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The Hunter Biden Guilty Verdict

On 11 June 2024, Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, was convicted in a Wilmington, Delaware courtroom on three felony counts related to drug use and gun possession.  US Department of Justice Special Counsel David Weiss brought the case, stemming from an October 2018 purchase where Biden lied about his drug use to obtain a firearm.  Charged with unlawfully possessing a gun as a drug user, lying on a federal form when he bought the gun, and making a false statement about information required to be collected by a federally licensed gun dealer, the jury took less than three hours to decide that Biden was guilty, after a trial lasting six days.

Politically, the case takes the wind out of the sails of those who contend that Donald Trump’s prosecution was rigged by a corrupt Justice Department run by Joe Biden, determined to damage conservatives.  If DOJ is simultaneously prosecuting Biden family members, then it’s hardly a biased institution.  It also affords a stark contrast in styles between the ex-president, who has said he will, given the chance by reelection, circumvent justice by pardoning his supporters convicted in the January 6th insurrection; as opposed a sitting president who respects the rule of law enough to not pardon his own son, while having the power to do so.  Ironically, the statute which requires disclosure of drug use in making firearms purchases is currently being defended in the courts against gun rights conservatives by Biden’s DOJ, further reflecting Biden’s commitment to protecting the rule of law, whatever the personal consequences.

Sticking to the format used for the Trump trial verdict, we’ll be using 11:05 AM EDT on 11 June 2024 as the time for the chart of the decision, which was when the jury announced they had concluded deliberations.  The verdict was read approximately ten minutes later.

hunter dad
US President Joe Biden remains supportive of his son, but says he will not pardon him; with asteroid Bida (for Biden) at station, Hunter’s surname would be pivotal in how his life unfolded, and conjunct asteroid Nemesis, he’s his own worst enemy; natal asteroid Whitehouse conjoins the Moon, suggesting a family member in the Oval Office

For Hunter Biden, whose first name is actually Robert, we have a plethora of PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids):  Roberta 335, Roberto 96257 and Roberts 3428 for Robert; Hunt 23041, Hunten 9122 and Huntress 7225 for Hunter; and Bida 32014 for Biden.  Trial Judge Maryellen Noreika is seen as asteroid Maryellen 98825; prosecuting DA David Weiss as asteroids Davida 511 and Weissman 3197; and lead defense attorney Abbe Lowell as asteroids Abbe 5224 and Lowell 1886.  Asteroids Themis 24 and Justitia 269 are named respectively for the Greek and Roman goddesses of justice; asteroid Gunn 18243 will serve for the charges.

Born 4 February 1970 at 1:46 PM EST in Wilmington, Delaware (Rodden Rating AA), Robert Hunter Biden has a number of points in his natal chart that foreshadow his present difficulties.

For starters, there’s an extensive grouping of points that cluster about his Sun at 15 Aquarius.  One’s own PNAs tend to connect to the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury (as ruling the naming function) and Hunter Biden is no exception to this rule, with both asteroid Roberta (feminine form of Robert) and Hunten (closest to Hunter) conjunct the Sun, from 11 and 18 Aquarius.  Asteroid Roberto (Italian/Spanish form) at 4 Aquarius is just outside the solar orb of influence, while asteroids Huntress and Roberts (middle and first name variations) at 12 and 14 Capricorn conjoin the 20 Cap Mercury, and asteroid Hunt at 3 Cancer conjoins the 1 Cancer Ascendant.  Asteroid Bida is one of three points at station, indicating prime importance in the biography; at 1 Libra, Bida is sesquiquadrate the Sun, exactly squared the Ascendant, and turned retrograde on January 21st, still at its station degree in the birth chart.

hunter jill
Stepmom Jill and daughter Naomi attended the trial frequently, with Naomi also giving testimony; natal asteroid Naomi conjoins asteroid d’Arrest (charges filed) and trines asteroid Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice, anticipating her role in her father’s trial

So Hunter Biden conforms to the PNA rule in all seven celestial variations of his name.  Which is ironic, because much of the solar stellium suggests he’s fairly nonconformist in general.  With asteroid Icarus 1566 at 6 Aquarius and asteroid NOT 2857 at 18 Aquarius both conjunct the Sun, Hunter (we’ll use his first name throughout, to distinguish him from his father) can be quite reckless and contrarian.  Icarus relates to rash, reckless acts heedless of the consequences, often performed despite advice to the contrary.  NOT is a general disqualifier or symbol of negation, and one can feel always blocked in some sense, unable to express whatever it connects with.  When conjunct the Sun, it can indicate a stubborn refusal to play by the rules; a contrarian, disputatious streak; or an inability to conform.  A generalized negative outlook is often present.

