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Political Apprentice, Season Three: The Trump Administration’s 2019 Solar Return

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse … they do. We’ve seen how lousy a year this is shaping up to be for Trump personally. Now it’s the administration’s turn to feel the heat. Amazing how there are cycles within cycles with this stuff, from transits to Trump’s natal, the ongoing effects of his prior solar return, the transit sky’s interaction with his celestial referent, and now the administration itself. And all saying the same thing – you’re goin’ down, buddy!


Like any other entity, living and breathing or not, the Trump Administration has a “birth” chart, and thus, an annual solar return, which gives us a cosmic weather forecast for the year ahead. This one is cast for 11:36 PM EST on January 20, 2019, in Washington DC.


And the interesting thing about that is, this is just 41 minutes before a Total Lunar Eclipse exactly opposing its Sun! Nice timing!


I don’t think it’s possible to overemphasize the importance of this. The administration itself is about to be “eclipsed.” It’s going to disappear, vanish, at least for a time. The effect of this cosmic jolt will be far-reaching and long-lasting. What it means, exactly, is less certain, but turmoil, disruption and alteration follow in the wake of an eclipse; that much we can count on. And the particulars of the rest of the chart can assist in determining how the eclipse itself will manifest. Often with a solar return there will be a symbolic event in the weeks preceding the return itself which prefigures the tone or theme of the upcoming year. In that light, we might consider the current government shutdown, now the longest in US history, as emblematic of the administration being “eclipsed.”

SR2 apprentice3

“The Political Apprentice” starring Donald Trump may be in its last season; with ratings in the tank and production problems galore, early cancellation is a real possibility

It’s also of note that this pattern repeats a natal circumstance for Donald Trump, who was born mere hours before another lunar eclipse. What does the reverberation of this portend? For one, it aligns Trump’s fate with his administration’s, very “strongly” (to use one of the President’s favorite adverbs). They are now “on the same page”, as it were, and having this eclipse in this solar return binds Trump’s natal issues to the White House in ways that haven’t been true thus far. We can safely assume that the period of any internal “push back” against 45’s worst excesses is now over. “Home, home on the 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue range” is about the size of it, and none of those “discouraging words” will ever be heard again. If you thought Trump was unbridled before, watch out!


Trump will be feeling very comfortable in his skin as he sits in the Oval Office, in his role as Chief Executive (though he may be less sanguine about his legal prospects), but that’s not necessarily a good thing, for him or the country. Comfortable people are complacent, and over-confident. They make mistakes, over-extend themselves, take unnecessary risks. Fire Robert Mueller and disband the investigation? Check. Enact presidential emergency powers to have the military build that Wall? Check. Pack the Cabinet and White House staff with unqualified toadies? Check. Escalate those Trade Wars? Check. Fire the Federal Reserve Chair for raising interest rates? Why not? Who’s gonna stop me? I’m the friggin’ President of the United States, fer chrissakes!


“Unbridled” doesn’t begin to cover it. But this sense of security and safeness, comfort and control, is a false one. For look at what else accompanies the Sun in this Solar Return.

SR2 oval office speech

Of late, some of the stuffing seems to have gone out of the stuffed shirt; Trump’s recent Oval Office address to the nation, attempting to garner support for his vanity project on the southern border, was notably lackluster and “low energy”

For starters, how about an exact pairing of asteroids Karma and Russia at 27 Capricorn, conjoined the Sun and also exactly conjunct the USA natal Pluto! Sometimes the cosmos is so literal it’s scary! This shows a central feature of the administration’s year to be paying the piper for prior acts involving Russia. As a conjunction, it’s inescapable – unlike any other aspect, there is nowhere to turn your face away – it’s right there, unavoidable. On the nation’s Pluto? This indicates scandals and power plays, consequences for criminal acts, initiating major change and transition/transformation, possibly with devastating outcomes. (Incidentally, this pair is also exactly on Trump’s natal asteroid Pecker – will we finally see the release of that alleged “pee tape”?) Karma and Russia are caught up in the eclipse’s orb as well, lending further emphasis to this theme. And again, just as with the shutdown which intimates the eclipse energy, there was a symbolic occurrence highlighting the importance of the Russian theme to the administration’s year ahead, when barely a week before the return, The New York Times broke the story that in 2017, just months into his presidency, the FBI opened an investigation into whether Donald Trump was acting as a Russian agent.


