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Vaxman vs The Djoker

Serbian tennis phenom Novak Djokovic may have thrown a spanner into his quest for a new world record as the winningest Grand Slam champion of all time.  Djokovic is in a three-way tie with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, with 20 titles each, but he may have stubbed his toe with his COVID anti-vax stance, which may prevent him from competing in the Australian Open, beginning January 17.  Australia’s response to the coronavirus pandemic has been notoriously strict, with county-wide lockdowns and stringent protocols on entering the country. 

Djokovic has chosen not to be vaccinated, but claims to have been infected with COVID last month, granting him natural immunity, and packed a medical exemption note from his doctor in his traveling kit when he flew to Melbourne on January 5th.  But Australian immigration authorities said, “not so fast!” and after arrival Djokovic was detained at the airport for several hours before being denied entry to the country, then moved the next morning to a quarantine hotel to await the results of his appeal.

djo kiss
Kissing victory goodbye? Defending Champion Novak Djokovic may not be able to compete in the Australian Open due to his vaccination status; asteroid NOT exactly trine asteroid Vaxjo in his birth chart helps to explain his refusal to take the vaccine; NOT and Vaxjo were semisquare when the tennis star was denied entry

On the 10th, Judge Anthony Kelly overturned the ban on Djokovic’s entry and participation in the event, and the celebrity athlete began his practice.  But there’s one more tennis shoe to drop – Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has the prerogative to reinstate the ban on his personal authority, and so far, no final decision has been made.

We can debate the pros and cons of science, COVID, and the vaccine, but rules are rules, and flouting them should come with consequences.  If Djokovic elects, for personal or medical reasons, not to comply with current Australian regulations, then that’s his choice, but he has to live with the ramifications.  There’s no reason to grant him special treatment solely because he’s a talented and popular player, or bend the rules due to his celebrity status.

Born 22 May 1987 at 11:25 AM MEDT in Belgrade, Serbia (Rodden Rating AA), Novak Djokovic sports a remarkable cluster of natal asteroids which seems to suggest that this chapter in his life may have been fated from birth.

Between the Sun at 1 Gemini and Mercury at 18 Gemini lies a fertile field of stellar bodies:  Achilles (at 8 Gemini), Koronis (10), Vaxjo (11), Icarus (12), Karma (15) and Melbourne (18).  Achilles refers to athletic prowess, but also stubbornness, and an inherent flaw or weakness which threatens to destroy the individual.  Koronis is our celestial referent for the coronavirus; Vaxjo represents vaccines, commonly termed “vax”; Icarus is noted for rash, reckless acts heedless of the consequences; Karma is how we pay for our decisions and prior actions; and Melbourne is the venue for the Australian Open.

djo lawyer
Djokovic’s lawyer, Nicholas Wood, who successfully argued for his client’s admittance and participation; natal asteroid Wood conjoins Djokovic’s Ascendant, affecting his public image, while transit Wood conjoined Jupiter, ruling lawyers, semisquare the Sun, when the ruling came down

Put it all together, and we see an innate vulnerability and stubbornness (both Achilles) regarding COVID (Koronis) prophylactic measures (Vaxjo), which are treated with a devil-may-care disregard for the costs (Icarus), which must nevertheless be paid (Karma), coming into focus at the Australian Open (Melbourne).  Having asteroid NOT, a general disqualifier or block to progress, in exact trine to Vaxjo from11 Libra, identifies the source of the problem as Djokovic’s refusal to be vaccinated (as well as explaining his hesitancy in the first place).

