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Election 2022: Several Senate Scenarios

While Uranus exactly conjunct the Moon for the Lunar Eclipse on Election Day warns us to expect the unexpected, loss of control of the US House of Representatives does seem likely.  Redistricting alone, in the wake of the 2020 census, should grant the Republicans ten more seats, more than enough to change the balance of power in the lower chamber and wrest the Speaker’s gavel from Nancy Pelosi, even if all current Dem incumbents not caught up in that redistricting shift keep their seats.

So it’s in the Senate where the real drama will unfold.  Currently split 50/50, Democrats maintain control (assuming they are all acting together, not always the case with consensus refuseniks like Manchin and Sinema in their ranks) due to VP Kamala Harris’ ability to break any ties in the administration’s favor.  Earlier this year, the likelihood of Dems holding their fragile majority, perhaps even picking up a seat or two, seemed fairly high.  But recent polling suggests Republicans are closing the gap, threatening Dem incumbents in some states, perhaps failing to pick up seats from retiring GOP senators in others.  I’ve chosen three contests to profile, the winners of which will likely determine who ultimately controls the US Senate:  Pennsylvania, Ohio and Georgia.

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The US Senate is currently split 50/50, with the Dems having the advantage due to control of the White House; on Election Day, a tight opposition from asteroid Senator to Damocles, representing the doom hanging overhead, well depicts their plight

Before jumping into the details, let’s take a quick look at what the skies have to say about Election Day as regards the Senate generally.  Asteroid Senator at 26 Leo opposes Damocles at 25 Aquarius; this vividly portrays the Senate in the balance, suggesting a looming threat, a doom about to descend, but it’s not specific about whose doom.  Given the current makeup, Dems would seem to be in the hot seat on this one, with more to lose, and that’s somewhat supported by the addition of TNO Sedna at 29 Taurus, on the fulcrum of a T-Square.  Sedna is named for an Inuit goddess who dwells in the deepest, most inaccessible part of the Arctic Ocean, and represents isolation.  Sedna in this combination could signal Dems being “left out in the cold.” 

In contrast, there’s a Grand Cross filled in with a Venus/Washingtonia conjunction at 20 Scorpio, and asteroid Felicitas at 27 Scorpio.  Venus is known as the “Lesser Benefic”, typically providing positive outcomes; Washingtonia represents the US Capital; and Felicitas promotes luck and happiness, giving somebody something to celebrate in DC that night.  But is that Democrats or Republicans?  Aye, there’s the rub!

In Pennsylvania the battle is between Democrat Lieutenant Governor John Fetterman and celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz.  Oz only moved to the state from his New Jersey mansion (one of nine homes he maintains) this year, to qualify for the ballot, and charges of “carpetbagger”, plus being manifestly out of touch with everyday voters, put him well back in the polls for much of the post-Primary season, by as much as 15 points.  However, Fetterman’s health issues (he suffered a serious stroke in May and is not yet communicating or processing data normally) and millions spent in deceptive, misleading negative ads have brought the polling to near parity.  Fetterman and Oz are vying for the seat of retiring GOP incumbent Pat Toomey, and a Fetterman victory could shore up the Democratic majority or prevent its loss if a Dem incumbent goes down, so the stakes are very high.

sen22 fetterman
John Fetterman’s workaday style and frank manner is a plus with Pennsylvania voters, and a Lunar Eclipse squared asteroid Senator in May gave him the Primary win, but also squared his Sun/Nemesis conjunction, prompting a major stroke which may doom his chances of success in the Midterms

Oddly, both candidates have natal asteroid Senator within a degree of each other, and both were ignited by a Lunar Eclipse at 25 Scorpio just two days before the Pennsylvania Primary on May 17th.  John Fetterman (born 15 August 1969, no time available) has Senator at 24 Leo, conjunct his Sun at 22 Leo, making him a natural fit for the office.  Mehmet Oz (born 11 June 1960, no time available) has Senator at 25 Leo, but it’s not well-integrated into his chart, though a wide conjunction with Uranus at 17 Leo could signal an upset win.  Both candidates’ Senators were T-Squared by the Sun/Moon polarity of the Lunar Eclipse, and not surprisingly, both won their respective Primary contests for that office within days.

For Oz the story stops there, but for Fetterman, there’s a codicil, and an unfortunate one.  The Lunar Eclipse also squared his Sun, which is itself exactly conjunct asteroid Nemesis, noted as a point of ruin or destruction, often self-created.  Two days before the eclipse, Fetterman suffered his stroke, which may now be his political undoing.

