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Asteroid Sleuth: The Case of the Holiday Horror

On Christmas Eve 2019 a Grindr hookup went horribly wrong, when 25-year-old Kevin Bacon (no, not that one) was killed and cannibalized by his date, 50-year-old Mark Latunski. Bacon, a hair stylist who was studying psychology, travelled 25 miles to Latunski’s home, where he was stabbed in the back, then had his throat slit. After his death, his corpse was strung up by the heels from the ceiling, his testicles were removed and eaten by Latunski, whose lawyer is claiming an insanity defense (gee, d’ya think?).


I’ve had occasion to write about cannibalism before, in the spring of 2012, when a rash of such incidents seemed to threaten a zombie apocalypse. The celestial culprit then was Tantalus, a point noted for the commission of heinous acts. Part of his myth includes cannibalism, via dismembering and cooking his own son, as the main course in a banquet for the gods. Those cannibalism stories were pretty odd incidents, but I have to say, I think this one tops them. And Tantalus is once again in the thick of it.


On December 24, 2019, Tantalus found itself at 22 Libra, exactly squared Pluto, modern lord of death and planetary ruler of homicide, at 22 Capricorn. With Tantalus was asteroid Holiday at 18 Libra, and of course with Pluto was Saturn, ancient lord of death, at 20 Cap. Also with Saturn/Pluto was asteroid Eros at 23 Capricorn, which relates to erotic passion, but was also the acknowledged patron of gay sex in ancient Greece. Eros was also exactly sextile Mars at 23 Scorpio, ruling sex, genitals, violent death, attacks, and knives.


If we pull Mars out of this configuration, it’s also part of a T-Square with Lachesis at 20 Leo, named for the Greek Fate who determines the span of life, and Damocles at 23 Aquarius, the doom hanging unseen overhead. That “hanging” metaphor of course has special resonance to the specifics of this crime.

bacon tantalus

Tantalus, among whose crimes was cannibalism, was punished by eternal hunger and thirst; chained in a lake with overhanging fruit boughs, whenever he bent to drink, the lake receded, and if he reached for nourishment, a gust of wind blew the fruit up and out of his grasp; asteroid Tantalus is prominent in the charts of the killer, the victim and the day

The Sun at 3 Capricorn, about to be eclipsed the following evening, was focused on death, conjoined by asteroids Requiem at 29 Sagittarius, named for the funeral mass for the dead, and Rip at 7 Capricorn, useful as a death indicator as the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription. Adding “oomph” to this grouping was Jupiter at 4 Cap, inflating and encouraging excess; Jupiter can also be related to the social media which brought the two men together.


The solar stellium is squared by asteroid Marc at 5 Aries, for killer Mark Latunski, which is conjoined by TNO Salacia at 2 and asteroid Atropos at 10 Aries. Salacia relates to shocking, scandalous events, often of a sexual nature, while Atropos is named for the Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death. Exactly opposing Atropos was asteroid Sappho at 10 Libra, another indicator of homosexuality, named for the ancient Greek poet who first extolled the virtues of lesbianism.


The victim has exact PNA (Personal-Named Asteroid) matches for both names. Asteroid Kevin at 17 Gemini is squared asteroid Nemesis at 24 Virgo (also in trine to Saturn/Pluto/Eros), representing ruin or downfall, an archenemy or opponent. Incredibly, Nemesis is travelling with asteroid Yule at 21 Virgo, an alternate name for the holiday when the atrocity took place.

bacon latunski

Mark Latunski, 50, killed and ate his Grindr date, Kevin Bacon; natal asteroid Tantalus conjoins asteroids Marc, Bacon, Sappho and Damocles

If asteroid Kevin seems well tapped into the day, asteroid Bacon is even moreso. At 25 Sagittarius, Bacon is surrounded by asteroid Ganymed and Mercury at 22 Sag, TNO Ixion at 28 Sag, and asteroid Requiem at 29. Ganymed is also a gay indicator, named for Zeus’ underage cupbearer and boy-toy lover; in addition, Ganymed can refer to any relationship where the partners are vastly disparate in status, whether that be in personal power and social standing, economic resources, or, as in this case, age, with Latunski 50 and Bacon half his age. Ixion is named for the first murderer in Greek myth, putting homicide directly at issue, and we’ve already seen Requiem’s connection to death generally. Mercury puts the incident in the news. These are squared by Nemesis/Yule, setting the timeframe, and Kevin opposes the earlier portions of this stellium.


As dramatic as all that is, it’s nothing compared to the natal charts. Born 28 March 1969 (no time available), Mark Latunski’s celestial gay bona fides are well established. His Sun at 7 Aries conjoins asteroid Antinous, another gay indicator, named for First Century lover of Roman Emperor Hadrian who drowned himself in the Nile to save his beloved. Eros at 26 Pisces conjoins Mercury at 27, suggesting that Latunski preferred youths or younger men as lovers, and opposes Pluto at 23 Virgo, bringing in the element of potential homicide. Ganymed at 19 Cancer squares a Venus/Saturn conjunction at 24 and 25 Aries, which in itself suggests some form of suppressed sexuality. Lastly, Sappho at 16 Aquarius conjoins Marc at 12 Aquarius, Mark Latunski’s PNA, as well as Damocles at 20 and, you guessed it – Tantalus at 15 Aquarius! Asteroid Bacon at 6 Aquarius also conjoins Marc, bringing together killer and victim, though it is too wide to be considered part of the entire stellium.


