Oscar Recap 2019

OK, so what do I know? Absolutely none of the picks I made in advance for the 2019 Academy Awards, based solely on asteroid placements for the day of the ceremony, won the Oscar. It may be that asteroids are less predictive than descriptive, as I have often suspected.


Then again, I may just suck at prediction (I have often suspected that, too).


Either way, the PNAs for the nominees were stunning in their multiplicity and placement, and as I said at the time, a celestial case for victory could be made for almost any of them, so tapped into the skies were they for the day. And that makes sense – out of hundreds of performances under review, those given the nod should be represented celestially, be they ultimately winners or not. It’s a cosmic honor just to be nominated, yadda yadda yadda.


And I also said that the final determination would depend upon 1) how well their nominated roles fit into their birth charts and 2) how strong their “winning” asteroids, Nike and Victoria, were at birth. So now, with the benefit of hindsight, let’s see how that panned out.

First off, I have to issue a correction to the former Oscar article. I made an extremely stupid mistake in my initial calculations for the controlling chart, which was the start of the Awards. I used an 8 PM time. That’s all very well and good, since 8 PM is when the ceremony started, here in EST Philly. But it’s not when it occurred in LA, where the Oscars are held! That, of course, was three hours earlier local time, at 5 PM PST. Duh!


So, mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima astrologica culpa! However, that didn’t really affect my calculations; there were only three nominees whose angular relationship I cited, none of which I chose as winners. So the effect of my mistake was minimal.


Nevertheless, for the record, the actual Angles for the event were 27 Leo Rising and 23 Taurus on the Midheaven. And that is significant, because it connects with several winners’ charts.

O91 recap green book

Best Picture winner “Green Book”; with its premiere Sun conjoined Jupiter and opposed Oskar/Victoria, it was a cosmic shoo-in

Let’s start with the Best Picture winner, “Green Book”. In the preview article, I noted: “[Asteroid] Green at 18 Aries shares Saturn’s spotlight [at 17 Capricorn], and also squares transformational, empowering Pluto at 22 Capricorn, widely squared Venus at 24 Cap, perhaps giving “Green Book” a popular edge.” This wasn’t the best-connected asteroid of the day, in my opinion, but certainly a strong contender.


More revealing is the film’s “birth chart”, based on its premiere date of 21 November 2018. Here the potential for an Oscar win is easy to see; in fact, hard to miss! The Sun at 29 Scorpio conjoins Greater Benefic Jupiter at 2 Sagittarius, bringing luck and enhanced career, status or reputation (in this case, extending to anyone associated with the Oscar-winning production). Both oppose a startling conjunction of asteroid Oskar at 29 Taurus, exactly opposing the Sun, with asteroid Victoria, named for the Roman goddess of victory (and the root of our word), at 0 Gemini. You can’t get much plainer than that! Mars at 3 Pisces adds an energetic bounce and creates a T-Square; it’s also conjoined the 6 Pisces degree of the Award’s Sun. Incidentally, the chart also has an Actor/Pluto conjunction, at 17 and 19 Capricorn, squared asteroid Nike at 24 Aries, named for Victoria’s Greek counterpart, perhaps a nod to Mahershala Ali’s Best Supporting Actor win for that film.


Note to self: look at movie premiere dates in future!

O91 recap regina-king-oscars

Best Supporting Actress Regina King, with Nike squared the Sun

Regina King took home Oscar gold for her performance as Sharon Rivers in “If Beale Street Could Talk”; she’s a member of the “double match” nominees, those having two exact celestial referents for both names (of which there were a surprising number this year). With transit asteroid King at 12 Gemini in square to the Sun and Neptune at 6 and 15 Pisces for the Awards, a focus (Sun) on her theatrical performance (Neptune) was possible; with asteroid Regina at 2 Capricorn in trine to Mars and asteroid Nike at 7 and 10 Taurus, she pulled out the win.


Born 15 January 1971 at 7:40 AM PST in Harbor City, California (Rodden Rating AA), King sports a 24 Cap Sun closely squared by winning Nike at 25 Libra, making her a likely contender for victory in any competition on offer. Oddly, the actress has asteroid Regina at 10 Aquarius conjunct asteroid King at 16 Aquarius, with Regina conjoined the 5 Aquarius Ascendant; I’ve often seen a PNA connected to the Ascendant, which governs how others see us, but having one’s PNAs conjunct each other is rare. Asteroid Oskar at 28 Sagittarius with Mercury at 1 Capricorn and asteroid Actor at 6 sets the stage for acting (Actor) accolades (Oskar) based in voting (Mercury), which makes news (Mercury again). Actor exactly squared asteroid Academia at 6 Aries, our celestial stand-in for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, which sponsors the awards, is another strong link pertaining specifically to the Oscar.

