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Tara Reade’s Accusation

Breaking through the coronavirus newsdemic these days is a story about alleged sexual assault by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Tara Reade, a former Senate staffer, has charged Biden with groping and digital penetration in a Senate basement in 1993. Reade was one of several women to come forward in the spring of 2019 alleging that Biden’s famously “handsy” manner with females made them uncomfortable. All stopped short of charging assault, and defenders of the former VP (including many women he has treated with this undue familiarity) ascribe his often odd-looking interactions – extended hugging, hair-stroking, neck-nuzzling – to his desire to comfort or put at ease his interlocutors. Biden has since acknowledged that his style of relating with females who are relative strangers needs to be revised in the #MeToo era.

Reade also refrained from accusing Biden of improper or illegal activity last spring, until March 25, 2020, when she first publicly charged him with assault in a radio interview. Reade states that she filed a complaint for sexual harassment at the time, but was too frightened to report the full incident. Reade did not keep a copy of the complaint, and so far none has been found in Senate records or Biden’s staff records.

It’s always difficult to assess the validity of these accusations, particularly after such a space of time has elapsed. Reade does have friends and relatives who assert that she told them at least part of this story, within a reasonable timeframe after the alleged event occurred.

On the other hand, Biden has not been accused by anyone else of this level of assault, so there is no apparent pattern of behavior to support Reade’s claim. Her timing may also be suspect. Reade was a vocal supporter of Bernie Sanders and only upped the ante on her earlier allegations after Sanders’ defeat by Biden in Michigan, considered a possible rallying point in the aftermath of his crushing losses on Super Tuesday, which effectively doomed his campaign. So there may be a political motivation for speaking out at this time.

This article will look at the natal placement of Tara Reade’s PNAs in Joe Biden’s chart and the potential for him to have committed such an act, as well as her PNA placements in his 2019 Solar Return and on the day she made her allegation. Unfortunately, Tara Reade’s own birth date is currently unavailable, so this will of necessity be an incomplete picture.

TRB aristaeus

The hapless Eurydice flees Aristaeus’ embrace; natally Joe Biden has asteroid Aristaeus conjunct Josefa, and asteroid Eurydike conjunct Tara – is he reenacting the myth?

Born 20 November 1942, the possibility that a woman named Tara might play an influential role as regards Joe Biden’s reputation, status or career is foreshadowed by asteroid Tara at 10 Virgo, widely conjoined the 19 Virgo Midheaven. This is underscored by Tara’s close square to Saturn at 9 Gemini, which is the natural ruler of the Tenth House and resonates to those same MC issues. Tara also squares asteroid Reid (homophone for “Reade”) at 17 Sagittarius, which conjoins asteroid Josephina at 24 Sagittarius, a “Joseph” variant, linking the two personally.

Does Biden have the capacity for sexual assault? Three factors suggest he might. The planetary ruler of rape is Pluto, named for the Roman version of Hades, who abducted and raped Persephone. Biden has asteroid Bida (closet to Biden) at 3 Leo natally, conjoined Pluto at 7 Leo. In and of itself, this doesn’t prove assault, but it may incline Biden to forcible interactions with women generally; it certainly conveys an attraction to power. More damning is the placement of asteroid Persephone at 10 Virgo, exactly conjoined Tara, with natal asteroid Eurydike (named for another attempted rape victim) also conjoined from 3 Virgo, which could suggest a native response toward Reade in that role of sexual victim. If Biden has that propensity, then a woman named Tara would become a natural outlet for it.

TRB reade 1993

Tara Reade as she was in 1993, when the alleged assault took place, now potentially affecting the former VP’s reputation and career; Joe Biden has asteroid Tara exact with Persephone, named for the most famous mythic rape victim, and also conjunct the MC

Two minor bodies more reliably indicate rapist tendencies. Asteroid Aristaeus is named for the would-be rapist of Eurydike, wife of Orpheus, who only avoided his unwanted advances by fleeing, then treading upon a poisonous serpent and expiring before Aristaeus could force himself on her. The other is centaur Nessus, who similarly tried to violate Heracles’ wife Deianeira after offering her a piggyback ride across a river, only to be shot and killed by Heracles’ arrow from the far shore.

