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Stand By Your Men, Part 1: Trump & Pruitt


EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt has come under heavy fire recently for alleged abuses of taxpayer money in his extravagant, sometimes paranoid, expenditures. Pruitt maintains a vast security detail of more than 20, operating on an expanded 24-hour schedule, and overtime pay for several agents has already reached the yearly cap, just four months into 2018. He installed a bulletproof “security booth” in his office, at a cost of $43,000, to ensure private communications and personal safety (think of it as a panic call box), and also wanted to invest in a bulletproof desk, but was dissuaded by staffers. Pruitt likes to spread the taxpayers’ wealth, and did an end-run around salary restrictions for three longtime cronies on his staff, granting pay increases larger than the mean income for American families, despite knowing the White House’s objection to the raises.


Pruitt’s travel expenses have also come under scrutiny. The Administrator mooted the possibility of hiring a private jet, as a cost of $100,000 per month, but has contented himself with traveling first class on commercial flights, citing an incident early on in his tenure where he was “verbally abused” by a fellow passenger in coach.  Overseas trips, only marginally business-related, came to more than $120,000 in June of 2017, and in December he treated staffers to a $40,000 excursion to Morocco. And it’s not just when airborne or overseas that Pruitt abuses his position. Among the more egregious charges are that he encourages the use of lights and sirens in his motorcade to avoid heavy traffic when running late for dinner reservations, and rented a room from a Washington lobbyist at a staggeringly cheap cost of $50 per night, suggesting undue influence. Although Pruitt denied that the lobbyist had any business pending before the EPA, and asserted that the amount paid reflected “market value”, both defenses have been proved untrue by subsequent reporting.

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A pensive Pruitt – this doesn’t look good, does it?

Despite the intense controversy and almost daily disclosures of wrongdoing (it was recently revealed that when he flies privately on his own dime, not at taxpayer expense, Pruitt travels coach, and that several career EPA staffers who protested at his extravagance were either demoted or reassigned), Trump has mounted a vigorous defense of his embattled Administrator (at least for now, though often such support is “the kiss of death” for Trump appointees). Several Cabinet Secretaries have been removed for lesser offenses of a similar nature, so why is Trump “standing by his man”?


Perhaps because Pruitt, once Oklahoma’s Attorney General, who famously made a name for himself in Republican circles by repeatedly suing the EPA, has become a darling of Trump’s base and the conservative movement. Perhaps because Pruitt, like Trump, denies human influence on climate change, and as EPA administrator, reversed and delayed numerous environmental rules, relaxed enforcement of existing rules, and halted the agency’s efforts to combat climate change, among a host of other regulations gutted or eliminated, making him one of the more effective agents of the President’s agenda. Or perhaps because Trump sees much of himself in Pruitt, a fellow self-serving, extravagant swamp denizen bent on expanding, rather than draining, his habitat.


Astrologically, there is much that binds the two men. Born 12:14 PM EDT on May 9, 1968 in Danville, Kentucky (Rodden Rating AA), Pruitt shares a Leo Ascendant with The Donald, so also feels that deference from others and an acknowledgment of his innate superiority is no more than his due. Pruitt’s 26 Leo Jupiter falls atop Trump’s natal Mars and Ascendant, encouraging action and excess, and inflating Trump’s already-inflated public persona, while his 25 Scorpio Neptune squares these points and aligns with Trump’s IC – mutual deceptiveness and con-artistry form a solid foundation for their mutual admiration society.


As well, Pruitt’s Moon at 8 Libra exactly squares Trump’s natal Mercury at 8 Cancer, giving the two a simpatico basis for communication; Pruitt’s arguments have an emotional resonance with Trump. It is also squared Trump’s natal Whitehouse at 4 Capricorn, making him a logical choice for inclusion in the administration. Further, that Moon conjoins Trump’s natal Neptune at 5 Libra, bringing out more deception and evasiveness.