O91 recap regina-king-beale-street

King as Sharon Rivers in “If Beale Street Could Talk”; with natal asteroid Sharon squared Jupiter and Victoria, it was a winning, prestige-building role

Why this particular role, of Sharon Rivers? That can be explained by asteroid Sharon at 0 Virgo, closely squared a natal Jupiter/Victoria combination at 0 and 1 Sagittarius. Asteroid Riverside, closest to “Rivers”, is also in the mix, conjoined these from 29 Scorpio, the entire stellium within orb of the 23 Scorpio MC, ruling career. And that MC “just happens” to be exactly opposed the MC for the awards themselves, 23 Taurus. Looks like Regina’s time had literally come!


Mahershala Ali’s win for the role of pianist Don Shirley in “Green Book” is likewise written in the stars at his birth and, as it turns out, on the night in question as well. Ali was the only nominee in the 20-person field who had no asteroid referent whatsoever. Or so I thought. Had I done my research better, I would have noted that “Ali” is a stage name; his birth surname is “Gilmore”. At 24 Libra for the Awards, asteroid Gilmore is squared Saturn, Pluto and Venus (Venus exactly, ramping up his popularity) at 17, 22 and 24 Capricorn, opposes transit Uranus at 29 Aries, and is also at the Apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjuncts to Mercury at 24 Pisces (exact, with Mercury ruling the voting process) and Victoria at 28 Taurus. That does look like a fated win, doesn’t it?

O91 recap ali oscar

Best Supporting Actor Mahershala Ali; a natal Pluto/Victoria conjunction opposed Actor/Nike suggests empowering victories in the dramatic arts

Confirmation comes from the birth chart (doesn’t it always?). Born 16 February 1974 at 11:40 PM PDT in Oakland, California (Rodden Rating AA), Ali has asteroid Oskar at 29 Libra closely conjoined the 28 Libra Ascendant, making it a part of how others see him. Oskar also conjoins Uranus at 27 Libra and is in a Grand Trine with the Sun/Jupiter conjunction at 25/28 Aquarius and Saturn, ruling career and professional accolades, at 27 Gemini. This is Ali’s second Oscar (the first was for 2016’s “Moonlight”); he is the first Muslim to win an Academy Award.  Note also that this Sun/Jupiter pairing is T-Squared the 23 Taurus/Scorpio Vertical Axis of the awards ceremony, tapping Ali strongly into the moment.


As if this wasn’t cosmic cred enough to qualify him for the winner’s circle, Ali also sports an opposition of asteroids Actor and Nike at 7 and 11 Aries to Pluto and Victoria, at 6 and 10 Libra, T-Squaring the Moon at 4 Capricorn! Beat me over the head with it, why don’t you? Victoria is also fresh from station, having turned retrograde 11 days before his birth, at 11 Libra.

O91 recap ali green book

Ali as Don Shirley in “Green Book”; asteroid Shirley is sesquiquadrate the Ascendant, allowing him to embody the role

With Venus conjunct Academia at 26 and 29 Capricorn, the Academy loves him; transit Venus about to make its return from 24 Cap for the ceremony didn’t hurt, either. Natal asteroid Shirley at 13 Pisces is exactly sesquiquadrate the 28 Libra Ascendant, enabling Ali to “look the part”, and again, defines how others come to see him. It also conjoins Mercury at 11 Pisces (that cosmic vote-counter), and was conjoined by thespian Neptune at 15 Pisces for the Awards. Transit Victoria at 28 Taurus was exactly squared his Sun, exactly inconjunct his Ascendant/Oskar, which was also exactly opposed by transit Uranus, forming an exact T-Square with natal Academia. All right, already! Yes, he’s a winner, I got it!


Olivia Colman’s victory seemed to shock her as much as anyone. Her role as England’s Queen Anne, of the House of Stuart, brought critical acclaim, but she was on top of no one’s list in advance of the awards, with such stiff competition as seven-time nominee Glenn Close, who was due for a win. Asteroid Coleman, however (phonetic match for “Colman”), was at 6 Pisces for the ceremony, exactly trine the Sun, and opposing that Mars/Nike placement at 7 and 10 Taurus. Asteroid Olivia at 28 Capricorn conjoined Venus at 24 and closely squared Uranus at 29 Aries, making her unexpected (Uranus) popularity (Venus) perhaps the surprise (Uranus again) of the evening.

O91 recap colman oscar

Best Actress winner Olivia Colman shares Ali’s Pluto/Victoria opposed Actor/Nike; with Jupiter at 21 Aquarius squaring the Awards’ MC/IC, the planet of luck was with her

But anyone familiar with her chart needn’t have been shocked. Even without a time of birth, the sings are there to read. Born 30 January 1974, like Ali, born just two weeks later, Colman has Victoria and Pluto in conjunction, at 11 and 6 Libra, making for a powerful winning combination. Additionally, Victoria is trine the Sun and at its station degree, about to turn retrograde on February 5th, an edge denied Ali, though he’s done quite well with what he has.  And like Ali, Colman has that Actor/Nike conjunction opposing these, this time exact, at 4 Aries.