Joe Biden has asteroid Josefa, another Joseph variant, at 0 Scorpio, conjoined Aristaeus at 3 Scorpio, both squared Bida/Pluto. This gives Biden a more personal, direct connection to the theme of forced sexual contact. Nessus at 3 Taurus is conjunct the Moon at 0 Taurus, general significator of females, and forms a T-Square with these other points.

This certainly constitutes considerable circumstantial evidence, but if the energies were manifesting in this manner, one would expect to find a pattern of similar abuse. It’s highly probable that this pattern does constitute the psychological origin of the bizarre over-familiarity Biden displays with women, but it may well stop there.

TRB nessus

Nessus tries to violate Deianeira as he ferries her across a river; Joe Biden has centaur Nessus conjunct the Moon, in a T-Square with Pluto/Bida and Josefa/Aristaeus

Reade’s intimate connection with Biden is reiterated in his most recent Solar Return, from 19 November 2019, which features two pairs coupling them celestially. Asteroids Jose and Reid are conjoined, at 7 and 12 Cancer, as are Tara and Josephina, at 9 and 12 Sagittarius. This is emblematic of the “reunion” they have had this year, while Tara/Josephina’s opposition to natal Saturn at 9 Gemini repeats the potential for a Tara affecting his career. Solar Return Nessus joins this pattern from 8 Pisces, squared Tara/Josephina, while SR Aristaeus at 21 Scorpio conjoins the Sun at 27 Scorpio, perhaps showing Biden in a new light.

SR Persephone exactly conjoins her mythic abuser Pluto at 21 Capricorn, squared a combination of asteroids Bida and “Old Joe”, at 26 and 24 Libra, personalizing this energy to Biden. SR Saturn also here at 16 Cap reaffirms the career connection. SR Europa at 28 Pisces is trined the SR Sun as well as the natal Sun/Venus conjunction at 27 and 28 Scorpio, once again funneling those concerns into Biden’s core essence.

TRB biden 1993

Joe Biden as he was in 1993; with asteroid Bida conjunct Pluto, Josefa conjunct Aristaeus and Nessus conjunct the Moon, he could act forcibly, even violently, toward women

So we can see why Tara Reade resurfaced in this particular year; political considerations aside, the potential was there in the Solar Return. But the timing of her interview is especially dynamic.

Given on 25 March 2020, the day features a close conjunction of asteroid Tara at 7 Ares with the Sun at 5, squared asteroid Reid at 1 Cancer, still conjunct Jose at 0 Cancer, as in the SR. One could hardly pick a better moment for heightening one’s visibility in a matter regarding Joe Biden! Additionally these T-Square Biden’s natal asteroid Askalaphus, representing the witness or whistleblower, at 6 Libra. Askalaphus in the SR chart appears at 28 Aquarius (exactly conjunct natal asteroid Whitehouse, by the way), conjoined Eurydike at 23 Aquarius and squared both the SR and natal Suns, also conjunct the SR Descendant at 4 Pisces, suggesting eyewitness accounts (Askalaphus) regarding the forcible nature (Eurydike) of Biden’s (Sun) relationships (Descendant) might be exposed that year (SR), in ways affecting a presidential run (Whitehouse). In the interview chart, Askalaphus falls at 23 Pisces, sextile transit Jupiter, Pluto and Josephina at 23, 24 and 25 Capricorn, depicting the potential for a political (Jupiter) scandal (Pluto) involving Biden (Josephina).

TRB persephone

Hades abducts Persephone; natally Joe Biden has Persephone exactly conjunct Tara, with Solar Return Persephone exactly conjunct Pluto (the Roman version of Hades), and transit Persephone conjunct Mercury at the time of Tara Reade’s accusation

As well, transit Persephone at 6 Pisces has just been conjoined by Mercury at 7 Pisces, putting her accusation forefront in the news.  Also in that chart, asteroids Europa and Eurydike are exact at 2 Taurus, conjoined Uranus at 4, suggesting controversial revelations (Uranus) related to forcible sexual contact (Europa/Eurydike).

Asteroids seem to reflect appearance as well as reality, and making a firm judgment one way or another about a disputed event is difficult under these circumstances. Certainly the potential for such an act is present in Biden’s nativity, and the timeline for its exposure, both generally in the solar year and specifically to the date, is apt. But this would apply to the story itself regardless, whether based in truth or not. All that can be said for certain is that, as always, the cosmos’ timing is impeccable.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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