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Jeffrey Epstein’s Legal Deja Vu

On Saturday, July 6th, 2019, as he was returning from Europe, billionaire investor and repeat child molester Jeffrey Epstein was again arrested on charges of sex trafficking minors. Epstein’s prior arrest on similar charges in 2005 had led to a controversial non-prosecution agreement with federal attorneys in Florida, resulting in a light 13-month jail sentence, for which he received a twelve-hour work-release six days a week. After his arrest at Teterboro Airport investigators found a cache of thousands of photos of nude young girls on CDs in his home.


Epstein is accused of trafficking dozens, perhaps hundreds, of underage girls, some as young as 14, who were paid initially for massage, then sex acts, and used to recruit others. The alleged crimes were committed both at Epstein’s Pam Beach, Florida estate and his Manhattan home. In 2008 Epstein pled guilty to lesser state prostitution charges after secret meetings with then US Attorney Alexander Acosta, currently serving as Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor.


The light sentence was accompanied by a non-disclosure agreement whereby alleged victims were not informed of the deal until after sentencing. 36 such victims had already been identified in an FBI probe, but with the closing of the case that investigation was shut down, preventing further disclosure of possible co-conspirators among Epstein’s well-connected friends, including former president Bill Clinton and then Reality-TV star Donald J. Trump.


The case was reopened after investigative reporting by Julie K. Brown of the Miami Herald in November 2018 examined the original deal, and Alex Acosta’s role in it. In February 2019, a Federal Judge in Florida ruled that the Justice Department had violated the law by failing to confer with Epstein’s accusers prior to the non-prosecution agreement. Although Epstein has served time for the Florida charges, and double jeopardy applies, the new charges were brought by the Southern District of New York, headed by US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, for crimes committed there from the same time period, 2002-2005. There is no federal statute of limitations on underage sex trafficking, and the 66-year-old Epstein faces up to 45 years in prison if convicted. On Monday 8 July 2019 he appeared in federal court to plead not guilty.

EDV sex offender profile

Jeffrey Epstein’s sex offender registration page; the billionaire investor was forced to register as part of a slap-on-the-wrist non-prosecution agreement in 2008

Born 20 January 1953, Jeffrey Epstein’s birth chart indicates issues with attraction for underage partners, and a heavy emphasis on sex-related astrological energies. No birth time is available, and Epstein’s Sun may be 29 Capricorn or 0 Aquarius, depending how early in the day he was born. In either case, the Sun conjoins Damocles at 27 Capricorn, symbolizing the doom hanging unseen overhead which can descend at any moment; asteroid Eros at 1 Aquarius, noted for a focus on erotic passion and sexual expression; and asteroid Dick at 4 Aquarius, a common penis euphemism, which suggests a strong personal connection (Sun) with the male member (Dick), one which is self-defining in some way. Broader conjunctions with asteroid Karma at 7 Aquarius, the results of our actions; and asteroid Icarus at 21 Capricorn, indicating rash, reckless acts taken heedless of the consequences, fill in the picture.


Icarus is exactly conjunct Mercury, suggesting a flawed decision-making process which takes no account of the risks involved in mooted behaviors, as well as a tendency to act rashly when young people, children or minors are involved. Also here is asteroid Photographica at 18 Capricorn, for the cache of sexually explicit images discovered in his home, which was certainly a reckless thing to do, given his status as a registered sex offender.

EDV victims

A smattering of Epstein’s alleged dozens of victims, some of whom were as young as 14 when he abused them

A further indication of a strong personal identification with sex is the placement of asteroid Jeffrich, one variant of Jeffrey, at 12 Pisces, with a Mars/Venus conjunction at 15 and 16 Pisces. This combination is trine to another, of Uranus and asteroid Achilles, at 15 and 19 Cancer.   This implies that Epstein’s (Jeffrich) sexual energies (Mars) and romantic attractions (Venus) have a socially unacceptable, shocking, or “kinky” expression (all Uranus), due to an inherent flaw (his “Achilles heel”) which can prove to be a weakness or vulnerability (also Achilles). Mars/Venus also opposes asteroid Nymphe at 13 Virgo, named for those promiscuous mythic Greek maidens and the root of our word “nymphomaniac”, suggesting insatiable sexual urges and frequent sexual activity; Epstein is alleged to have abused his victims, which may run into the hundreds, as many as three times daily in some circumstances.


