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The Russia-Ukraine Crisis

Tensions continue to increase on the border between Ukraine and Russia, where more than 100,000 Russian troops have recently been stationed, in what appears to be a build-up to an invasion.  Russia began a piecemeal takeover of its neighbor in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea, followed by further border incursions into adjoining Ukrainian enclaves dominated by its military and local separatist groups wanting to reunite the two nations, as they were under Soviet hegemony.  Reports that families of Russian diplomatic staffers in Ukraine were evacuated in early January heightened the sense of impending crisis.

Rather than wait to see which way the Russian bear lumbers, analyzing his moves in hindsight, the purpose of this article is to assess the situation in advance of open hostilities, to determine how likely they are, and when they might commence.  Most of the principals in the unfolding drama have exact or close PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) matches we can use to evaluate probabilities, including asteroids Russia and Moskva (Russian for Moscow, its capital); Ukraina (for Ukraine) and Kiev (its capital); Vladimir and Putilin (for Russian president Vladimir Putin); and Volodymyr and Zelinsky (for Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky). 

January and February 2022 is a fraught period generally for these entities, with five out of six of their asteroid referents coming to station in that two-month span.  Stations focus planetary energies in a particular sector of the zodiac, and dominate the astrologic landscape by being the still points upon which the rest of the sky revolves.  They become the loci of terrestrial energies and events, for good or ill, with the station itself constituting a literal “turning point” in the affairs of the associated namesakes.  As such, it’s quite remarkable to see PNAs representative of so many of the major players of this conflict in flux over the same general time period, implying that major shifts and changes are forthcoming.  In essence, what’s happening is that positions and circumstances are becoming entrenched (stations) as each side draws its lines, coming to conclusions about the other, but not overtly reacting.

In judging the effect of celestial stations on terrestrial events, the direction of the shift, whether retrograde or direct, does not necessarily have bearing on the course events will take.  The overriding factor is that a change is taking place.  That said, sometimes the direction indicated does give clues to the results.  There may be some cosmic method to this asteroid station madness.  Take note of the dates when these cosmic events occur – January 3rd, asteroid Zelinsky goes retrograde; January 13th, asteroid Kiev goes direct; February 8th, asteroid Ukraina goes retrograde; February 18th, asteroid Moskva goes direct; and February 28th, asteroid Russia goes retrograde. 

Ukraine map
Ukraine may shortly be under attack from its aggressive neighbor, Russia; celestial intimations of altering conditions on the ground include stations made by asteroid Ukraina on February 8th and asteroid Russia on February 28th

Now analyze the data.  This pattern constitutes a pair of January events which are ten days apart, followed by a break of almost a month, then a series of three February events, each ten days apart.  This suggests an acceleration of developments in early to mid-January; a “thaw” where the status quo is maintained; and another flurry of activity beginning in early February.  The first three events in order represent Ukrainian markers, the final two are Russian.  This suggests that the initial action is focused on Ukraine, then shifts to Russia.

The station dates which have already occurred as of this writing (January 22, 2022) have yielded the following manifestations: 

  • Asteroid Zelinksy stations retrograde January 3, 2022; on January 2, US President Joe Biden reaches out to Zelensky in a phone call to Kiev, to reaffirm US and allies’ support for Ukraine, stating they will “respond decisively” to any further Russian aggression.  (Asteroid Bida at 26 Cancer is semisquare asteroid Zelinsky at 10 Virgo, with Bida also exactly sextile asteroid Kiev at 26 Taurus, while asteroids Washingtonia and Volodymyr conjoin at 0 and 9 Scorpio, and asteroid Whitehouse squares from 0 Aquarius.) 
  • Asteroid Kiev stations direct January 13, 2022; on January 10, the US and Russia hold bilateral talks about the situation in Ukraine, on January 12 a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council is held in Brussels to address concerns.  Russia deems both meetings “unsuccessful.”  On January 14, Ukraine experiences a massive cyberattack on government websites, including the foreign ministry; Russian hackers are suspected.  The sites were blocked with images of crossed-out Ukrainian flags and maps of the nation, with the message, “Ukrainians! … All information about you has become public.  Be afraid and expect worse.  It’s your past, present and future.”