As to the innate vulnerability depicted by Achilles, we might attribute that to TNO Ixion.  Ixion is named for the first murderer in Greek myth, and in my work, I most commonly encounter it in that capacity, as homicide.  However, Ixion’s myth is complicated, and the TNO represents many things, including ingratitude and a sense of entitlement.  This is a not uncommon side-effect of success and celebrity, and that Djokovic might be at least as susceptible to this as others is betrayed by a close conjunction of natal Ixion at 20 Scorpio with asteroid Novakovic (a kind of contraction of Novak and Djokovic) at 19 Scorpio, further binding this trait personally to him.  Individuals with this affliction frequently believe that the rules do not apply to them, and act accordingly.  Djokovic’s native sense of entitlement can only have been exacerbated by the close square to asteroid Champion at 20 Leo, once he rose to the top of his profession.

This rise is prefigured in a Grand Trine of Champion with Saturn at 19 Sagittarius, ruling career, and Jupiter at 18 Aries, bringing celebrity and fame.  This becomes a Kite with Saturn’s opposition to Mercury at 18 Gemini, indicating that Djokovic’s decisions (Mercury) will play a pivotal role in how the potential of the Grand Trine manifests, and with Melbourne also here at 18 Gemini, the implication is that this locale may have bearing upon the ultimate outcome.  With Roger Federer downed by a knee injury, if Novak Djokovic is prevented from playing by his decision not to vaccinate, Rafael Nadal could have a virtually unimpeded path to breaking the three-way tie that currently binds tennis’ top male players.

djo cartoon
Can the Land Down Under topple Djokovic from his pedestal? With natal asteroid Novakovic conjunct natal TNO Ixion, and transit asteroid Kimnovak exactly squared transit Ixion, Djokovic feels a sense of entitlement, but natal asteroid Australia conjunct Venus and opposed Pluto indicates a power play over conflicting values, while transit Australia conjoined Neptune and squared natal Saturn suggests disappointment in career matters from that quarter

The Ixion theme of entitlement repeats itself, with a vengeance, on the day Djokovic was denied entry to Australia (when the Sun at 16 Capricorn closely opposed transit Novakovic at 17 Cancer, putting him in the spotlight).  On January 6th, Ixion at 1 Capricorn was exactly squared asteroid Kimnovak at 1 Aries, a CNA (Compound-Name Asteroid) which includes Novak, Djokovic’s first name.  These exactly T-Square Djokovic’s natal Mars, ruling sports and competition, at 1 Cancer; this pattern becomes a Grand Cross with transit Champion at 6 Libra.  Kimnovak also conjoins Djokovic’s natal Moon at 5 Aries, implying an emotional response from a health-related issue (both Moon-ruled), while Mars natally conjoins asteroids Victoria and Nemesis at 3 and 4 Cancer, identifying the Australian state (Victoria, where Melbourne is located) as his potential downfall (Nemesis), denying (Nemesis again) him a win (also Victoria, named for the Roman goddess of victory).

Natal Kimnovak at 19 Pisces conjoins Damocles, the doom hanging unseen overhead, at 17 Pisces, a caveat to beware interactions with this place; squared Saturn at 19 Sag, the implied threat involves career, and is also a personal matter (Kimnovak).  Transiting this zone when Djokovic was stopped at the Australian border are Neptune at 20 Pisces, which brings deception, confusion and disappointment; asteroids Victoria and Australia at 12 and 22 Pisces, defining the venue; and asteroid Hawke at 16 Pisces, for Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, who will make the final call. 

djo judge
Australian judge Anthony Kelly reversed the ban on Djokovic’s entry, allowing him to compete; natal asteroids Antonia and Kelley are t-squared Ixion/Novakovic, reinforcing Djokovic’s entitlement mentality; transit Antonia exactly opposes transit Pluto with retrograde Venus, portraying Kelly’s power to transform the situation in ways favorable to the tennis star

Natal asteroid Australia at 3 Taurus conjoins Venus at 6 Taurus, but also opposes Pluto at 7 Scorpio:  the result is power plays (Pluto) involving a clash of competing (opposition) values (Venus) – Djokovic’s and Australia’s.  Transit Koronis at 12 Leo is currently exactly opposed Saturn at 12 Aquarius, and this polarity forms a crossbar with the natal opposition, forming a Grand Cross.  Koronis/Saturn suggests some restriction, limitation or penalty (all Saturn) involving the coronavirus (Koronis); joining the pattern is transit Uranus at 10 Taurus, an indication that the resolution is somehow controversial or unexpected. 

