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Harris Wins Veepstakes

On Tuesday 11 August 2020, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden made his long-awaited choice for running mate in the 2020 election:  US Senator and former nomination contender Kamala Harris (D-CA).  I suggested Harris as a running mate for Biden in my January 2019 profile on her when she announced her candidacy for president, based not so much on astrological analysis as a gut feeling that this would make a winning team.


Harris’ chart shows a clear professional drive for the White House, and the connections between her and Biden suggest she’ll be an asset on the campaign trail, and a worthy successor when the time comes, should they win in November.


Announced online at approximately 4:15 PM EDT (I missed the announcement live, but the earliest published reports are timed to 4:15) from his home in Wilmington, Delaware, the chart for the Biden/Harris ticket shows both team members highlighted for the day.  Asteroid Harris at 21 Leo conjoins the Sun at 19 Leo and exactly squares the Moon at 21 Taurus, spotlighting the California senator at the time.  Also here are asteroids Jose (Spanish for “Joseph”) and Washingtonia (representing the nation’s capital) at 18 and 19 Leo, combining Biden and Harris in the moment, with the objective of their campaign.  Along for the cosmic ride are Mercury at 13 Leo, breaking the news (Mercury) of Biden’s pick, and asteroid Giuseppina at 10 Leo, a female Italian variant of “Joseph”, affirming that the choice (Mercury) was Biden’s (Giuseppina) to make.

KH2 biden high five

A pre-COVID-19 high five between Joe Biden and Kamala Harris; with her natal Saturn and asteroid Victoria conjoined his asteroid Whitehouse squared his Sun, we might see a repeat of this action on Election night, despite the risk

Harris also squares asteroid Bida, closest to Biden, which at 27 Scorpio exactly conjoined Joe’s natal Sun and is traveling with transit America at 4 Sagittarius, which has just crossed his natal Ascendant at 3 Sagittarius.  This pairing of Bida with America has been a months-long conjunction, reflecting Biden’s consistent rise in the polls as more and more Americans come to support him.  The two points first came within ten degrees of each other on July 22nd, will close the gap to five degrees on August 26th, at the height of the Republican National Convention, and will conjoin exactly on October 10th, not fully separating until the end of year.


As with Joseph, there are a dizzying number of asteroids which might reflect Kamala, but no exact matches.  The two closest are probably Camilla and Camelia; Camilla at 7 Virgo squares America, binding her to the nation, while Camelia at 29 Capricorn is embroiled with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction at 27 and 23 Cap, accenting Harris’ gravitas, competence and executive ability (Saturn) as well as her transformative role (Pluto) as the first female African American VP nominee.   Actually, Harris checks a lot of “first” boxes – first African American Veep, of either sex; first second-generation immigrant; first Asian American (her mother is from India).

KH2 parents

With a mother from India and a father from Jamaica, Harris is both African American and Asian American, and the first woman of color to be nominated as US Vice President

Camelia also conjoins asteroid Josephina at 24 Capricorn and squares asteroid Josefa at 26 Libra (both “Joseph” stand-ins), which itself closely conjoins Harris’ natal Sun at 27 Libra, opposing her Full Moon at 27 Aries, linking the two further.  Camelia’s square to Mars at 22 Aries identifies Harris in the “attack dog” role common to running mates in presidential campaigns.  This is reiterated by transit Harris conjoined the California senator’s natal Mars exactly, igniting her pugnacious side and energizing the campaign.


Another possible Kamala substitute is asteroid Camillo, which at 5 Capricorn is involved in a T-Square with Venus at 3 Cancer and the Midheaven at 9 Libra, indicating a female (Venus) named Kamala (Camillo) as the focus of all eyes in a career-making moment (Midheaven).  Asteroid Kamel at 17 Leo joins the Jose/Sun/Washingtonia/Harris stellium, while Kamil at 18 Virgo squares the 19 Sagittarius Ascendant, putting her on focus in the minute, and conjoins both “winning” asteroids Victoria and Nike, named for the Roman and Greek goddesses of victory, at 22 and 23 Virgo, affirming her as the victor in the Veepstakes.  Asteroid Kama is the final potential celestial referent for Kamala; at 5 Taurus it conjoins Uranus at 10 and is in a Grand Trine with Camillo at 5 Capricorn and Camilla at 7 Virgo – while the pick of Harris was not exactly unexpected (a Uranian keyword), it was unconventional and precedent-setting (more Uranian terms), and done via email, a modern technological approach which also resonates to Uranus.

KH2 biden harris

Biden and Harris, complete with face masks, walk into an empty gym in Delaware to present her to the nation; with asteroid Camillo conjunct his Sun and asteroid Bida exact on her Descendant, their cosmic bond is strong

Transit asteroid Troemper, our celestial referent for The Donald, appears at 22 Taurus in a T-Square, conjoined the Moon and squared Jose/Sun/Harris, opposed Bida, an appropriately inimical stance for their opponent in the upcoming election.