Epstein’s attraction for underage partners can also be seen in the placement and status of asteroid Ganymed, which at 5 Libra is stationary retrograde, and in trine to the Sun. Ganymed is named for Zeus’ cupbearer and boytoy lover, and while its presence often indicates homosexual attraction, it is also a marker of underage partners, as well as those which are vastly disparate in some way, whether that be due to age, social or economic status, all of which apply to Epstein’s alleged victims. Ganymed turned retrograde a week before Epstein’s birth, at that same degree, making this an embedded factor in his psyche and a major feature of his biography.

EDV trump

Epstein and Trump ran in the same social circles, and Trump once described him as a “terrific guy … It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

Also stationary here, though not conjunct Ganymed, is asteroid Sisyphus, which at 18 Libra is about to turn retrograde six days after Epstein’s birth. Sisyphus, named for that resident of Hades domed to forever roll a rock uphill, only to have it roll down again, thus necessitating a continual repetition of the action, refers to any duplicated or recurring act. In this case, squared Mercury, it marks Epstein as a repeat offender with young persons. Neptune’s presence nearby at 23 Libra, also stationary (turning retro five days later), indicates that fantasy and addiction are huge components of Epstein’s story.


Epstein is perennially described as a “pedophile”, though in a clinical sense this is inaccurate, as this term properly refers to individuals with attractions for pre-pubescent children, something which has not been alleged for Epstein. Rather, his behavior fits the pattern of a hebephile, someone attracted to post-pubescent individuals who are still legally underage. This term derives from the Greek goddess Hebe, daughter of Zeus and his original cupbearer (Ganymed was recruited after her marriage), noted for her eternal nubile state.


The asteroid Hebe in Epstein’s chart appears at 22 Sagittarius, squared the Mars/Venus conjunction (showing a sexual/Mars attraction/Venus for young persons/Hebe) and in tandem with asteroid Jeffers at 20 Sag (another variant of Jeffrey, further personalizing this energy as self-defining); asteroid Hybris, also at 20 Sag (named for the Greek goddess of prideful arrogance, and the root of our word “hubris”); asteroid Nemesis at 21 Sag (a point of ruin or undoing, often self-created); and asteroid Lust at 29 Sag (indicating rampant sexuality and uncontrolled passion). Put it all together, you have an image of someone who is his own (Jeffers) worst enemy (Nemesis), whose overweening pride (Hybris) and insatiable desire (Lust) for underage partners (Hebe) causes his downfall (Nemesis).


Asteroid Hybris and Nemesis conjoined in a chart can be a destructive combination, as the two goddesses often worked together in myth, with Hybris’ arrogance setting men up for a fall due to their presumed invincibility, and Nemesis coming along behind to knock them down and bring them back to earth. Hebe also exactly opposes asteroid Geoffroy at 22 Gemini, the final “Jeffrey” referent, once again strongly identifying Epstein with the theme of attraction for underage individuals.

EDV virginia

Accuser Virginia Roberts, then and now; asteroid Roberts conjoins Epstein’s Sun, and asteroid Virginia squares it, conjunct abusive Nessus

Asteroid Epstein at 2 Aries, sextile the Sun, conjoins asteroid Child at 8 Aries, providing another self-defining personal link between Epstein and the youth of his alleged victims. Child is exactly squared asteroid Pecker at 8 Capricorn, another penis euphemism asteroid, bringing the issue of sexuality firmly to the fore. Pecker is also involved in a Grand Trine with Nymphe at 13 Virgo and centaur Nessus at 14 Taurus, a point noted for abusive sexual behaviors, coercion and rape (although Epstein’s victims gave consent, it was not possible legally for them to do so, given their ages, and thus these acts constitute statutory rape). Nessus conjoins Jupiter at 11 Taurus, suggesting that Epstein’s urge toward illicit sexual behaviors is magnified, and at one point will affect his reputation, status and bring publicity or fame/notoriety. This pattern becomes a Kite when natal Mars/Venus is factored into it.


Several actors pivotal to this drama have PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) which fit prominently into Epstein’s birth chart. Two accusers with high visibility are Virginia Roberts and Sarah Ransome, with asteroids Roberts at 29 Capricorn conjoined the Sun (suggesting a powerful role to play in how Epstein is defined) and Virginia at 8 Taurus squared the Sun and conjoined Nessus. Asteroid Sara (for Sarah) at 6 Aries conjoins Epstein/Child, while Ransome at 9 Sagittarius conjoins asteroid Aristaeus, another rape-related point, at 8 Sag.


