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Donald Trump’s 2023 Solar Return: The Year of Living Litigiously

Donald Trump’s 77th year promises to be a ballbreaker, if I may use the vernacular.  The effects of a lifetime of skirting, circumventing or outright flouting the law look to be finally catching up with him.  As the fatal date approaches, Trump was gifted with an early birthday present of a 37-count indictment from the Justice Department, alleging violation of the Espionage Act in his unlawful possession, retention and obstruction in returning several hundred classified documents, kept in bathrooms, closets and storage rooms at his Mar-a-Lago residence.  We already know of at least one trial date in 2024, set for late March when the porn star hush money payoff trial is slated to begin in Manhattan (more on that later); this case will likely come to trial in 2024 as well, and several more may be in the offing.

TSR23 smith
Justice Department Special Counsel Jack Smith investigated the classified documents case, and will continue his work on the January 6th insurrection case; SR asteroid Jackschmitt conjoins the SR Ascendant and SR Neptune (prison) and squares Trump’s Sun, while natal Jackschmitt conjoins natal asteroid Justitia, named for the Roman goddess of justice

And the Solar Return chart, cast for 1:17 AM EDT at Trump’s Mar-a-Largo residence in Palm Beach, Florida, confirms the dire situation in which the former POTUS finds himself.  The 22 Gemini Solar Return (hereafter abbreviated “SR”) Sun falls exactly on the IC, otherwise known as the Nadir.  This suggests Trump is at his lowest ebb.  Contributing factors to this sorry state of affairs are seen in SR asteroid Niobe 71, closely conjoined the Sun from 21 Gemini, and SR asteroid Narcissus 37117 at station at 27 Libra, trine the Sun.  Niobe is noted for overweening pride that leads to a catastrophic fall; Narcissus represents addictive self-focus, the inability to consider, or even acknowledge, the effects of one’s actions on others.  Does any of that sound familiar?  Being at station, Narcissus is especially impactful this year, as stationary points exert a greater than typical influence on events.  And Trump’s dual issues of pride (“I’m the best, no one can touch me”) and self-focus (“I’m the only one who matters”) have a direct bearing on his present circumstance.

Additional points at station, and therefore prominent in the year’s unfolding, include SR asteroids Records 30718, Bragg 11150 and James 2335.  Records turned direct at 16 Libra on June 10th, and represents the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case, now reaching critical mass with the recent indictments.  The importance of that case, involving issues with legal jeopardy for unlawful possession and retention of classified material as well as obstruction of justice charges, is further highlighted by SR asteroid Jackschmitt 7749 at 25 Pisces on the 18 Pisces Ascendant, which affects how others see Trump.  Jackschmitt is a rendering of Jack Smith (with Schmitt a German form of Smith), the investigator in that case.  Jackschmitt’s alignment with Neptune at 27 Pisces, which rules prisons and incarceration, should give Trump pause about potential jail time.  Note that both these points also square the SR (and natal) Sun.

TSR23 dox bathroom
A little light reading at potty time? The shocking lack of security for classified material at Mar-a-Lago is on full display in this candid shot of storage conditions there; asteroid Records, for the violated Presidential Records Act, appears at station in the 2023 SR, exactly squared natal asteroid Nemesis – will this deplorable breach lead to Trump’s ruin and downfall?

Bragg at 12 Aquarius turned retrograde on June 6th, and represents Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan DA prosecuting Trump for falsifying business records in the Stormy Daniels hush money case, with a trial date set for March 25, 2024, within the scope of this Solar Return.  (Bragg is also a useful marker, in its “single g” form, of Trump’s trademark boastfulness and self-aggrandizement, as it opposes natal Mercury in his birth chart.)  On that date, the 5 Aries Sun will conjoin Bragg at 27 Pisces, as well as Neptune and asteroid Clifford 4276 (porn star Stormy Daniels’ legal name is Stephanie Clifford), both also at 27 Pisces;  asteroid Cohen 23735 (for chief witness Michael Cohen, Trump’s former lawyer who facilitated the payments and has already served time for doing so) at 29 Pisces; and asteroid Manuel (for trial judge Juan Manuel Merchan) at 1 Aries, highlighting (Sun) most of the major players, with the Sun also opposed asteroid Daniels 315088 at 9 Libra, Clifford’s alter ego.  Reinforcing Alvin Bragg’s vital role in this upcoming year is SR asteroid Alvin, which at 28 Virgo squares the Sun, and for good measure also conjoins SR asteroid Donn 4689 at 5 Libra, another referent for The Donald, indicating close contact, even enmeshment, over the period in question.

