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All the President’s Witches

With Nicnevin’s Night on the horizon, November 10th, named for an ancient Scottish goddess of witches, I thought now might be a good time to take an in-depth look at the leading players in the latest version of what Donald Trump terms the “Witch Hunt” against him. Three of these “witches”, like Macbeth’s cauldron-stirring trio, will be giving the first public testimony in the “blasted heath” of the House Impeachment Investigation next week, starting Wednesday, November 13th. These are acting US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, State Department deputy assistant secretary and Ukraine expert George Kent, and ousted US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch.


According to transcripts of their earlier closed-door sessions released in early November, these three describe a pattern of intimidation, extortion, back channel diplomacy and subversion of official US policy regarding Ukraine, performed for the benefit of Trump’s political fortunes in the upcoming 2020 election. Yovanovitch will establish how she expressed concern for the shadow diplomacy being conducted by Trump lawyer Rudi Giuliani with Ukrainian officials in an attempt to procure “dirt” on Trump’s likely 2020 presidential rival Joe Biden, and her ouster when she refused to cooperate. Kent will testify to raising red flags with the State Department six months before the now-infamous phone call between Trump and Ukraine president Zelensky, also regarding Giuliani’s meddling with official US policy. Taylor will confirm a direct quid pro quo regarding the release of congressionally approved military aid to Ukraine and a proffered visit by President Zelensky to the White House, in exchange for these investigations being announced. These are just three of fourteen witnesses who have already provided testimony to the Impeachment investigation, and all show prominently in Donald Trump’s natal chart.

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Trump attempts to incinerate the chief witness against him, Justice herself, but cosmic forces always prevail

Before we begin, it should be noted that the original testimony of all but one of these witnesses fell into a celestial window of opportunity where Mercury was conjoined asteroid Veritas, Latin for “truth”, an indication of truth-telling, accuracy and veracity in testimony. Coming within ten degrees of each other on October 10, this pair remains conjoined through November 11, with an exact conjunction occurring October 24th, at 24 Scorpio, the exact degree of Trump’s natal IC, marking this as a “foundational” period for him and anchoring the testimony to him personally.


Significantly, the only individual to testify outside this “window of honesty”, on October 3rd, was also the only one to support Trump’s view of the blamelessness of the situation, namely Kurt Volker, the special envoy to Ukraine who facilitated Giuliani’s involvement and set up the phone call with Zelensky.   Perhaps not coincidentally, both his celestial referents, asteroids Kurti at 19 Gemini and Volk at 21 Gemini, conjoin Trump’s natal Sun at 22 Gemini, showing a high degree of enmeshment and putting Kurt Volker firmly in the President’s camp.

TW volker

Kurt Volker, special envoy to Ukraine, who facilitated Giuliani’s shadow diplomacy; with asteroids Kurti and Volk conjoined Trump’s Sun, he’s the only witness to support the President

Most of this testimony was garnered before Mercury went retrograde on Halloween, and now that we are in its backward-looking phase, we see the release of the transcripts and going back over the testimony in public hearings. These are both appropriate Mercury retro usages. Let’s look at the three principals first, who will be repeating their evidence next week.


Marie Yovanovitch testified October 11th, the day after Mercury moved within orb of Veritas. She detailed veiled threats, intimidation, and a smear campaign directed toward her by the President, Giuliani and others because she refused to support the proposed quid pro quo, delay of approved aid, and alteration of US policy, resulting in her ouster from the post of Ambassador. Yovanovitch testified that she also felt personally threatened, and had been advised by members of the Ukrainian administration that her safety was in jeopardy. Asteroid Maria at 22 Cancer conjoins Trump’s natal Nemesis at 16 Cancer, marking Yovanovitch as a potentially powerful agent in his ruin or downfall. Asteroid Mary at 23 Pisces squares his Sun, putting them at odds, and conjoins a pairing of asteroid Kiev, named for the Ukrainian capital that was her post, and TNO Chaos, both at 25 Pisces, further establishing her as someone who could prove disruptive or create turmoil in his life. Trump’s natal asteroid Ukraina, for Ukraine, opposes these from 25 Virgo, making a T-Square of incredible aptness.

