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2020 Election Wrap-up (?)

After a protracted waiting period while ballots were counted in crucial swing states, reputable news outlets, from the AP to Fox News, have finally stated what’s been obvious for days:  Democratic candidate Joe Biden has won the 2020 US presidential election.

That Biden would be the popular vote winner was never in serious doubt, celestially or terrestrially, but the US Constitution provides for a less-than-democratic mechanism to determine who actually holds the office.  In 2016, despite winning the contest by almost 3 million more votes, Hillary Clinton was denied the presidency on an Electoral College technicality.  With 4 million-plus more voters casting their ballots for him, that unfair outcome has been avoided in 2020, and Joe Biden will now assume the office, with 273 Electoral College votes to Donald Trump’s 214.  Not all states have been called, but when Pennsylvania fell to Biden on the morning of Saturday, November 7th, there was no longer a numeric path to victory for Donald Trump; the former VP had surpassed the 270 vote threshold.  If the current leaders retain their positions and win those states where they are ahead, the final tally will be Joe Biden 306 and Donald Trump 230; ironically, this is the same number by which Trump won in 2016.

Fireworks further enliven an enthusiastic victory celebration in Wilmington, four days after the election

The title of this article includes a question mark in parentheses, because The Donald of course refuses to concede, and the Trump campaign is still filing legal challenges, most of which are spurious, and none of which, even if successfully pursued, will change the outcome.  But with a federal judiciary and Supreme Court packed with conservatives and Trump appointees, in theory anything is possible.  But at this point, it appears to be a done deal, so let’s see how the day turned out, and how we did in predicting that.

First off, Mercury’ station on Election Day didn’t present near the obstacles it might have, as was the case in 2000 between George W. Bush and Al Gore.  This is likely one consequence of all the early voting, which was not directly affected by Mercury’s change.  Over 100 million Americans cast their ballots in advance of Election Day, which not only kept them sequestered from the worst of the Mercury station’s effects, it freed up the polls on the day itself and largely prevented the huge wait times and the plethora of minor problems we might ordinarily associate with a station.  At least, these do not seem to have been pervasive.

The square from Jupiter to Mercury augured a huge turnout, and that was just what we had – 2020’s voting levels were higher than ever before, with perhaps as many as 150 million Americans making their voices heard, for a 66.8% turnout rate, higher than in any election since 1900.  In raw vote totals, more people voted for Joe Biden than any candidate in US history; the flip side is that Donald Trump garnered the second-most votes of anyone ever.  It’s a mystery to me how so many Americans found his style and performance acceptable for a President, but those are the facts.  Jupiter’s effects are still reverberating as the Trump campaign moves into the courts, Jupiter-ruled, in a last-ditch effort to reclaim what has been lost.

Crowds of jubilant Biden supporters mass before the new security perimeter fencing at the White House after Biden’s victory is announced; Donald Trump was away golfing at the time, but his motorcade had to negotiate the celebration upon his return

So how did the Sun/Uranus opposition play out, from 11 Scorpio to 8 Taurus?  What were the shocks of the day? 

First, the polling was off – way off.  One might even say, suspiciously off.  Were the sampling methods to blame, or did so many Americans simply lie to pollsters about their intent?  If so, did they do so from malice or embarrassment?  Biden turned out to win pretty much every state that was anticipated, but by much slimmer margins.  Advance polling in Wisconsin, for example, showed the state firmly in his grasp, with a comfortable lead of anywhere from 5 to 8 points consistently, for months.  In the final analysis, Biden took the Badger State by some 20,000 votes, less than 1% of the ballots cast, triggering a recount.  This pattern repeated less dramatically in Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada, with Trump taking early leads on Election Night, only to erode as the early vote totals came in.  This “Red Mirage” was predicted, but was nonetheless another Uranian-style shock to the system for Trump supporters, and provides endless fodder for conspiracy theorists. 

With asteroid TRIUMF at 7 Taurus conjunct Uranus, an unexpected (Uranus) victory (TRIUMF) was my biggest fear:  with all polling showing a clear Biden advantage, a Trump win would have most closely fit the bill for that configuration.  Thankfully that was spared us, but for progressives, the shock came in the realization of the depth of Trump’s support.  And, should some of these improbable court challenges lead to an overturning of the results in Trump’s favor, we’ll see the controversial nature of Uranus asserting itself in the election’s aftermath, potentially leading to its affinities for volatility and rebellion.

University of Pennsylvania students in Philadelphia cheer the result, when their state put Biden over the top; young people formed a vital component of the Democratic coalition

But Uranus’ effect is perhaps best seen in the outcome for the Senate, with asteroid Senator at 12 Scorpio conjoined the Sun and opposed the Great Disrupter, making the Senate a prime venue for Uranian energies.  Again, advance polling showed a likely Democratic pick-up of as many as 6 seats, leading to progressive control of the Upper House, but that failed to materialize.  The Dems have captured seats in Colorado and Arizona, but more GOP incumbents held on than was anticipated, with strong challenges in Maine, North Carolina and South Carolina beaten back.  Final control is not yet determined, with both Senate races in Georgia showing no candidate breaking 50% of the total, triggering automatic run-off elections to be held in January.  Should the Dems take both these races, they and their Independent allies would control 50 seats, with newly minted VP Kamala Harris, as President of the Senate, casting the deciding vote in ties.  (We’ll be looking at the prospects for this in future AAA articles.)

