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Trump-Russian Collusion: It’s a Family Affair

After almost a year of denying any sort of contact or collusion whatsoever between the 2016 Trump Campaign and Russian agents, actors or government officials, significant documents came to light the week of July 10th which show that, in fact, Russo-Trumpian collusion is indisputable, and stems from the earliest days of the general election campaign.


More leaked documents, you ask? More fake news? More “unnamed sources”?


Not exactly. The source for these documents, emails which lay out a clear intent to collude with a foreign government for the benefit of an American presidential candidate, come from an unimpeachable (pun intended) source: Donald Trump, Jr.


Yes, you heard me right; the President’s son, caught between a rock and a hard New York Times piece, himself released an email chain which plainly shows an offer to assist by the Russian government, and a gleeful acceptance by Trump Jr on behalf of the campaign.

don trump jr1

Donald Trump Jr appears on “Hannity” to “come clean.”

The release of the emails followed several days of tortuous explanations of the meeting with a Kremlin-connected Russian lawyer on June 9, 2016, just days after Trump Sr clinched the GOP nomination. The story developed gradually, from an account of a one-on-one meeting regarding child adoption policies, to an admission that “opposition research” on Clinton had been discussed, but not delivered, to the revelation that not two, but at least eight people had been in the meeting, including Trump’s son-in-law and major domo Jared Kushner, then campaign manager Paul Manafort, the intermediary who had initiated the meeting, and a former Russian counterintelligence officer-turned-lobbyist.


Trump Jr still maintains that “nothing came of” the meeting, there was no dirt to dish, but it remains a fact that within hours of his son’s agreeing to the meeting, Donald Trump Sr was touting a game-changing speech to follow in a few days, detailing the extent of Hillary Clinton’s many crimes and misdemeanors. Perhaps the information proffered did, in fact, fall short of hopes and expectations in the Trump camp, but, given the continual deception regarding the facts of the meeting, there is no reason whatsoever to believe assertions that it yielded “a nothing burger.”


Thanks to the emails, we have the precise time the meeting was convened, at 4 PM EDT on 9 June 2016, at Trump Tower in Manhattan. A chart cast for that place and time is very revealing of the underlying context, and the expressed intent, of the participants.


The Ascendant at 27 Libra is clustered about with a quartet of stationary bodies: asteroids Washingtonia, Paul, Nemesis and America. Stationing points exert an inordinate influence, much greater than the norm, upon the individual or event in question. All these asteroids have turned, or will turn, direct in the first three weeks of June. Washingtonia at 4 Libra made its station June 1st, and is too wide to be considered conjunct the Ascendant, but is still at its station degree and powerfully present in the day, setting the stage for what is under discussion – bringing Mr. Trump to Washington. Paul at 20 Libra is also direct, having turned three days earlier, and represents Paul Manafort, then campaign manager, tying the campaign directly to the events.


Nemesis and America are closest to each other, and to the Ascendant, with Nemesis (Greek goddess of retribution, noted for self-undoing) at 24 Libra in the Twelfth House of secrets, espionage and deception, and America (representing the US) at 28 Libra in the First House. Nemesis will turn direct five days later, America on the 20th, but it, too, is at its station degree.


This remarkable grouping lays out much of the substance of the meeting. Nemesis/America is particularly telling, for not only is the Trump campaign (denoted by asteroid Paul) accepting help from Russia, America’s traditional nemesis in the Cold War, but their act of collusion in itself constitutes a potential nemesis for the country. The Ascendant and its immediate companions square Trump Sr’s natal Saturn at 23 Cancer, impacting his career path, while Washingtonia is exactly squared his natal asteroid Whitehouse at 4 Capricorn, indicating the goal.


Natalia Veselnitskaya, the “femme fatale” of the piece (think Boris and Natasha).

Opposed, on the Descendant, is Uranus, the disrupter, at 23 Aries, conjoined by asteroid Natalie at 19 Aries, representing the Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya, who allegedly presented a dossier with “incriminating” facts about Clinton. Uranus also rules the technology and social media used by the Russians and the Trump campaign to plant fake news stories antithetical to Hillary Clinton and micro-target swing voters, coordinated by the campaign’s director of digital operations, Jared Kushner, also present.