Supporting players in this drama find themselves represented celestially as well.  Djokovic’s lawyer Nicholas Wood shows his importance to his client’s biography as asteroid Wood, which at 17 Capricorn conjoins the natal Ascendant at 16 Capricorn, with both in turn conjoined by the transit Sun at 16 Cap when Djokovic was denied entry (with, you will recall, transit asteroid Novakovic in opposition).  Wood on the Ascendant is appropriate here, in that the lawyer’s job is to help craft his client’s public image.  Transit Wood at 4 Pisces conjoins transit Jupiter, ruling lawyers, at 1 Pisces, and is exactly semisquare the Sun, for his moment in the spotlight. 

Three variants for Nicolas further refine the lawyer’s role:  asteroid Nicky (nickname) at 11 Gemini and Nicole (feminine version) at 14 Gemini are embroiled in the midst of the natal stellium which so aptly describes the situation, placing him front and center in the fracas, and rendering his involvement virtually inevitable.  Asteroid Nichol at 12 Taurus is again angular, on the 14 Taurus IC, reinforcing the lawyer’s importance in Djokovic’s life, and opposes Ixion/Novakovic, reinforcing Djokovic’s sense of entitlement. 

djo balls
Djokovic displaying his balls, but is he juggling too many with his anti-vax stance? A natal Grand Trine Kite pattern of Saturn, Jupiter and Champion establishes Djokovic’s world-class, celebrity career, but Mercury at the String exactly conjunct asteroid Melbourne suggests that his decisions regarding the Australian Open (held in Melbourne) could be crucial

By transit these points also collude in the saga.  Transit Nichol at 17 Sagittarius conjoins transit Mars exactly, also conjunct transit Vaxjo at 20 Sagittarius, while transit Nicky at 20 Gemini opposes these, binding the lawyer (Nichol, Nicky) with the sporting event (Mars) and the underlying issue of vaccination (Vaxjo).  These conjoin natal Saturn at 19 Sagittarius, representing Djokovic’s career, the government entities and their rules and regulations with which he has come into conflict, and any penalties or restrictions they may impose.  Transit Nicole at 20 Scorpio exactly conjoins transit asteroid Kelly, for the judge who ruled in Djokovic’s favor, and these in turn are also exactly conjunct natal Ixion, for the tag team that together validated Djokovic’s privileged status.  Transit asteroid Melbourne stands at 27 Scorpio, reminding us where we are, and where these two met.

The judge, Anthony Kelly, is seen natally as asteroids Antonia, Antonella (both feminine versions of Anthony), Kelly and Kelley (alternate spelling).  Kelly at 26 Cancer and Kelley at 22 Taurus each conjoin an angle, with Kelly on the 16 Cancer Descendant and Kelley on the 14 Taurus IC, again conferring the judge’s importance in Djokovic’s bio.  Asteroid Antonella at 15 Pisces conjoins Damocles and Kimnovak, squaring Saturn, giving the judge some degree of influence over that looming threat (Damocles) to Djokovic’s (Kimnovak) career (Saturn).  Antonia at 19 Aquarius T-Squares Ixion/Novakovic opposed Kelley, doubling down on enabling Djokovic’s entitled mentality. 