Latunski’s natal Kevin at 17 Pisces squares asteroid Osiris, named for the ancient Egyptian god of the dead, at 16 Gemini (conjoined by transit Kevin at 17 Gemini for the murder), and is in a Grand Cross with natal Rip at 14 Virgo and natal Mars (sex, violent death, knives) at 12 Sagittarius. Natal Kevin was conjoined by transit Neptune at 16 Pisces for the killing, and while police reports do not mention this, I would assume from this that some form of impairment due to alcohol or drug use was involved. This also suggests Latunski’s alleged insanity, which is further supported by a trigger from transit Mars at 23 Scorpio to his natal Neptune at 28 (with natal Requiem at 24 Scorpio, even more closely conjoined transit Mars).


This incredible Grand Cross is rivaled by a T-Square including asteroid Bacon, which sets up the act and its timing. From 6 Aquarius, Bacon is squared to both Ixion (murder) at 3 Scorpio and Yule (Christmas Eve) at 3 Taurus, with Lachesis standing by at 10 Taurus, determining the span of Kevin Bacon’s life. Even more astounding, this pattern does become a Grand Cross on the day of the murder, with asteroid Testa exactly opposed natal Bacon from 6 Leo. Testa is closest to testes, the medical term for the testicles which comprised Latunski’s holiday feast. Doesn’t get much stranger than that!

bacon grindr

Victim Kevin Bacon, with natal Tantalus conjoined Mars and asteroid Yule, squared Pluto/Ixion/Jupiter/Mercury

Kevin Bacon’s chart shows the same resonance. Born 28 November 1994 (no time available), the 6 Sagittarius Sun is conjoined by Eros at 4, and trined by both Ganymed at 1 Leo and Sappho at 14 Leo, bringing three gay factors together in alignment with his core essence. The Sun is also squared a trio of Saturn, asteroid Marc and Osiris at 6, 9 and 11 Pisces, T-Squared to Rip at 7 Gemini. This aligns Bacon’s Sun with three death indicators and the name of his killer.


If all celestial markers have both an active and passive application, then Tantalus relates to cannibalism both as the one consuming human flesh, and the one so consumed. Bacon’s Tantalus at 25 Leo closely conjoined Mars at 26 Leo, suggesting the potential for a violent death and subsequent consumption, and, quite phenomenally, incorporates asteroid Yule at 21 Leo, specifying when Mars/Tantalus’ potential would be manifested. This grouping squares a very unfortunate exact conjunction of Pluto with Ixion at 28 Scorpio, which also includes Jupiter and Mercury at 27 Scorpio in its environs. This Pluto/Ixion extended conjunction from the early-mid ‘90s has been very problematic of late, as the individuals with it have grown to adulthood and emerged as terrorists, serial killers or their victims. Again, Jupiter’s influence here would be to exacerbate and inflate the situation, while Mercury relates to its newsworthiness.


Kevin Bacon was born during the infamous Uranus/Neptune conjunction, and was particularly unlucky to have this pair, at 21 and 23 Capricorn, joined by asteroid modifiers Lachesis at 17 Cap, Icarus at 18 (noted for rash, reckless behaviors), Achilles at 19 (representing vulnerability), Nemesis at 25 (ruin, destruction) and Damocles at 28 Capricorn (unseen doom). Even more unfortunate, this entire grouping was under the gun of the forming Saturn/Pluto conjunction at his murder, which was just like setting a match to tinder.


Additionally, Bacon’s natal Bacon at 1 Libra (which incidentally conjoins asteroid Holiday at 5 Libra) was squared by the transit Sun/Requiem/Rip at his death, opposed by transit Marc, while natal Requiem at 23 Sagittarius was in the bullseye of that late Sag transit stellium including Ganymed, Bacon and Ixion. Transit Osiris at 3 Sag conjoined his natal Sun.

bacon house

Mark Latunski’s home, where the crime took place; his natal asteroid House was squared by transit Mars for the murder; transit House conjoined Kevin Bacon’s natal Saturn/Marc/Osiris conjunction when he died

We haven’t discussed the venue for the crime yet, but it’s there, in the form of asteroid House. Natally, Latunski has House at 24 Aquarius, conjunct both natal and transit Damocles, for the doom his home represented; this was squared by transit Mars at 23 Scorpio for the murder, inciting the violence at that time, T-Squared by Lachesis in Leo, with its lifespan issues. Bacon had House at 11 Scorpio, conjunct asteroid Kevin at 12, and in a Grand Trine with his Saturn/Marc/Osiris grouping in Pisces, and asteroid Testa at 10 Cancer, linking his name with his killer’s and the location of his murder, as well as the portion of his body which was ingested. This was reinforced by transit House at 8 Pisces for the killing, conjoined Marc, to specify Latunski’s residence as the location of his death (natal House trine Saturn/Osiris says a death at home, but not whose).


Certainly one of the most bizarre stories I have chronicled, but completely typical in terms of its celestial resonance.


Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Gruesome Alex!!! And you’ve made me add some more bodies for “Christmas”,.. Had not guessed that Tantalus was also cannibalism, thought it was more about luring people, something might be out of reach,.. going to have to check some of the horrible charts I have!! Also interesting is when you posted this grim thing,… Pluto-Saturn-Ceres-Sun hard to Eris and = (ssq, sqq) Mars! (shudder)

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