The Ascendant at 19 Sagittarius conjoins the US Ascendant at 12 Sag, aligning the ticket with the American public image; trines the Sun exactly, uniting the campaign’s core with its public face in a  streamlined, supportive fashion; and forms a Grand Trine with Mars, adding energy and enthusiasm.  This becomes a Kite Pattern with Mars’ opposition to Josefa, properly showing Joe Biden (Josefa) as the guiding factor (Josefa at the “string” of the Kite) in the public perception (Ascendant) of the core identity (Sun) of his campaign (Mars).  The Ascendant is exactly conjoined Joe Biden’s natal asteroid Victoria and exactly squared his MC at 19 Virgo, suggesting that the ticket may provide a personal victory (Victoria) relating to Biden’s career (MC).


Lastly, asteroid Senator at 1 Libra conjoins the 9 Libra MC and squares Venus at 3 Cancer, making a female (Venus) senator (Senator) the focus of all eyes in the moment (MC).

KH kavanaugh

The junior Senator from California since 2016, Harris made a national name for herself by probing questioning during the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh; Mars opposed Saturn made her a tough prosecutor

There is some interesting synastry and synergy between the two natal charts.  Joe Biden (born 20 November 1942, 8:30 AM EWT, Scranton, PA; Rodden Rating A) sports a tight square from his natal Sun/Venus conjunction at 27 and 28 Scorpio to asteroid Whitehouse at 28 Aquarius.  Whitehouse is next door to asteroid Grieve at 27 Aquarius, and his two prior abortive runs for the Oval Office have certainly caused Biden a lot of grief, but Grief has now been revealed as Biden’s Super Power.  His ability to connect with the grief Americans are feeling from coronavirus death and economic disruption (as contrasted with the self-centered, unrealistic happy talk about its “just going away” from his opponent) could well propel him into office.


Kamala Harris (born 20 October 1964, 9:28 PM PDT, Oakland, CA; Rodden Rating AA) walks right into this with her Saturn at 28 Aquarius, exactly conjunct Biden’s Whitehouse, and asteroid Victoria, that signature of winning, close by at 25 Aquarius.  Saturn here shores up Biden’s presidential ambitions with a dose of practicality, hard reality, competence and authoritative structural support.  In addition, her own natal Whitehouse at 24 Scorpio conjoins Biden’s Sun/Venus, reiterating the Oval Office connection between them.  Harris was born within minutes of a Full Moon, and her Sun at 27 Libra and Moon at 27 Aries also factor into this mix, respectively trined and sextile Biden’s Whitehouse.

KH2 biden debate

The now-infamous debate exchange in 2019 when Kamala Harris challenged Joe Biden for his stance on busing; her Mars exactly squared his Mercury explains the conflict, and with her natal asteroid Bus conjunct his Sun, and his natal Bus squared her Mercury, it was a logical point of contention

Asteroid signatures of Kamala Harris’ pivotal importance in Joe Biden’s biography are literally strewn all over his chart.  Let’s start with Camelia and Harris, which at 1 and 9 Leo bracket his natal Bida/Pluto conjunction at 3 and 7 Leo.  This establishes Harris as instrumental in assisting Biden (Bida) in attaining his full potential of personal power (Pluto).  Moreover, Camelia is at station (as are Bida and Pluto), turning retrograde at that degree ten days after his birth, an embedded force in his psyche which reveals an inordinate influence or effect in his life.


In addition, asteroid Camillo at 23 Scorpio conjoins his Mercury/Sun/Venus cluster at 21, 27 and 28 Scorpio, showing a strong personal connection and a “meeting of the minds” (Camillo/Mercury) between them.  Also here is asteroid Hera at 26 Scorpio, named for the Greek goddess of marriage, establishing Harris as a “partner”.

KH2 biden endorse

Harris quickly fell in line and endorsed Biden after his March 2020 Super Tuesday victory blitz, but his Venus trine her Harris and her Venus semisquare his Bida shows a genuine affection between them

Asteroid Kamil at 22 Virgo crowns his Midheaven at 19 Virgo, ruling career and status in the world, while asteroid Kama at 11 Taurus opposes Mars at 12 Scorpio, symbolizing Harris as a former competitor but also a champion for Biden (both Mars-ruled).  Asteroid Camilla at 18 Libra squares Jupiter at 25 Cancer and is sextile Victoria at 19 Sagittarius, perhaps signaling a role in a political (Jupiter) win (Victoria).  Asteroid Kamel at 7 Aquarius is an exact match for asteroid Senator, exactly opposing Pluto (also opposing Harris and Bida) and trine Saturn at 9 Gemini, highlighting Senator Kamala Harris as a powerhouse support (Pluto) regarding his career (Saturn).