Putin’s mind seems made up, but there is still the chance that pressure is being applied only to obtain concessions from the West, such as a guarantee that Ukraine will never be admitted to NATO.  The failure of the mid-January talks is not surprising, with diplomacy hampered by a retrograde Venus, and Mercury also turning retrograde on the 14th, snarling communications generally.

ukraine zelensky1
Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky; asteroids Volodymyr and Vladimir (for Vladimir Putin, his opponent) have been traveling together with Karma since the spring of 2020, binding them through fate – with that triple conjunction about to expire in March, matters are coming to a head

Two solar connections are also currently coloring the general outlook globally.  Since December 26th, through January 29th, the Sun has been conjoined asteroid Nemesis.  On the one hand this combination focuses on rivalry, competition, blocks to progress or the identification of enemies, adversaries and opponents; on the other, there is a thrust toward cosmic justice, divine retribution and vengeance.  It’s a bad time to act the aggressor, lest reprisals ensue.

But in the midst of this, there is a simultaneous spur to rash action, perhaps making it more difficult to avoid reckless decisions and responses.  This is represented by the Sun’s conjunction with asteroid Icarus, noted for an inability to accept good advice and rash, reckless acts heedless of the consequences.  This applies from January 18th through the 24th, which in this instance could signal either action taken to initiate hostilities, or a final decision to do so in the near future.  Russia itself (“born” 12/25/91 at 5:19 PM UT in Moscow, in the aftermath of the dissolution of the Soviet Union) is naturally susceptible to such impulsive acts, with its 3 Capricorn Sun conjoined by Icarus at 0 Capricorn – risk-taking is a central, core part of the fabric of the nation. 

And Vladimir Putin (born 10/7/52, no time available) is especially vulnerable to reckless disregard for the consequences when it comes to Ukraine, with natal Icarus at 24 Scorpio, in a cluster with asteroids Kiev (Ukraine’s capital), Volodymyr (for its current president, Volodymyr Zelensky) and Donbass (for Donbas, the disputed border region) at 26, 27 and 29 Scorpio respectively, squared a triple conjunction of Pluto at 22 Leo with asteroids Ukraina and Washingtonia at 25 at 26 Leo.  This suggests a power struggle (Pluto) and possible devastation (also Pluto) with Ukraine (Ukraina), supported by the US (Washingtonia), without due consideration of the costs (Icarus) incurred by crossing the border (Donbass).  Icarus in this mix prompts Putin to act rashly, perhaps even irrationally.

This Scorpio stellium also appears in two additional major configurations.  First, at the apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjuncts to asteroids Vladimir at 26 Aries and Moskva (Russian for Moscow) at 25 Gemini.  This seems to suggest that the fate (Yod) of Putin personally (Vladimir) and his country (Moskva) are bound up in border disputes (Donbass) with the Ukrainian government (Kiev), especially while headed by Zelensky (Volodymyr), with Icarus here encouraging irresponsibility and lack of control.

ukraine biden call
US President Joe Biden placed a call of support to Zelensky on January 2, just a day before asteroid Zelinsky made its station in semisquare to asteroid Bida

The second pattern is a Grand Trine Kite, with the Scorpio stellium trined a grouping of asteroids Achilles and America at 22 and 23 Cancer, and TNO Chaos at 29 Pisces, with asteroid Russia exactly opposed Chaos from 29 Virgo, at the String of the Kite, directing its energies.  There is again the implication that ill-advised (Icarus) reactions toward Ukraine (Kiev) could provoke the US (America), exposing Russia’s (Russia) underlying vulnerability and weakness (Achilles), resulting in that nation descending into confusion, disorder, even anarchy (Chaos).

A series of extended conjunctions may impact the timing and outcome as well.  “EC”s are protracted periods when points remain in combination, due to their orbital patterns, and are fairly common among asteroids, which travel at similar rates of speed, allowing for weeks, months, or even years of comingled energies.  These types of conjunctions may manifest in several ways – sometimes, an alliance of sorts is formed between the bodies, with cooperation and a united focus the key.  At others, to use the old saying, “familiarity breeds contempt”, and the energies generate friction, conflict which is inescapable, enmeshment and irresistible irritation, like rubbing a tongue over a sore tooth.

To begin first with what we might call celestial “deep background” relating to this situation, there are currently two primary groupings of transiting asteroid energies, which are naturally opposed in the terrestrial sphere of politics, but bound together in the cosmos.  The first, remarkably, relates to a triple conjunction of asteroid Karma with both Vladimir and Volodymyr, representing the Russian and Ukrainian presidents (these are also somewhat interchangeable, with Vladimir the Russian version of the name, and Volodymyr its Ukrainian counterpart).  Vladimir has been traveling within ten degrees of Karma since April of 2020, with Volodymyr joining the party that September, and will be together until this March. 