James at 29 Aquarius turns retrograde June 19th, and represents NY Attorney General Letitia James, who has already filed civil charges against the Trump Organization, Trump himself and his elder adult children for fraud in connection with their business and charitable foundation.  Letitia James’ importance in the year of living litigiously is underscored by James’ placement exactly conjoined Trump’s natal Descendant, and SR asteroid Letitia 15 Sagittarius, opposing the Sun. 

TSR23 trump smirk
Smirk all you want, buddy – things are about to get real. With SR asteroid d’Arrest (arrests, indictments) squared asteroid Troemper (our celestial referent for Trump) with Damocles (impending doom), Karma (the results of our actions) and Saturn (punishment), the birthday indictment may be just the beginning for the coming year

Put together, we have markers for three of six potentially devastating cases against Trump, all at station for the solar year in which they will be relevant.

Also with the Sun are SR asteroids NOT 2857 at 24 Gemini and Atlantis 1198 at 25 Gemini, as well as SR asteroid De Sanctis 3268 at 20 Gemini.  NOT is a general disqualifier, negator, or block to progress.  Atlantis represents being “flooded” or feeling overwhelmed.  De Sanctis is one of two PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) which represent Florida governor and fellow GOP nominee candidate Ron DeSantis (the other being Disanti 15630), and only recently came to my attention.  In the context of Trump, it might be the more useful of the two, since Trump has christened his competitor as “Ron de Sanctimonious” in his classic schoolyard bully style, so favored by his MAGA supporters.  Recently, that mouthful has been shortened to “De Sanctis” by Trump, perhaps for ease of pronunciation, perhaps as a senior moment which stuck.  As well, natal De Sanctis at 16 Capricorn exactly opposes natal asteroid Nemesis 128 at 16 Cancer, which could play out either way, with DeSantis acting as a block to Trump’s ambition, or the reverse.

Also squaring the SR Sun are SR asteroids Daniela 107054 at 24 Pisces, Pandora 55 at 25 Pisces, Marc 71445 at 28 Pisces, and Manhattan 12464 at 29 Pisces.  Daniela reiterates the importance of the Stormy Daniels case, which will be tried in Manhattan.  Marc is a celestial stand-in for former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, whose testimony, already obtained by Jack Smith, will be vital in both investigations he is pursuing (the documents case and the January 6th insurrection).  It may or may not be a “coincidence” that Mark Meadows’ natal asteroid Nemesis conjoins Trump’s natal Sun, and this SR Sun, exactly.  Pandora refers to the unleashing of unexpected consequences and a host of ills.

TSR23 bragg
Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg has already filed state criminal charges against Trump, with the trial set to begin next March; SR asteroid Bragg is at station, squared the SR Moon, with SR asteroid Alvin squared Trump’s Sun, in a T-Square with SR Neptune (prison)

So much for the SR Sun.  The SR Moon doesn’t fare much better.  At 5 Taurus, it is conjoined exactly by SR asteroid Polizzi, referring to the police (German Polizei and Italian Polizia), and thus generally to arrest, which may, in time, lead to a change of residence (Moon).  SR asteroid Smith 3351 is here, too, at 0 Taurus, another referent for Jack Smith, who may also be influential in deciding Trump’s living quarters.  And SR asteroid Disanti at 6 Taurus is in the mix, showing Ron DeSantis as yet another individual who may keep Trump from his goal of reoccupying the Oval Office.  From the White House to the Big House, the stars have it covered on the domestic front for Trump.

Not to be outdone, there are three more celestial factors conjoined the Moon:  SR Jupiter at 6 Taurus and SR asteroids Themis 24 and Justitia 269 at 9 and 13 Taurus.  Jupiter rules the judiciary and judges generally; Themis is named for the Greek goddess of justice, and Justitia for her Roman counterpart.  It’s quite amazing to see all three judicial/justice themed points aligned with each other and Trump’s SR Moon, in a year where interactions with the courts will be paramount (not to mention the political implications of Jupiter, in the primary).

But the lunar SR influences don’t end there.  That stationary asteroid Bragg at 12 Aquarius is in square, as is SR asteroid Georgia 359 and Daniels, at 7 and 9 Leo respectively.  Georgia is the state venue for yet another case against Trump, brought by Fani Willis, Fulton County, Georgia DA, investigating his interference into the 2020 election (you may recall his taped phone conversation with Brad Raffensperger, where he asked the GA Secretary of State to “find” the requisite number of votes to turn Georgia in his favor).  Daniels of course refers back to the porn star hush money case.

