The Cosby Verdict

On Thursday, April 26, 2018, a jury of seven men and five women in Norristown, PA found comedian Bill Cosby Jr guilty on all counts in the retrial of a sexual assault case brought by Andrea Constand, who alleges that Cosby drugged and raped her in 2004. Cosby, known as “America’s Dad” for his eight year stint on the wildly popular “The Cosby Show” in the 1980s, is now 80, and has been accused by more than 60 women of similar behavior over the decades. Ms. Constand’s case was the only one still within the statute of limitations, and the first trial resulted in a hung jury in 2017.


Born 12 July 1937 (time disputed), Bill Cosby’s Sun at 19 Cancer is about to receive a Solar Eclipse in conjunction from 20 Cancer on July 13th, the day after his 81st birthday.   This highlights him personally, in either positive or negative ways, revealing more of the core or essence of the individual. A prior Pluto station in exact opposition from 19 Capricorn in April 2017 preceded the June 2017 trial, and Pluto will return for a final opposition in two parts this summer and fall; the first begins the same day as the eclipse. Pluto is especially significant, not just because of the devastating circumstances and life changes it can evoke, but because of its own connections to the theme of rape. As the Roman version of the god Hades, famous for abducting and raping Persephone, Pluto represents coercion and manipulation as well as sex and scandal.


Additional rape and aberrant or overly aggressive sexuality indicators abound in Cosby’s chart. Natal Pluto at 28 Cancer is just within orb of conjunction to the Sun, which trines Mars, traditional ruler of rape and violent sexual acts, at 21 Scorpio. Mars in turn conjoins asteroid Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice, and asteroid Wiener, a common euphemism for penis, both at 20 Scorpio. Both these points are stationary direct, with Wiener stationing on July 8 and Themis on July 9 (Mars is also fresh from its station, less than three weeks before Cosby’s birth, on June 27). This creates a deep embed in consciousness, a focal point for the psyche, emphasizing sexual needs (Wiener) and violence (Mars), but with the promise of justice (Themis) being done in due course.


A powerful rape indicator is asteroid Aristaeus, named for the would-be violator of the hapless Eurydice, wife of Orpheus, who in fleeing his unwanted embraces trod upon a poisonous serpent and died. Incredibly, Cosby’s natal Aristaeus exactly opposes his Sun from 19 Capricorn, exactly where the Pluto station occurred just before his first trial. Even more amazing, Aristaeus is conjoined by asteroid Panacea at 21 Capricorn, exactly where the transit Mars/Pluto conjunction is now, combining themes of coercion, violence and rape with drugs or pharmaceuticals, ruled by Panacea, goddess of medicines, which Cosby was alleged to have administered to his victims to make them more compliant with his wishes. Having this pair conjoined natally, and opposed the Sun, indicates a natural tendency, very deep-seated (Sun), toward forced sexual relations (Aristaeus) assisted by chemical means (Panacea). Alongside is natal Jupiter at 22 Capricorn, ruling the judicial system, so again, as with the natal Mars grouping, we have an image of sexual assault mediated by the promise of justice.

cosby trial2

Bill Cosby, with a strong Aristaeus signature, has been accused of drugging and raping more than 60 women

Asteroid Persephone, named for Hades’ victim, appears at 10 Leo, conjoined by Nemesis, named for the Greek goddess of retribution and vengeance who brings undoing, at 4 Leo, and asteroid Constance, representing plaintiff Andrea Constand, at 14 Leo. Yet again we see a theme of coerced sexual contact (Persephone) which is revenged or rebounds upon the perpetrator (Nemesis), in this case specifically directed toward a particular victim in the form of Constand (Constance).


Centaur Nessus is another rape-related body, named for the ravisher of Herakles’ wife Deianeira, whom he agreed to ferry across a river on his equine back. On the farther shore, thinking himself safe from Herakles’ wrath, Nessus attempted to rape her, but the hero was equal to the task of defending his wife, and shot a poisoned arrow across the river, killing Nessus. Cosby’s Nessus falls at 29 Aries, closely squared Pluto at 28 Cancer, opposing Justitia, Roman goddess of justice, at 26 Libra, and conjoined asteroid Askalaphus, noted for tale-bearing and revealing of secrets, at 3 Taurus. Remarkably, this is the fourth combination in this chart of a point representing sexual violation with one suggesting an eventual reckoning. There is a Grand Cross formed from Nessus, Justitia and Pluto with asteroid Icarus at 29 Capricorn, suggesting rash, reckless (Icarus) sexual misconduct (Nessus) of a forced or coerced nature (Pluto), performed heedless of the consequences (also Icarus).