Incredibly, by transit, Antonia has come to 26 Cancer, exactly conjoining natal Kelly, from where it exactly opposes transit Pluto at 26 Capricorn, acknowledging the judge’s power over the situation, while transit Antonella at 4 Libra is traveling with transit Champion at 6 Libra, affirming the judge as Djokovic’s “champion”, his defender and ally in this matter.

djo minister
Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke has the authority to reverse Judge Kelly’s ruling and revoke Djokovic’s visa, preventing him from competing; natal asteroid Hawke conjoins Damocles (the looming threat) and Kimnovak, squared Saturn, marking him as a potential roadblock to Djokovic’s career; transit Hawke conjoins Australia and Neptune, perhaps signaling disappointment

That leaves Immigration Minister Alex Hawke, who may yet reverse Djokovic’s status and deny his participation.  We’ve already seen that transit Hawke is enmeshed with Victoria, Neptune and Australia, atop natal Damocles/Kimnovak.  But natal Hawke is here, too – at 13 Pisces, meaning that Djokovic has just experienced his “Hawke Return”, a period reinforcing whatever natal potential as spoiler (Damocles) may be inherent in the role he was destined to play in this life (Kimnovak). 

Natal asteroid Alex at 21 Cancer conjoins the Descendant, affirming persons of that name as pivotal in the biography, and transit Alex at 23 Capricorn opposes natal Antonia and transit Kelly, perhaps reversing the judge’s ruling.  Transit Alex also joins the transit Venus/Pluto conjunction at 20 and 26 Capricorn; just as Venus and Pluto were opposed at Djokovic’s birth, they are now conjoined, with Venus retrograde, suggesting a reappraisal (retrograde) of values (Venus), with the Minister (Alex) as the man with the ultimate power (Pluto) to decide which set of values comes out on top – his country’s, or its guest.

Alex Hawke is about to have his literal “moment in the sun” as well, with the transit Sun and transit Alex coming into conjunction, exact at 27 Capricorn on January 17th, the day the Australian Open begins.  With transit Champion, currently at 8 Libra, gaining ground on Djokovic’s natal NOT at 11 Libra daily, there’s every chance that the tie-breaking Grand Slam championship is slipping through “No-vax” Djoker-vic’s fingers, even if he’s allowed to play.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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A great and thorough analysis, Alex, and I love that you discovered asteroid Novakovic that can be used to signify Djokovic! Also learned another new asteroid from you, Vaxjo! We’ll see what happens next! Thanks, Alex!


That article on Djokovic is fantastic, but then all of them are! I found you on Skyscript following ‘playing with asteroids’!
Never have I given asteroids any thought, other then thinking they are useless — how ignorant of me!
Just ordered: The Black Hole Book, and can’t wait until your asteroid books goes on the market for sale. Would you please mention it on Skyscript when it becomes available? I can hardly wait…
For Djokovic, I always used the word arrogance, but your use of ‘entitlement’ is a far better choice. Even if he is allowed to stay, I do not believe he will win!

How I miss Federer!

Thank you for your wonderful articles!


Now that Djokovic is being deported from Australia it is clear that you really hit the nail on the head with your analysis, Alex. You even picked up on the fact that Alex Hawke would be instrumental by cancelling Djokovic’s visa. More than any astrologer I know of, you are doing a great job of showing how the asteroids reflect current events. Love your work, keep it up!

Esperanza Acosta

estoy aprendiendo sobre los asteroides, gracias por compartir sus conocimientos y experiencia


Yes, “entitlement” is the most appropriate word. And loss of the title which he is claiming? And how about hubris?
Current joke doing the rounds:

I am mystified that people are so angry about Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic’s current visa problems. Its his personal choice.
But his parents must have known something way back when they named him…
No Vac.
Now, that’s a Djok.
Serb him right!!
And all because of kovic…


Djokovic will turn out to be the winner in the end.
Your stories are highly polluted through your own bias.
The bias is your blind spot, so obviously, you are not able to see this, nor are the people that like your analysis, they just share your blindspot.
I don’t know anything about asteroids, but the good thing is, you have made me curious about them, so thank you.

    Alex Miller


    And your reception of these stories is polluted by your bias; if I shared your viewpoint, you’d think they were great. What’s the difference?

    Oh, right. I have the expertise and the platform, and you don’t.

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