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Sha’Carri Richardson Olympics Ban

Olympic hopeful Sha’Carri Richardson is covered in “grass” stains after a stumble and fall on her quest for a Gold Medal.  The track phenom, noted for her streaming masses of flame-orange hair as much as for her athletic prowess, failed a drug test for marijuana use and was given a one-month suspension on July 2, which effectively prevents her from fully competing in the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo, beginning July 23rd.  The suspension was retroactively imposed on June 28th, making Richardson free to compete after July 27th, so though she will miss the Women’s 100 meter, her qualifying race, she could conceivably participate in the Women’s 4 x 100 relay scheduled for August 5th.  However, Richardson has been cut from the roster of the US Olympic team, and will apparently not be allowed to compete at all.

In a statement of apology to her fans Richardson accepted the suspension, saying that the infraction of the rules with marijuana use occurred at an emotional time when she learned that her birthmother had died.  It’s a shame that such a talented athlete should be suspended for using a substance which is increasingly accepted and legalized, but as US President Joe Biden stated when queried as to his opinion of the incident, “Rules are rules.”

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Sha’Carri Richardson proudly displays her trademark tresses and knifelike nails; the Sun squared asteroid Olympia shows the international competition as a defining element of her self-image, but Herba and Testa with Olympia suggests the failed marijuana test which will prevent her competing

Born 25 March 2000 (no time available), Sha’Carri Richardson’s Olympic dream is foreshadowed by the Sun at 6 Aries exactly squared asteroid Olympia at 6 Capricorn, making the international games an aspirational goal for her, and a pivotal part of her self-identity.  But potential impediments to that goal are also outlined, in the form of asteroids Herba (for “herb”, a common slang term for marijuana) and Testa (for “test”) at 5 and 10 Capricorn respectively.  This combines the global sports competition (Olympia) with drug (Herba) testing (Testa), and an opposition from the Capricorn stellium to asteroid Karma at 13 Cancer suggests this was a fated outcome.  A propensity for drug use generally can be seen in Neptune at 6 Aquarius, ruling chemicals and drugs, in sextile to the Sun, with asteroid Panacea, named for the Greek goddess of medications and pharmaceuticals, both legal and banned, in sesquiquadrate to the Sun from 18 Scorpio. 

Another indicator of probable negative outcomes for marijuana use is a pairing of asteroids Nemesis, noted as a point of undoing or ruin, often self-created, and Grass, another common term for marijuana, at 21 and 26 Aries.  Opposed asteroid Shakura at 25 Libra, closest approximation to Sha’Carri, the adverse impact of marijuana use is very personal.

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Already delayed a year by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Tokyo games may be off to a rocky start, with asteroid Olympia in a Grand Cross with Neptune, Mercury and asteroid Tokio, and asteroid Olympiada opposed Pluto, when Richardson was banned

A grouping of Mercury exactly conjunct asteroid Olympiada at 7 Pisces, with Venus at 14 Pisces, all squared by Pluto at 12 Sagittarius, identifies Richardson as a female (Venus) Olympic class (Olympiada, named specifically to honor the Games, which are termed Olympiads) runner (Mercury), involved in a scandal (Pluto) leading to a devastating result (also Pluto), which makes news (also Mercury). 

Asteroid Richardson at 8 Taurus conjoins Mars at 1 Taurus, suggesting athleticism; Jupiter at 7 Taurus, indicating fame; and Saturn at 14 Taurus, ruling career but also restrictions, limitations or suspensions and bans.  Saturn’s opposition to Panacea suggests penalties (Saturn) connected to drug use (Panacea), and a T-Square with Uranus at 19 Aquarius represents nonconformist or socially unacceptable behaviors evoking controversy and unexpected outcomes (all Uranus). Panacea with asteroid Tokio (named for Tokyo, an alternate spelling) at 13 Scorpio designates where the Saturnine penalty related to drug use will be imposed.

When Richardson’s suspension was announced on July 2nd, the transit Sun at 10 Cancer was exactly opposed natal Testa, for the test results which elicited the ban, and encroaching upon natal Karma, representing the results of our actions.  The Sun also squares Panacea at 16 Libra, bringing enhanced visibility to the topic of drugs generally.

sha apology
Richardson’s online apology to her fans after the failed drug test reflects Herba conjunct Saturn, opposed Venus conjunct Mars, depicting the penalty (Saturn) for marijuana use (Herba) imposed on a female (Venus) athlete (Mars)

Transit Shakura at 12 Pisces and Neptune at 23 Pisces, while not conjoined each other, both square a pairing of asteroid Richardson with Mercury at 18 and 19 Gemini and also square Olympia at 20 Sagittarius with asteroid NOT (a general disqualifier) at 21 Sag, opposing asteroid Tokio at 23 Virgo, creating a Grand Cross which brings news (Mercury) about Sha’Carri Richardson’s (Shakura, Richardson) ban (NOT) related to drugs (Neptune) and the Tokyo (Tokio) Olympics (Olympia).  The exact Neptune/Tokio opposition in itself suggests drugs at the venue, and the huge disappointment, both for Richardson and her many fans, which the incident has engendered. Shakura further opposes transit Karma at 7 Virgo, being called to account for choices and actions, and forms a wide T-Square with transit Testa at 2 Sagittarius, with the testing exposing Richardson’s marijuana use.  Testa further conjoins transit Nemesis at 29 Scorpio, indicating the drug test as the source of her undoing, and these oppose Grass at 28 Taurus, specifying the drug that caused her downfall.

Transit Herba with Saturn at 4 and 12 Aquarius, opposing transit Venus with Mars at 5 and 13 Leo, depicts a penalty (Saturn) for marijuana use (Herba) imposed on a female (Venus) athlete (Mars).  Transit Olympiada at 24 Cancer opposes Pluto at 25 Capricorn, suggesting an Olympic (Olympiada) scandal (Pluto), and these overlay the natal Nemesis/Grass-Shakura opposition, personalizing the issue to Richardson (Shakura), hindered (Nemesis) by her marijuana (Grass) use.

sha marijuana
Up in smoke? Nemesis conjunct asteroid Grass in her birth chart, and opposed each other in the sky when the ban was imposed, suggests marijuana as the roadblock to her success

The Sun at 10 Cancer and Olympiada at 24 Cancer aren’t yet within orb of conjunction, but will be just 2 degrees apart, at 0 and 2 Leo, for the opening ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics on July 23rd, and will make their exact conjunction during the games, appropriately highlighting the world’s premiere international athletic event.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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As always it amazes me how asteroids in our birth chart foreshadow events years later. That her Sun was square Olympia, Herb, and Testa in her natal chart blows my mind. It is astounding that the asteroid Olympiada will be conjunct the Sun when the games begin. I find myself wondering if the grand cross involving Olympia, Mercury, Neptune, and Tokio portends that COVID will spread as a result of the games, with dire results hinted at by Olympiada vs Pluto. Thanks Alex! Keep up the great work!

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