Harris’ chart shows some startling connections to PNAs representing Biden as well.  Asteroid Bida at 24 Sagittarius is an exact match for her Descendant, the Angle which relates to important partnerships of all kinds (with asteroid Jose at 29 Sag also within orb of the Descendant, spelling out both first and last names of this all-important partner).  This theme is repeated by asteroid Josephina at 10 Sagittarius conjunct asteroid Juno (Roman goddess of marriage), again representing partnerships, at 7 Sagittarius.  This is a working partnership in the Obama/Biden and Bush /Cheney mold, almost a co-presidency.

KH2 button

It didn’t take long for the new ticket’s campaign memorabilia to appear, perhaps a consequence of the Sun conjoined asteroids Harris and Jose, squared by the Moon, when the choice was announced

Asteroid Giuseppina at 19 Leo conjoins Mars at 21, once again establishing Harris as Joe’s champion.  Note also that these mirror exactly the placements for the transit Sun and Harris at the announcement of her pick.  Moreover, that Mars squares Biden’s 21 Scorpio Mercury exactly – they’ll communicate forcibly, perhaps not always coolly, and she’ll be instrumental in putting his ideas (Mercury) into action (Mars).  She will energetically (Mars) challenge (square) his assumptions (Mercury), defend (Mars) his decisions (Mercury) and push (Mars) his message (Mercury).  [Author’s Note:  Imagine my double-take, while watching the Harris roll-out live yesterday afternoon after putting this article to bed, to hear Joe Biden use the exact expression “challenge my assumptions” in describing his new running mate’s role!]


Asteroids Josefa at 27 Pisces and Jose at 28 Sagittarius factor into Harris’ natal exact T-Square of Sun 27 Libra opposed Moon 27 Aries with asteroid Harris 27 Cancer.  Josefa is semisextile the Moon, inconjunct the Sun, and trine Harris; Jose is trine the Moon, sextile the Sun, and inconjunct Harris.  Jose is also at the base of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with Saturn at 28 Aquarius, both inconjunct Harris.  So Biden (Jose) has a Fated (Yod) role to play in her (Harris) career (Saturn), perhaps opening the path to the presidency itself (also Saturn-ruled). No matter how you slice it, that’s a lot of cosmic enmeshment.


On that theme, in closing I’m going to trot out an old friend, Deep Space, for further speculation.  Harris’ Saturn lies atop a Black Hole, a position whereby the native often finds herself unexpectedly promoted in career due to the death or unexpected departure of a superior.  Biden will be 78 at inauguration, an immense age to be assuming the stresses and responsibilities of the presidency, especially given the devastation wrought by four years of Trumpian mismanagement and neglect and the ravages of COVID-19.


The Lunar Eclipse of November 19, 2021 at 27 Taurus opposes Biden’s Sun exactly, also opposing Harris’ Whitehouse and squaring his Whitehouse conjoined her Saturn (ancient Lord of Death); the subsequent Lunar Eclipse of May 15, 2022 at 25 Scorpio repeats this pattern more forcibly, by conjunction and square.  Both eclipses set up a Grand Cross with Biden’s natal asteroid Lachesis at 23 Leo, named for the mythic Greek Fate who determines the span of life, and asteroid Requiem at 22 Leo, named for the funeral mass for the dead.


You do the math.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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Wow! This is awesome, Alex. Thanks!


I found this for the name Kamala online at a baby name site,”Means “lotus” or “pale red” in Sanskrit…..This is the name of one of the Krittikas, or Pleiades, in Hindu epic the Mahabharata. It is also another name of the Hindu goddess Lakshmi.” I don’t know if there are asteroids corresponding to any of those meanings.

As always, thanks for a well written and thoughtful article!


I also referenced her middle name Devi in Tamil-means Goddess. Lotus/Garden + Goddess = Earth Mother with a lot of air/fire. (or as some political pundits have said) IRON FIST in a VELVET GLOVE-BRING IT ON!


It sounds like your saying that his chart indicates he could pass in less than a year, or up to 1-1/2 years in office. He did say he wanted to be a one-term president, that he felt like he is going to be a “transition” president, (finally bringing in a woman into the oval office is a huge transition) and that he needed someone to be able to be ready to be president on day 1 – she’s ready for that.

    Alex Miller


    I never predict death per se; there are a lot of death-related asteroids, and we all go through transit activations and hits to the natal points frequently. Often, as with the tarot card “Death”, this just signals change. But I wanted to highlight the potential here, due to the asteroid Whitehouse involvement and its connectivity to Harris’ chart as well. If and when Biden does die in office, there will be many more factors combining to produce that manifestation in that moment, but this is a window into when the office itself might have an influence on his passing. Unmentioned in the article is the fact that natal Damocles also conjoins Whitehouse – so in some sense, winning the presidency may constitute a doom hanging over Biden’s head.


Biden’s cognitive decline is clear as day to anyone paying attention. This would seem to confirm what many believe, Kamala is being elected Potus by default. Her policy history and record as attorney general of CA is, to say the least, not ideal for the (George Floyd) moment she is stepping into and her performance in the primaries would seem to confirm that. She did not receive a single delegate and didn’t even make it to her own state of CA primary. Once Trump is removed (hopefully) her star may tarnish swiftly.

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