As well, Uranus at 8 Libra is trine the Sun, and is noted for nonconformity, rule-breaking, volatility, and shocking, socially unacceptable behaviors.  It’s an agitated, restless energy, unwilling to limit its freedom of action and unconcerned with others’ opinions or imposed restrictions.

Also with the Sun is Venus at 18 Aquarius, conferring the rugged good looks that bless the Bidens generally, and Hunter in specific, perhaps generated by asteroid Hunten exact with Venus, doubling down on the “attractiveness” factor.  There’s also some degree of luck which accompanies this placement, with Venus as the Lesser Benefic.  Damocles 5335, also at 18 Aquarius, is rather less helpful.  There can be an ever-present sense of impending doom, an overhanging threat of loss or destruction; paired with Venus, ruling finances, we see also the germ of the tax problems that have been plaguing Hunter since 2018, with more charges still to come to trial this autumn.

hunter judge
Judge Maryellen Noreika oversaw the trial; asteroid Maryellen conjunct asteroid Truth was aligned with the Descendant of the verdict, and had just returned to its natal place, trine asteroid Themis (justice)

There’s a strange dichotomy created by two more points which are in conjunction with the Sun – these are asteroids Veritas 490 and Lie 26955, at 10 and 14 Aquarius.  Veritas is the Latin word for “truth;” Lie is actually a surname, applied to honor Norwegian mathematician Sophus Lie, but which acts reliably in its English language form to represent deception, duplicity and dishonesty.  Having these two conjunct, and especially within orb of Sun, is rather like the image of the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other, each whispering into an ear.  Conflation of truth and falsehood is a pitfall of this placement, which fosters self-deception as well as deception of others; ironically, often perceived as a quest to be true to oneself.  Truth and falsity become interchangeable and situational, and one never knows which influence is whispering the loudest in the moment.

In addition to asteroid Bida, Hunter sports two more points at station, denoting pivotal importance.  One of these is asteroid Nemesis 128, which at 8 Libra turned retrograde just three days before his birth.  Nemesis exactly conjoins Uranus, exactly opposes Mars at 8 Aries, squares the Ascendant and asteroid Hunt at 1 and 3 Cancer, and completes a Grand Cross with asteroid Achilles 588 at 2 Capricorn, on the 1 Cap Descendant, also trine the Sun. 

Nemesis is a complicated energy.  It ultimately represents the quest for justice, whether by legal or retributive means.  Nemesis’ mythic focus was to knock down to size mortals who had exceeded themselves, acting in a hubristic, arrogant manner, and failing to give due credit to the gods for their success or fortune.  It has come to represent the enemy or opponent; adversaries and competitors; blocks to success or progress; and is a symbol of ruin or destruction, often self-created.  It is perhaps one of the worst points to have emphasized in a chart, especially given its multiple connections here. 

hunter weiss
DOJ Special Counsel David Weiss brought the case against Hunter; natal asteroid Davida appears at station, indicating a pivotal role to play in Hunter’s bio, conjunct asteroid Themis (justice) and trine asteroid d’Arrest (charges filed); transit Davida conjoined asteroid Bida, with transit asteroid Weissman conjunct transit Themis, for the verdict

Nemesis exact with Uranus suggests it is Hunter’s erratic, nonconformist, iconoclastic streak which puts him most at risk for self-destruction.  His innate independence and inability to toe the line are potential dangers.  The personal tie-in via Nemesis’ contacts with asteroid Hunt and the Sun (as well as asteroids Roberto and Roberta in trine, and Huntress and Roberts in square) exacerbates this, and really does make Hunter Biden his own worst enemy.  As well, the square to Achilles emphasizes exposure and vulnerability, highlighting an inherent character flaw that threatens to destroy the native.  It promotes ruin, pure and simple, based in his own voluntary actions. 

