Kevin, Roy and Louis


Just think of this as the sexual misconduct anti-anthem for “Abraham, Martin and John”: “Anybody here seen a decent gentleman? Can you tell me where they’ve gone?” Following the blockbuster revelations of Harvey Weinstein’s serial sexual harassment and worse (with more than 90 women now alleging abuse), a seemingly unending parade of sexual misconduct allegations have surfaced aimed at celebrities and politicians. The subjects of this article, actor Kevin Spacey, judge and senate candidate Roy Moore, and actor-comedian Louis C.K., are just a few.


On October 29, 2017, accusations of sexual battery were made against Kevin Spacey, 58, star of the Netflix smash hit “House of Cards”, by actor Anthony Rapp, who alleged that in 1986, when he was 14, the Oscar-winning actor made unwanted sexual advances, inviting him to a party at his apartment while they were both performing on Broadway, afterward carrying him to his bed and climbing on top of him. Within the week 13 more men, including the son of actor Richard Dreyfuss and eight people who worked on “House of Cards”, had come forward to accuse Spacey of a variety of sexual misdeeds, three of them minors at the time of his assaults. Spacey initially apologized for his treatment of Rapp, though he denies any memory of it, chalking up the incident to drunkenness. He continues to deny the other allegations, but Netflix has cut ties with him, and he has been dropped by his publicist and talent agency.


Barely ten days later, on November 9th, stories emerged of similar incidents perpetrated by Judge Roy Moore, currently the GOP nominee for the Alabama Senate seat vacated by AG Jeff Sessions, accused of kissing and groping a 14-year-old girl when he was a 32-year-old assistant DA. In a meticulously researched and supported Washington Post story, Leigh Corfman and three other women, who were above the age of consent at the time of his advances, describe a pattern of predatory behavior by Moore.


Moore first approached Corfman and her mother while they were outside an Alabama courthouse, awaiting testimony in a child custody case. Moore offered to watch Leigh while her mother was in court, stating he wanted to spare the child the emotional trauma of hearing the testimony. Instead, he got Leigh’s number, later called her, met her around the corner from her house and drove her to his home, then kissed and molested her on two occasions. Wendy Miller alleges Moore first approached her when she was also 14, but did not attempt to date her until she was 16, the legal age of consent in Alabama, which her mother forbade. Debbie Gibson was 17 when she and Moore began dating, and Gloria Thacker was 18, taken on dates which included wine, though Alabama law establishes 19 as the legal drinking age.

leigh corfman

Leigh Corfman, just 16 when Roy Moore molested her.

Moore and his campaign deny the accusations, stating they are politically motivated, and his would-be Senate colleagues have been lukewarm in their condemnation, qualifying their rebukes with the caveat, “if the allegations are true.” [Author’s note: during the preparation of this article, several GOP Senators have gotten off the fence and called outright for Moore to withdraw from the race, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.] Local Alabama partisans have been universal in their support of Moore, some even calling for the prosecution of his accusers. On November 10th the RSCC (Republican Senate Campaign Committee) ceased coordinating fundraising efforts with the Moore campaign, in the most overt break between the candidate and the GOP establishment.


Also on the 9th, the New York Times published an article with five women alleging a repeated pattern by Louis C. K. of inappropriate sexual activity, often in a professional setting. Dana Min Goodman, Julia Wolov, Abby Schachner, Rebecca Corry, and a woman who wishes to remain anonymous told remarkably similar stories of the comedian stripping and masturbating in front of them, or over the phone. On the 10th, Louis C. K. responded to the allegations, confirming his accusers’ accounts: “These stories are true. At the time, I said to myself that what I did was okay because I never showed a woman my dick without asking first, which is also true. But what I learned later in life, too late, is that when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your dick isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.” Louis C.K.’s admission of guilt did not spare him the consequences of his past behavior; both Netflix and FX network have severed ties with him.


So why now? Why all these disclosures, seemingly all of a sudden? Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio on October 10th is the overarching planetary authority holding sway on this matter, with Scorpio ruling both sex and scandal, and Jupiter ruling excess and over-the-top behaviors, inflating situations, affecting reputations, and bringing publicity, whether positive or negative. But Jupiter has been in Scorpio before, without this much revelation of sexual wrongdoing. So we return to the question: why now?

aristaeus and eurydice

Aristaeus pursuing Eurydice.