We’ve already discussed Wiener, but additional penis euphemisms also figure prominently in the chart, suggesting an inordinate focus on sexual matters. Asteroid Pecker at 25 Taurus opposes natal Mars and Wiener; asteroid Dick at 23 Aquarius conjoins Damocles, representing the doom hanging unseen overhead, at 25 Aquarius and asteroid Lust, representing unbridled sexual urges, at 29 Aquarius, and these form a T-Square with the Mars/Wiener-Pecker polarity, bringing together no less than three penis placeholders and an indicator of rampant desire with the planet of sexuality and a warning of dire consequences to follow. Asteroid Dong at 3 Pisces is another stationary body, turning retrograde 9 days before Cosby’s birth, and asteroid Wood, a common euphemism for an erection, appears at 10 Gemini, conjunct Venus at 5. Wood is also exactly conjunct asteroid Andree, for Andrea Constand, and further conjoined by asteroid Karma, reaping the results of our actions, at 12 Gemini.


Asteroid William, Cosby’s given first name, conjoins his Sun from 17 Cancer, a common placement for one’s own PNAs, but there is also a Williams asteroid which can be used to represent him. Contacts to PNAs, much like those to the Sun, determine intrinsic character traits which are a basic element of the individual’s nature, and Williams at 14 Taurus is accompanied by Uranus at 13 Taurus and asteroid Pan at 16 Taurus. Uranus indicates an unconventional, shocking or outrageous approach to life, causing controversy, while Pan is noted in myth as aggressively hyper-sexualized, completely bound up in instant gratification and the needs of the moment.  These also oppose Mars.


Also of note in the nativity is asteroid Kassandra, which at 21 Pisces closely trines the Sun and is stationary retrograde, turning two days after Cosby’s birth. Kassandra is predominantly an image of credibility (or lack thereof); doomed to accurately foretell the future but never be believed, her story also involves being raped by the Greek warrior Ajax during the Trojan War. When allegations of rape first emerged about Cosby, many found them difficult to credit; his image as a family man, kindly and avuncular, was so embedded in American psyches. However, subsequent events, Kassandra-like, proved the accusers to be true. Kassandra appears with asteroid Achilles and TNO Chaos, both at 14 Pisces and both also stationary. Achilles represents an inherent vulnerability or weakness which threatens to destroy the native, and Chaos sows its own brand of upheaval, disorder and anarchy, which is just what this verdict will likely produce for Cosby.


What of the victim, Andrea Constand? Born 11 April 1973 (no time available), incredibly, her 21 Aries Sun is conjoined exactly by Kassandra! When she first approached police with her story, she was not believed, and initially the DA declined to prosecute for lack of evidence. Also here are Venus at 22 Aries and Persephone, one of the primary rape indicators, at 26. The Sun squares Eurydike at 20 Cancer, another rape indicator, which conjoins Cosby’s Sun., and exactly opposes Uranus at 21 Libra, showing her to be disruptive and volatile, with Uranus exactly on Cosby’s natal Justitia, bringing him at last to justice. The final leg of a Grand Cross is filled in with natal Karma at 26 Capricorn, suggesting her role in his downfall was fated.

cosby constand

Vindicated Cosby accuser Andrea Constand, who finally brought justice for his many crimes

Indeed, with asteroid Williams also conjoined the Sun from 29 Aries, there is some degree of enmeshment between the two, furthered by her natal Justitia/Nemesis combination at 24 and 25 Taurus, which conjoins Cosby’s Pecker.   Conjoining Cosby’s natal Venus/Andree/Karma grouping is Constand’s natal Lust, Pan and Saturn (at 11, 15 and 16 Gemini respectively), indicating rampant desire (Lust and Pan) and the legal penalty (Saturn) to follow.  There is an echo of Cosby’s sexual/pharmaceutical issues in a combination of asteroid Panacea at 6 Libra with Pluto at 2 Libra, and these overlay Cosby’s natal asteroid Nymphe at 5 Libra, another hint at uncontrollable sexual appetites. This grouping squares Constand’s natal asteroid Andree at 6 Capricorn, bringing this energy home very personally to her. Natal Aristaeus at 8 Sagittarius is conjoined natal Neptune at 7 Sag (as the planetary ruler of drugs, this provides a direct connection between rape and pharmaceuticals), and also opposes Cosby’s natal Venus/Andree/Karma, providing yet another highly personalized link.


The verdict was announced at 1:49 PM EDT in Norristown, PA on 26 April 2018. The Ascendant at 25 Leo yields a 25 Aquarius Descendant, exactly conjoined Cosby’s natal Damocles, the doom hanging overhead. The degree is also exactly squared Cosby’s natal Pecker and Constand’s natal Nemesis, one degree off her Justitia. The MC at 19 Taurus highlights transit Themis, Greek goddess of justice, at 23 Taurus (conjoining the synastric pairing defined above) and is opposed by transit Jupiter at 19 Scorpio exactly on the IC, as well as Cosby’s natal Mars/Themis/Wiener. Cosby’s natal asteroid Norris, for Norristown, the trial’s venue, appears at 20 Taurus, closely conjoined the verdict MC, and there is a wide square to the MC from Cosby’s natal Constance (Constand) at 14 Leo. Transit Norris at 23 Cancer is conjoined his natal Sun, while squared both Cosby’s natal Justitia and Constand’s Sun.