In myth, Nemesis worked in a sort of tag-team fashion with the goddess Hybris, noted for prideful arrogance, conceit and haughtiness; Hybris sets them up, and Nemesis knocks them down.  Hunter is especially susceptible to this form of hubris, with asteroid Hybris 433 conjoined asteroid Hunt and the Ascendant from 5 Cancer, also sesquiquadrate the Sun with asteroids Roberta and Hunten, and inconjunct asteroid Roberto.

Unfortunately, Nemesis isn’t done with the laundry list of contacts mentioned above.  There is one more connection, key to the present circumstance.  Nemesis is exactly inconjunct the Midheaven (also known as the MC) at 8 Pisces, itself conjoined a grouping of asteroids including Gunn and Panacea 2878, both at 5 Pisces, and Truth 249521 at 6 Pisces.  The Midheaven rules career matters, status and reputation.  Gunn requires no great interpretive skills in this situation; likewise, Panacea, when we remember that she was the Greek goddess of medicine and drugs generally, legal or illegal, readily lends herself to application here. 

hunter lowell
Abbe Lowell was lead counsel for the defense; natal asteroid Abbe conjoins Hunter’s Sun, with asteroid Lowell exactly squared, showing an important part to play; transit asteroid Abbe conjoined transit Bida, with transit Lowell exactly opposed Bida for the verdict, signifies prominence in the moment

Having Truth conjunct the MC, the point of highest elevation in the chart, the focus of all eyes, is rather like that old saying, “truth will out.”  The facts reveal themselves with this placement, and are unavoidable, incapable of obfuscation or misdirection.  And in this case, we have a definite rendering of the situation:  charges involving weaponry (Gunn) and drug use (Panacea).  With Nemesis inconjunct this grouping, there’s likely a highly public (MC) fall from grace (Nemesis), constellating about these issues.  The situation is underscored by Neptune, planetary ruler of drugs and deception, in square to this cluster from 0 Sagittarius.

The final point at station is, unsurprisingly, asteroid d’Arrest 9133, which at 17 Gemini is trine the Sun and turned direct the day before Hunter’s birth.  d’Arrest refers to actual arrest, detention, or imprisonment, as well as charges filed and indictments.  At station, some brush with the law is to be expected, at some point in the life (Donald Trump also has this point at station, perhaps the only thing these two individuals have in common).

The timing of the trial and its verdict was misfortunate, highlighting the natal potential in ways which promoted undesirable outcomes.  The 11:05 AM EDT time for the jury’s notification that a verdict had been reached shows a 29 Leo Ascendant, conjoined by the Moon with asteroid Roberto at 22 and 21 Leo respectively.  Roberto of course signals Hunter (with Robert as his given first name), and the Moon rules the residence, something very much at issue in this trial with up to 25 years imprisonment in the offing, though as a first-time nonviolent offender, this is an unlikely sentence.

Asteroids Truth at 24 Aquarius and Maryellen at 27 Aquarius conjoin the 29 Aquarius Descendant; we can be assured that the verdict was a fair one (Truth) and that trial judge Maryellen Noreika performed properly (Maryellen).  Also conjunct, Damocles with asteroid Huntress, both at 5 Pisces, highlighting the defendant (Huntress) in the moment, and the doom that has come upon him (Damocles). 

hunter trial departure june 10
Hunter Biden leaves the courtroom after closing arguments; an exact transit conjunction of asteroid Huntress and Damocles is exactly conjoined a natal pairing of asteroids Panacea and Gunn, portraying Hunter (Huntress) in peril (Damocles) from drug-related (Panacea) weapons charges (Gunn)

Remember Hunter’s exact Gunn/Panacea conjunction at this very degree and take a moment, mere mortal, to quaver at the ineffable timing of the cosmos, bringing together these four points, sundered by 54 years and widely disparate rates of movement, yet united in celestial and symbolic perfection at this precise instant, to perfectly describe the circumstance.  The blending of drugs (Panacea) and firearms (Gunn) has brought a doom (Damocles) upon Hunter Biden (Huntress).  Simply gobsmacking!