TW yovanovitch

Former US Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, ousted when she refused to support the quid pro quo; asteroid Maria conjoins Trump’s Nemesis, while asteroid Mary conjoins Kiev and Chaos

George Kent testified on October 15th, just as Mercury and Veritas moved to within five degrees of one another, regarding the pressure he saw applied to Ukraine to initiate investigations of the Bidens and the debunked role of Ukraine in the 2016 election meddling.   He also detailed Giuliani’s campaign of lies regarding Yovanovitch, asserted that Trump’s view of Ukraine had been materially defaced after phone calls with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban (a Putin ally), and stated that in the quid pro quo for military assistance, Trump “wanted nothing less than President Zelensky to go to [a] microphone and say ‘investigations, Biden, and Clinton’.” Asteroid George, like Maria, conjoins Trump’s natal Nemesis from 15 Cancer, while asteroid Kent at 28 Pisces also squares his Sun and joins Mary with Kiev and Chaos, opposing Ukraina, a remarkable cosmic reiteration of the central theme showing both witnesses as allies and coworkers, united from the get-go in the President’s nativity.

TW kent

State Department official George Kent testified to repeated attempts to warn superiors of the dangers of the altered policy on Ukraine military aid; asteroid George conjoins Trump’s Nemesis

Acting Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor, hand-picked for the post by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, testified on October 22nd, immediately before Mercury and Veritas conjoined. He directly tied Trump and his allies with a quid pro quo, stating Trump made the order to pause military aid for Ukraine, and it was his “clear understanding” that “security assistance money would not come until the (Ukrainian) president committed to pursue the investigation,” according to a transcript of his testimony. Asteroid William at 25 Leo conjoins Trump’s natal Mars at 26 Leo and Ascendant at 29, indicating Taylor as a potential adversary (Mars), incorporating the “military” angle (also Mars), and identifying him as someone with the ability to affect Trump’s public image (Ascendant). PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) with Mars can manifest as a defender/supporter (as in William Barr, Trump’s lickspittle Attorney General) or opponent/antagonist (as with Taylor).

TW taylor

Acting US Ambassador to Ukraine William Taylor testified to the quid pro quo; asteroid William conjoins Trump’s Mars/Ascendant, while asteroid Taylor conjoins his Troemper and exactly squares Truth

Asteroid Taylor at 7 Sagittarius conjoins Trump’s natal asteroid Troemper, his celestial referent, at 2 Sag. PNAs in conjunction with each other show a powerful influence, for good or ill; they can be allies, or “chafe” each other in their interactions. Having both of William Taylor’s PNAs in connection to the Ascendant and the “mini Sun” of Trump’s own PNA indicates a potential for sweeping impact on how others perceive Trump. Taylor is also exactly squared Trump’s natal asteroid Truth at 7 Virgo, perhaps eliciting the facts and encouraging others to see the President more clearly; it is Truth conjoined his Ascendant which allows Donald Trump to appear authentic and truthful to some, while Mars on the Ascendant casts him as their champion. Taylor squared Truth can chip away at Trump’s image as honest or genuine.

TW vindman

Lt Col Alexander Vindman, who was on Trump’s call with Zelensky, gave firsthand, damning testimony; asteroid Alexander conjoins Trump’s Nemesis

Another witness with this potential is Lt Colonel Alexander Vindman, a decorated Iraq War veteran and Purple Heart recipient who testified on October 29th that he twice reported concerns to superiors that the president and those working for him linked foreign aid to Ukraine with political investigations, as he worried the efforts undermined U.S. national security. As a regional expert, Vindman was deputed to listen in on the call with Zelensky, and thus has firsthand knowledge of the incident. Perhaps the most damning testimony after Taylor’s, the President and his allies lost no time in attempting to smear Vindman as a partisan “never-Trumper”, with no evidence, even asserting that his Ukrainian heritage might incline him to espionage for that beleaguered state. Asteroid Alexandra, a feminine form of Alexander, falls at 7 Virgo, exactly conjoined Trump’s natal Truth. As with Taylor, Vindman has the capacity to radically alter Trump’s image. As well, asteroid Alexander at 19 Cancer conjoins Nemesis, while asteroid Alex at 5 Libra is an exact match for Trump’s natal Neptune, highlighting deceptive, underhand, behind-the-scenes behaviors.