The answer may lie in the placement of two minor bodies of the solar system, asteroid Aristaeus and centaur Nessus. Both are associated with rape, as their mythic tales portray, and by extension, they can indicate inappropriate sexual contact over a wide spectrum of behaviors. Aristaeus was the son of Apollo, who conceived a sudden passion for Eurydike, Orpheus’ wife, while she was out walking in the fields. Aristaeus approached and attempted to rape her, whereupon the hapless Eurydike, fleeing his embrace, trod upon a poisonous serpent and died. Similarly, Nessus was a centaur who ferried travelers across a river on his broad equine back; he offered to convey Heracles and his wife Deianeira, carrying Deianeira first. Upon reaching the opposite shore, thinking himself safe, he too attempted to rape his passenger, but Heracles shot a poisoned arrow across the waters, killing him.

nessus and deianeira

Nessus abducting Deianeira.

Aristaeus and Nessus are unique as astrological bodies because they are named for the rapist, not his victim, such as Persephone or Eurydike. All four points can represent rape in any context, attacker or victim, but as a cultural matter, the male mythic characters elicit increased awareness of the perpetrators.


And Aristaeus, a near-Earth asteroid with an orbital period of just over 2 years, has been travelling within ten degrees of the Sun since mid-July, and will continue to do so until early December.   During this period, as the two jockeyed for position, there were several exact conjunctions, one of which was November 9, the day both Roy Moore and Louis C. K. were accused. Nessus has also been highlighted, in a broad conjunction with Neptune all year, representing victims, and also bound up loosely by opposition with the “American Eclipse” of August, and semisquared Pluto’s station in September, the planetary body ruling coercion, manipulation and rape as well as scandal. Nessus is also slowing to station direct, and has been occupying its station degree of 4 Pisces since before the Spacey allegations became public.


Two other points to be considered are asteroids Hebe and Ganymed. Hebe is named for the original cupbearer of the gods, a daughter of Zeus and Hera, who remained forever youthful and nubile. After her marriage to Heracles, Hera was replaced in her function of dispensing nectar and ambrosia by Ganymed, a beautiful mortal youth whom Zeus had abducted and brought to Olympus as his lover.


The word “pedophile” has been thrown about rather loosely in connection with Roy Moore’s alleged sexual contact with a 14-year-old, but technically, a pedophile is someone with a sexual attraction for prepubescent children. What Roy Moore (and Kevin Spacey) actually appears to be is a hebephile, someone with a sexual attraction for post-pubescent adolescents who are sexually mature (or maturing) but legally underage. Hebe is the root of our word “hebephilia”, and the asteroid’s placement in the chart can indicate just such an attraction. Ganymed clearly has homosexual and rape/coercion connotations as well, but is also useful as an indicator of relationships between partners who are in some way unsuited to each other due to extreme disparity, whether that be in age, social status, personal power, wealth or what have you.


Interestingly, both Spacey and Moore have strong connections to Hebe and Ganymed, while Louis C.K, who has thus far only been accused by adult women, does not. Kevin Spacey (born 26 July 1959) has Hebe at 13 Virgo conjunct Venus at 12 Virgo, closely aligning romantic expression and attraction for youths, with Ganymed at 27 Taurus opposing Jupiter at 22 Scorpio, inflating this desire, which potentially impinges on his reputation (Jupiter).   Moore (born 11 February 1947), has Hebe at 25 Taurus squaring the 21 Aquarius Sun, making attraction for young partners a part of his core being, with Ganymed at 18 Gemini in a powerful stationary position and involved in a Grand Trine with the Sun, along with asteroid Sappho at 19 Libra. (Sappho is another indicator of homosexuality, and this Grand Trine speaks volumes about Moore’s obsession with gays; in fact, his attraction to inexperienced females may indicate some discomfort with his own sexuality, and a desire to avoid comparison with other lovers.) Louis C. K. (born 12 September 1967) has Hebe at 23 Libra and Ganymed at 8 Scorpio; neither makes significant aspects in the chart.