A prominent Washingtonia might help to break this celestial tie, symbolizing a pull toward the US seat of power, but again, both candidates are evenly matched.  Fetterman’s Washingtonia at 18 Leo conjoins his Sun/Senator, and will be activated by the Lunar Eclipse at 16 Taurus/Scorpio on Election Day, in T-Square.  This provides Fetterman with a strong connection to the job he’s vying for and the city where it’s located, making both a component part of his core being or essential self.

Oz’s Washingtonia at 26 Libra is embedded at station, making it a natural focus of energy, a lodestar of Oz’s existence and a major influence on his biography.  Washingtonia turned direct more than a week after Oz’ birth, but is already at its station degree, and conjoined by asteroid Victoria, named for the Roman goddess of victory, at 1 Scorpio, which is also stationary, and turned direct four days after birth.  This promotes a winning vibe around matters related to the US capital. 

sen22 oz
Celebrity doctor and carpetbagger Mehmet Oz only moved to Pennsylvania this year to qualify for the ballot; he also had asteroid Senator activated by the lunar eclipse just before the May Primary, winning the GOP nomination; a stationary asteroid Washingtonia conjunct Victoria, squared by transit Pluto on Election Day, could grant him the victory

Moreover, Oz’ Washingtonia will be exactly squared by Pluto at 26 Capricorn for the election, though whether that signals a massive increase in personal power or a devastating loss (both Pluto-ruled) is hard to say.  Oz gets a boost from the Election Day Lunar Eclipse polarity as well, in square to Uranus, forming a Grand Cross with Oz’ natal asteroid Johney at 15 Aquarius, also at station (turning retrograde 15 June 1960, same day as Victoria).  Johney in this placement indicates an outsized importance for a person or persons of that name in Oz’ life and bio, for which John Fetterman fits the bill nicely.

Both men share another cosmic similarity – they have asteroid Oze (closest to “Oz”) conjunct asteroid Nike, named for Victoria’s Greek counterpart, naturally linking Oz with the principle of winning.  Fetterman’s is an exact conjunction at 0 Cancer, opposed by Jupiter at 29 Pisces on Election Day.  Oz’ is an out-of-Sign conjunction with Oze at 28 Cancer and Nike at 3 Leo (trined by Jupiter on Election Day), and also incorporates asteroid Nemesis at 4 Leo.  Essentially, having Nemesis here suggests that Oz is his own worst enemy, but a square to the natal Washingtonia/Victoria conjunction bolsters the idea of a winning run for Congress, if he can get out of his own way.

Which seems to be happening.  The two squared off in a single debate in late October, with Fetterman utilizing a closed caption device to better understand the questions posed, and Oz’ responses.  It was painful to watch, with halting, somewhat disorganized replies by Fetterman, and certainly didn’t leave undecided voters with an impression of his fitness for office, despite positive prognoses from doctors that predict full recovery in time.

On Election Day, asteroids Oze at 25 Virgo and Johney at 27 Virgo are conjunct, opposed Neptune at 22 Pisces with Jupiter at 29 Pisces and trine a Pluto/Nike pairing at 26 and 17 Capricorn.  The conjunction portrays the enmeshed quality of their struggle, with either Fetterman or Oz poised to experience a political (Jupiter) disappointment (Neptune) or an empowering (Pluto) victory (Nike).  Fetterman is also represented by asteroid Johnny at 17 Pisces, which is embedded at station, turning direct the day before the Midterms, indicating a major change of direction for the candidate.  Johnny’s conjunction with asteroid Nemesis at 18 Pisces suggests it may not be a positive one, and reiterates the “self-undoing” energy of that natal Sun/Nemesis conjunction.

All things considered, this looks like Democrats once again snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  In their quest to keep the Senate majority, the Keystone State is probably not going to be a supportive factor.

sen22 vance
J.D. Vance is the Republican nominee for the open Ohio Senate seat; natal asteroid Senator conjoins asteroid Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory, squared asteroid Ohio

Next on the roster is Ohio, where retiring GOP Senator Rob Portman is leaving a political vacuum.  Vying to fill it are Trump acolyte and author J.D. Vance, and Ohio Democratic Representative Tim Ryan.  Vance’s prior claim to fame was his book “Hillbilly Elegy”, written in 2016, focused on the cultural crisis in working class America.  A vocal Trump critic in 2016, Vance saw which way the wind was blowing in the Republican Party and became an avid supporter.  But even The Donald called him out for his reversal, opining in a recent campaign appearance for Vance that he was just “kissing my ass” for votes.  Ryan has represented Ohio in the US House of Representatives since 2003, first for the 17th District, and then for the 13th, after redistricting changed the map.  An economic populist, Ryan has an independent streak which has caused him to call out policies of both Parties when they conflict with what he sees as working-class interests.

