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Kavanaugh’s Meteor

When I wrote the initial profile of Judge Brett Kavanaugh at the time of his nomination in July, I suggested that nothing short of a meteor colliding with Capitol Hill during his confirmation hearings could prevent his becoming the next Justice of the US Supreme Court.


Well, I was a few days off in the timing, but enter the meteor: Christine Blasey Ford, who on Sunday September 16th revealed herself to be the woman accusing Kavanaugh of what amounts to attempted rape, 35 years ago at a High School party, when both were in their teens. Ford alleges that Kavanaugh and his friend Mark Judge, both stumbling drunk, maneuvered her into a bedroom at the house where the party occurred. Kavanaugh then threw her on the bed, groped her and attempted to remove her bathing suit. When she tried to scream, he covered her mouth and nose so completely that she was afraid he might inadvertently kill her. The assault was interrupted after Judge fell on top of them and Ford broke away, locking herself in a bathroom for a few minutes until she fled the scene.

KM Christine-Blasey-Ford

Kavanaugh accuser Christine Blasey Ford in High School

Both Kavanaugh and Judge strenuously deny the accusation, and Ford made no contemporaneous account to authorities or friends, but she passed a lie detector test given in August, and is on record as describing the events to her husband as early as 2002, and in notes from her therapist in 2012. Ford initially declined to identify herself, but sent a letter which found its way to Senator Diane Feinstein’s (D-CA) office, and was turned over to the FBI. After news broke about the allegations a few days earlier, during the period between Kavanaugh’s contentious confirmation hearings and the vote on his nomination, Ford came forward on the 16th, concerned that her story was being misrepresented.


When I took my first pass over Kavanaugh’s chart, I neglected to look for indicators of sexual misconduct. Silly me. But you can’t look at everything for everybody, and at the time the likelihood of this emerging as a serious factor in his nomination seemed remote.


So let’s take a closer look now. Born 12 February 1965 (no time available), Brett Kavanaugh does have some placements which give one pause, when looking for sexual issues. Two primary indicators of “men behaving badly” are centaur Nessus, named for the would-be rapist of Heracles’ wife Deianeira, and asteroid Aristaeus, who was the proximate cause of the hapless Eurydice’s death (wife of Orpheus), as she fled his unwanted embraces and trod upon a poisonous serpent.


Let’s take a beat to note that just having these points prominent doesn’t guarantee bad sexual behaviors. At their most basic, these points indicate aggressive responses with sex. This can be as simple as always being the initiator in sex, even in consensual relationships, to extremes of fetish and rape. It’s a continuum, like all celestial energies, and millions of people have these points prominent. It’s by looking at how they connect to other mythic and personal energies in the chart that we can catch a glimpse at how they might be manifesting.

KM nessus

Centaur Nessus absconds with Heracles’ wife, but is killed before he can violate her

Interestingly, Kavanaugh has both these points tied to primary referents for the job he seeks, asteroids Themis and Justitia, named respectively for the Greek and Roman goddesses of justice.   Nessus at 2 Gemini is conjoined Justitia at 4, and both are stationary, embedded still points upon which the rest of the chart revolves. They exert a disproportionately greater influence on the biography, and just as Justitia foretells Kavanaugh’s potential to be nominated as Justice, so too does Nessus convey the potential of having that nomination scotched by sexual indiscretions. Nessus turned direct on February 14th, 1965, just two days after Kavanaugh’s birth.


Aristaeus at 15 Sagittarius conjoins Themis at 8, another blending of the energies of the judiciary with sexual assault (Themis also opposes Nessus, making three links in all). Aristaeus is also squared to the natal Uranus/Pluto conjunction at 13 and 15 Virgo, with Pluto the planetary ruler of rape and Uranus suggesting some level of violence and a controversy arising from the incident. There is also a sextile to Mercury at 14 Aquarius, indicating the involvement of the Media in the story, which makes news.