Another aspect they share is Oskar conjunct Uranus, here at 26 and 27 Libra, for the unexpected win. These oppose transit Uranus at 29 Aries and incorporate transit Olivia at 28 Cap into a T-Square, with natal Venus involved from 29 Capricorn. Colman is also about to get a Venus Return, and while her natal Academia at 21 Cap is a bit broad in its conjunction to natal Venus, it’s also closely aligned with asteroid Queen’s at 19 Cap, making that regal role one which had the Academy sitting up and taking notice.

O91 recap Olivia-Colman favourite

Olivia Coleman as Queen Anne in “The Favourite” was celestially authenticated by a solar T-Square involving asteroids Anna and Stuart, her character’s names

Colman’s ability to portray Queen Anne so convincingly may stem from the Sun in a T-Square with asteroids Anna at 18 Scorpio and Stuart at 12 Taurus, conjoined Mars at 15, the source of her bravura performance as the last Stuart monarch. The Sun connected to her character’s full name allowed her to reach within to present an authentic picture; this is a common placement for Academy Award winners and the roles that brought Oscar home. Even asteroid Regina, Latin for “queen”, gets in on the act. At 13 Virgo, natal Regina is in a Grand Trine with Queen’s/Academia and Stuart/Mars, which Anna transforms into a Kite pattern, a focal point for channeling its energies and potential.


Rami Malek’s chances for a win with “Bohemian Rhapsody” were tough to call in advance, with no really close celestial referents. Asteroid Malecki at 22 Aquarius is the closest, bound up in a loose T-Square with the Moon at 19 Scorpio and the transit Victoria/Nike conjunction at 28 and 29 Taurus.

O91 recap rami oscar

Best Actor Rami Malek hoists high his Oscar; with Actor conjunct Uranus and trined asteroid Oskar, Nike conjunct Pluto and Academia, and Victoria angular with the Moon, he’s a natural fit for acting success

Born 12 May 1981 at 8:41 AM PDT in Torrance, California (Rodden Rating AA), Malek’s natal Actor/Uranus conjunction at 26 and 28 Scorpio opposed to the 21 Taurus Sun allows him to portray quirky, futuristic roles, such as TV’s “Mr. Robot”, and gave him the electrically charged pizzazz to pull off his Oscar-winning tour de force performance as Queen front man Freddie Mercury. This character is unique, in that the surname is also a planet; with natal Mercury at 8 Gemini exactly sextile asteroid Fredrick at 8 Leo, for Freddie, Malek was a natural fit for the part. And with Actor exactly trine to asteroid Oskar at 26 Cancer the potential for an Academy Award connection is definitely there.  The Sun at 21 Taurus is also conjunct the Awards ceremony’s Midheaven, propelling Malek into the spotlight.


Natal asteroid Academia at 15 Libra joins with Nike at 20 and Pluto at 22 Libra, another indication that a “winning” asteroid with Pluto is hard to beat! By itself, Academia/Nike does suggest an Oscar win at some point, and having Victoria at 12 Virgo, conjunct the Moon at 11 and the IC at 16 Virgo, strongly reinforces the general theme of victory in his life.  Note also that Victoria squares Mercury, the role that brought him the win.

O91 recap rami BR

Malek’s performance as Queen front man Freddie Mercury in “Bohemian Rhapsody” was enhanced by natal planet Mercury exactly sextile asteroid Fredrick; Mercury squared Victoria set the seal on his win

So in hindsight, all of this makes sense, with the full picture now available. There just wasn’t time to look into everyone’s natal factors pre-event, and rating the PNAs for the day showed victory potential for just about everybody nominated.


In closing, I did want to call attention to the one sort of pseudo-prediction I made that sort of panned out. Kinda. I did focus on Lady Gaga’s karmic potential for the night, with asteroid Stefani, an exact match for her given first name: “If we look to Gaga’s birth name of Stefani Germanotta for clues, we find asteroid Stefani at 15 Leo at the apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjunct aspects to Saturn at 17 Capricorn and Neptune at 15 Pisces. Could this be a signal of a fated (Yod) moment in her movie (Neptune) career (Saturn)?”

It may not be as sexy as her onstage duet with Bradley Cooper, but Lady Gaga’s make-out session with Oscar was well earned; with her PNA referent at the Apex of a Yod with Saturn and Neptune, Gaga won her gold for “Best Original Song”

Nominated as Best Actress for “A Star Is Born”, Gaga didn’t win. But she did take home her first Oscar gold, for Best Original Song, for “Shallow.” Neptune also rules songs and singers, as well as dramatic performances; I guess Fate can be tricky that way…



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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