And like Trump, Pruitt is also a Chaos native, with this Trans-Neptunian Object describing anarchy and disorder at 18 Aries, in close conjunction with career and regulations-ruling Saturn at 19 Aries. With a 28 Aries MC, Saturn and Venus (at 7 Taurus) are the most elevated points in Pruitt’s chart, and we’re seeing that effect quite clearly now, with regulation restriction or elimination and financial excesses the most visible aspects of Pruitt’s EPA tenure. The fact that asteroid Nemesis conjoins Venus from 8 Taurus is a potential indicator that Pruitt receives his karmic comeuppance and self-undoing via some form of financial wrongdoing. Reinforcing this outcome is this pair’s opposition to asteroid Achilles at 12 Scorpio, representing an inherent flaw or weakness which threatens to destroy the native, his “Achilles heel.” Asteroid Karma is here as well, at 3 Scorpio, suggesting that past misdeeds catch up with him.

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Hand in hand – Pruitt well reflects Trump’s pro-business, anti-environment agenda

Pruitt’s 19 Taurus Sun falls within orb of both Trump’s natal asteroid Lie at 17 Taurus, and his MC at 24 Taurus, reinforcing Trump’s tendency to tell untruths regarding career matters, while his own Lie at 5 Cancer conjoins Trump’s Mercury, reinforcing in a general sense the President’s tendency toward dishonest communication. This also heightens his dishonesty when speaking specifically of (or to) Pruitt himself. Asteroid Washingtonia at 25 Taurus conjoins the Sun, providing a natural pull toward the nation’s capital, which Pruitt earlier attempted to activate in an unsuccessful 2001 bid for the US House of Representatives.


The aforementioned Jupiter at 26 Leo squares the Sun, giving Pruitt a certain degree of bombast, a tendency to “bluff it out”, and a taste for excess or extravagance, a desire for the “good things” of life. It also represents lawyers, inclining Pruitt to that profession, resulting in his stint as Oklahoma’s Attorney General (as well as rumors that he might replace Jeff Sessions in that job for the US). Jupiter is also part of a T-Square with Neptune, which opposes the Sun, giving a basic deceptive cast to Pruitt’s character, and also aligning him with the religious fanaticism associated with Christian Fundamentalists, with whom he closely identifies (Pruitt’s first post-graduate venture in the private sector was a solo law firm named “Christian Legal Services,” which focused on defending Christians in religious liberty cases; as Oklahoma’s Attorney General he strongly opposed abortion rights and marriage equality).


Pruitt’s given first name is Edward, shared with his father, and he chose to use his middle name of Scott. Asteroids Edoardo and Eduarda, the two closest matches to Edward, appear in typical locations for one’s own PNAs. Edoardo at 12 Aquarius is angular on the 8 Aquarius Descendant and squares the Sun; Eduarda at 5 Sagittarius exactly opposes Mercury at 5 Gemini, ruling the naming function.

pruitt msnbc

The embattled EPA Administrator appears before Congress, a scene likely to be often repeated in the weeks and months ahead.

But asteroid Scott’s position is interesting, to say the least. First, at 23 Virgo retrograde Scott is trine the Sun and at station, turning direct just six days after Pruitt’s birth. As such, it’s in an “attention-getting” stance, embedded in his psyche, and if Pruitt wanted a way to stand out from his same-named father, Scott was a good option. But more intriguing are Scott’s planetary connections, ensconced between Pluto at 20 Virgo and Uranus at 25. In self-identifying with his middle name, Pruitt boosted his personal power and effectiveness (both Pluto), as well as his nonconformist, rebellious nature (both Uranus), but this also exposes him to increased likelihood of scandal (Pluto) and controversy (Uranus). This has become especially apparent now, with transit Uranus crossing his Midheaven and stirring up the current fracas over his workplace choices.


Interestingly, the other stationary body in Pruitt’s chart is asteroid Troemper, our celestial referent for Donald Trump, which at 6 Capricorn turned retrograde nine days before his birth, implying that The Donald could become a lodestar of Pruitt’s life, someone with whom Pruitt would strongly identify, a pivotal influence for good or ill. This point also closely conjoins Trump’s natal Whitehouse, another indicator of the two working hand-in-glove in the administration, and its opposition to Trump’s natal Mercury establishes Pruitt as a sort of mouthpiece for the President.


