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Travels In Trumpland: Yet More Trump Asteroids

Recently, some interestingly named asteroids came across my radar, thanks to a reader from Greece. With more than 17,000 named asteroids out there, it’s easy to miss a few! Some of these promise to be very useful going forward, but like anything new, they have to be tested. One of the best ways to do this is by putting them in charts the astrologer is familiar with, and seeing if they have a noticeable effect. Since I have, regrettably, been eating, sleeping and breathing Donald Trump for the past 18 months, it seemed a good place to start…


I chose the following from my list before knowing how they would fall in Trump’s chart – they just seemed to resonate to aspects of his character or biography, and I was curious how they’d hold up on analysis. Some are identifiable mythic figures with a backstory all prepared; others are allusions to literary characters, either intentionally or by accident; still more represent character traits or actions, by a literal or metaphoric connection. All turned out to have a prominent, meaningful placement in The Donald’s chart. [Note: I am indebted for much of the initial research and interpretation of these points to astrologer Mark Andrew Holmes.]


Let’s start with asteroid Bandersnatch, #9780 (I’m going to include the asteroid numbers in this article, which even my Virgo Moon ordinarily thinks is detail overkill, so readers can easily add these to charts). Bandersnatch is named for a monster created by Lewis Carroll in his nonsense poem “Jabberwocky” (1871), whose attributes are further fleshed out in “The Hunting of the Snark” (1876). The allusion is to a monster which cannot be killed or even caught, due to its quickness, one which defies the rules of normal mortality. Carroll twice describes the Bandersnatch as “frumious”, another term he coined, a combination of fuming and furious.

TA bandersnatch_by_daveallsop

Artist Dave Allsop’s rendering of Lewis Carroll’s “frumious” Bandersnatch, an unstoppable monster noted for its fuming and furious nature : Trump has this asteroid conjunct the Sun

In Donald Trump’s nativity, asteroid Bandersnatch appears at 16 Gemini, conjoined both Uranus and the Sun at 17 and 22 Gemini, opposed the Moon at 21 Sagittarius. So, do the Bandersnatch’s traits apply at all to Trump?


Well, just ask the 16 establishment candidates for the GOP nomination whom Trump decimated in the 2016 Republican presidential primary if they think The Donald is “unkillable”. One by one they fell by the wayside, skewered by Trump’s lethal rhetorical barbs. Ask the Media, too – every time Trump put a foot wrong, from his campaign announcement speech where he called Mexicans murderers and rapists, to his trashing of John McCain as not a war hero because he was captured, to the proposed Muslim ban, the denouncing of a Gold Star family, and the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape, the press confidently predicted his demise, but Trump rolled on to win the presidency. Mark Twain-like, reports of his political death were greatly exaggerated.

TA trump asteroid

Cartoon illustrating Donald Trump’s probable effect as an earth-colliding asteroid

And the pattern holds in the White House; with scandal after scandal, misstep after misstep, blatant cronyism and corruption, abject toadyism; throughout any of a hundred moments that might have sunk any other administration, Trump rolls on, and his 40% base doesn’t bat an eye.


As for frumious, I think the presidential Tweets give ample evidence of Trump’s “fuming and furious” nature. Threatening “fire and fury” on “Little Rocket Man” Kim Jong Un, unable to let go of the merest perceived slight from the lowliest detractor without “punching back”, and troll-tweeting in all caps the Iranian government are just some of literally thousands of examples of the president’s eternally fractious, heated rhetoric. So we can check the box on Bandersnatch and move on.


But, before we do, a quick Bandersnatch digression. Carroll’s depiction of an unstoppable monster got me thinking about that trio of American slasher film classic horror “heroes”, “Halloween”’s Michael Meyers, “Friday the 13th”’s Jason Voorhees, and “A Nightmare on Elm Street”’s Freddy Krueger. All are continually destroyed, only to rise and kill again, truly unstoppable monsters. When “Halloween” premiered on October 25 1978, asteroid Bandersnatch was opposing Mars (knives, violence, murder) with Laura (for Laurie Strode, the heroine), T-Squared Meyer (for Meyers) with Damocles (the doom hanging unseen overhead). [Expect a more fully-fleshed expose of this groundbreaking film in October, to coincide with its fortieth anniversary.] At the May 9 1980 release of “Friday the 13th”, Bandersnatch is trine Jason, squares Jupiter and Mars (“famous/killer”) and is semisquare Pluto; for “Nightmare”’s premiere on November 9 1984, Bandersnatch is semisquare Jupiter and sextile Neptune (dreams and nightmares), with Fredrick (for Freddy) at the Apex of a Yod with Bandersnatch and Neptune. So, yeah, I guess it works.


