And So It Begins…

On 30 October 2017, Special Counsel Robert Mueller fired the first salvo of his investigation into Donald Trump, indicting former Trump Campaign Manager Paul Manafort on 12 criminal counts, including conspiracy against the United States, money laundering, and making false statements. Also indicted was former campaign assistant Rick Gates, while it was revealed that former foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos, previously arrested on July 27th, had pled guilty to a charge of making false statements on October 5th, and had been cooperating with Mueller’s investigation for months, unbeknownst to the White House.


The noose begins to tighten. While Manafort and Gates are not currently cooperating and have pled not guilty to the charges, Papadopoulos’ defection is more problematic, and could open the door to any number of devastating revelations of wrongdoing on the part of the Trump campaign or the president himself.


As always, key players in the drama have their celestial referents well positioned to frame their terrestrial counterparts’ actions and predicaments. Asteroids Mueller and Troemper, representing the Special Counsel and the President, are in a tense semisquare relationship, with Troemper at 5 Virgo and Mueller at 22 Libra, showcasing the conflict between them. Mueller is also about to conjoin Trump’s natal asteroid d’Arrest at 24 Libra. d’Arrest makes a bold statement in Trump’s birth chart (born 14 June 1946), being at station (it turned direct two days after his birth) and closely squared a natal Saturn/Karma conjunction at 23 Cancer, suggesting a comeuppance or reckoning (Karma) for past actions (also Karma) involving career matters or the presidency (both Saturn), perhaps culminating in actual detention or incarceration (d’Arrest). Transit d’Arrest at 26 Virgo is in company with transit Russia at 22 Virgo, which itself is exactly conjoined Trump’s natal asteroid Moskva (Russian for “Moscow”) and exactly squared his natal Sun at 22 Gemini, revealing the source of the possible arrest – Trump’s inexplicable focus on and admiration for all things Russian.


George Papadopoulos, whose cooperation in Mueller’s investigation could be the death knell for the Trump administration.

Transit d’Arrest is also exactly trined transit asteroid Papadopoulos at 26 Taurus (which is closely conjoined Trump’s natal MC, his reputation and status, at 24 Taurus), and forming a Grand Trine with transit Nemesis at 29 Capricorn. Nemesis is named for the Greek goddess of divine retribution, whose role it was to step in and enact due vengeance on those mere mortals who had gotten out of line or failed to attribute their good fortune to the gods. Nemesis has come to be viewed as any person or thing which blocks our progress or aspirations, warranted or not, but its original usage refers to self-undoing, to justified punishments meted out for prior sins.


Trump’s natal Nemesis at 16 Cancer has been getting quite a workout of late; Pluto’s direct station in September exactly opposed it from 16 Capricorn, while both Mueller (born 7 August 1944) and Manafort (born 1 April 1949) have natal d’Arrest placements at 19 Cancer, highlighting Trump’s Nemesis by conjunction. (And just think about that for a moment – the arrester and his arrestee, both with identical d’Arrest placements!) This indicates that Mueller’s power to arrest, and the arrest of Manafort himself, both have implications for Trump’s downfall. Pluto’s most recent retrograde station, in April 2017, a scant month before Mueller’s appointment to the case, was exactly opposed these d’Arrest positions from 19 Capricorn, infusing these points with greater force and power. Trump’s natal asteroid Mueller at 13 Aries squares his Nemesis, defining one option for where his downfall ensues, while transit asteroid Moskva at 21 Cancer for the indictment is still within orb of conjunction to Nemesis.

manafort indictment

Paul Manafort, former Trump Campaign manager, whose indictment brings the investigation directly into Trump’s inner circle.

Manafort’s natal Nemesis at 24 Aquarius is closely inconjunct Trump’s natal Saturn, symbol of his career and the office he currently holds, suggesting Manafort may have a role to play in Trump’s professional downfall. It is also exactly trined Trump’s natal d’Arrest, a placement which may help to facilitate (trine) his arrest. Transit asteroid Paul for the day of Paul Manafort’s indictment falls at 10 Capricorn, within orb of transit Pluto at 17, indicating the devastating consequences for himself, but also opposing Trump’s natal Nemesis, adding to the “pile on” effect.


