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AAA Profile: Marjorie Taylor Greene

Not since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in 2019 has a freshman congressperson made such a stunning impact in the House of Representatives as Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA), quickly emerging as an avatar for the extremist fringe of her Party.  Greene latched onto the Trumpist base with all the furor of a Sarah-Palin-inspired “pit bull in lipstick”, hawking every conspiracy theory to come within range while endorsing the lynching of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and the assassination of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  Not surprisingly, Donald Trump strongly supported her candidacy, calling her “a future Republican star.”  Since his departure from the Oval Office, he and Greene have exchanged phone calls frequently, with the newly minted Representative planning a visit to Mar-a-Lago soon, to kiss the ring:  “Great news is, he supports me 100%, and I’ve always supported him,” tweeted Greene.

Among other bizarre and deeply-held convictions, Greene disputes the school shootings of young children at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012 and teens at Parkland High School in 2018, calling them “false flag” events staged by liberal interests to further an anti-gun agenda.  She asserts that Jewish-banker-funded space lasers caused the California wildfires, to clear a path for a proposed highspeed rail; that no plane ever hit the Pentagon on 9/11; that Zionist supremacists are conspiring to flood Europe with Muslim immigrants to supplant white populations there; and, most improbably, that Donald Trump is secretly fighting a global satanic, cannibalistic child-sex-slavery ring bent on ruling the world.  That last, of course, is the main premise behind the rapidly spreading QAnon conspiracy theory (some of whose adherents were well in evidence in the recent storming of the Capitol), which Greene has stated is “worth listening to.”

Greene represents Georgia’s 14th District, the tenth-most Republican district in the country, and ran unopposed in November after beating a challenger in the August GOP primary.  Even so, her campaign was riddled with controversy, with its slogan of “Save America, Stop Socialism!”  In early September, Greene posted a meme to her Facebook page depicting herself brandishing an AR-15 style rifle next to a collage of photos of Democratic Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), collectively known as “the Squad.”  Greene claimed that it was time for “strong conservative Christians to go on the offense against these socialists who want to rip our country apart”.  The caption underneath the images read “Squad’s worst nightmare.”  Greene won the general election with 74% of the vote.

MTG mask1
Marjorie Taylor Greene balks at the mask mandate on the floor of Congress, but turns the requirement into an opportunity to promote baseless conspiracy theories; with asteroid Taylor conjunct asteroid Qiannan, closest to QAnon, opposed to Saturn with asteroid Fanatica, her conservative wackadoo credits are on full display

Greene continued to cut a swath of controversy during the interim period between her election and seating in Congress.  In November, in response to the mask mandate on the floor of the House, she tweeted, “Our first session of New Member Orientation covered COVID in Congress.  Masks, masks, masks….  I proudly told my freshman class that masks are oppressive.  In GA, we work out, shop, go to restaurants, go to work, and school without masks.  My body, my choice.”  The use of the latter phrase, originally coined to endorse reproductive choice, was especially infuriating to reproductive rights advocates, as, no surprise, Greene is a vocal opponent of a woman’s right to choose, and supports defunding Planned Parenthood.

In addition to her disdain for public health measures intended to combat the coronavirus pandemic, Greene checks most boxes of the GOP governing philosophy.  Gun rights are a particular focus, and she has expressed the view that Black Lives Matter is a “radical Marxist group”, opining that “The most mistreated group of people in the United States today are white males.”  She appears to have a fixation on Hillary Clinton, endorsing the “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory and its linear descendant, the QAnon conspiracy theory, as well as promulgating the idea of a “Clinton Kill List”, where political rivals are murdered at the behest of the Clintons, including JFK Jr, allegedly a threat to Hillary’s 2000 Senate run in New York.  (This last is in direct conflict with QAnon orthodoxy, which states that JFK Jr is still alive and running the resistance to the cabal.)

Pressure to abjure these statements and beliefs was quickly applied to Greene once she was sworn in to Congress, but she has doubled down and hugged Donald Trump’s support close to her, in an effort to fend off critics, many from within her own Party.  On February 2nd, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) had a ninety-minute confab with her, where she refused to back down, leading to a meeting of the GOP caucus the final day to discuss action.  Back to the wall, Greene privately confessed that her words had been incendiary, and was greeted with a standing ovation by some Members, who refused to strip her of her committee assignments, one of which is on the Education Committee, for the woman who denies school shootings!  On February 4th, Greene was removed from her committee memberships by a vote of the full House.

