series of anti-CT (which he termed “ET”, so alien-ated is he from this base) Tweets in response, and fundamentalist Christian leaders were quick to rebuke Galli, but the cracks are showing in that bulwark of Trumpism.


Church-going Christians have been a powerful prop and support for Donald Trump, despite his obvious personal failings and ignorance of their theology (he has opined that he never asked God for forgiveness, a major tenet of their faith, since he had never done anything wrong), seeing him as a vital ally in the appointment of judges friendly to their cause, ostensibly to protect their way of life and encourage their continued cultural domination. Their importance in Trump’s biography is foreshadowed by the placements of asteroids Church and Christian.


Church at 10 Aquarius is at station, having turned retrograde just three days before his birth; it is also sesquiquadrate his Sun and exactly opposed natal Pluto, the source of his personal power. Stationary points exert undue force and impact, becoming embedded elements in an individual’s character or destiny. In some charts, a stationary Church might indicate a strong focus on religion; for the notoriously irreligious Trump, it manifests as an important political constituency.


Asteroid Christian at 20 Taurus straddles the gap between asteroid Lie at 17 Taurus and the MC at 24 Taurus, indicating the importance of religious communities and believers to his career success (MC), as well as his willingness to defraud them (Lie), and their knowing acceptance of this con (Lie/Christian – conjoined points can cooperate or clash). With asteroid Marcus exactly conjoined Lie and within orb of Christian, Mark Galli is perhaps the ideal spokesman to point out Trump’s innate dishonesty to his co-religionists.


Paired with Church is asteroid Fanatica at 15 Aquarius, also stationary (it turned retro four days after his birth), and in square is asteroid White at 6 Taurus, together identifying white (White) fundamentalist (Fanatica) Christians (Church) as the particular church-goers most susceptible to Trump’s wiles. (In a Grand Trine with the Sun and Jupiter, an embedded Fanatica also helps to explain the rabid allegiance of Trump’s followers to his cause.)

ICF nimbus

Saint or Sinner? Is that a nimbus or an out-of-focus Presidential Seal behind Trump’s head? Some Christians are beginning to call that into question.

When “Christianity Today” issued its broadside, the Sun at 27 Sagittarius was at the apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjuncts to TNO Sedna at 27 Taurus, signaling potential isolation, and asteroid Marcus at 25 Cancer, for Mark Galli, CT’s editor. With Sedna is asteroid Church at 3 Gemini, while asteroid Christian at 0 Cancer opposes the Sun and conjoins Trump’s natal asteroid Marc at 1 Cancer (also for Mark Galli). Asteroid Gallia (for Galli) at 10 Leo exactly conjoins Trump’s natal Pluto, threatening the seat of his power, and exactly opposes his natal Church, which is conjoined by a transit conjunction of asteroid Troemper and Galle (also for Galli), at 9 Aquarius, linking the two men celestially in that moment. Natal Galle at 19 Libra conjoins politically-minded Jupiter at 17 Libra, and is squared exactly by transit Saturn at 19 Capricorn for the CT editorial, suggesting the criticism coming from that quarter. Galle is also at station, having turned direct the very day of Trump’s birth, denoting a greater-than-usual importance for this name in his biography. Galle also squares Trump’s 16 Cancer Nemesis, perhaps identifying the antagonistic role he would play.

ICF trump toilet

With asteroid Hopper conjunct his MC, it’s probably natural that Trump has long been associated with toilets, as in this float accompanying the London protests against his UK visit

Moving on to the ridiculousness of the toilet tirades. Donald Trump first broached this topic of universal concern on December 7th, a day which will now live in renewed infamy, when he asserted that Americans are flushing their toilets “10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once” and argued that they are having difficulty with washing their hands, in what appeared to be a non sequitur about low-flow sinks and toilets at a business forum.


“We have a situation where we’re looking very strongly at sinks and showers and other elements of bathrooms where you turn the faucet on — and in areas where there’s tremendous amounts of water, where the water rushes out to sea because you could never handle it, and you don’t get any water,” the President said during a roundtable with small business leaders about deregulatory actions, which presumably prompted his musings, as related to low-flow water standards and product labeling.