Another of these new (to me) asteroids which conjoins Trump’s Sun is Achristou (#9084), which falls at 23 Gemini in the birth chart. Achristou is named for astronomer Apostolos Christou, a combination of his first initial and last name. According to asteroid researcher Mark Andrew Holmes, Achristou can be seen as shorthand for “Antichrist”, on the analogy of the “a” prefix representing “not”, as in “asymmetric” or “atypical”; thus, Achristou is “not-Christ”, or “Antichrist.” I don’t happen to be Christian myself, so I don’t give much credence to that faith’s mythology, but supposedly the Antichrist is a world leader who brings about the end of the earth through a global conflict. Historic figures from Napoleon to Hitler to Bill Clinton have been assigned this role, with no one so far achieving the Antichrist’s purported ends (though Hitler came closest).

TA anitchrist_trump

Hey, don’t blame me! All I did was google “Antichrist”, and this image came up in the third row!

Holmes lists leading Satanists Anton LaVey and Michael Aquino as having prominent Achristou placements, and describes the energy generally as “following one’s own inner voice, unruly or rebellious, religious, possibly sinister, religion in politics.” While I’m not stating that Trump is a Satanist, and frankly I don’t I think he has the smarts for world domination a la Antichrist, we can safely state that Trump follows his own guidance, and no one else’s, and that this is a very core element of his personality (as it would be, conjoined the Sun), checking the box on Holmes’ “following one’s own inner voice” cited above. Apparently irreligious himself (he once stated he had never asked God for forgiveness, as he had done nothing to be forgiven for), he certainly mixes religion with politics on a regular basis, in what seem to be sinister ways. Regardless, a chief sector of his support comes from evangelical fundamentalists, some of whom see him as the “new Cyrus”, an allusion to a Biblical pagan king who, though flawed, was nevertheless God’s instrument in redeeming his chosen people.


We can wrap up the solar-connected asteroids in Trump’s chart with a tag team entry by asteroids Goldfinger (#16452) and Swindle (#8690), both at 20 Virgo and T-squared Trump’s Sun and Moon polarity. Swindle, named for meteorite expert Timothy Swindle, is another of those useful surnames which require no detailed explanation of their astrological application. And enrollees of Trump University, to whom he paid more than $25 million in damages for their fake educations, will doubtless concur in the effectiveness of this point in such close contact with Trump’s Sun, to say nothing of the hundreds, perhaps thousands, of lawyers, contractors, partners and employees whom Trump has shortchanged, defrauded or bilked over the course of his vaunted business career.


Goldfinger is a little more abstract. Named for American astronomer Pauline Goldfinger, the name resonates culturally with the classic Ian Fleming villain in the James Bond film of the same name. Homes cites “ruthlessness, greed and persistence” as the astrological hallmarks of this point, and again, these characteristics seem to perfectly fit Trump, who is so ruthlessly greedy that he once had his charity pay out a $7 registration fee to the Boy Scouts for son Barron, rather than be out-of-pocket for the price of his next Big Mac. Incidentally, Auric Goldfinger tried to corner the market on the global gold supply with help from the Mafia and the Chinese government. Just sayin’.

TA goldfinger

Bond villain Auric Goldfinger, noted for his greed and ruthlessness; kinda looks like Trump, doesn’t he?

So what’s all the Trump fuss about? The constant commotion, uproar, upheaval, disorder and hubbub? It just might be asteroid Fuss (#4778), which at 4 Virgo is conjoined Trump’s 29 Leo Ascendant, making the daily turmoil a chief part of how we see him. Asteroid Fuss is named for a Swiss mathematician, Nicolas Fuss, but like many foreign surnames, functions perfectly as its English language homonym.


Also on Trump’s Ascendant, and potentially coloring our view of him, is asteroid Roachapproach (#5945) at 24 Leo. Yeah, you heard me. This bizarrely christened bit of space debris is named for American musician Steve Roach, known for his “space music”, a favorite composer of the asteroid’s discoverer. How the “approach” got added to the surname isn’t clear, except perhaps for its rhyming quality, but the resultant hybrid evokes images of flashing on those kitchen lights at 3 AM to be confronted with hordes of scurrying insects. Holmes suggests that an active Roachapproach could incite “disgust, loathing, hatred, embarrassment, a feeling that the area is unclean or defiled by virtue of the roach’s presence,” and proposes that astrologically, it represents “that which is considered gross, disgusting, anathema, defilement.” I don’t know about you, but that fits my reaction to Trump to a T.

TA cockroaches

The feeling of defilement and disgust evoked in many by Donald Trump may relate to having asteroid Roachapproach on his Ascendant

That does it for these new points connected to Trump’s Lights or Ascendant, the three most character-formative elements of the chart. But there are other intriguing matches we can look at as well.


