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Colorado to Trump: Beat It!

On December 19, 2023, the Colorado Supreme Court handed the Trump Campaign perhaps its most significant defeat to date.  In a 4-3 decision, the Court ruled that the former president was ineligible for inclusion on the state’s 2024 Primary ballot, due to a clause in Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which provides that persons who previously took an oath to the Constitution, then supported insurrection or rebellion against the US government, are barred from holding political office again in future. 

Having fomented, planned, encouraged and directed the January 6th Capitol insurrection, Colorado’s highest legal authority ruled that Donald J. Trump falls under this provision, further stating, “We conclude that because President Trump is disqualified from holding the office of President under Section Three, it would be a wrongful act under the Election Code for the Secretary [of State] to list President Trump as a candidate on the presidential primary ballot.  Therefore, the Secretary may not list President Trump’s name on the 2024 presidential primary ballot, nor may she count any write-in votes cast for him.”

The case is just one of at least 25 similar efforts nationwide to disqualify Trump for the 2024 election, but of course the process doesn’t end here, even in Colorado.  The ruling there has been put on hold until January 4, the day before the State must certify its Primary ballot, in anticipation that Trump will appeal the case to the US Supreme Court.  That body, while including three Trump appointees, has not been generous in its rulings in cases that impact the former president, but of course past performance is no guarantee of future decisions.

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Trump’s MAGA base is unlikely to find the Colorado Supreme Court’s arguments for his disqualification compelling; asteroid Troemper (for Trump) conjunct Saturn (the presidency) and squared by asteroid Denversmith (for Colorado, of which Denver is the capital) suggests some tension between Colorado and the Trump presidential campaign

Albeit the ruling may not stand, the skies well reflect the moment, as always.  Asteroid Donn 4689 (for The Donald) at 25 Sagittarius conjoins both the Sun at 27 Sagittarius and Mars at 18 Sag, spotlighting (Sun) Trump (Donn) and the campaign (Mars), with asteroid NOT 2857, a general disqualifier or symbol of negation, in square from 21 Virgo, highlighting the issue of his removal from the ballot.  A loose Grand Cross is formed with asteroid Whitehouse 4036 at 15 Gemini and asteroid Karma 3811 with Neptune at 13 and 24 Pisces.  Whitehouse of course refers to the presidency itself, Karma suggests being called to account for our prior acts, and Neptune rules conspiracy and fraud.

As well, asteroid Troemper 28130 at 5 Pisces (our primary asteroid referent for Trump) is still traveling with Saturn at 2 Pisces, a symbol of loss, deprivation or restriction/limitation.  This conjunction forms one of the base points of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with a sextile to Mercury at 4 Capricorn, ruling the court’s decision, and inconjunct to a combination of asteroids Centenaria 1240 and Nemesis 128 at 5 and 7 Leo on the Apex.  Centenaria is one of two celestial stand-ins for Colorado, which has no matching asteroid, but is known as the Centennial State, while Nemesis refers to enemies or opponents, ruin or destruction, often self-created.  In this case the Colorado (Centenaria) Supreme Court’s ruling (Mercury) is acting as a roadblock (also Nemesis), hindering (Saturn) Trump’s (Troemper) inclusion on the ballot (also Mercury-ruled, as an official document).

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A defiant Donald Trump will merely use the Court’s decision as another fundraising opportunity; asteroid Donn (for The Donald) conjunct the Sun and Mars, squared by asteroid NOT, spotlights (Sun) the Trump (Donn) campaign (Mars) in this moment of disqualification (NOT)

The Centenaria/Nemesis conjunction also squares Jupiter at 5 Taurus, identifying Colorado’s (Centenaria) Supreme Court (Jupiter, ruling the judiciary) as the specific source of the opposition (Nemesis).  A square from asteroid Denversmith 18127 (with Denver as another marker for Colorado, its capital) at 6 Sagittarius to Saturn/Troemper further reinforces Colorado (Denversmith) as in conflict with (square) Trump’s (Troemper) hopes to regain the presidency (also Saturn-ruled).

The ruling is certainly controversial, no surprise given that Uranus, ruling controversy, is currently exactly conjoined by asteroid Justitia 269 at 19 Taurus, named for the Roman goddess of justice, with asteroid Themis 24, her Greek counterpart, also within orb from 25 Taurus.  These points are typically active when dealing with court rulings or matters relating to the justice system.  Colorado’s Secretary of State Jena Griswold, who oversees electoral processes, is seen as asteroid Jena 526, which also conjoins Uranus and Justitia from 14 Taurus.

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Trump may turn his back on Colorado and try to cancel it, but there are two dozen other states eyeing his removal from the ballot; a Yod pattern with asteroid Troemper conjunct Saturn, sextile Mercury at the base, and a conjunction of asteroids Centenaria and Nemesis at the Apex, depicts Trump’s (Troemper) loss (Saturn) of the ballot (Mercury) issue by a decision (also Mercury) from Colorado’s (Centenaria, with Colorado known as the Centennial State) Supreme Court, here acting as a block (Nemesis) to Trump’s ambition

There’s no telling if the ruling will stand, and Trump will be barred from the ballot in Colorado, much less if the trend will catch on to the extent of preventing his candidacy nationally.  At this point, ballot disqualification would seem to be an improbable deus ex machina to save us from the specter of a Trump return to the Oval Office, but stranger things have happened.  Stay tuned…

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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