ICF toilet brush

Just one of many toilet items available with a Trump theme; oddly, these have not been licensed by the campaign

“You turn on the faucet and you don’t get any water. They take a shower and water comes dripping out. Just dripping out, very quietly dripping out,” Trump continued, de-escalating his volume to make his point. “They end up using more water. So EPA is looking at that very strongly at my suggestion,” Trump said, though he did not give details on what suggestions, if any, he made.


Seeming unable to stop himself, the President elaborated on his nonsensical theme: “There may be some areas where we’ll go the other route — desert areas — but for the most part you have many states where they have so much water — it comes down, it’s called rain. They don’t know what to do with it. So we’re going to be looking at opening up that I believe. And we’re looking at changing the standards very soon.”


It’s a subject Trump has continued to expound upon, at rallies and press gaggles, in the weeks since. Where did this come from? We all know that the President is nothing if not self-referential, so this focus on excessive flushing must have an origin in his personal experience (and may perhaps require for the services of a doctor rather than a plumber). We can look for celestial clues to asteroid Hopper, a common euphemism for toilet, and asteroid Loos, a plural variation of the British slang for bathroom.

ICF urinal

Art or satire? Whoever devised this, I want one!

We find immediate support for our theory of a personal connection to the issue in the square from asteroids Whitehouse and Nemesis at 21 Virgo to Loos at 23 Sagittarius: something seems to be up with the toilets at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, which Trump sees as out to get him. Loos is within orb of the Sun at 15 Sagittarius, highlighting the issue, and about to roll over the Galactic Center at 27 Sag, perhaps impelling Trump to bring this vital matter to everyone’s attention. Its broad inconjunct to asteroid Sisyphus at 29 Cancer, with its theme of eternal repetition, helps to explain The Donald’s insistence on the continual nature of the flushing (though the allegation that toilets require 10 to 15 tries to fulfill their function is extreme hyperbole, even for him).


Asteroid Hopper at 10 Capricorn joins the growing Cap stellium of Jupiter at 1, Venus at 14, Saturn at 18 and Pluto at 21 Capricorn. Jupiter suggests the voluminous flushing, Venus identifies this as key to Trump’s values, Saturn represents the restrictive, limiting nature of the initial flush, while Pluto’s bailiwick includes waste removal. Hopper’s recent transit of Donald Trump’s natal asteroid Whitehouse at 4 Capricorn, about to be hit exactly by a Solar Eclipse, provides confirmation that the Oval Office toilets are malfunctioning, and things are reaching crisis levels.


That this may be a lifelong animating issue for Trump can be seen in his birth chart, where asteroid Hopper at 16 Taurus conjoins the MC and is exactly sextile Nemesis. Clearly, toilets have a prominent place in his sense of status or his place in the world and are seen as archrivals or enemies. Hopper also conjoins Lie at 17 Taurus, so Trump is compelled to exaggerate and utter falsehoods about their performance. Asteroid Loos at 4 Sagittarius makes an even more personal connection, conjoined natal Troemper at 2 Sagittarius (can we deduce from this that Trump himself is full of shit?). Stories of golden thrones in the Trump Tower bathroom are easier to understand with this insight, as Trump attempts to co-opt his low-flow nemesis. (It’s interesting that Trump has asteroid Gold natally at 15 Taurus, right next to Hopper, and also conjoined Lie; this may prompt the desire for a gilded toilet, as well as the frequent misrepresentations about his personal wealth.)

ICF toilet

With asteroids Hopper and Gold conjunct, it’s no surprise that stories of Trump’s solid gold toilet have become common currency; but with asteroid Lie also there, the story is most likely apocryphal

It seems there’s no aspect of Donald Trump’s life on which the cosmos is unwilling to weigh in, whether that be the timing of his impeachment or the frequency of his flushes. Or perhaps both themes are combined in one message: it’s going to take more than one attempt to evacuate the Trump Dump.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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