Lachesis 120

Asteroid LachesisLachesis was one of the Three Fates, sisters who determined the destinies of gods and men. Lachesis, known as “the Allotter”, determined the span of life, as represented by the thread woven by her sister Klotho, and instructed Atropos when to cut that thread with her shears. Within three days of a child’s birth, Lachesis and her sisters would appear to decide its destiny, Lachesis measuring the length of its life with her rod, and allowing it that time to exist.

Astrologically, Lachesis is a marker of death and termination, and “the span of life”, i.e., the duration of a person, organization, project, endeavor, etc. Lachesis also refers to that which interrupts or interferes with a planned or proposed outcome or destination; assessment at the midpoint of a task; evaluation of progress and redirection toward a goal.

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I’m curious what this asteroid in the 6th house (Taurus)in would do in would be conjunct venus, square moon?

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