Also within orb of the Sun is Mercury at 24 Capricorn, asteroid Achilles at 7 Aquarius and at the periphery an exact Pluto/Icarus pairing at 21 Cap and asteroid Askalaphus at 10 Aquarius. Mercury here indicates that Trump’s typical loquacity will be well in evidence for the year. We’ll see the usual Tweet storms and press gaggle word salads from, Trump, as well as lies, misrepresentations, exaggerations, and self-contradictory statements from the administration generally, not just its head. But it’s the decisions made this year, also Mercury-ruled, that will make the greatest impact. By and large, the public is used to Trump’s brand of rhetorical hyperbole and dishonesty, that’s old news; it’s what he chooses to do, how he responds to threats or crises, real or perceived, that will determine the tenor of the year. With asteroid Sanders close beside the Sun at 1 Aquarius, within orb of Mercury, we can expect White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders to retain her stranglehold on the truth, as the administration sees it, and continue as its principal mouthpiece.

SR2 mueller time

And so say all of us! Special Counsel Robert Mueller has had a lot of ground to cover in his investigation, but signs point to an end game soon

Achilles represents an inherent flaw or weakness, a vulnerability which threatens to destroy the administration (as in the phrase, “Achilles heel”). Just three degrees shy of Askalaphus, we can divine the source of that vulnerability – its secrets. Askalaphus is noted as the tale-bearer, the one who reveals secrets, discloses behaviors, and provokes the consequences. The Sun with Achilles generally indicates that a fundamental flaw or vulnerability asserts itself, and the administration is viewed as somehow “weakened” or exposed.


And speaking of consequences, there’s that Pluto/Icarus. Locked in a close embrace, this signals devastating, earth-shattering consequences stemming from rash, reckless actions, particularly of a criminal nature. It can also be a warning that more recklessness is in store, perhaps an ill-advised war or nuclear conflict initiated in a desperate attempt to change the conversation or the focus of the nation, to distract from the administration’s or the president’s legal troubles.


So much for the conjunctions. There is also a loose Grand Cross formed from the primary eclipse soli-lunar axis by squares to asteroid Hybris and TNO Typhon at 3 and 9 Scorpio, and an exact conjunction of asteroids Whitehouse and Senator at 7 Taurus, with an out-of-Sign square to Uranus at 28 Aries thrown in for good measure.


Hybris was the Greek goddess of insolence, violence, reckless pride, arrogance and outrageous behavior in general; it is the root of our word “hubris”, defined as “the excessive pride and ambition that usually leads to the downfall of a hero in classical tragedy.” Having this point squared the administration’s Sun and opposed the self-referential asteroid Whitehouse doubles down on its effects and suggests that Trump’s excessive conceit, smugness and self-importance isn’t going away anytime soon, and will continue to be a defining element of the administration, leading directly to its ruin. A sharp increase of this energy is likely (we’ve recently seen Trump assert that you can’t impeach someone who “is doing a great job” – a highly debatable statement, but an early indicator of the tack the administration will take in defending itself against charges of illegality, corruption or malfeasance).

SR2 apprentice

The full extent of Donald Trump’s inadequacy and unfitness for the job he holds is becoming daily more manifest; “The Art of the Deal” author apparently has no idea how to effect a simple compromise to keep his government up and running

But Hybris is paired with Typhon, noted for storms both literal and metaphorical (it’s the root of our word “typhoon”), that Shakespearean “sea of troubles”, the whirlpool or maelstrom that sucks into its vortex everything within its grasp. The administration is likely to feel all at sea, overwhelmed, not just by the deluge of paper and subpoenas that congressional oversight will yield, but by the many gaps and vacancies in the staff which threaten to bring its operations to a grinding halt.