Miami Herald reporter Julie K. Brown, whose articles prompted a reopening of the investigation, appears as asteroids Julia, which at 2 Taurus squares the Sun and broadly conjoins Jupiter, ruling publication; and Brown, which at 4 Virgo is inconjunct the Sun and squared Aristaeus.

EDV acosta

Alexander Acosta, now Donald Trump’s Secretary of Labor, was the US Attorney who gave Epstein the “deal of a lifetime” in 2008; both asteroid Alexander and asteroid Acosta are stationary, in a Grand Trine with Epstein’s Sun, marking a potent influence

Alexander Acosta, the former US Attorney who cut Epstein a break in 2008 with “the deal of a lifetime”, appears as asteroid Acosta, which at 2 Gemini is trine the Sun and stationary, turning direct the day after Epstein’s birth; and asteroid Alexander, which at 6 Libra is also stationary and trine the Sun, turning retrograde at that degree a week later. Having exact PNA matches for both his names, in such pivotal placements with stationary status, suggests a huge impact for Acosta in Epstein’s biography.


US Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman, who announced the charges against Epstein and is prosecuting the case, appears as asteroid Geoffroy, which at 22 Gemini opposes Nemesis, that source of undoing, at 21 Sag, in a T-Square with Mars/Venus; and as asteroid Berman, which at 16 Capricorn opposes Achilles, exposing Epstein’s weakness, and Uranus, potentially affecting his freedom, and conjoins Photographica/Icarus/Mercury, allowing Berman to capitalize on those reckless (Icarus) photos (Photographica), soon to constitute evidence (Mercury) against Epstein.


When Epstein was arrested on July 6th, transit asteroid Jeffers at 15 Scorpio was trine the Sun at 14 Cancer, in a stationary stance, about to turn direct on the 12th. A Grand Trine is formed with transit Nessus, Icarus and Neptune, at 11, 16 and 18 Pisces, representing sexual infractions, risky behaviors, and potential imprisonment, all of which points overlay the natal grouping of Jeffrich, Mars and Venus. The Sun is highlighting the natal Uranus/Achilles pairing, illuminating the shocking character flaw which has made Epstein vulnerable, and forms a T-Square with transit Ganymed (underage partners) at 17 Libra and transit Saturn (the law and punishment) ay 17 Capricorn.

EDV berman

US Attorney Geoffrey Berman, now prosecuting Epstein; asteroid Berman opposes Achilles, evoking Epstein’s vulnerabilities, while asteroid Geoffroy opposes Epstein’s Nemesis, perhaps leading to his downfall

Asteroid Nemesis at 27 Cancer opposes Epstein’s natal Sun and transit asteroid Epstein at 28 Capricorn, prompting his downfall, in a T-Square with asteroid Geoffroy at 26 Libra, itself conjunct natal Saturn at 27 Libra, representing the law, restriction and penalties. Transit Saturn at 17 Capricorn conjoined natal Berman, making the US Attorney the personification of Saturn’s official calling to account for Epstein.


Transit Jupiter at 16 Sagittarius is highlighting natal Mars/Venus by square, bringing renewed publicity to Epstein’s sex life, and its current retrograde has taken it repeatedly over the natal grouping of Jeffers/Hybris/Nemesis/Hebe. Transit Hebe at 13 Leo splits the difference between transit Mars/Mercury at 2 and 4 Leo and transit Jeffrich at 23 Leo, suggesting news (Mercury) regarding the sexual exploits (Mars) with underage partners (Hebe) by Epstein (Jeffrich).


Transit TNO Salacia at 4 Aries, which indicates sensationalism, sexual scandal, lasciviousness and lewd conduct, and transit centaur Chiron at 5 Aries, indicating an old, incurable wound as well as maverick behaviors, conjoins natal Epstein/Child, bringing public opprobrium for his alleged acts with minors.

EDV hearing

Artist’s rendering of Epstein’s arraignment in federal court on July 8th, where he pled “not guilty” to the charges

Time will tell how this all plays out, but with an actual trial presumably in his future, it’s unlikely Jeffrey Epstein will be given another pass the second time around.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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