Aristaeus is also part of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, which incorporates Christina Ford into its dynamic, with Aristaeus sextile to asteroid Ford at 16 Libra, and both are inconjunct natal Jupiter at 17 Taurus, on the Yod’s apex. Jupiter rules the judiciary generally, and the SCOTUS in particular. And Ford is also at station, turning retrograde on February 10th, 1965, two days before his birth, indicating someone of that name to be a pivotal force in Kavanaugh’s life. Ford is also closely squared to natal asteroid Cavagna (pronounced kah-VAHN-ya, our closest homophonic referent for Kavanaugh in the skies) at 17 Capricorn, implying some level of stress or conflict between them.   Asteroid Christine at 14 Leo exactly opposes Mercury, tying her directly to the news, and forms a T-Square with Neptune at 19 Scorpio, raising the possibility that there is some deception being practiced here. But who’s the liar? It’s his Neptune, after all…  With Christine is asteroid Askalaphus at 16 Leo, named for the gardener of Hades who informed on Persephone’s ingestion of six pomegranate seeds, thus requiring her to remain in the Underworld six months of the year.  Askalaphus is thus noted for tale-bearing and revealing of secrets, certainly an apt placement for this current accusation.  In addition to its conjunction with Christine, Askalaphus is also exactly sextile Ford, tying both names to his revelatory function.

KM aristaeus

Eurydice flees from Aristaeus’ unwanted embrace, but expires from a snake bite

Jupiter completes a Grand Cross, again identifying what the stakes are, no less than a lifetime spot on the Supreme Court. The interweaving of the Yod with the Grand Cross paints a very clear picture of the situation, right down to the charges and the participants. It’s remarkable to have both Patterns keyed on Jupiter, which is also politics. There is no legal remedy at this point for whatever Kavanaugh may have done, statutes of limitation have run. But will there be a political cost? That’s the overriding question, and Jupiter here shows that to be the case.


Another Yod we skipped over lightly in the first looksee at Kavanaugh was the one created by the 23 Aquarius Sun at apex, inconjunct Mars at 26 Virgo and asteroid Achilles at 25 Cancer. This suggests a weakness or vulnerability (Achilles) based in some form of sexual activity (Mars), illicit or otherwise. Obviously, this now has heightened application to the current circumstances.


A final point to consider in such cases is TNO (Trans-Neptunian Object) Salacia, named for the wife of Roman sea deity Neptune, and the root of our word “salacious”. Salacia represents scandalous, sensationalized situations, often of a sexual nature, but not exclusively so. Natally, Kavanagh has Salacia at 22 Capricorn, conjoined asteroid Cavagna at 17 Cap, suggesting he internalizes or embodies these energies and they do color his actions or attitudes to some extent.

KM kavanaugh1

Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh reconsiders his position

When Ms. Ford made her identity known on September 16th, the skies, as usual, well reflected the unveiling. The transit Sun at 23 Virgo was highlighting natal Mars and the solar Yod, bringing out its potential to weaken Kavanaugh personally due to a sexual matter, something which is karmic and fated. Asteroid Ford at 3 Capricorn conjoins transit Saturn at 2 Cap, indicating a dampening or restrictive, withholding effect (all Saturn) from Kavanaugh’s accuser (Ford), one which threatens his career (also Saturn). This Saturn connection also lends Ford gravitas, allowing her to appear more credible, and gives her the authority to call Kavanaugh to account for his actions, and perhaps to mete out punishment for them (Saturn again). Transit Salacia at 2 Aries squares these points, adding its aura of titillation, prurience and scandal of a sexual nature.


The Saturn/Ford conjunction trines a combination of Uranus with asteroid Brett, at 1 and 8 Taurus. This union was also in effect at the time of Kavanaugh’s nomination when I stated that this could create an “unexpected outcome”. Due to Brett’s retrograde on August 31st, just before his confirmation hearings began, these two are again within orb. Brett’s retrograde status indicates a period of retrenchment and turning inward; it is not auspicious for new endeavors, and individuals resonating to this name can feel stuck or mired. Forward momentum is halted, with a need to backpedal and fill in the gaps left earlier.