Ate (#111, pronounced “AY-tee”) is one of two mythically-based asteroids on the list. Variously described as the daughter of Zeus or Eris, Ate was the Greek goddess of delusion, ruin and folly. I have to admit, given her bailiwick, I expected to find this point exactly conjunct Trump’s Sun, but it’s actually at 27 Aries, squared Saturn and Venus at 23 and 25 Cancer. As such, it potentially affects career matters and the presidency itself (both Saturn) as well as romantic interludes and financial issues (both Venus). Holmes lists “blind folly, rashness, and responding to real or imagined threats in an exaggerated fashion” as among its astrological attributes. Such as, perhaps, attempting to ban (Saturn) 1.8 billion Muslims for the actions of a few radicals; instituting ill-considered trade tariffs (money/Venus) that significantly impact his base in negative ways; declaring bankruptcy (Saturn) of his companies six times; having extramarital flings (Venus) with porn actresses and Playboy models, and wantonly bragging about sexual assault; threatening to revoke the security clearances of former FBI or National Security officers (Saturn) for criticizing him publically; or openly kowtowing to Russian dictators (Saturn).

TA ate

A modern depiction of Ate, the ancient Greek goddess of delusion, ruin and folly; can you doubt she appears prominently in Trump’s birth chart?

Near Ate, at 20 Aries and also squaring Saturn, as well as opposing Jupiter at 17 Libra, is asteroid Abanderada (#1581), Spanish for “woman with a banner.” Holmes suggests: “fighting for causes or for political agendas, promoting particular points of view, patriotism, flag-waving, surrender (“waving a white flag”), provocation (“waving a red flag in front of someone”), the desire to win (“the checkered flag”) or to crush opposition or annoyance (Black Flag insecticide).” Trump’s faux-patriotic, flag-waving approach in his campaign slogan of “Make America Great Again”, and his inimical stance on NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem to protest racially-based police brutality, are obvious ways Trump has used this point to enhance (Jupiter) his political (also Jupiter) career (Saturn).

TA abanderada

A suitable representation of asteroid Abanderada, literally “woman with a banner”; Trump’s patriotic flag-waving helped him win the presidency, but he’s also a red flag to opponents

The emphasis on “winning” can also be seen as a byproduct of this placement (Holmes’ “checkered flag” example above), and certainly the focus on provoking others (red flag – interestingly, Abanderada also closely opposes Trump’s Toro, the bull, at 21 Libra, with bullfighting the primary activity from which that metaphor is drawn) and crushing opposition (Black Flag) fits Trump’s political MO, throughout the campaign and on into his presidency. We have yet to see Trump waving the White Flag of surrender, but here’s hoping!


While we’re in the district, let’s drop in on asteroid Dioretsa (#20461), which at 12 Aries is squared natal Mercury at 8 Cancer and opposed that Libran Jupiter noted above. Dioretsa’s backstory is intriguing – it’s literally “asteroid” spelled backwards! The name was given to the first numbered body confirmed to have a retrograde orbit, thus the inverted spelling. Holmes links it to “unfitness, incompetence, ineptitude, impairment, getting rid of something; ‘chickens coming home to roost,’ that is, dealing with the consequences of one’s actions,” and suggests “to go off-track or lead astray” as its keyword phrases.


Boy, does that resonate! Squaring Mercury, this intimates a disabled, involuted decision-making process, which seems evident in many of the choices of the administration, such as the family separation fallout from the “zero tolerance” immigration policy, which can fairly be characterized as “inept and incompetent”. Many consider policies such as the Muslim travel ban, the recent rapprochement with North Korea and the coziness with Putin, increased deficit spending, as well as the trade war, to be “off track”, certainly as regards traditional Republican values and perspectives. The quality of “leading astray” fits also, in Trump’s continual dishonest rhetoric, deceptive pronouncements, and outright lies, which distort reality and attempt to supplant a version of it which is friendlier to his interests. In dragging the GOP along with him, Trump has in some sense led astray the entire Republican Party, as seen in Dioretsa’s opposition to politics-ruling Jupiter.


Mercury’s honest expression is getting hit from another angle also, being squared by asteroid Chimaera (#623) at 2 Libra, itself conjunct Neptune at 5 Libra (whose square to Mercury is the leading planetary indicator in Trump’s chart of a poor grasp on reality and willful misrepresentation). Chimaera is the other myth-based asteroid we’re considering. Named for a mountain in southwestern Turkey which was said to be the home of the ancient monster known as Chimaera that was part dragon, part lion and part goat, in its modern usage Chimera refers to something that exists only in the mind, an unrealizable dream.

