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Political Pipe Bombs

Between Monday 22 October 2018 and Thursday the 25th, ten explosive devices were found or intercepted which had been sent to political opponents of Donald Trump. Small and poorly constructed, none of the pipe bombs detonated, but were live devices, not hoaxes. Return addresses on the packages falsely identified former DNC Chair and US Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida as the sender. The first package was discovered at the home of billionaire investor and liberal activism funder George Soros on the Monday, kicking off a spate of potentially lethal mailings.

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Two of the highest profile targets were Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama


Among the intended recipients were former President Barack Obama; former First Lady, Secretary of State and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton; former Vice President Joe Biden; New York Governor Andrew Cuomo; and former Attorney General Eric Holder. All are prominent Democrats and high profile Trump critics. In addition, bombs were sent to Maxine Waters, California congresswoman, and John Brennan, former CIA director, both outspoken opponents of the President; and to the New York offices of Robert De Niro, another vocal Trump detractor.

PB biden

Former VP and possible 2020 contender Joe Biden was also on the list

Extensive investigation by the FBI and other Federal authorities led to the arrest on Friday the 26th of Cesar Sayoc of Plantation, Florida. The 56-year-old had covered his white van with stickers expressing his political views, with the legend “My President” written under an image of Trump, contrasting with images of Hillary Clinton, liberal icon filmmaker Michael Moore and others, with crosshairs printed over their faces. Another sticker blazoned the statement “CNN Sucks”, a chant heard frequently at Trump rallies.

PB cesar sayoc

Pipe bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc, an avid Trump supporter who posted videos of himself whooping it up at Trump rallies

A chart set for Wednesday the 24th, the day most of the devices were found and when the story made national news, shows a Full Moon with the Sun at 1 Scorpio and the lunar light conjunct Uranus at 0 Taurus, the planetary energy which rules all types explosions, from rhetorical to volcanic, including pipe bombs. Broadly with the Sun are asteroid Bombig (“bombing” without the “n”) at 8 Scorpio, and asteroids Hillary and Barry (for Barack Obama, the name he was known by in youth), both at 11 Scorpio. With the Moon/Uranus conjunction are asteroids Maxine, for Maxine Waters, at 4 Taurus and Deborah, for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the purported sender, at 27 Aries. Forming a Grand Cross with the soli-lunar axis is asteroid William, for Bill Clinton, at 3 Leo, and Clintford, closest to Clinton, at 4 Aquarius.

PB george-soros

Billionaire investor and liberal funder George Soros, the bomber’s first target

A second Grand Cross, unsurprisingly, keys off of Pluto, planetary ruler of crime, terrorism and homicide. At 18 Capricorn, Pluto is conjoined by asteroid Holden, for Eric Holder, at 13 Capricorn, opposes asteroid Soros, for George Soros, at 11 Cancer and asteroid Caesar, for Cesar Sayoc, the suspect, at 21 Cancer, with squares to Josephina at 18 Libra, for Joe Biden, and George, also for Soros, at 16 Aries.

PB holder

Former Attorney General Eric Holder was also on the list

A triple conjunction of Saturn, ancient lord of death, at 4 Capricorn, asteroid Sayo, for Sayoc, at 8 Capricorn and Eric, for Eric Holder, at 6 Cap opposes Soros at 11 Cancer with Wasserman at 6 Cancer. Both these Cancerian points are at station, with Wasserman poised to turn retrograde on October 28 and Soros on November 5, identifying the first victim targeted by Sayoc and the person to whom he tried to impute the crime.

PB van

Sayoc seemed to be living out of his van of late, plastered with political images, pro and con

Additional PNAs representing the suspect include Cesarina, a feminine variation, which at 22 Aquarius is exactly conjunct Damocles, representing the doom hanging unseen overhead, and opposes a second exact conjunction of asteroids Roberta, for Robert De Niro, and Josefa, also for Joe Biden, at 23 Leo. Cesare, another Cesar variant, conjoins these from 25 Leo, and a T-Square is formed by Mercury (mailings) with Jupiter (politics) and asteroid Brennan, for John Brennan, at 21, 26 and 29 Scorpio respectively. Broadly aligned with Cesarina/Damocles are Mars, ruler of attacks and violent death, at 17 Aquarius, and asteroids Cuno, for Cuomo, and Roberts, also for Brennan, at 16 and 15 Aquarius respectively. Asteroid Watters, for Maxine Waters, falls at 24 Gemini, in trine to Cesarina/Damocles.

PB waters

California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, an outspoken Trump critic, also earned the bomber’s ire

Asteroid Bomben, another celestial stand-in for “bomb”, falls at 10 Gemini, squaring asteroids Schulz and Debye, for Debbie Wasserman Schultz, at 4 and 11 Virgo, showing her unwitting involvement in the case.

PB de niro

Perhaps the most unlikely target was actor Robert de Niro, but he’s been vocal in his condemnation of Trump also

After a brief formal statement condemning the acts on Wednesday, the President flew to a campaign rally in Wisconsin where he continued his attacks against some of these very same individuals and the Media generally, albeit in moderated form, simultaneously touting his remarkable self-restraint.

PB trump

For Donald Trump, it was just another day, as he resumed his political attacks on rivals at a campaign rally that same evening

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