While they have not always been conjunct each other, with Vladimir running ahead and Volodymyr behind, both have been within orb of Karma throughout.  This indicates an extended period where their fates are intertwined; what one does affects the other.  They are yoked, unable to fully separate, and the ramifications of their individual decisions and actions are far-reaching and consequential for both, with an added component of predestination, or at least predisposition.

ukraine kiev
Kiev, capital of Ukraine; asteroid Kiev made its station on January 13th, just as talks broke down and Russian hackers launched a cyberattack on government websites

The second extended conjunction is even more long-lived, but began more recently.  Since 1 August 2021, asteroids America and Moskva have been within ten degrees of each other, and will remain so until 2 February 2024, a full two-and-a-half years of forced interaction, during which the US and Russia are likely to be at loggerheads frequently.  Compromise and cooperation is another possibility, but seems unlikely given their history together.  Yet we may find that the exhaustion of continual tension and friction brings both parties to the table, and in time leads to a resolution of outstanding issues and some form of reconciliation. 

In the meantime, however, their proximity just complicates the present crisis.  And a third extended conjunction may just set the seal on the ultimate outcome.  This involves a union of asteroid Putilin, our closest celestial referent to Putin, and Mars, named for the Roman god of war.  Incredibly, just as the situation in Ukraine threatens to boil over, Putilin and Mars are coming together for almost six weeks, from January 10th through February 20th.  Their exact conjunction occurs January 31st, in the fraught period between Venus’ direct station on January 29th and that of Mercury on February 3rd, barely a week before Ukraina stations direct on February 8th.    Will Putilin with Mars push Putin into war?  If so, then the critical period would seem to be late January into early February, as celestial events unfold chockablock, each adding fuel to the fire and increasing the likelihood of action. 

Of course, there is also another player with a more than nodding interest in the outcome – the EU, or European Union.  Here, too, we see an extended conjunction which depicts the conflict and its root cause, with asteroids Russia, Europa and Donbass travelling within ten degrees of each other from mid-November 2021 (just as the situation began to deteriorate with massive Russian troop movements to the Ukrainian border) until early August 2022.  Currently in mid-Libra, this triple conjunction is moving ever closer to a joint square with Pluto, with stations for each body occurring at 23, 24 and 25 Libra respectively, on February 15th, 28th and 21st, further heightening tensions (square) and promoting intransigence (stations) on both sides, with potentially devastating consequences (Pluto). 

ukraine russia map
Russia may be about to invade Ukraine, with asteroid Russia conjoined asteroids Europa (for the EU) and Donbass (for the disputed border region of Donbas, squared a pairing of Pluto (devastation) and Nemesis (archenemy)

To make matters worse, asteroid Ukraina is currently retrograding over TNO Chaos at 27 Gemini, with its station at 24 Gemini on February 8th within orb of conjunction, and a final third pass to ensue.  This creates chaotic, confused circumstances for the beleaguered nation, resulting in anxiety among its populace.  As well, both Moskva and America in early Cancer are heading back toward Chaos, arm in arm, and while they do not retreat so far as to conjoin it exactly, their respective stations within orb increase the timeframe where they are subject to its influences.  Mars, bringer of war, opposed Ukraina exactly on January 20th, and moves on to oppose Moskva on January 28th and America on February 1st, with squares to Europa on February 24th and Russia and Donbass, both on February 27th

Two more points to consider – asteroids Gunn and Bomben, cosmic stand-ins for the tools of war.  Bomben (for bombs, bombing) is currently moving from Aries into Taurus, where it will enter Uranus’ orb, beginning January 23rd through March 20th, with their exact conjunction on February 21st.  Uranus rules bombs and explosives, as well as shootings generally, so their union is not productive to the cause of peace. 

Gunn (phonetic match for “gun” and representing firearms generally) is another stationary point, turning retrograde January 24th at 21 Virgo, from where it squares Ukraina at 26 Gemini and also forms a Grand Trine Kite pattern with trines to the Nemesis/Pluto conjunction at 25 and 26 Capricorn, and asteroid Kiev at 26 Taurus, with Neptune at 21 Pisces as the String, exactly opposed Gunn.   Neptune here suggests the possibility of an espionage or behind-the-scenes component to the situation, perhaps a “false flag” event intended to create a casus belli and provoke conflict.