What all three men do have in common, however, is emphasized Aristaeus and Nessus placements.

kevin spacey

Kevin Spacey has Aristaeus at station at 8 Sagittarius, in trine to the 3 Leo Sun, which is itself exactly conjunct asteroid Pan. Any stationary point reflects an energy which is deeply embedded in the psyche, and the trine to the Sun makes this all the more personal to Spacey. In addition, the exact conjunction of the Sun with Pan, known as the leader of the sexually insatiable Satyrs (sounds like an ‘80s Heavy Metal band!), suggests a sex urge on overdrive, a perpetually priapic mindset, with sexual expression central to his being. A close conjunction of Pluto and Mars at 2 and 3 Virgo indicates sexual manipulation, coercion, and the potential for rape, as well as deeply obsessive behaviors. We’ve already mentioned the conjunction of Venus and Hebe at 12 and 13 Virgo, inclining Spacey to seek much younger partners, possibly underage; this pair’s square to asteroid Sappho, another indicator of homosexual attraction, cements the urge for same-sex contact.


Spacey’s natal Nessus at 26 Taurus is conjoined Ganymed, also a gay factor, as well as asteroid Dick, a common penis euphemism, at 29 Taurus. These oppose Jupiter, granting eventual publicity and affecting reputation, and are also within broad conjunction to natal asteroid Kevin at 19 Taurus, itself conjoined asteroid Nymphe at 17 Taurus. The Nymphs were the female counterparts of the Satyrs, equally voracious sexually. Having Pan conjunct the Sun and Nymphe conjunct his first name PNA establishes this lustful energy as foundational and formative for Spacey’s self-identity. And speaking of lust, the asteroid of that name appears at 12 Aquarius, squaring Kevin and opposing the Sun. “Kevin Spacey” are the actor’s first and middle birth names – his actual surname is “Fowler”, and asteroid Fowler at 15 Cancer closely opposes TNO Salacia at 13 Capricorn, named for the divine wife of Neptune, Roman god of the sea. Salacia is the root of our word “salacious”, meaning “intended to titillate or arouse people sexually; having or showing explicit or crude sexual desire or interest.” Once again we see a PNA directly connected to a celestial with a strongly sexual component. Fowler is also conjunct asteroid Eurydike at 9 Cancer, linking Spacey with forcible sex.


Also of note, Neptune and Icarus squaring the Sun from 4 and 11 Scorpio respectively. Spacey has a tendency to act rashly or recklessly, heedless of the consequences (Icarus), and alcohol or drugs are often a catalyst or contributing factor (Neptune). Asteroid Pecker, another penis euphemism, appears at 26 Libra, in conjunction with asteroid Child, also reflecting a bias toward underage sex partners. Asteroid Persephone at 23 Virgo, another rape/sexual coercion indicator, opposes asteroid Askalaphus at 20 Pisces, noted for tale-bearing and the exposure of secrets; with this linkage, any bad conduct was bound to become public eventually.


Roy Moore’s natal Aristaeus at 27 Sagittarius broadly conjoins Venus at 6 Capricorn, which is also conjunct asteroid Child at 10 Capricorn, combining themes of rape with romance, relationship, and an attraction for underage partners. In Moore’s case, the rape appears to be statutory, and there seems to be more of an effort to form an actual relationship with these girls, rather than to simply bed them, as is the case with Spacey. [Author’s note: during the writing of this article, a fifth accuser, Beverly Young, has come forward with allegations closer to attempted rape by Moore, perpetrated when Young was a 16-year-old waitress at a restaurant frequented by Moore.] Joining the party with more high octave testosterone are asteroids Wiener at 28 Sagittarius, one degree off Aristaeus, and Dick at 5 Capricorn, one degree off Venus, both penis euphemisms. Aristaeus also opposes asteroid Senator at 29 Gemini, linking the allegations with his political career very specifically, and is further broadly squared asteroid Nemesis at 21 Virgo, a point of self-undoing, creating a wide T-Square. Asteroid Lust at 13 Sagittarius exactly conjoins asteroid Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory, and squares asteroid Pecker, yet another penis placeholder, at 16 Pisces. The implication is that Moore’s inability to keep it zipped (Pecker) and dampen his sexual urges (Lust) may well have a direct impact on his chances of winning (Nike) this election.

roy moore

We’ve already mentioned Hebe’s square to the Sun, but it also opposes natal Jupiter at 26 Scorpio and asteroid Roy at 23 Scorpio. This has the potential to affect Moore’s reputation, and personalizes the attraction for young partners. Again, this makes that urge a central part of him. Another indicator of potential negative fallout from Moore’s desires is a pairing of Mercury and Damocles at 6 and 8 Pisces. Mercury rules youths and children, while Damocles represents the doom hanging unseen overhead. Mercury is exactly sextile Venus, adding that romantic component to the mix.


