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And So It Begins: DJT & the FBI

On Monday, 8 August 2022, FBI agents executed a legal search warrant of former US president Donald J. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago mansion in Florida, looking for classified documents still in his possession.  When leaving the White House in January 2021, Trump absconded with reams of classified material, in violation of the Presidential Records Act of 1978, and the National Archives has been trying to get them back ever since.  In February, 15 boxes of such papers were returned, but investigators had cause to believe this was not the extent of the purloined trove, and a legal pas-de-deux had been danced between the Justice Department and Trump lawyers for months since, with negotiations and subpoenas having little effect.

Eventually, Justice determined that Trump would not be forthcoming by any means other than a search warrant, which was duly sought from a federal judge, who issued the warrant after being persuaded that there was probable cause that a crime had been committed, and that evidence would be found at the location specified.  Reportedly twelve boxes of additional material were removed after a day-long search while Trump himself was in New York, awaiting his deposition in a civil case there.

trump FBI gate
FBI agents guard the entrance to Mar-a-Lago during the search; the Sun T-Squared Saturn and asteroid Troemper shows possible legal penalties for Donald Trump

In accordance with Justice Department procedure, no public notice was given of the search, but Trump himself outed what he inaccurately defined as a “raid” (Trump lawyers were given notice and remained on the property throughout) in a post to his social media site that evening, decrying, “they even broke into my safe!”.  Within hours, the rightwing spin machine had gone into overdrive, with specious, unsupported theories about government overreach, rogue FBI agents and “planted evidence”; characteristically, Trump used the incident to fundraise.  Three days later, a hyped-up Trump supporter lost his life in an FBI shootout after attempting to storm the FBI office in Cincinnati, intent on harming agents in retaliation for the search.

The walls are closing in on Donald Trump; there are so many possible avenues for his arrest and charging with a crime, it’s hard to see how at least one of them doesn’t bear fruit.  From a Georgia Grand Jury looking into election tampering, to possible indictment as a co-conspirator in the January 6th Capitol Insurrection, opportunities to fit out Trump with an orange jumpsuit are legion.  For doubters who were concerned that US Attorney General Merrick Garland might not have the intestinal fortitude to pursue charges against a former president and likely future presidential candidate, the FBI response, signed off on by Garland personally, should lay those doubts to rest.

But it may be that the crime that is simplest to prove may be the most effective.  If Trump unlawfully took, and then retained, classified material, that is an easily prosecutable case.  Conviction would disqualify Trump from ever holding public office again; thanks to a new law he himself signed, it might even carry considerable jail time.

Is the Mar-a-Lago search warrant the beginning of the end for Trump?  Astrological considerations suggest that it may well be.

trump FBI crimes
This graphic from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” neatly illustrates the wide range of possible indictments to which Trump is vulnerable; a Return of asteroid d’Arrest to its natal degree this fall could signal charges filed

Several patterns in effect at the time of the search indicate its importance in bringing Trump to justice.  A Grand Cross of the Sun at 15 Leo with Uranus and Mars at 18 and 22 Leo, Saturn at 22 Aquarius, and asteroid Troemper (our celestial referent for The Donald) at 13 Scorpio with asteroid Karma at 21 Scorpio dominates the day, throwing a spotlight (Sun) on possible legal problems or penalties (both Saturn) for Trump (Troemper), stemming from the theft (Mars) of government documents, which evoke controversy (Uranus) and are shocking or unexpected (also Uranus), perhaps resulting in a comeuppance for prior bad acts (Karma). Also in the pattern is asteroid Brucia at 9 Scorpio, conjunct Troemper, here representing Judge Bruce Reinhart, who issued the search warrant.

At the periphery of this pattern, an exact opposition from asteroid Mara at 6 Taurus to asteroid Page at 6 Scorpio identifies the documents being sought (Page) and where the Feds thought to find them (Mara, for Mar-a-Lago).  Trump likes to set records (already the first president to lose the popular vote twice, and the first to be twice impeached, he now adds first former president to have a search warrant issued against him), but he may not like what asteroid Records reveals about his situation.  At 12 Virgo, Records is conjoined Mercury at 6 Virgo and exactly squared asteroid Achilles at 12 Gemini, with Memoria at 8 Gemini.  Records, Memoria (memoranda, memos) and Mercury itself all point to documents or papers, while Achilles announces an inherent vulnerability or weakness in the circumstances, one which threatens to ultimately destroy the individual.  Bruce Reinhart, the judge who issued the warrant to search for the documents, is present again, as asteroid Reinhardt, which at 15 Virgo conjoins Records.

Asteroid Justitia at 7 Capricorn, named for the Roman goddess of justice, is trine Records, suggesting legal exposure.  In a Grand Trine Kite pattern with Mara and Page conjunct Troemper on the String, Trump’s legal problems may have just begun.  Justitia is also in a Grand Cross with an opposition to asteroid Paperetti (for “papers”) at 2 Cancer, and squares to asteroids d’Arrest (being indicted or charged with a crime), Lagia (also for Mar-a-Lago) and Forman (forms) at 1, 7 and 9 Libra, and Jupiter (ruling the Justice Department and political figures generally) at 8 Aries, with asteroid Nemesis (ruin or destruction, often self-generated) roped in from 0 Aries.

trump FBI cover
Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate didn’t escape notice from the cosmos; asteroid Mara opposing asteroids Page and Troemper describes his home and the documents sought, while asteroid Lagia conjunct d’Arrest and in a T-Square with Paperetti and Justitia, suggests the clash with the Justice Department over the documents and the possible ramifications