There is also a fascinating exact T-Square formed from asteroids, which in part overlays the basic Mercury/Eduarda polarity. Let’s first mention that natal Mars also conjoins Mercury, from 0 Gemini, so Pruitt may speak harshly, and has a combative, aggressive communication style. The T-Square is formed from Niobe at 2 Gemini, opposing Askalaphus and Fanatica, both at 2 Sagittarius, all points squared asteroid America at 2 Virgo. This combines themes of obsessive and unreasoned devotion to a cause (Fanatica), and “pride going before a fall” (Niobe) with tale-bearing or revealing of secrets (Askalaphus), brought to the attention of the nation (America). This reflects back onto Pruitt personally (Eduarda) via his decisions and pronouncements (Mercury), resulting in conflict (Mars). Also of note, that Askalaphus is triggered exactly by Trump’s natal asteroid Troemper, so Trump is a major catalyst for the pattern’s activation, unleashing its potential.  With Fanatica conjunct a PNA natally, Pruitt is ripe for fervent, zealous, almost myopic adherence to a position or philosophy, and is easily identified by others as having this trait.

pruitt trump

We’ll never have Paris! Trump and Pruitt tout the merits of withdrawing the US from the Paris Accords on climate change.

Pruitt’s native tendency to hoodwink or take advantage of others, particularly in a career setting, and then to attempt to talk his way out of it, can be seen in the conjunction of asteroid Blarney at 23 Aries, indicating a smooth talker who flatters or cajoles but is essentially just talking rubbish, conjunct Saturn (career) at 19. Blarney is exactly square to asteroid Bilk at 23 Cancer, bringing out the con man aspect to Pruitt’s character, made all the more egregious by asteroid Whitehouse close by at 28 Cancer, effectively boosting this tendency when he comes into the administration. Incidentally, Bilk and Whitehouse conjoin Trump’s natal Saturn/Venus combination, with Bilk exact on Trump’s Saturn, so Pruitt’s flimflam ways directly affect Trump’s career as well.


Pruitt’s PNAs figure into Trump’s natal chart in ways which reinforce this accent on career and scandal. Edoardo at 25 Capricorn opposes natal Saturn, while Eduarda at 10 Aquarius exactly opposes natal Pluto. Scott at 1 Leo broadly conjoins both, bridging the gap between them, and is also semisquare natal Uranus at 17 Gemini, inviting yet more controversy.


As things heated up for Pruitt in early April, transit PNAs illuminated the circumstances. Bilk in late Aries came to conjoin Uranus, bringing revelations (Uranus) about Pruitt’s fiscal fraud or malfeasance (Bilk), both cresting Pruitt’s Midheaven at 28 Aries, putting a bright public spotlight on the issue. Eduarda at 4 Sagittarius retrograde had just returned to its natal degree and was honing in on natal Askalaphus, the tattler. Edoardo at 22 Pisces opposed natal Uranus (more disclosures and revelations of shocking behavior), Pluto (scandal) and Scott, and exactly squared Trump’s natal Sun at 22 Gemini, prompting the President’s outspoken support. Scott at 1 Taurus had also just crossed the MC, putting Pruitt vividly on display, and was moving on to Venus/Nemesis, highlighting the potential for self-undoing via financial matters. Meanwhile Troemper at 20 Virgo opposed Edoardo, binding the two men yet again, while simultaneously perched exactly atop Pruitt’s natal Pluto, ruling scandal, and in a supportive conjunction with natal Scott.


In addition to the transit Uranus/MC conjunction noted above, Pruitt’s’ current troubles may be sourced to the prior two Solar Eclipses, in February of 2018 and August of 2017, both of which focused on natal Jupiter (August’s conjoined, February’s in opposition), prompting excess and extravagance, as well as the sense of entitlement and superiority which is at the root of the attitude problem Pruitt displays. Public service is, or should be, an honor and a sacred trust, not a vehicle for self-aggrandizement or enrichment, and a means of elevating oneself above the rest.


But that seems to be a lesson neither Pruitt nor his boss has yet mastered.


Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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