Damocles/Huntress is also squared to Jupiter at 3 Gemini, conjoined by asteroids Roberts at 2 Gemini and Karma 3811 at 8 Gemini.  Jupiter rules the courts, Roberts is of course Hunter again, and Karma relates to paying for prior misdeeds, all of which has apparent application to the story.

Continuing our tour of angular points, we find a Gunn/Uranus conjunction at 22 and 24 Taurus bookending the 23 Taurus Midheaven.  Again there is the focus on weaponry (Gunn) as a major issue, as well as Hunter’s inability to toe the line and follow the rules (Uranus).  These square Moon/Roberto, further personalizing the energies to Hunter, in a T-Square with asteroid Truth at 24 Aquarius and asteroid Roberta at 16 Aquarius.  Roberta also opposes asteroid Nemesis at 13 Leo, underscoring the self-created aspect of this ruinous situation.

Asteroid Hunt at 0 Aries conjunct Neptune at 29 Pisces reminds us of the drug charges; asteroid Hunten at 0 Aquarius conjunct Pluto at 1 Aquarius reminds us that these charges are criminal in nature; asteroid Bida at 29 Aries conjoined Mars at 1 Taurus repeats the theme of firearms.  Having three PNAs simultaneously within a degree or two from major planetary energies, of whatever type, always signals a time fraught with potential for major changes and developments, things which resonate throughout the life.  Here, the specific rulerships of the planets involved perfectly portray the issues and themes in play.

Neptune/Hunt further squares the spotlighting Sun at 21 Gemini, with asteroid Justitia (justice) at 27 Gemini, as well as asteroid Themis (also justice) at 5 Cancer.  Both justice goddesses also conjoin Hunter’s natal Ascendant, Hunt and Hybris conjunction at 1, 3 and 5 Cancer, while asteroid Hunt opposes natal Uranus/Nemesis (shocking/downfall) at 8 Libra and squares natal Achilles (vulnerability) at 2 Capricorn.

With Pluto/Hunten is asteroid Kassandra 114 at 6 Aquarius, also opposed a pairing of asteroids Lie and Achilles at 4 and 6 Leo.  The criminal case (Pluto) jury didn’t find Hunter’s (Hunten) defense credible (Kassandra), thought him dishonest (Lie), and therefor vulnerable (Achilles) to conviction.  Hunten is also exactly opposed Hunter’s natal Justitia at 0 Leo and conjoins the natal Roberto/Icarus (Hunter’s rash actions) conjunction at 4 and 6 Aquarius.  The square to transit Mars/Bida completes a T-Square.

Asteroid Bida is further conjoined by asteroid Davida at 24 Aries, for special counsel and prosecutor David Weiss; and by asteroid Abbe at 21 Aries, for lead defense counsel Abbe Lowell, bringing together prosecution, defense and defendant.  Asteroid Weissman, also for David Weiss, falls at 5 Cancer, exactly conjunct Themis, establishing him as justice’s agent in this proceeding; while asteroid Lowell, also for Abbe Lowell, appears at 29 Cancer, opposed Hunten, another connection between lawyer and client.

Mercury at 17 Gemini, conjunct asteroid Panacea at 15 Gemini, squares asteroid Veritas at 18 Virgo, again confirming that the verdict (Mercury) in this drug case (Panacea) was a true one (Veritas). Panacea is also sextile asteroid Nemesis at 13 Leo, defining drugs as at the root of Hunter’s ultimate downfall (Nemesis).

Another stunning recitation of just how granular the cosmos can be when it spits on its hands and gets down to it, exposing the nitty-gritty of virtually any circumstance, if you know where to look.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Wow, the asteroid connections are gobsmacking indeed! I didn’t realize Hunter Biden was such a complicated guy until now. Obviously the verdict was the correct one but will the punishment fit the crime? I know there are concerns that he is actually being treated more harshly because he is the President’s son. A 25-year sentence is reserved for the worst of crimes in Canada, typically 1st-degree murder. American sentences are typically much harsher and I think most of us in Canada will be shocked by whatever he gets. I give Joe Biden for the grace he has displayed in responding to his son’s drug problems and charges. I agree, his respect for the justice system is in stark contrast to Trump who seems to have no respect for anyone or any institution. Thanks Alex!

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