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And the Oscar Goes To…


The 90th Academy Awards are now history, and they’ve made some astrological history as well. Let’s take a look at the four acting award recipients, and see what stands out in their charts to make it a winning night for them.

First, all four have asteroid Nike prominent natally, a point named for the Greek goddess of victory. Both Sam Rockwell, winning Best Supporting Actor for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” and Allison Janney, winning Best Supporting Actress for “I, Tonya” have Nike at station.

Sam Rockwell (born 5 November 1968, no time available) has Nike at 10 Pisces, trine the 12 Scorpio Sun and on the midpoint of an exact sextile between asteroid Samuele (for Sam) at 11 Capricorn and asteroid Oskar at 11 Aries. Nike, which turned direct just 9 days before his birth, is also squared asteroid Rockwell Kent (for Rockwell) at 13 Sagittarius. Natal Nike was highlighted at the awards show by a transit conjunction of Nike and Victoria (named for the Roman goddess of victory and our root for that word) at 7 Pisces, so Rockwell was approaching a Nike Return at the time. Natal Nike is also conjunct the 4 Pisces Descendant of the awards and transit Neptune at 13 Pisces, ruling films (which also exactly squared Rockwell Kent, in this case conferring a long-held dream, as opposed to its alternate function of providing disappointment). Rockwell’s award led off the evening, and when his name was called at 5:18 PM PST in Hollywood, California, the transiting Ascendant at 8 Virgo opposed his natal Nike, with the transiting Midheaven at 5 Gemini in square.

O2 rockwell

Sam Rockwell hoists high his well-earned Oscar for Best Supporting Actor

Rockwell also sports a close conjunction of asteroid Actor at 11 Scorpio with the Sun, while natal Victoria at 23 Taurus was exactly opposed by transit Jupiter at 23 Scorpio and exactly inconjunct the transit Moon at 23 Libra. Victoria is named for the Roman goddess of victory, and is the root of the English word. Natal asteroid Academia, for the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which sponsors the event, falls at 27 Libra, conjoined Mercury at 25 Libra (perhaps pulling in those votes, Mercury-ruled), with the transit Moon coming up from behind. Transit Mercury and Venus, both at 27 Pisces, were also exactly inconjunct natal Academia. The Sun at 14 Pisces was squared natal Rockwell Kent, which conjoins natal Venus at 18 Sagittarius.

Although I didn’t look into the Supporting Actor nominees when I did my Oscar preview article, if I had, I’d have noted transit Rockwell Kent at 27 Pisces, exactly conjoined the Mercury/Venus pairing.

Allison Janney (born 12:44 PM EST 19 November 1959, Boston, MA; Rodden Rating AA) has Nike at 16 Cancer retrograde, conjoined the 13 Cancer Moon, trine natal Mars at 20 Scorpio and broadly trine the 26 Scorpio Sun. Nike turned just three days before Janney’s birth, and is closely squared natal asteroid Actor at 15 Capricorn, forming a T-Square with natal Venus and Victoria at 10 and 12 Libra.

O2 janney

Best Supporting Actress winner Allison Janney in powerhouse red (her Sun conjoins Mars), triumphant in her victory

Janney’s natal Oskar at 0 Capricorn conjoins natal Saturn at 4 Cap, which is fresh from her second Saturn Return, with transit Saturn now at 7 Capricorn. Natal Academia at 21 Virgo opposed transit Oskar at 23 Pisces, as well as Venus and Mercury at 27 Pisces, and when Janney received her award at 6:29 PM PST, the transit MC at 21 Gemini squared natal Academia exactly. It was also exactly inconjunct natal asteroid Jana (for Janney) at 21 Scorpio, which conjoins the 26 Scorpio Sun, both points encompassed by transit Jupiter at 23 Scorpio. Natal Uranus was also in the mix, exactly sextile the transit MC from 21 Leo. Transit asteroid Jana at 9 Libra was semisquare transit Jupiter and inconjunct the transit Nike/Victoria pairing.

[Unfortunately, this is the last “winning time” I was able to record. I’m typically in bed by 8 PM, and wanted to watch the entire awards show which was slated to end at 11, but of course it ran over, and by 11:15 the Best Actor and Actress awards were still to be called, and I’d had enough. So we can’t see how the moment factored in for the final two acting Oscars.]

O2 90 oscar

I’m going to pause here to give myself a pat on the back for some predications made in February, when these nominations were announced. I only looked at the top acting award nominees, and although I proactively made the case for a possible win by pretty much anyone, I did single out Frances McDormand, the eventual Best Actress winner, as one of two at the head of the pack, based solely on her PNA placements for the day, and also gave the nod to Gary Oldman, Best Actor winner, who I designated as a likely contender as well.