The exact transit conjunction of Mars and Pluto at 21 Capricorn is truly remarkable, exactly conjunct Cosby’s drug-ruling Panacea with his rape-inclined Aristaeus at 19 Capricorn, opposing his 19 Cancer Sun and exactly squaring Constand’s natal 21 Aries Sun and 21 Libra Uranus. Transit Venus at 2 Gemini is about to return to its natal place in Cosby’s chart, when his relations with women are reset and come under review. It also opposes Constand’s natal Aristaeus at 8 Sagittarius. Transit Mercury at 9 Aries squares transit Lust at 10 Cancer, and is still within orb of Cosby’s natal Saturn, ruling legal penalties, at 5 Aries, and Constand’s natal William, at 7 Aries, opposing her Panacea at 6 Libra and squaring her natal Andree at 6 Capricorn.


Transit asteroid William at 25 Aries is conjoined by transit Uranus at 28, indicating the shock to his system from the verdict (and to some extent, the shock to the general public, who, despite the weight of evidence against him, was not sure what to expect, given the earlier hung jury). William opposes Cosby’s natal Justitia at 26 Libra, justice catching up with the octogenarian serial rapist at last. William is also within orb of Constand’s natal Sun/Kassandra at 21 Aries, and more broadly squared his own Sun at 19 Cancer, exactly squared his natal Mercury (the verdict itself) at 25 Cancer. Nemesis is following behind William at 18 Aries, and is closely squared his natal Sun.


Transit asteroid Constance (for Constand) appears at 7 Aquarius, followed by Aristaeus (rape) at 11 Aquarius and Justitia art 17 Aquarius. Constance and Aristaeus square the transit Sun at 6 Taurus, oppose transit Nymphe at 6 Leo, and also oppose Cosby’s natal Nemesis, Persephone and Constance, at 4, 10 and 14 Leo. They also conjoin Constand’s natal Jupiter and Mars at 8 and 11 Aquarius. Aristaeus exactly on natal Mars for the verdict in a rape case is quite stunning.


But this is also where things begin to look suspicious. Because with natal Jupiter/Mars is asteroid Lie at 6 Aquarius, conjoined transit Constance and exactly squared the verdict Sun. Personally, I have no doubt that Cosby committed many of the acts alleged against him, but I wonder if Constand’s story is completely authentic. A grouping of Lie with Jupiter and Mars natally certainly yields the possibility of false statements (Lie) regarding sexual contact (Mars) concocted about a famous individual (Jupiter). Lie also squared Constand’s natal Norris at 7 Leo, for Norristown, as well as Cosby’s natal Askalaphus, the revealer of secrets, at 3 Taurus.

cosby camille

Cosby and his long-suffering wife of 54 years, Camille, enter the courthouse

Cosby’s natal Lie at 4 Virgo conjoins Hera at 3 Virgo (lying to the wife, a no-brainer here), but is also part of a T-Square including asteroid Dong in opposition from 3 Pisces (itself at station) and a square to the Venus/Andree pairing at 5 and 10 Gemini. This could signal false or misleading statements (Lie) about a sexual matter (Dong) brought by a lover (Venus) named Andrea (Andree).


This concern is strongly bolstered in the verdict chart by a bizarre exact conjunction of asteroids Andree (for Andrea Constand) and Lie at 26 Sagittarius, calling into question her basic veracity. The Galactic Center next door at 27 Sagittarius guarantees wide public notice and dissemination of any possible falsehood, and additionally, both asteroids are at station, making them stand-out features in the chart. Andree turned retrograde on April 19, and Lie made its directional shift just the day before the verdict was announced.  Having them together at the same degree is very troubling, especially in a Sun/Kassandra native, whose relationship with the truth is often questionable.


It seems to me that the nature of the interaction between Cosby and Constand may well have been consensual, as he claims, but I also judge that by pressing this suit, she has performed a valuable public service, in finally bringing to justice a serial rapist, with a preponderance of accusers, all of whom except Constand were limited in their legal recourse by the expiry of the statute of limitations on their cases. Was Andrea Constand truly violated by Cosby, or the vehicle chosen by Fate to enact a penalty for his sins? We’ll probably never know for sure.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Chen Lee

“Was Andrea Constand truly violated by Cosby, or the vehicle chosen by Fate to enact a penalty for his sins?”

Surely, those are not the only possible scenarios. Obviously, women lie. A lot. And big. Nothing new about that.

    Alex Miller


    well, they both agree they had sex. either it was consensual, as he says, or it wasn’t, as she claims. if you can think of a third option, I’d love to hear it.

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Very interesting reading! Learned a lot! thanks!
I would like to buy your book when it is printed.

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