The exact conjunction of Whitehouse with Senator is interesting. Should impeachment proceedings ensue, the Senate will be Trump’s “last stand”, the determiner of whether he keeps his job or not, and these two in such close proximity suggests there is very little, if any, daylight between their positions. But don’t forget Uranus! This indicates shocks, surprises, upsets. The Senate may not be the “safe zone” it seems for Trump currently, and a GOP rebellion (another Uranian keyword) is not out of the question. This could also apply to White House staffers, who may revolt against their clothes-challenged Emperor; once Achilles exposes the underlying weakness of Trump’s position, staffer rats will flee the sinking ship of state. One thing is certain – there will be lots of “friction” between the administration and its Senate allies, over policy and politics, as points which are so closely conjoined frequently “chafe” each other, causing irritation and frustration.


Whitehouse and Uranus have been involved in an extended conjunction for months, as presidential behaviors have become more eccentric and erratic, also Uranian traits. Uranus likewise squares Mercury, another indicator that the administration’s utterances and decisions may be unconventional, volatile, shocking or incendiary, random and seemingly without rhyme or reason.

SR2 mueller

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who will play a key role in the administration’s year, with asteroid Mueller conjunct Damocles, the impending doom

There are two other planetary combinations which merit discussion: Mars and Saturn are locked in an exact square from 13 Aries to 13 Capricorn, while Venus and Jupiter conjoin closely from 14 and 15 Sagittarius. Saturn is the chief executive, the presidency itself; its square to Mars suggests an embattled stance for Trump, lots of strife, conflict and contention, continual attacks and skirmishes. Again, nothing new in that, generally speaking, but the pace and intensity of these battles is likely to increase, and they may bring more reprimand, censure, limitation or punishment (all Saturn keywords). More broadly conjunct Mars is asteroid Washingtonia, representing the federal government in its totality, at 6 Aries, an indication that the struggle encompasses all of government, not just the White House (as an example of this, we might consider the 800,000 furloughed federal employees caught up in Trump’s government shutdown effort to get his precious Wall.)


What may also play a key part here is that this square dovetails neatly with the USA’s natal square between its Sun at 13 Cancer and Saturn at 14 Libra, creating a synastric Grand Cross which is effective for the administration’s entire solar year. So Saturn is in the process of changing phases with itself in the USA chart (moving into Waxing Square, representing a crisis of action), indicating a possible alteration in the presidency itself, or the current holder of that office, as well as opposing the US Sun, which suggests a period of trial or testing for the nation. Meanwhile Mars is opposing the USA Saturn, another indicator of an embattled presidency, and squaring the USA Sun, evoking anger, resentment and conflict in the country broadly.

SR2 putin

Thick as autocrats: Donald Trump leans in for private instructions from his boss, Vladimir Putin. With asteroid Vladimir also conjunct Damocles, Putin has a role to play in the looming disaster as well

Venus and Jupiter, under normal circumstances, might be an indicator of increased popularity in a political context. But from where would this sudden change of heart by the American people ensue? More likely, Venus/Jupiter here refers to the increased involvement of women in politics affecting the administration this year, not just on the congressional level, but in everyday political life. It’s also a nod to the return of ethics and morals to our political system, of the idea that there is a right and a wrong, and the ends do not justify the means, that power is not the only reality.   Venus and Jupiter are also closely squared Neptune at 14 Pisces, a signal that the new female legislative bloc may inject more empathy, compassion, spirituality and inclusiveness into the government’s policies and priorities. But put it all together another way and it could spell a fraud or illicit dealing (Neptune) involving politics (Jupiter) and money (Venus – campaign finance law violations, anyone?).


That pretty well covers the main points, but let’s take a look also at PNAs, Personal-Named Asteroids, and what they have to say about the leading dramatis personae for the year.