TA chimaera

The mythic Chimaera, part dragon, lion and goat, now a symbol of fantastical delusion; asteroid Chimaera squares Trump’s Mercury

Holmes, citing astrologer Jonathan Dunn, relates it to the astrologic principle of living “under a delusion, chasing illusions, disillusioned, or pieced together out of disparate parts” (this last a reference to the original beast’s composite nature). These keywords also apply to Neptune, so with Chimaera conjoined it, there is a quality of “doubling down” on the fantasy or deception, much in the way Trump rarely, if ever, backs off inaccurate or misleading statements, but continues to repeat them ad infinitum, and ad nauseam. (“No collusion!”) From this proceed the myriad absurd assertions, such as having the largest inaugural crowds ever; of saying “would” when he actually meant “wouldn’t”, regarding Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US electoral process; or the continual harping on “fake news” (a manifestation of the Neptune/fake-Mercury/news square in itself). Trump is deluded, and attempts to delude others, recently described by White House staffers as “living in his head” (I wonder what property values are like there?).


Last, but certainly not least, we come to asteroid BAM (#2031). Named in honor of the thousands of workers who built the BAM (Baikal-Amur Mainline) railway through the wilds of eastern Siberia, BAM’s astrological usage stems from its onomatopoeic associations with explosions. Bam, like boom or pop, is a word created to represent the sound heard when an explosion occurs. In this instance, its all-caps formulation, so dear to the heart of the commander-in-chief, reinforces the power and drama of the explosion alluded to.


From the pop-pop of a handgun to the devastation of a nuclear blast, asteroid BAM represents explosiveness, and conjoins Trump’s Midheaven

Trump’s BAM at 19 Taurus conjoins natal asteroid Lie on one hand, and his MC on the other, at 17 and 24 Taurus respectively. Trump’s lies are certainly explosive in many instances, and likely to become moreso, given the stresses he is under with various investigations into the legality of his actions, past and present. And these lies, in turn, may one day explode his career, status and place in the world, all considerations of the MC. In the meantime, he is using his status as President to explode all manner of norms, traditions and customs of the office.


Quite the rogues’ gallery of interesting asteroids there, no? Amazing the layers of meaning and depth of understanding to be attained by inserting these miniscule bits of space dust into a birth chart. Even one as twisted and diabolical as Donald Trump’s.


Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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I am happy to know there is another who obsesses about the workings of Trump. I have aries mercury trine leo pluto in the same year as him so i get really p’d off at how people don’t seem to be able to wake up to his antics and I love reading and learning more about asteroids from your interpretations and back ups to other persons and events. 🙂 How would you feel about doing something on R Murdoch some time. I have a very intense dislike of the man as he shares my birth date different year but while Im interested in the psychology of such people of inho obscene wealth and greed, when so many in the world are starving and they are still trying to get more when they must be getting close to death never ceases to astound my sensibilities. Another Oz is Gina Reinhart. Anyway just a thought in case you run out of power hungry people. 🙂 🙂



Trump isn’t perfect, but I have always thought he had to happen, he’s the bulldozer smashing down the old so new can be built.

Have you ever looked at the asteroid ATEN. (Egyptian sun) It’s on Trumps North Node. His chart is so fascinating. Just discovered your site, looking forward to reading the articles!

My Isis asteroid is exactly conjunct his Isis . Any ideas what this could mean?

    Alex Miller


    I’m the first to admit that Washington could do with a makeover. The problem is, Trump is smashing indiscriminately, and mostly things that shouldn’t be smashed. he’s certainly not cleaning up corruption in DC, that’s worse than ever. and he doesn’t have the power to change how laws are made, or lobbyist influence, or money in politics. all he’s doing is trashing alliances, starting trade wars, and debasing his office.

    but to your questions. I have not used Aten, I have no input for you on that. for my general take on Isis, you can check out the research section on this site. the fact that your Isis is the same degree as Trump’s is meaningless, unless you know him personally.


Hey Alex, i really like it that you keep expanding your asteroid vocabulary. Thanks to you i found out about Troemper. I recently posted something on Lindaland after the Helsinki meeting took place. I found for example INTEL to be quite revealing 🙂


Keep up the good work! Tony

    Alex Miller


    thanks, Tony! there’s always something new to learn. but “Intel”? seriously? LOL yes, I’m sure that will be quite … revealing. :^) great post at Lindaland, btw – Bragg is another new one for me. I can’t imagine where that might come in handy! ;^)


      Well, i looked at bragg in his natal chart before, and the results were quite good, all within 1 degree orb, have a look

      Bragg square Ohno ~ oh no, he’s bragging again (0°12)
      Bragg square Neptune ~ brag to confuse, confused bragging (0°30)
      Bragg square Sphinx ~ brag about secrets, to hide something (0°41)
      Bragg semisquare Icarus ~ bragging may cause a downfall (0°52)
      Bragg trine Myrrha ~ brag about sexual relationships that go against ‘natural law’ (0°58)
      Bragg sesquiquadrate Fama ~ famous bragger (0°8)

      And with Mike Pence talking, or bragging, about that ‘space force’ plan who knows what’s coming next!! 🙂

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