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Minerva 93

Minerva was the Roman goddess of wisdom, crafts, commerce, strategy and magic, the counterpart of Greek Athena. She was born from Jupiter’s head, fully grown and armed to the teeth.

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Astroid Narcissus

Narcissus 37117

Narcissus was a Greek youth so famed for his beauty that he pridefully spurned all who sought to love him. The goddess Nemesis learned of his brutish behaviors and enticed him
to a pool in the forest, where he saw his own reflection.

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Nemesis 128

Asteroid NemesisNemesis was the goddess of due enactment, a karmic equalizer who ensured that no one had too much good fortune, but paid appropriately for their misdeeds. Known as the restorer of cosmic order, Nemesis was particularly focused on punishing acts of hubris, which is defiant pride or arrogance in one’s place, gifts or fortune.

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Asteroid Nemesis

Nessus 7066

Nessus was a centaur who was ferryman at the river Euenos, where he carried passengers across the waters on his broad equine back. Nessus is most noted for his abduction and attempted rape of Heracles’ wife Deianeira.

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Niobe 71

Asteroid NiobeNiobe was a descendant of the gods, granddaughter of Zeus, whose husband had founded the city of Thebes; she was inordinately proud of her heritage and her fourteen children.

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