Jared is himself represented more directly by asteroid Jaredgoodman, which at 2 Gemini is conjunct asteroid Lie at 0 Gemini, presaging the digitized falsehoods to ensue (as well as Kushner’s omission of this meeting from not one, but two security clearance applications), and Mercury at 25 Taurus, also connected to social media. Trailing behind Mercury, conjunct it but too far off to be considered in orb with Jaredgoodman, is asteroid Russia at 19 Taurus, indicating the topic under discussion (Mercury). Russia is also conjunct Trump Sr’s natal asteroid Lie at 17 Taurus, and his Midheaven at 24 Taurus, again affecting his career, public standing, status and reputation.


Mercury/Russia is also in a Grand Cross with the Moon at 20 Leo, Mars at 25 Scorpio, and Damocles at 25 Aquarius. The Moon represents the public, about to be deceived; Mars is the campaign itself; and Damocles is the doom hanging unseen overhead, both for Hillary Clinton in the shorter term, and now manifesting as potential doom for Trump, as these revelations move the collusion story firmly from speculation to fact. Further confirmation of Russia’s importance in the story is the placement of asteroid Moskva, (“Moscow” in Russian), which at 16 Pisces is squared the 19 Gemini Sun, making it a key factor of the day. It’s also exactly trined Trump Sr’s natal Nemesis at 16 Cancer, implying a comeuppance to come based in its actions.

rob goldstone

Rob Goldstone, who made first contact; dude, if you want to soft-pedal the Russian connection, lose the hat!

Rob Goldstone, also present at the meeting, was the go-between who sent the first email inquiry to Trump Jr, and coordinated the event, as intermediary between the Trump-and-Putin-connected father-son, oligarch-pop star duo instrumental in transferring the anti-Clinton information. As the lynchpin and initiator of the meeting, it’s only appropriate that Rob Goldstone should be prominently placed for the day. And he is, with asteroid Goldstone at 13 Gemini, conjunct the Sun at 19 Gemini, establishing him as pivotal to the day’s events. Alongside Goldstone is asteroid Icarus, indicating rash, reckless actions heedless of the consequences. Interestingly, this Goldstone placement exactly matches the natal Nemesis degree of Don Trump Jr (born 31 December 1977), which acts not just to define Goldstone as a possible Don Jr nemesis, but also activating Don Jr’s own potential to act as nemesis to others, in this case, his own father. Don Jr’s natal asteroid Jaredgoodman at 8 Gemini is also conjunct his Nemesis, indicating his brother-in-law as a possible source of undoing for himself as well, and vice-versa.


Don Jr’s chart sheds additional light on the Trump family obsession with Russia. His natal Moskva at 0 Virgo not only conjoins his Saturn exactly, it’s also stationary, having turned retrograde just a week prior, making it one of the still points upon which the chart revolves. Asteroid Russia at 0 Capricorn is exactly trine Moskva/Saturn, and is also within orb of the Sun at 9 Capricorn. These suggest strong personal identification (Sun/Russia) with Russia, specifically as regards career matters (Saturn/Moskva).


Don Jr’s natal asteroid America at 23 Aries is conjunct his asteroid Lie at 24 Aries, suggesting deception aimed at the nation generally (like appearing on Fox News with Sean Hannity and expressly stating that he had fessed up to everything about the meeting, when there were many more details uncovered in the ensuing days), and was conjoined exactly by transit Uranus at the meeting. Also within orb are his natal asteroid Natalie (the Russian lawyer) and TNO Chaos, both at 28 Aries, exactly opposed America in the meeting chart and on its Descendant.


Taking a second look at Nemesis’ 16 Pisces placement for the day, with an eye to Don Jr’s chart, we see that it squares his natal Nemesis at 13 Gemini, opposes his natal asteroid Troemper (celestial stand-in for “Trump”) at 17 Virgo, and exactly squares his natal Neptune (lies, deception, espionage) at 16 Sagittarius. Within orb of that Neptune is Don Jr’s natal Mercury at 21 Sagittarius (exact on his father’s natal Moon, btw), reinforcing the family tendency to play fast and loose with the truth. Squaring this is natal asteroid Goldstone at 22 Pisces, which also squares Trump’s Sr’s natal Sun at 22 Gemini exactly.


“Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive”, and Don Jr’s natal asteroid Arachne, the weaver, sits at 21 Virgo, conjunct Troemper, squared Mercury and opposed Goldstone, drawing these primary factors into her web. But this is one spider who appears to be caught in his own gossamer…



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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