TSR23 james
New York Attorney General Letitia James has already brought a civil case against the Trump Organization, Trump’s charitable foundation, and Trump himself; though the trial date hasn’t yet been set, it will likely begin during this solar year as well. SR asteroid James is at station, exactly on Trump’s natal Descendant, while SR asteroid Laetitia opposes the Sun

The SR Moon also lies at the Apex of a Yod pattern, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjunct aspects to SR asteroid d’Arrest at 5 Sagittarius, and Donn with SR asteroid Kassandra, both at 5 Libra.  As we’ve seen, Donn represents Trump, Kassandra relates to issues of credibility and trust (which would be sadly lacking for Trump case jurors), and d’Arrest indicates actual arrest, detention, charges filed or indictments.  Again, all with a view to determining where Donald J. Trump calls home (Moon).

Further points of interest include SR asteroid Karma 3811 and centaur Nessus 7066, at 11 and 18 Pisces respectively, both of which conjoin the 18 Pisces Ascendant, Nessus exactly.  Karma represents being called to account for our prior bad acts, while Nessus is the signature of “men behaving badly,” typically in a sexual context, but broad enough to include various forms of miscreancy.  There is a backhanded allusion to the Stormy Daniels case here, for sure, but its prominence in the SR could also indicate a recurrence of the E. Jean Carroll sexual assault/defamation issue.  Having already found Trump liable in a trial which ended in early May, Ms. Carroll may pursue further litigation, as Trump continues to malign her in its aftermath, giving grounds for additional charges.

Karma is also part of an ongoing extended conjunction which includes asteroid Troemper 28130 at 4 Pisces, our celestial referent for The Donald.  In this mix are SR Saturn at 7 Pisces and SR Damocles 5335 at 3 Pisces.  The combined effect is of impending doom (Damocles) and possible punishment (Saturn) as Trump (Troemper) is forced to pay the piper (Karma).  This cluster squares asteroid Nemesis at 13 Gemini, that point of ruin and destruction, often self-created, and forms a T-Square with d’Arrest at 5 Sagittarius.  The Stormy Daniels case is reflected here as well, with SR asteroid Daniel 2589 at 3 Pisces, exact with Damocles, and SR asteroid Storm 12182 at 10 Virgo completing a Grand Cross.  That case has often been pooh-poohed as the least among the threats to Trump, but if successful, it does include the potential for jail time, and as a state trial, would not be subject to any future pardons offered by a Republican president, unlike the latest federal charges.

TSR23 willis
Criminal charges in the Georgia election interference case will likely be coming in August, from Fulton County DA Fani Willis; SR asteroid Fanny exactly conjoins SR Pluto, ruling criminal behavior, while SR asteroid Willis closely squares Trump’s natal Nemesis

Another such would be the Georgia election interference case, potentially to be brought by Fani Willis, Fulton County DA.  We’ve already discussed asteroid Georgia’s placement above, but this case is fully imaged in the SR chart as SR asteroid Fulton 5785 at 10 Gemini, conjoined Nemesis at 13 Gemini; SR asteroid Fanny 821 (for Fani), exact with SR Pluto at 29 Capricorn (denoting criminal activity and devastating transformation); and SR Willis 13730 at 17 Aries, which, although it does not show prominently in the SR chart overall, is strategically placed to closely square Trump’s natal Nemesis at 16 Cancer.  The implication is that this case is another fraught with extreme peril for the former president.

In like manner, the cosmos gives the nod to current US Attorney General Merrick Garland, overseeing the Special Counsel’s investigations into Trump, with SR asteroid Merrick 65672 at 23 Cancer, exactly conjoined Trump’s natal Saturn/Karma conjunction, emblematic of being called to account for career and business decisions.  Saturn, as also representative of the presidency, further focuses Karma’s payback energies on his time in the Oval Office, or relating to his tenure there.

TSR23 trump bobblehead
Man, do I want one of these! With SR asteroid Lachrimosa (“tears”) exactly conjunct his natal Mercury/asteroid Donn pairing, and a recent Lunar Eclipse conjoined natal Lachrimosa, it could be a tearful year for Trump

No matter how you slice it, the coming year is going to be dramatic for Donald J. Trump, with lots of opportunities for Fate to catch up with him.  Just how effectively it prosecutes the various cases against him, remains to be seen.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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When I saw the indictment was going to happen on his birthday I thought this time he really is in trouble. I got looking at his chart and was reminded that 3 hours after he was born, Jupiter went stationary direct. No wonder he seems to lead a charmed life. But with Jupiter ruling the judiciary, maybe that’s what will finally end his winning streak. Here’s hoping.

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Great article Alex…Very appreciated!!!! …Have you considered the impact of Judge Aileen Canon on the documents case? I’d be interested and so would many others in reading your insights if you decide to look into it.
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