Finally, let’s take a brief look at the chart for Ukraine itself (24 August 1991 6 PM EEDT, Kiev, Ukraine; Rodden rating AA).  The importance of relations with Russia is easy to see, with asteroid Moskva at 22 Scorpio conjoined the 20 Scorpio Midheaven, Pluto at 17 Scorpio, Damocles at 19 Scorpio and Mars at 25 Scorpio.  This denotes Russia (Moskva) as a looming threat (Damocles) and potential source of war (Mars), with devastating results (Pluto), including the power to destroy (also Pluto). 

ukraine putin1
Russian President Vladimir Putin sports a stellium of asteroids Icarus, Kiev, Volodymyr and Donbass which tightly conjoins Ukraine’s stellium of Mars, Pluto, Damocles and Moskva (Moscow); both were activated by a Lunar Eclipse in November

This stellium T-Squares the Moon with asteroid Ukraina at 22 and 15 Aquarius, and Jupiter with Mercury, Venus and asteroid Donbass at 25, 26 and 28 Leo (Donbass exactly cojoins Mercury at 26), and the national Sun at 0 Virgo.  This binds the essence or core (Sun) of the nation (Ukraina) and its people (Moon) to the principles of conflict (Mars) and destruction (Pluto), though there remains hope that a political solution (Jupiter) may be derived via discussion or treaty (both Mercury) and diplomacy (Venus), centering on the disputed region of Donbas (Donbass). 

Worse, this pattern has been activated in recent months by the Lunar Eclipse of 19 November 2021 at 27 Taurus, which also exactly conjoined Ukraine’s natal asteroid Bida (bringing out a Grand Cross), perhaps the one ray of light in this situation, implying as it does the active support of the current US president.  Bida gets its “booster” in the form of second Lunar Eclipse, which at 25 Scorpio on 15 May 2022 opposes it, and also exactly conjoins Mars.  Consecutive eclipses activating the planetary energy representing war and conflict is not a good ground to build a lasting peace.  Note also that these eclipses activate Putin’s Scorpio stellium of Icarus, Kiev, Volodymyr and Donbass, perhaps impelling action.

As well, the pivotal role Putin has to play in the nation’s fate is seen as asteroid Putilin at 21 Capricorn, conjoined the 16 Capricorn Ascendant.  Putin has already altered the “face” of the country, its very geography (its public image, ruled by the Ascendant), by his annexation of Crimea, as seen in Putilin’s tight square to asteroid Crimea at 20 Libra, conjoined Gunn at 17.  Putilin’s exact opposition to asteroid Karma at 21 Cancer creates a T-Square, and suggests fate is at work in this crisis, with the consolation that at some point, these actions will have to be accounted for.

PNAs representing the two external powers most involved in the crisis are also receiving eclipse activation at this time.  The Solar Eclipse of 19 December 2021 at 12 Sagittarius conjoined natal asteroid America at 16 Sagittarius, while the upcoming Solar Eclipse of 30 April 2022 at 10 Taurus will broadly conjoin natal asteroid Russia at 4 Taurus.  America’s sextile to Ukraina at 15 Aquarius offers support to the country generally, though the sextile aspect is likely not energetic enough to provide boots on the ground.  The US government’s support of Volodymyr Zelensky personally is expressed as asteroid Washingtonia at 27 Cancer, conjoined asteroid Volodymyr at 26 Cancer and sextile asteroid Zelinksy at 28 Virgo.  Asteroid Putilin opposes Volodymyr from 21 Cancer in the sky, just as Putin opposes Zelensky on the ground.

ukraine moscow
Red Square in Moscow, seat of the Russian government; asteroid Moskva turns direct on February 18th

Putting it all together, it certainly looks like war is in the offing in eastern Europe, sooner rather than later. 

[Author’s note: in one of the ironies of the cosmos, both Putin and Zelensky have asteroids for their respective capitals at station in their nativities, suggesting a pivotal role in national government.  Putin’s natal asteroid Moskva at 25 Gemini turned retrograde three days after his birth, and is in a Grand Cross with squares to asteroid Russia at 29 Virgo and TNO Chaos at 29 Pisces, opposing Mars exact with Karma at 26 Sagittarius and asteroid Gunn at 29 Sagittarius.  He also has asteroid Putilin at station, trine the 14 Libra Sun from 15 Aquarius.