Born 2 August 1984 (no time available) J.D. Vance sports a natal asteroid Senator at 5 Cancer conjoined asteroid Nike at 2 Cancer, in square to asteroid Ohio at 11 Libra, opposed Jupiter at 4 Capricorn, and also squared asteroid Washingtonia at 7 Aries, completing a Grand Cross.  This links politics (Jupiter) and the US capital (Washingtonia) with the state he hopes to represent (Ohio) and the job he hopes to gain (Senator) through his victory (Nike).  Washingtonia is at station, creating a strong psychic pull toward DC for Vance, while Nike/Senator trines natal Saturn at 10 Scorpio, ruling both career and government work.

Born 8 September 1967 (no time available), Tim Ryan’s natal Senator at 0 Sagittarius conjoins energizing Mars at 29 Scorpio, again linking the office with Ryan’s career.  A square to Venus at 0 Virgo is the only other aspect of note for Senator, perhaps providing some degree of popular support, especially among women.  Ryan also has a strong pull toward DC, with the 15 Virgo Sun closely opposed Washingtonia at 14 Pisces, in a T-square with Nike at 20 Sagittarius, but a semisquare to asteroid House at 27 Libra, for the US House of Representatives, has already drawn him there, and may spell the limit of his interactions in the capital.

sen22 ryan
Tim Ryan is currently a US Representative from Ohio, vying for the Senate; natal asteroid Senator conjoins Mars and squares Venus, with transit asteroid Ryan squared asteroid Fortuna and trine asteroid Ohio on Election Day

Of the two, Vance would seem to have the stronger ties to the job, but on Election Day transit asteroid James (for James David, “J. D.” Vance) at 11 Sagittarius conjoins asteroid Karma at 18 Sag and squares a stationary asteroid Nemesis at 18 Pisces, while asteroid Ryan at 4 Aquarius squares asteroid Fortuna at 1 Scorpio and trines asteroid Ohio at 6 Libra, suggesting a fated (Karma) self-undoing (Nemesis) for Vance (James) and a lucky (Fortuna) outcome for Ryan (Ryan) in the contest for the Buckeye State (Ohio).

If either Fetterman in Pennsylvania or Ryan in Ohio claims victory, the Democrats will pick up a Senate seat currently held by a Republican, increasing the likelihood of maintaining, perhaps increasing, their majority.

Which brings us to Georgia, where a Democratic incumbent pastor and community organizer is in a neck-and-neck battle with a barely articulate pro football star, a vehemently pro-life candidate credibly accused of encouraging and paying for abortions for former mistresses and girlfriends.

sen22 warnock
Raphael Warnock is running to retain the seat he won in a special election is 2020; natal asteroid Senator conjoins Washingtonia and squares career-minded Saturn

Democrat Raphael Warnock (born 23 July 1969, no time available) won his seat in a special election in 2020, to replace retiring GOP Senator Johnny Isakson, and is now running for a full term.  Since 2005 he has been pastor of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church, a post once held by Martin Luther King, Jr.  Natal asteroid Senator at 15 Leo conjoins Washingtonia at 11 Leo and squares Saturn at 8 Taurus, providing links between Warnock’s career (Saturn), his job (Senator) and his current job venue (Washingtonia).  It’s not all smooth sailing, however, with asteroid Nemesis conjoined Senator from 13 Leo, and Damocles at 19 Aquarius in opposition; the implication is that Warnock’s Senate run may be self-defeating (Nemesis) and constitutes a looming disaster (Damocles), but he has already beaten these odds once, in attaining the seat he now holds.

His opponent, Herschel Walker, may have the upper hand here, with Warnock’s natal asteroid Walker at 29 Pisces embedded at station, having turned direct the day of Warnock’s birth.  This makes Walker a major factor in Warnock’s biography, and an opposition to asteroid Herschel at 20 Virgo, conjunct natal Pluto at 23 Virgo, suggests a dominating role to play.  A loose T-Square with natal Nike at 21 Gemini says that Herschel Walker has the ability to affect Warnock’s chances of victory, but not specifically how.

There are two PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) which represent Warnock, both stand-ins for Raphael.  On Election Day asteroid Rafaelta at 11 Leo squares the Sun/Moon Lunar Eclipse polarity of 16 Scorpio/Taurus, putting Warnock in the spotlight; asteroid Raphaela at 13 Pisces is at station, having turned direct on November 2nd, indicating a major shift or turning point for Warnock.  Its conjunction with a stationary Nemesis at 18 Pisces could suggest ruin or downfall, though a Grand Trine Kite Pattern is created from the Sun/Moon eclipse axis, with the Sun trined both Raphaela/Nemesis and asteroid Victoria at 20 Cancer, perhaps impelling a Warnock win and allowing him to enact Nemesis’ spoiler role in regards to opponent Walker.