This pair is currently opposed by transit Venus at 4 Scorpio, suggesting a woman has a role to play in the surprise Uranus reveals. Mars at 1 Aquarius T-Squares Venus and Brett/Uranus, pointing to a sexual act, perhaps of a violent nature, as pivotal in the story. Asteroid Cavagna at 0 Virgo creates a Grand Trine of the Earth placements, personalizing this to Kavanaugh directly; Venus forms a Kite, indicating the female is the one pulling the “string” of the Kite and guiding its manifestation.


Further identifying which woman Venus represents here is transit asteroid Christine, which at 7 Leo is not only squared Venus but also at a Yod’s apex, formed by inconjuncts to Saturn/Ford and centaur Nessus at 7 Pisces, itself opposing Cavagna, bringing home the inappropriate sexual behaviors to Kavanaugh. Christine also opposes Mars, another nod to the sexual violence she alleges. Transit Jupiter at 19 Scorpio falls precisely on natal Neptune and sets off the Grand Cross involving its natal degree, Mercury and Christine, inflating the situation and bringing publicity. Jupiter opposing its natal place further suggests that Kavanaugh is at the nadir of his personal 12-year cycle of fortune and luck.


But perhaps the most telling placements come from transit Nemesis and Aristaeus. Nemesis is the principle of self-undoing, and at 15 Gemini this exactly opposes Kavanaugh’s natal Aristaeus, pointing up attempted rape as his downfall. And amazingly, transit Aristaeus at 17 Capricorn is exactly conjoined natal Cavagna! This links Kavanaugh directly with the act he is alleged to have committed, in a highly personal way. Transit Pluto next door at 18 Cap, ruling rape and indicating a devastating transformation of circumstance, may be all we need to foretell the outcome of this accusation.  Incredibly, also here is transit Askalaphus the tale-bearer, at 20 Capricorn; Askalaphus is itself stationary, turning direct the very day Ford revealed herself!


Where Pluto also conjunct natal Cavagna for his nomination suggested an increase in personal power, at this juncture it could well indicate a shattering loss. Transit Justitia at 24 Aquarius runs with Damocles at 23, that doom hanging unseen overhead, which exactly conjoins Kavanaugh’s natal Sun, perhaps dooming his chances of ever becoming a Justice. And transit Themis at 16 Cancer opposes Pluto with Aristaeus, forming a T-Square with that natal Cavagna/Ford square, once more tying together the themes of attempted rape (Aristaeus), coercion or excessive force (Pluto), the accused and his accuser (Cavagna, Ford), and the SCOTUS (Themis).  Icing this cosmic cake is the presence of transit Achilles, that inherent weakness or vulnerability, which at 22 Capricorn is exactly atop Kavanaugh’s natal Salacia, bringing out his potential for sexual scandals.


Suddenly, things aren’t looking so good for Kavanaugh, but rather brighter for America. But be careful what you wish for – Trump still has the right to fill this seat, and Kavanaugh may have been the least objectionable on his short list for the position, if not on moral grounds, then from a progressive standpoint.


Stay tuned…




[My thanks to a reader who supplied me with a birthdate for Christine Ford, based on research conducted on three ancestry/people search sites; I want to make it clear that this data is unconfirmed by any news reporting, so should be considered speculative at this point.]


The date given is 28 November 1966, which does show some support for the situation Ford describes, and where she now finds herself.


The 5 Sagittarius Sun is conjoined exactly by asteroid Kassandra, an indicator of credibility issues as paramount in her biography. Kassandra was a priestess of Troy who was given the gift of prophecy, but cursed never to be believed. At this remove of time, Ford’s only evidence of her allegations is her word, and her only defense, the degree to which she is judged as honest and credible.


The Sun also opposes Nessus at 8 Gemini, a strong indication that issues of rape or sexual assault may arise at some point in the life. Mars at 27 Virgo is embroiled in the Uranus/Pluto conjunction of that time, with Pluto at 20 Virgo and Uranus at 23; this is a planetary signature of exposure to a sexual act which is shocking, violent or coercive.