We’ve already seen the central role Russia and Sarah Sanders will play for the administration, by their eponymous asteroids conjoined the Sun. How about Trump himself? Asteroid Troemper at 25 Sagittarius forms a Grand Cross, opposing TNO Chaos at 23 Gemini (still conjunct Trump’s natal Sun), squaring centaur Chiron at 28 Pisces and asteroid America at 26 Virgo. This shows Trump as reflecting (opposition or Full Moon phase) chaos, turmoil, division and anarchy (all TNO Chaos). No surprise there. America opposed Chiron shows a nation with deep, painful and irresolvable wounds, and this polarity in square to Troemper/Chaos suggests the US is now at odds with Trump and his deranged, muddled style of governance. It also sets up Trump as the goad or spur to the woundedness apparent in the body politic.


Trump bete noir Special Counsel Robert Mueller is also well in evidence, with asteroid Mueller at 26 Aquarius in conjunction with Damocles, that doom hanging unseen overhead, at 23 Aquarius. Also here are asteroid Lie (20 Aquarius) and Vladimir (at 21), with Putilin (for Putin) opposed from 19 Leo, identifying two more probable sources of that doom: Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump’s basic dishonesty (Lie) regarding him and his relationship with all things Russian. Further cementing Russia’s importance for the year is asteroid Moskva, Russian for “Moscow”, its capital, at 18 Libra on the 17 Libra Ascendant, squaring that Pluto/Icarus combination. It’s that rash, reckless (Icarus) criminality (Pluto) involving Russian oligarchs and politicos (Moskva) which will define the administration’s year, and influence how it is seen by the public (Ascendant).

political apprentice1

2019 may be the year that Americans turn the tables on Donald Trump, issuing their own veto: “You’re fired!”

Interestingly, Moskva also appears angular in the chart for the 116th Congress, the Trump administration’s primary foil for 2019. There it falls on the Descendant, suggesting that it is relationships with the Kremlin that will be a major focus of that body. Also angular there, on the Ascendant, are asteroids Nancy and McConnell, for the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell; again, these are the public faces of the Congress, so an Ascendant placement is only natural. These points are also angular for the Trump administration’s solar return, with McConnell closely conjunct the 17 Aries Descendant from 15 Aries, and Nancy nine degrees off at 26 Aries. But whereas Nancy was the more prominent of the two in the Congress’ chart, its close conjunction with the Ascendant showing Pelosi as the most visible face or image of the session, now it’s McConnell’s turn to be emphasized, as the most important factor in the administration’s survival. The Descendant conjunction shows that the relationships cultivated by these two legislators with the administration will be pivotal to its year, with McConnell most prominent.


And let’s not forget Mars here, at 13 Aries. In the congressional chart, McConnell is in the Twelfth House of secret enemies, a hidden inimical force to be reckoned with, but in the administration’s solar return, it’s closely and openly conjunct Mars, traditional ruler of enemies. Or of champions. So which will Mitch McConnell prove to be – the White House’s staunchest defender, or the turncoat who delivers the fatal blow?

SR2 pelosi mcconnell

With asteroids Nancy and McConnell conjoined the administration’s solar return Descendant, Speaker Pelosi and Leader McConnell’s respective relationships with the White House will prove pivotal to the year

One final pattern to be considered. Points which are at station become incredibly important factors, in a birth chart, an event chart, or a predictive chart, like a solar return. They represent embedded, “dug in” elements, still points upon which the chart revolves.


There is only one such body in the 2019 Trump administration solar return: asteroid Nemesis. At 5 Gemini, Nemesis trines the Sun, having turned direct just three days prior, and, incredibly, opposes asteroid Truth at 7 Sagittarius! Nemesis represents downfall, ruin, or undoing, typically self-created due to previous bad acts. The message here is clear – quite simply, Truth is Trump’s worst enemy, the source of his disgrace, humiliation and collapse. And who will bring forth that Truth? Why, Robert Mueller, of course, seen here in asteroid Roberts, which at 7 Pisces forms a T-Square, exactly squared Truth.


As it appears above, so may it prove below!

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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As it appears above, so may it prove below!
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    good point, Kathy! since Roberts is now what passes for a “swing” vote on the SCOTUS, his input will be vital this year in any such matters as may come before the court regarding the administration.

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