TW hill

Senior adviser on Ukraine Fiona Hill spoke to NSA John Bolton’s disdain for the quid pro quo; asteroid Hill is stationary and inconjunct Trump’s Nemesis

Other key witnesses include Fiona Hill, NSA John Bolton’s assistant and a former senior adviser on Russia and Eastern Europe; and Gordon Sondland, a major Trump campaign donor and fellow hotelier who was appointed Ambassador to the EU, and played a major role in the Ukraine shakedown attempt.   Hill testified October 14th that Bolton likened the policy in Ukraine to a “drug deal” and called Giuliani a “hand grenade” who was going to blow everyone up, and wanted nothing to do with the matter. Sondland originally testified on October 17th to bolster Trump’s narrative of “no quid pro quo”, then amended his testimony several weeks later as subsequent witness statements “refreshed” his memory. In additional written remarks to the Committee, Sondland confirmed that he had indeed communicated a quid pro quo to a Ukrainian official, linking military aid for Ukraine to a public statement committing to investigations Trump and Giuliani wanted.

TW sondland

EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland originally denied a quid pro quo, then reversed himself when subsequent witness testimony “refreshed” his memory; asteroid Gordonia is stationary and squared Trump’s Nemesis

PNAs for both these witnesses are stationary in Trump’s chart, indicating an embedded quality and a greater-than-typical effect on his biography. Asteroid Hill at 20 Aquarius also conjoins the 29 Aquarius Descendant, granting angular force and power, while asteroid Gordonia (for Gordon) at 16 Libra is bound up in Trump’s natal Chiron/Jupiter conjunction at 14 and 17 Libra, which prefigures a political (Jupiter) wounding (Chiron), as well as indicating the maverick (also Chiron) diplomacy (Jupiter again) which characterizes the incident, in which Sondland was such a pivotal player. Both asteroids changed direction on Trump’s actual birthday, rendering them especially potent. Hill also opposes Mars, is inconjunct Nemesis, and squares Trump’s career-ruling MC at 24 Taurus, while Gordonia exactly squares Nemesis.


These constitute the principal witnesses against Trump on this matter. A brief run-down of the remaining testimony follows.

TW mickinley

State Department official Michael McKinley testified to the politicization of the State Department and the smear campaign against Yovanovitch; asteroid Michela is sextile Trump’s Nemesis

Michael McKinley, a former adviser to Secretary of State Pompeo, testified on October 16th. He had no direct knowledge of the quid pro quo, but spoke to his concerns about the smear campaign against Yovanovitch and her ouster, as well as the politicization of the State Department. Asteroid Michela, for Michael, exactly conjoins Trump’s natal asteroid Lie at 17 Taurus, reflecting McKinley’s issues with the lies being told about Yovanovitch, and is sextile Nemesis.

TW cooper

Defense Department official Laura Cooper testified regarding the delay of military aid; asteroid Laura conjoins Trump’s Nemesis

Laura Cooper, deputy assistant secretary of Defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, testified on October 23rd, the day of the “Pizza Riot”, when GOP representatives who were not authorized to attend the hearings crashed the secure conference room in the Capitol basement where it was being held, delaying her testimony by hours. Cooper’s transcript has not yet been released, but her charge was to speak to the withholding of military aid from the Ukraine, and with asteroid Laura at 14 Cancer conjoined Trump’s Nemesis, chances are she had something damning to say.

TW croft

State Department official Catherine Croft spoke to the aid delay and the smear of Yovanovitch; asteroid Katharina is sextile Trump’s Nemesis

State Department official Catherine Croft appeared October 30th; an assistant to Kurt Volker, she focused on military aid to Ukraine, and testified to receiving calls from a lobbyist trying to oust Yovanovitch, as well as confirming that the order to delay the aid stemmed from the President. Asteroid Katharina at 14 Virgo is sextile Trump’s Nemesis.