But I’m most proud of my astro-fashion prediction! Based on asteroid Salli’s conjunction with Uranus, I suggested that Sally Hawkins, nominated for “The Shape of Water”, might appear attired in something suitably Uranian, perhaps a metallic shade. I was thrilled to see her sparkling and shimmering in sequined silver, giving her an electric glow! Hey, maybe I have a second career here as an astro-fashion consultant!

O2 hawkins

Best Actress Nominee Sally Hawkins, shimmering in silver, fulfills her Uranian frock destiny

Best Actor Gary Oldman (born 10:56 AM GMT, 21 March 1958, London, England; Rodden Rating C), who took home Oscar for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in “Darkest Hour”, also has a prominent Nike. At 18 Aquarius Nike conjoins Venus at 15 Aquarius, is semisquare the 0 Aries Sun, and closely trine natal asteroid Oskar at 19 Gemini. It’s also closely sextile an exact pairing of asteroids Actor and Gary at 19 Sagittarius, which conjoins natal Saturn at 25 Sagittarius, prodding Gary Oldman into an acting career. Actor, which exactly opposes Oskar, is also at station, turning retrograde at that degree 13 days after Oldman’s birth.

O2 oldman

Best Actor winner Gary Oldman, from “Darkest Hour” to Finest Hour

Natal Academia at 22 Pisces was conjoined by transit Oskar at 23 Pisces for his win (as well as Mercury/Venus), with the transit Neptune/Sun conjunction at 13 and 14 Pisces squaring natal Oskar at 19 Gemini. Natally, asteroid Victoria at 10 Taurus is exactly sextile the Midheaven at 10 Pisces, which was being conjoined by the transit Nike/Victoria pairing at 7 Pisces. It was transit Gary’s exact conjunction with transit Saturn, both exactly sextile transit Nike/Victoria, which signaled to me that Oldman’s chances for professional recognition were good.

Frances McDormand (born 23 June 1957, no time available) earned her second Oscar for a stunning tour de force in “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” Natal Nike at 17 Sagittarius is broadly within orb of Saturn at 9 Sagittarius, suggesting professional honors and accolades, and is exactly opposed natal asteroid McDermid, closest match to McDormand, at 17 Gemini. McDermid itself conjoins natal Mercury at 18 Sag. This polarity was T-Squared by the transit Neptune/Sun conjunction at 13 and 14 Pisces. Also of note, natal asteroid Francis (masculine version of Frances) at 15 Aries squares natal Academia at 18 Capricorn, giving McDormand a personal connection to the Academy, and forms a T-Square with natal Venus at 19 Cancer, conferring popularity within the group. Further, natal Oskar at 16 Taurus opposes Actor at 15 Scorpio, making her work a natural fit for the award. Natal Victoria at 26 Pisces was clustered about by transit Oskar at 23 Pisces, and the Mercury/Venus conjunction at 27 Pisces. These also oppose natal Jupiter at 23 Virgo, Oskar exactly.

Frances McDormand

Best Actress winner Frances McDormand went for the gold, in couture and competition, and brought it home on both counts

When the awards were presented, transit McDermid at 26 Cancer was squared the transit Moon at 23 Libra, trine transit Jupiter at 23 Scorpio, and exactly squared transit Uranus at 26 Aries, giving McDormand a winning hand for the day. Transit Francis at 14 Aries was just returning to its natal degree, reinforcing the T-Square discussed above, and also more broadly squaring both transit Saturn at 7 Capricorn, and transit Pluto at 20 Cap.

It’s interesting how the PNAs for the day reflected and reinforced the natal potential for success in the winners, helping to bring it into fruition. As always, it’s a case of “as above, so below.”


ADDENDUM: In a bizarre twist, Best Actress winner Frances McDormand was briefly separated from her award at the Governor’s Ball after the ceremony, when Terry Bryant, a 47-year-old self-styled music producer, absconded with it. Bryant was stopped at the door by Wolfgang Puck’s photographer, who did not recognize him as an award recipient and suspected foul play. Bryant offered no resistance and surrendered his prize, but disappeared back into the party. He was later arrested and charged with grand theft.


Hermes, the Greek version of Mercury, is the classic deity most associated with theft or trickery, acknowledged patron of thieves, and made a bold showing for the awards. At 1 Pisces Hermes conjoins the 4 Pisces Descendant and the pairing of Nike and Victoria at 7 Pisces. In addition, we’ve already mentioned the exact square from asteroid McDermid, for McDormand, at 26 Cancer, to Uranus, ruling shocking or unexpected events, at 26 Aries. This becomes a Grand Cross with the inclusion of asteroid Bryantliu, for Bryant, at 27 Capricorn and Photographica, for the hero photographer, at 29 Libra.


In McDormand’s chart, Hermes at 7 Sagittarius conjoins Saturn at 9 Sag, representing career and professional recognition, the visible sign of which Bryant attempted to steal from her. Hermes is exactly trine to asteroid Bryantliu at 7 Leo, identifying the thief, and this conjoins natal Uranus at 5 Leo, once again linking the element of shock or surprise to the story.


Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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