Another Election Night shocker came in the form of an early call by none other than conservative media ally Fox News that Arizona would go to Joe Biden, not Donald Trump.  The AP followed suit, but most other media outlets refrained from making any determination in that race until days later (in fact, as of this writing, it has still not been called, with Biden’s lead narrowing).  Asteroid Fox at 15 Scorpio conjoins the Sun and opposes Uranus, providing that upsetting news for the White House, which sent the campaign into a rage.

What of the PNA placements, and how they were reflected in the results?  That Trump was not fully in the game was prefigured by his celestial referent, asteroid Troemper, in relative isolation from the day.  At 1 Gemini, Troemper made few strong Ptolemaic aspects to any major planet, but did combine in a very loose out-of-Sign Grand Trine with Venus at 7 Libra and Saturn at 26 Capricorn, and a semisquare to a retrograde Mars at 15 Aries.  Troemper/Venus might have been expected to boost his popularity, and perhaps it did to some extent, but with women (also Venus-ruled) already firmly against him, Saturn’s withholding, repressive tendencies won out, and Trump came up short in the vote.  The semisquare to Mars may have energized his turnout on Election Day itself, but it was too little, too late.  Troemper is also conjoined TNO Sedna at 28 Taurus, a point which includes “isolation” in its keyword lexicon, suggesting diminished support.

The winning ticket of Biden/Harris: at both the calling of the race and the new President-Elect’s victory speech, the Angles conjoined Donald Trump’s natal Nemesis, a point of ruin and undoing

In contrast, Biden’s PNAs foretold a more positive outcome.  When the cosmic history of this election cycle is written, an undeniable leading player will be the extended conjunction between asteroids Bida, Joe Biden’s principal celestial referent, and America, in force from July through November 2020.  This shows a strong identification between the candidate and the nation, throughout the crucial period of the convention and nomination, later stages of the campaign, the early vote, and Election Day itself.  From 6 and 3 Capricorn, Bida/America formed a T-Square with Venus at 7 Libra, energizing (square) women (Venus) in his cause, and asteroid Truth at 7 Aries, conferring an authenticity and genuineness that served the former VP well. 

As well, PNAs for both members of the ticket bookended the Capricorn stellium, effectively corralling its energies to their benefit.  Asteroid Camillo (Kamala) at 19 Capricorn leads off the parade, followed by expansive, benefic Jupiter at 21 Cap, transformative Pluto at 22 Cap, career-minded Saturn (ruling the presidency itself) at 26 Cap, and asteroid Josephina (Joseph) closing the procession at 28 Capricorn.  These square Mercury at 25 Libra, directly linking the campaign to the vote itself, another indicator of potential electoral success.

And speaking of success, here’s a late-breaking bit of info that might have spared me many sleepless nights over the past few months, had I known of it sooner.  Many thanks to reader Laurien Rueger, who brought asteroid Demokritos to my attention just days ago.  Named for a Greek philosopher, Demokritos is an excellent celestial stand-in for “Democrat” (how I’ve missed this for years I can’t understand).  On Election Day Demokritos at 0 Scorpio stands boldly beside asteroid Victoria at 1 Scorpio, named for the Roman goddess of victory, both within orb of Mercury, for the clearest cosmic statement yet of a Democratic win.

Miami residents express their approval of a Biden win with a “presidential motorcade” of their own

What of the many indicators of potential electoral fraud in the chart?   In prior articles we’ve looked at Loke conjunct Mercury, Buysballot and Chaos in trine, and Machiavelli at station conjunct Hermes, all dire portents of election chicanery, not to mention an exact conjunction of asteroids Whitehouse and Swindle!  Thus far it seems to have been a remarkably straightforward, problem-free election, so where did all that energy go?

As with Mercury’s station, the worst effects of this conglomeration of celestial warning shots suggesting fraud may have been diluted by the protracted period of the vote, not confined to Election Day itself, which did not even account for half the total votes cast.  And of course, Donald Trump is still refusing to concede, and we may yet face an uphill battle on some future court case.  As well, if you ask his diehard supporters, they’ll tell you there was massive fraud – perpetrated against Trump, a narrative the President continues to stoke.

But the likeliest explanation is simple confirmation bias on my account; knowing the “character” of the President, I was very concerned with this issue going into the election, and perhaps I gave too much weight to these factors in my analysis in consequence.  Then again, there’s also the creativity of the cosmos – every aspect has multiple manifestations.  When I saw that exact Whitehouse/Swindle conjunction, all I could think of was a con emanating from the Oval Office, a fraud in attaining reelection.  But that energy also perfectly describes the President (Whitehouse) claiming fraud (Swindle) at the top of his lungs, and clinging to that pathetic defense like a dog with a bone.