Herschel Walker is so manifestly unfit for office that it’s hard to imagine anyone voting for him, but he’s virtually tied with Raphael Warnock in many polls of Peach State voters.  A Heisman Trophy winner for the University of Georgia and pro football player for 12 seasons, Walker was encouraged by Donald Trump to run for the Georgia Senate seat, despite being a resident of Texas at the time.  Accusations of domestic abuse quickly surfaced (Walker is alleged to have held a loaded gun to his wife’s head while threatening her), but Walker duly received the imprimatur of the GOP establishment with an endorsement from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.  Despite his noncompromising stance on abortion, which he states should be illegal in all cases with no exceptions, Walker appears to have been accommodating of the procedure in the past, with two former lovers coming forward in October of 2022 to state that Walker encouraged them to end their pregnancies.  In one case, his partner agreed to the abortion on a first pregnancy, and has receipts for Walker’s payment to her for the surgery, but refused his wishes on a second occasion, and is now raising his child.

sen22 walker
Pro football star Herschel Walker entered the Georgia Senate race at Donald Trump’s urging, but an exact conjunction of natal asteroids Senator and Karma, opposed asteroid Herschel, suggests he was destined for that path regardless

Born 3 March 1962 (no time available), Herschel Walker’s natal asteroid Senator at 20 Aries is exactly conjunct asteroid Karma, suggesting a fated or predestined quality to his run for office, though not directly suggesting an outcome.  Walker’s opponent is present here as well, in the form of asteroid Raphaela, which conjoins Senator/Karma from 18 Aries, possibly blocking any progress toward that goal. 

Senator is further bound up in a T-Square, opposing asteroid Herschel at 18 Libra and TNO Quaoar at 21 Libra (named for a creation deity of the indigenous Tongva people which has affinities with abortion and procreation), with a conjunction of asteroid Georgia and TNO Salacia at 16 and 18 Capricorn on the fulcrum.  This depicts a possible scandal (Salacia, named for a Roman sea goddess, wife of Neptune, and the root of our word “salacious”) related to abortion (Quaoar) which impacts his run for Senate (Senator) from Georgia (Georgia).  Abuse becoming an issue in a political campaign is also foretold by a square from a Mars/Jupiter (campaigns, politics) conjunction at 23 and 24 Aquarius to centaur Nessus at 27 Taurus, noted for bad behaviors generally and abuses of all types.

Walker’s 12 Pisces Sun conjoins asteroid Troemper at 15 Pisces (our celestial referent for The Donald), signaling the friendship between them and Trump’s pivotal role in urging Walker to pursue this path.  The Sun is broadly conjunct asteroid Washingtonia at 21 Pisces and opposes asteroid Rafaelta at 20 Virgo, representing opponent Raphael Warnock, with these two points in a T-Square with asteroid Nike at 24 Sagittarius.  This could point to a Warnock win in connection with DC, or may merely be descriptive of the bone of contention between them.  The Sun is also caught up in a Grand Cross, opposing Pluto at 8 Virgo, squared asteroid Walker at 6 Sagittarius and asteroid Victoria at 5 Gemini, which grants Walker that winning vibe and a potential for enhanced personal power.

On Election Day transit asteroid Herschel at 17 Capricorn is activating the natal T-Square involving Senator, and broadly conjoined Pluto with asteroid Nike at 26 and 27 Capricorn, while more closely opposing asteroid Victoria at 20 Cancer, perhaps granting Walker the win.  However, transit asteroid Walker at 27 Gemini is also active, squaring the Neptune/Jupiter conjunction at 22 and 29 Pisces, a source of likely political (Jupiter) disappointment (Neptune).

It’s a mixed bag, to be sure, with pluses and minuses for all six Senate candidates profiled here.  Perhaps it’s best to close where we began, with Uranus’ strength on Election Day, and the resultant futility of prediction.  Whatever the outcome, we won’t have long to wait.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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I think you are right about Uranus which is being energized by the Nov. 8th eclipse. Expect the unexpected and a big reaction to the results. Thanks for analyzing these close races. The whole election is a nail-biter and I think that’s reflected in the asteroids. Thanks Alex!

Emma Esperanza Acosta Vásquez

Gracias por tan amplia explicación de estos políticos. Emma


Wow. If the dems lose the house and the senate, the it’s hello fascism. The repugs have already made their intentions clear about what they’ll do if they win.

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