TW anderson

State Department official Christopher Anderson confirmed Bolton’s antipathy to the changes in Ukraine policy; asteroid Andersen is squared Trump’s Nemesis

Also on the 30th another Volker aide, Christopher Anderson, testified to Bolton’s distaste for Giuliani’s efforts in Ukraine at a State Department meeting where the inadvisability of requesting specific investigations from the Ukrainians was also discussed. Asteroid Andersen at 10 Aries squares Trump’s natal Nemesis.

TW hale

Third-ranking State Department official David Hale spoke to concerns over lack of support for Yovanovitch in the smear campaign directed against her and the erosion of US policy on Ukraine; asteroid Davida conjoins Trump’s Nemesis, while asteroid Hale trines it

On November 6th, David Hale, third-ranking official in the State Department, testified to conversations regarding the political nature of Yovanovitch’s removal, how that affected the release of military aid, and concerns by Pompeo that supporting Yovanovitch in the smear campaign against her might further alienate the President and negatively affect his attitude toward assistance for Ukraine. Asteroid Davida at 24 Cancer conjoins Nemesis, while asteroid Hale at 13 Scorpio trines it.


In summary, 10 of the 12 witnesses astrologically profiled above have PNAs representative of them which interact with Donald Trump’s Nemesis in his natal chart. The celestial chickens would seem to be coming home to roost. It is uncertain at this time how many of these witnesses will be repeating their testimony in public hearings, beyond the three already scheduled. Buy when those hearings begin on November 13th, the Sun at 20 Scorpio will be conjoined Trump’s 24 Scorpio MC, ruling career and status, conjoined Mercury at 16 Scorpio, with both opposed his natal Lie at 17 Taurus and trined natal Nemesis at 16 Cancer, Mercury exactly.


Transit Nemesis at 15 Virgo is conjoined transit Whitehouse at 12 Virgo, and sextiles its natal place in Trump’s birth chart, revealing a period fraught with peril for the administration. This is actually part of an extended conjunction, with Whitehouse and Nemesis within ten degrees of each other for almost a year, from August 17, 2019 through August 2, 2020. The orb of conjunction began less than a week after the Ukraine whistleblower filed his complaint on August 12th, and their exact conjunction occurs December 8 through 17, 2019, as the House prepares to vote on impeachment and send these articles to the Senate for trial. Currently the Whitehouse/Nemesis pairing opposes Neptune at 15 Pisces, suggesting a lack of direction or focus, an incoherent, muddled approach from the administration in preventing its ultimate downfall.


In a stunning example of celestial synchronicity, when these public hearings begin, both Lie and Veritas will be returning to their natal degrees in Trump’s chart! This is a highly remarkable, virtually unrepeatable cosmic circumstance which highlights the twin poles of the investigation. Transit asteroid Achilles, representing weakness or vulnerability, and Damocles, that doom hanging overhead, form a T-Square of Sun/Mercury opposed Lie, from 19 and 22 Aquarius respectively.

TW witch hunt2

Not so fast! Trump may feel he has flown free of the Mueller investigation and Russian collusion, but this latest attempt to solicit foreign interference in his 2020 re-election may yet see him tied to a stake

The three scheduled witnesses appear prominently in the chart as well. Ambassador William Taylor shows as asteroid William, conjoined the Sun from 20 Scorpio, highlighting him for the period. Asteroid Taylor at 22 Libra is exactly conjoined by asteroid Memoria, reflecting the meticulous notes Taylor took about the incident, upon which he based his testimony, and Mars at 26 Libra, squared a combination of Pluto (criminal conduct) and Troemper at 21 and 26 Capricorn. Note that the Mars/Troemper square is exact, bringing the fight directly to Trump.