SNL’s Joe Biden (Jim Carrey) and Kamala Harris (Maya Rudolph) taunt Trump with his loss the night the race is called

I must also admit, I pulled my punches on predicting a Biden win, hedging my bets on the outcome, with all that fraud energy as my rationalization for a Trump upset.  The data all flashed “victory”, but I couldn’t relax and allow myself to believe it could really be that simple to remove this cancer from the American body politic. 

Joe Biden seems destined for the office.  Born with asteroid Whitehouse squared the Sun, with asteroid Karma semisquare the Sun and sesquiquadrate Whitehouse, that natal potential now sees fulfillment in Biden’s upcoming 2020 Solar Return chart, governing his inauguration and first year in office, which features Whitehouse conjunct the Sun while Karma squares both.  When an exact conjunction of Nike and Victoria appeared in his 2019 Solar Return, conjoined the Moon and Ascendant and squared the Sun, the time had come for the fruition of a lifetime of hopes for the presidency, and nothing could stand in Joe Biden’s way.

In closing, there’s a remarkable synchronicity I’d like to mention, in the timing of the calling of the election and Biden’s victory speech. The Associated Press and NBC News called Pennsylvania, and the election, for Joe Biden within moments of each other at 11:25 AM EST on November 7, 2020.  I have set the chart for Wilmington, Delaware, the home and current location of the new President-Elect.

The chart shows a 16 Capricorn Ascendant, with Bida at 9 Capricorn rising, along with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, now exact at 22 Cap, reflecting the political transformation to ensue.  The Sun/Whitehouse opposition to Uranus is still in force, now straddling the MC/IC axis at 10 Scorpio/Taurus, placing the successful rebellion against the Trump administration in a highly visible position, the focus of all eyes, as the race is called.

These are no more than appropriate for the moment, but the true drama comes when we overlay this chart with Donald Trump’s nativity.  The 16 Cancer Descendant of the election resolution chart is an exact match for Trump’s natal asteroid Nemesis, a point referring to cosmic justice, undoing and ruin.   On the Ascendant is Trump’s natal asteroid Koronis at 13 Capricorn, closest match for coronavirus, the COVID-19 pandemic that ultimately brought down his presidency.  T-Squared by a transit Mars conjunction with transit Koronis at 15 and 19 Aries, we see the impact the virus made on his campaign (Mars), with Mars also ruling contagions and death.

Incredibly, when Joe Biden took the stage at 8:40 PM EST that night in Wilmington for his victory speech, the angles had flipped almost exactly, with 15 Cancer rising, conjoined Trump’s Nemesis, emphatically reiterating his downfall as the public face of the moment.  Asteroid Bida, still with asteroid America, and the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction are now conjoined the Descendant, reflecting Biden’s changing relationship with the country he will now lead.

In the words of Gerald Ford’s inaugural speech after Nixon’s resignation, “our long national nightmare is over.”  Or at least, it will be, in 73 days.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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As usual Alex a wonderful insightful article. Thank you so much. Best wishes to you.


    For Democratic Party asteroid Jackson works.
    For Biden, I find Bidelman works better than Bida.

      Alex Miller


      sorry, Morris, I’ve tested this and I just don’t see it. Bidelman for Election Day is 0 Leo – doesn’t do much for me. Bida with America in t-square with Venus and Truth is much stronger. but thanks for the reminder on Sisyphus; it’s not strong on ED, but I’ll keep an eye on it as/if recounts develop

Laurien Rueger

Thank you, Alex, for yet another insightful article on the election! I think this was another tough election to call because the nation is so divided, and that was reflected in the stars. I was humbled to see my name mentioned, especially since I can credit you and your website for having learned of so many useful asteroids! By the way, a September poll showed that 84% of Canadians would have voted for Biden and only 16% for Trump, so I think it’s fair to say that many Canadians including myself are happy with the election result. I believe our Prime Minister was the first foreign leader to call and congratulate Mr. Biden! Here’s hoping Trump doesn’t act like a bad renter and trash the White House before he can be evicted! I was so happy that Biden reached out to all Americans in his address and called for unity. Let’s hope that peace and sanity will slowly be restored to your country. I am wishing you and your country a brighter future!

Allan Monday

Wonderful, insightful analysis of the big day!!


For “recount” use asteroid Sisyphus….meaning recurrence or recount.


Am just glad he’s gone. however, our country is in shambles at the moment. Living in a “red” state, last night about an hour before Biden/Harris took the stage in Delaware, they shot off fireworks here (1st time ever that this has happened-it’s a red state!), and today an impromptu parade took place of trumpers blaring their horns for support of their fuhrer-I have NEVER seen this kind of reaction from the outgoing party/president before. Hoping my family and I can move soon to a safer location. the age of Aquarius can’t get here soon enough.


Thanks for this! I always look forward to your articles. Hoping for much better times for all of us, the country and the world!


Great article, Alex. Wanted to add that Trump’s transit charts for November 4th, 5th and 6th had his Sun relatively alone in the third house, which undoubtedly added to his sense of isolation. (Also screaming into the void on Twitter.) In addition, he’s having a nodal return, which speaks loudly to big changes in his life.

Maybe of interest? Transit Pluto inconjunct natal Sun..loss of power.

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