Zelensky’s (born 25 January 1978, 2 PM MSK, Krivoj Rog, Ukraine – Rodden Rating AA) natal asteroid Kiev at 0 Gemini turned direct nine days before his birth, trine the 5 Aquarius Sun and squared Saturn at 28 Leo.  An unlikely politician, Zelensky began his career as a popular television comic, and was actually cast in a sitcom as President of Ukraine, four years before his successful run for that office.  His comedic roots show in asteroid Thalia (named for the Greek Muse of Comedy) at 18 Sagittarius, conjunct Neptune (acting, fantasy) at 17 and the Descendant at 21 Sag, trine the Moon at 17 Leo; and asteroid Hilaritas (Roman for cheerfulness and the root of our word “hilarity”) exactly conjunct asteroid Zelinsky at 23 Scorpio (with Uranus – ruling television – at 16 Scorpio) squared Saturn at 28 Leo, ruling career.]

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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MsRhuby Star-Diamond

Putin and all govern-ment leaders should read this and let the stars pass by without starting a war on the ground. As the Bible says “This too shall pass.”


A great and really well-researched piece, Alex. I’ll be watching the period around the end of January/beginning of February closely. I’ve read that Putin needs frozen ground to advance his tanks and other heavy equipment. But the winter has been mild so let’s pray it stays that way and foils any invasion plans.

Andries H. Cats

1-Feb-2022 017°,46’04 Pisces Asc 120 Plu
2-Feb-2022 007°,40’30 Pisces Jup 135 AR05
2-Feb-2022 007°,40’49 Pisces Jup 135 AR03
Russia 1991.
31-Jan-2022 027°,39’00 Virgo Moon 135 AR05
1-Feb-2022 015°,32’26 Aquarius Sat 45 AR04
1-Feb-2022 006°,07’41 Capricorn Mars 135 Asc
1-Feb-2022 006°,09’11 Capricorn Mars 0 Black Moon
Vladimir Putin.
29-Jan-2022 017°,27’51 Cancer Ura 90 Sat
31-Jan-2022 007°,03’02 Pisces Jup 60 C–3
31-Jan-2022 007°,05’36 Pisces Jup 60 Chiron
2-Feb-2022 006°,16’42 Capricorn Mars 135 MC
2-Feb-2022 -22°,29’49 Plu # Plu
Joe Biden.
31-Jan-2022 011°,05’39 Pisces Moon 30 mutual C–2
31-Jan-2022 015°,23’00 Aquarius Sat 135 AR11
31-Jan-2022 015°,25’07 Aquarius Sat 120 AR01
31-Jan-2022 005°,09’13 Capricorn Mars 0 C—2
1-Feb-2022 007°,13’30 Pisces Jup 150 Plu
1-Feb-2022 021°,26’53 Pisces Nep 45 Pars
1-Feb-2022 012°,27’52 Aquarius Sun 90 AR05
1-Feb-2022 015°,34’02 Aquarius Sat 180 AR10
2-Feb-2022 -16°,57’23 Sat // C–3
2-Feb-2022 007°,30’29 Pisces Jup 135 Black Moon
2-Feb-2022 006°,26’53 Capricorn Mars 120 Pars
2-Feb-2022 006°,27’59 Capricorn Mars 90 AR12
4-Feb-2022 021°,32’54 Pisces Nep 120 Merc
9-Feb-2022 016°,31’09 Aquarius Sat 135 Nep
9-Feb-2022 011°,51’20 Capricorn Mars 135 Chiron


My heart breaks for the Ukrainians, living under such extreme tension and fear for so long.
And have you checked out the new borders of Russia if they DO capture the Ukraine? It must look like a smorgasbord to Putin. I wish they’d strongly support the Ukraine, thus keeping Russia at arm’s length from their own borders.
Dare I pin my hopes on the asteroid name Putilin? It sounds so childish and belittling , perhaps reflecting the inner weakness of the man. On the other hand, people with an inferiority complex can be dangerous in that they might do something rash just to prove they aren’t childish or weak…
Isn’t “puta” a description of a prostitute in some Mediterranean languages?
And “Pute” is German for turkey (the bird, not the country).

Emma Esperanza Acosta

Gracias por esta amplia explicación, a estas alturas de la vida, países que insisten en apoderarse de otros países, Rusia siempre ha sido así, no deja vivir a sus vecinos en paz, si el interés es económico en vez de invadir que haga acuerdos, además Rusia no tiene que estar señalando qué país puede entrar o no entrar en organismos internacionales que es lo que dice que va impedir que Ukrania ingrese a la OTAN. Esperanza

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