Asteroid Whitehouse at 20 Pisces conjoins Neptune and asteroid Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice, at 25 and 26 Pisces, squared asteroid Merrick at 23 Gemini, representing Attorney General Merrick Garland.  This illustrates deception and duplicity (Neptune) perpetrated by a former US President (Whitehouse) on the Justice Department (Themis), combatted by (square) the AG (Merrick).  Records at 12 Virgo forms a T-Square, and defines the crux of the conflict between them.  Merrick is also closely conjoined Donald Trump’s natal Sun at 22 Gemini, making this a very personal issue. [LATE-BREAKING: Within hours of the posting of this article, a leaked copy of the search warrant revealed that among the potential crimes for which Trump is being investigated, are violations of the Espionage Act – and a better use of Neptune – which rules spies – in this configuration couldn’t be imagined. These acts, if confirmed, would constitute the gravest legal peril for Trump, far more devastating than simple misuse or criminal possession of classified material.]

Another indicator of possible doom about to descend is Damocles, which at 29 Aquarius is exactly conjoined Trump’s natal Descendant.  Damocles in turn is exactly squared transit asteroid Dike, which at 29 Taurus conjoins Trump’s natal MC at 24 Taurus.  Dike relates to moral justice, in the sense of socially enforced norms and conventional rules which have been accepted custom for generations.  It is the flouting of these conventions and norms which lies at the root of the threat hanging over Trump’s head, as a man who routinely assumes that the rules do not apply to him. 

Let’s pause a moment to talk about asteroid Paperetti.  This is a point which only recently has come to my attention (many thanks to reader Elizabeth for that introduction!), and is proving its utility quickly.  If we tweak out Paperetti from the Grand Cross described above, we find a very tight T-Square with Nemesis and d’Arrest, indicating ruin or downfall leading to arrest or criminal charges, based in the handling of documents.  Due to similar rates of movement, the transit square between d’Arrest and Paperetti remains in effect for months, until a retrograde by Paperetti in early December moves them more than ten degrees apart in orb.  The entire period is one fraught with legal peril for Trump in the context of his treatment of official documents.

trump FBI jail
trump FBI supporters
Dueling perspectives: an anti-Trump protester holds aloft a sign outside Trump Tower depicting his wishes for the former president, while pro-Trump supporters outside Mar-a-Lago protest the FBI search

This is supported in the natal chart by asteroid Paperetti at 28 Libra, conjoined d’Arrest at 24 Libra, once again linking documents with legal troubles and accountability.  Both points are at station, making them important, embedded factors in Trump’s biography.  Born 14 June 1946, Paperetti turned direct the day after, with d’Arrest following suit on the following day.  Both are trine his 22 Gemini Sun, making them self-defining, and in a Grand Cross Kite with asteroid Justitia at 18 Aquarius (also at station) and the Moon at 21 Sagittarius on the String.

Perhaps more to the point, Donald Trump is about to experience a “d’Arrest Return”, with the point describing legal accountability returning to its natal degree on October 23rd.  This affords an opportunity to “reset’ and reinvigorate the natal potential, and is a roughly once-in-four-years event (the next occurrence will not be until November of 2026).  Intense illumination of the event will be provided by the transit Sun/Venus conjunction when the Return occurs, still within orb from 29 Libra, while transit Mercury brings something newsworthy into public awareness by conjunction from 18 Libra.

That could be just one more nail in the coffin of Donald Trump’s freedom.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Praying everything finally catches up with him and he pays the consequences with exclusion from future office, and jail time. Thank you for giving me hope!


Incredible asteroid connections as always! It is all so bizarre. Why would he even take those documents with him when he left his office? What was his possible motivation? And the fact that he may end up serving 5 years in prison instead of one because of a law that he passed. Politics just doesn’t get any stranger than this!

zhee singer

Great article Alex, Thank you!!!!!!


Alex, wonderful news! I actually finally in the state of Texas (where I will probably be either shot or hung and quartered or put into a gladiator pit courtesy of Dumbass Abbott gulag) voiced my opinion verbally at the local HEB where two old farts were by their massive tank pick-up talking “Well what was he going to do with them? Sell to Russia?” and as I went by…I remarked to both men “I don’t give a rat’s ass what he did, it was wrong! I don’t care if you’re Republican or Democrat, you do not take nearly the highest classified information home and leave it unsecured. You know Democracy will be dead in three years, and if think the GOP cares about anyone including you, you would be wrong”.
Do Ivanka or Jared chart…someone close to the dumpster let the FBI know of the mess-up, knew where this exact pile of poo laid regarding security nightmare…my bet is daughter Ivanka-pay back for dear dad’s sexualization of her at a young age. She is a victim of sexual childhood abuse. The dark horse you ask? – Melania. Time for her to flee back to her communist homeland. Her work is done here.
Think old Ivana was executed? See what happened with her death chart, if you haven’t already, might be interesting…


It would be great if he’s finally brought to account. I’m hoping that his lawyers don’t find loopholes, as in the past.


did he have Roswell related material? I’d have kept a copy and be passing it out now.

Mary Kay

Excellent article, as usual!

Linda Gajevski

Alex, your analysis is amazing and your witty writing style is always entertaining. Thank you for all your work on these current events. Like other commenters, this one gives me hope. I will continue to pray that asteroid “Teflon” (is there one?) does not come into aspect for The Donald any time soon!

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