Moore’s natal Nessus at 7 Taurus is squared Mars at 13 Aquarius and a Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 4 and 11 Leo, forming a T-Square. This combines themes of sexuality (Mars), betrayal of trust and coercive sexual contact (Nessus), being the senior partner in the relationship (Saturn) and manipulation or trauma for the victim (Pluto). Leigh Corfman has expressed how when Moore was touching her, and guiding her to touch him, she “just wanted it to be over.” Several years after his advances, she attempted suicide.


Louis C. K. has natal Aristaeus also at 8 Sagittarius (the same degree as Kevin Spacey!), conjunct Mars at 1 Sagittarius, which together oppose Pecker and Nessus at 2 and 11 Gemini. Also as with Spacey, a conjunction of a PNA with a sexual libertine asteroid appears – asteroid Luisa (for Louis) at 11 Taurus and Nymphe at 8 Taurus. Both points are stationary, with Nymphe turning retrograde 5 days before his birth, and Luisa turning retrograde a day after, further embedding this energy in his psyche.


A close Sun/Pluto conjunction at 19 and 20 Virgo reveals the comedian’s propensity toward coercion and manipulation generally, as well as a potential for becoming involved in scandal at some point in the life. Asteroid Karma and natal Uranus are also in this mix, from 21 and 24 Virgo; he acts impulsively, in shocking and socially controversial or unacceptable ways (both Uranus), but his actions do eventually catch up with him (Karma).   The recklessness is reinforced by asteroid Icarus at 21 Sagittarius, squaring the Sun and exactly opposing asteroid Louise at 21 Gemini, another variant of Louis. Additionally, asteroid Wiener at 15 Aries and Lust at 14 Cancer square each other, with both in sesquiquadrate to Mars at 1 Sagittarius, forming a Thor’s Hammer pattern.

Interestingly, that Luisa/Nymphe pairing opposes Ganymed at 9 Scorpio, bringing in the theme of partners with disparate levels of power, a theme Louis C. K. touched on in his admission of guilt: “what I learned later in life, too late, is that when you have power over another person, asking them to look at your dick isn’t a question. It’s a predicament for them. The power I had over these women is that they admired me. And I wielded that power irresponsibly.”


But what is truly outstanding is that PNAs representing three of his four named victims cluster about this opposition, with asteroids Danae (for Dana Goodman) and Julia (for Julia Wolov) appearing at 8 Scorpio, and Rebekka (for Rebecca Corry) at 10 Scorpio, all on Ganymed and opposing Luisa/Nymphe. The fourth victim, Abby Corry, is represented by asteroid Abbe at 14 Gemini, conjoined Nessus and opposing Aristaeus.

louis c k accusers

Louis C. K. accusers Julia Wolov and Dana Goodman.

Kevin Spacey’s accusers are too numerous to name, but what got the ball rolling was the statement of Anthony Rapp. Asteroid Antonia (female equivalent of “Anthony”) appears at 21 Capricorn in Spacey’s nativity, closely conjunct asteroid Achilles at 22 Capricorn, a point representing weakness or vulnerability, an inherent flaw which threatens to destroy the individual. Antonia is also widely conjunct Salacia at 13 Capricorn, opposes Wiener at 25 Cancer, and exactly squares Child at 21 Libra, with Pecker at 26 Libra. No interpretation required!

anthony rapp

Spacey accuser Anthony Rapp, 14 years old when the actor assaulted him.

Likewise, Roy Moore’s 14-year-old “girlfriend” Leigh Corfman shows as asteroid Lee, homophone for “Leigh”, which at 23 Scorpio is exactly conjunct natal asteroid Roy, binding them very strongly in the birth chart. Lee is also conjoined Jupiter (reputation), opposing Hebe (underage girls) at 25 Taurus, and forms a T-Square with Moore’s 21 Aquarius Sun. The Scorpio/Taurus portion of this pattern was activated by the “American Eclipse” of August 2017, highlighting Lee/Hebe and bringing Leigh Corfman to national attention. This will be activated again in February 2018 by a second solar eclipse, although in both cases the eclipse is too wide to be considered as engaging the natal Sun itself.


Sex offenders, take note: you can run, but you can’t hide. The truth will out, in the skies and on the ground, and there will be a price to be paid for your crimes.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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