Also in the spotlight is asteroid Maria, for former Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, which at 25 Leo squares the Sun and falls on Trump’s natal Mars/Ascendant. A second referent, asteroid Mary, appears at 22 Gemini, exactly conjoined Trump’s natal Sun and opposed a pairing of transit Truth with Jupiter (politics, diplomacy, ambassadors) at 23 and 25 Sagittarius.


George Kent is represented by asteroid George, which at 0 Scorpio also conjoins Mars and squares Troemper, and asteroid Kent, which at 13 Aries squares Trump’s natal Nemesis, as well as transit Saturn and Pluto.


One final note about this upcoming period, as we ramp up to the next Solar Eclipse on December 26th. At 4 Capricorn, this exactly conjoins Trump’s natal asteroid Whitehouse. Are we watching the beginning of the end for Trump’s tenure in the Oval Office?  Whatever the result of the Senate trial, conviction or acquittal, the President is unlikely to garner new supporters from the evidence presented, while many may alter their positive perspectives or confirm their negative opinions of him, which may factor into a defeat at the polls next November.


ADDENDUM, 11/14/19

With the precise timing of the hearing now known, additional factors emerge.  House Intel Chair Adam Schiff gaveled in the proceedings at 10:06 AM EST, 13 November 2019, with 1 Capricorn Rising, the MC at 23 Libra, and the Moon at 3 Gemini.

This puts the exact Taylor/Memoria conjunction at 22 Libra on the Midheaven, the focus of all eyes, as was Ambassador William Taylor in the moment.  Had the session begun as scheduled at 10 AM on the dot, this conjunction would have been exact.  Numerous commentators have remarked upon Taylor’s command of the facts and impressive recall, as denoted by his habit of making detailed memos of his calls and conversations, reflected here in Memoria exact with Taylor.

The 1 Cap Ascendant is rapidly approaching Donald Trump’s natal asteroid Whitehouse at 4 Capricorn, inconjunct the 3 Gemini Moon, establishing the stakes – will his residence (Moon) continue to be 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (Whitehouse)?  That Moon also opposes Trump’s natal Veritas/Troemper conjunction at 1 and 2 Sagittarius:  how will the public (Moon) view Trump’s (Troemper) essential honesty (Veritas) after this testimony?  It also opposes his natal asteroids Adam and Taylor at 4 and 7 Sag, defining the two most prominent persons in the hearings.

For his part, Adam Schiff is well represented on the day; the conjunction between asteroids Adam and Schiff which has been active for weeks is now separating, with Adam puling ahead to exactly conjoin Mercury at 16 Scorpio, as well as the 20 Scorpio Sun (giving the Chairman high visibility and control of the testimony), while Schiff hangs back at 7 Scorpio to continue its ongoing conjunction with asteroid America at 6 Scorpio, retaining his direct pipeline to the nation.

Most of the testimony was a repetition of the depositions taken earlier in closed door sessions, but there was one moment of high drama, when Taylor revealed new evidence linking Donald Trump to direct knowledge of the bribery attempt in Ukraine.  Taylor added testimony to the effect that just recently, an aide had told him about overhearing a cell phone conversation in a restaurant between Ambassador Sondland and the President, the day after his confab with Zelensky, where Trump was clearly inquiring about the status of “the investigations.”

This bombshell dropped at 11:29 AM EST, with the Ascendant at 22 Capricorn closely conjoining Pluto, ruling criminality, at 21 Cap, and the 15 Scorpio MC closely trined Trump’s natal asteroid Nemesis, that point of self-undoing and ruin, at 16 Cancer.  The aide’s name is David Holmes, and transit asteroid Holmes at 18 Virgo joins the ongoing conjunction of transit Nemesis with Whitehouse at 12 and 15 Virgo, signaling increased peril for the occupant of the Oval Office via his testimony.  Incidentally, transit Adam at 16 Scorpio is exactly tried Trump’s natal Nemesis.

Natally, Trump has asteroid Davida (a feminine form of David) at 24 Cancer, conjoined Nemesis, and asteroid Holmes at 28 Scorpio, in sesquiquadrate.  Holmes will be deposed on Friday, adding another name to the numerous impeachment witnesses connecting directly to Trump’s natal Nemesis.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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