Asteroids Themis and Damocles are conjoined, at 15 and 14 Aquarius, reflecting her potential to threaten or doom a judicial nominee. Asteroids Brett and Cavagna at 21 and 15 Leo are trine to Nemesis at 17 Sagittarius; this is a twinned symbol, reflecting both Kavanaugh’s ability to act as nemesis to her in the assault she alleges, and her own ability to defeat his goal of attaining the position he seeks.


Connections between this chart and Kavanaugh’s include Ford’s Venus at 10 Sagittarius activating Kavanaugh’s natal Aristaeus, forced sexual contact, at 15 Sagittarius. Thus Ford’s appearance, femininity and allure may have piqued any latent aggressive sexual tendencies on his part. Ford’s natal Aristaeus at 28 Capricorn conjoins both Salacia (scandalous sex) at 22 Cap and Karma (fated response or reaction) at 23 Cap in Kavanaugh’s chart, opposing his natal Achilles at 25 Aries, representing a weakness or vulnerability. Ford’s natal Nessus at 8 Gemini conjoins Kavanaugh’s Themis at 4 Gemini, and exactly opposes his Justitia at 8 Sagittarius, again linking improper sexual behaviors with issues regarding the High Court. Ford’s natal Mars at 27 Virgo conjoins Kavanaugh’s Mars at 26 Virgo, a sign of strong sexual attraction or conflict, and sets off his natal solar Yod.


When Christie Ford chose to reveal her identity on September 16th, the transit Sun at 23 Virgo was exactly conjunct natal Uranus, anticipating her sudden decision to self-expose, and also within orb of natal Mars, highlighting issues of sex and aggression. Transit Nemesis at 15 Gemini opposed her natal Nemesis at 17 Sagittarius, activating her willingness to seek justice or retribution, and to act as another’s downfall. Transit Christine at 7 Leo conjoins natal Jupiter at 4, admitting her into the world of politics and the Senate.


In the build-up to this event, transit Saturn had stationed retrograde at 9 Capricorn in April, exactly conjoined natal Christine, affording a chance to take responsibility, supplying “spine” and purpose or direction, and prosecuting an official complaint. In late August Mars came to its direct station exactly atop natal Aristaeus at 28 Capricorn, a perfect time to take action regarding an allegation of sexual violence. Transit Nessus at 7 Pisces was squaring its natal degree, reactivating issues regarding sexual misconduct in her life. Transit Askalaphus stationing at 20 Capricorn is in square to natal Askalaphus at 23 Libra, prompting her to tell her story.


None of this is definitive, but it does reflect the circumstances and supports the likelihood that this birth data is correct.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Margarita Abadie

Christine’s date of birth is November 28th, 1966 (unknown time and place). And Boy! Does her chart fill in the story!

    Margarita Abadie

    What is interesting about Christine’s chart is that she has her natal Jupiter at 4 degrees of Leo, with both the transiting NN/Varuna conjunction currently right on it; which in and of itself, doesn’t say much. That is … until you add Kavanaugh’s natal Bacchus (alcohol abuse) at 2 degrees of Capricorn, and Kavanaugh’s natal Nessus at 2 degrees of Gemini. And Lo and Behold we now have a yod with Bacchus as the apex, AND transiting Saturn right on it.

      Patty Lusk

      Is Saturn the Apex and are the legs Capricorn and Gemini? If so long term control with the change from the Yod. The communication in stress with the practical nature will fuel the Yod and there will be a change of course.

Barb Finch

Excellent article! I hope he is not confirmed. One quibble: the woman pictured in red is actress Connie Britton, not Dr. Ford. Ford’s eyes are much closer together than Britton’s.

Sharon M

I’m so glad you write this follow-up, because I was about to leave a comment asking you to take a look into it! I don’t know the technicalities of this art, but I do enjoy reading your writing and appreciate all the work that you put into sharing your observations with the world. Thank you!

Barb Finch

PS, I can’t see my comment yet, but I might have said Britton’s eyes are closer together than Ford’s when I meant the opposite. Thanks for the article, it is a good read!

    Alex Miller


    thanks for the correction, Barb! I had some qualms about the pic’s authenticity; it came up in a google search, but the originating page did not specifically identify who was in the pic, though the article was about Ford. it’s been removed. thanks again!

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