Natally, asteroid Paul at 24 Scorpio is an exact match for Trump’s IC, denoting Manafort as potentially foundational in Trump’s biography. This is already borne out by his influence in the campaign, bringing Trump in for a landing with the GOP nomination and assuring the lack of a convention floor fight, before his own ouster just prior to the general election phase of Trump’s campaign. But its work may not be done there, as testimony acquired from Manafort could lead directly to Trump’s fall. In this light, it should be noted that Trump’s Paul exactly squares Manafort’s Nemesis, bringing her wheel of fortune and consequences full circle.

mueller mulling

Special Counsel Robert Mueller mulls his next move.

Manafort may be very useful to Mueller in gathering information on Trump. His natal asteroid Troemper at 11 Virgo is closely conjunct Mueller’s Mercury, representing information and inquiry, at 12 Virgo, which is itself at the fulcrum of a T-Square in Mueller’s chart involving exact squares to natal asteroid Troemper and Uranus, both at 12 Gemini, and asteroid Washingtonia at 12 Sagittarius. This looks a lot like a major disruption (Uranus) in the US capitol (Washingtonia) involving the president (Troemper), based in Mueller’s investigation (Mercury) and Manafort’s place in it (Manafort’s natal Troemper). Mueller’s Washingtonia was the scene of a mini-stellium of asteroid energies when the indictment was handed down – conjoined by transit George (for Papadopoulos), Roberts (for Robert Mueller), Washingtonia and Icarus (rash, reckless actions, sudden fall from grace), at 9, 11, 14 and 15 Sagittarius respectively. The close conjunction of George with Roberts (these also oppose transit asteroid Roberta, a second indicator for Mueller, at 7 Gemini) suggests a hand-in-glove operation between Mueller and Papadopoulos, and the pivotal importance of Papadopoulos’ testimony at this stage of Mueller’s investigation.

trump thumbs up

Ever the narcissistic optimist, Trump seems to have no understanding of the tight spot he finds himself in, as he gives a jaunty “thumbs up” to reporters.

Also of interest is an exact transit conjunction of Saturn with asteroid Askalaphus at 24 Sagittarius, which is closely inconjunct Trump’s own Saturn at 23 Cancer, potentially affecting his career. Saturn represents the presidency, while Askalaphus is noted for tale-bearing, whistleblowing, and the revealing of secrets. This pairing falls exactly on Trump’s natal asteroid Achilles, representing an inherent weakness or vulnerability which threatens to destroy the native.


As well, transit Nemesis at 29 Capricorn is fast encroaching upon Trump’s natal Askalaphus at 0 Aquarius, and with transit Troemper at 5 Virgo for the indictment moving to conjoin his natal asteroid Truth at 7 Virgo, much may be exposed. Trump’s natal asteroid Papadopoulos at 1 Leo closely opposes natal Askalaphus, designating him as a primary source of Trump’s secrets, while natal asteroid George at 15 Cancer strongly reinforces the self-undoing, retributive energies of Trump’s natal Nemesis at 16 Cancer.

trump thumbs down

A more realistic digital appraisal of Trump’s predicament – you’re going down, POTUS!

No matter how you slice it, things are looking very dicey in Trumpland.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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We love Dicey in Trumpland. This whole post is fascinating and proves, once again, that your asteroid perspective is a continually generating synchronicity machine!

    Alex Miller


    Thanks, Trish! Looks like people are getting the message, with the Election Day results in VA and local races elsewhere. Here in nearby Chester County PA, they elected their first Democrat official since … well, forever! They have only had Republicans elected since the cou8ntry was founded! Also in Delaware County, two Dems were elected to the council, first since the 1980s.

    GOP will have to sit up and take notice of this, and support for Trump will crash.


Hello from Sahara
Do you have Mueller and Manaford’s birth times?
Each has Lots of Leo aspects near Trumps Regulus Asc.

    Alex Miller


    No, sorry Sahara, no birth times are available so far as I know…


Alex I dont know how you remember all these asteroids but love the interpretive commentary and look forward to upcoming results

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