Born 27 May 1974 (no time available), Marjorie Taylor Greene fits the typical profile of placements for one’s own PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids), with asteroid Marjorie coming to its direct station that very day at 12 Libra, trine the 5 Gemini Sun. Asteroid Taylor, her birth surname, appears at 5 Capricorn, exactly inconjunct the Sun.  Husband Perry Greene is seen as asteroid Perry, which at 22 Aries conjoins romance-and-partnership-minded Venus at 25 Aries, also semisquare asteroid Juno at 10 Pisces, named for the Roman goddess of marriage, and squared asteroid Hera at 18 Capricorn, her Greek counterpart.  Asteroid Green (alternate spelling of “Greene”) falls at 26 Gemini, conjunct Mercury at 27 Gemini, ruling the naming function.  Also here is asteroid Washingtonia at 24 Gemini, with all three points within orb of Saturn at 4 Cancer.  This shows a pull in career (Saturn) toward the nation’s capital (Washingtonia), with a desire to speak her mind freely (Mercury), further reinforced when she took her married name (Green).  This stellium opposes asteroid Whitehouse at 27 Sagittarius, so we may intuit the reach of Greene’s dreams for her future in DC.

MTG trump
Donald Trump has called Greene a “future Republican star”; with asteroid Troemper conjunct Fantasia and in a Yod with her Sun and asteroids Taylor and Qiannan, she’s hip-deep in the fantasy that Trump won the election

And speaking of dreams, the Sun opposes Neptune at 8 Sagittarius, a natural hook for fantasy and deception, portraying someone who has difficulty distinguishing between reality and make-believe, easy prey for any conspiracy theory to come down the pike.    Greene seems to have never met a conspiracy theory she didn’t Like, quite literally, on Facebook.  With the Sun are asteroids America at 2 Gemini and Gunn at 11 Gemini, depicting her exaggerated faux patriotism (America) and love of Second Amendment rights (Gunn).  The many allusions to firearms and the focus on being photographed with them for her campaign ads is a manifestation of this paring, while the Neptune opposition elicits the alternate reality fantasies of “false flag” events at school shootings and other venues, including the Las Vegas music festival massacre and the Christchurch, New Zealand synagogue shooting.  Sun/Gunn also portrays her ties to militia groups such as the Three Percenters and the Oath Keepers, and the former CrossFit Gym owner displays guns of a more colloquial type as well, often wearing sleeveless tops to showcase her toned arms.

This basic polarity becomes a Grand Cross with the addition of asteroids Christian at 2 Pisces and Georgia at 7 Virgo.  Greene is a baptized evangelical Christian, who describes herself as a “believer” with “a relationship to Christ.”  Mostly, however, her Christianity seems to take the form of obsession with the fallacy of other religions, and a political rallying cry.  She disputes the rights of Muslims to hold office in the United States, and in 2019 she and a group of supporters walked through a congressional office building with the stated intent of making Representatives Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib (who had taken their ceremonial oaths of office using Qurans) retake their oaths on Bibles, falsely claiming that an oath-taking on the Bible was required by law.  She has also endorsed the bizarre QAnon theory of a satanic cabal running the world, and frequently retweets anti-Semitic posts and conspiracy theories.

Georgia, of course, has become a locale with which she is strongly identified as one of its Representatives in the US Congress.  Solar contacts generally promote self-defining characteristics or people and places which become significant in the biography.  Although she was raised and lived as an adult in Georgia’s Sixth District, Greene moved to the Fourteenth District to run for Congress when the incumbent Republican chose not to run again in 2020.  The importance of that area of the state for her is foreshadowed by the placement of asteroids Roma (for Rome) and Dalton, the two largest communities in the district.   Roma appears at 6 Aquarius, trine the Sun, and is embedded at station, turning retrograde less than a week after her birth; Roma is also inconjunct Saturn at 4 Cancer, ruling career and the government specifically.  Dalton at 18 Scorpio is sesquiquadrate Saturn.

MTG squad
This incendiary Tweet from her campaign is Exhibit One in the case for Greene’s unfitness for office; she totes an AR-15, symbolized in her birth chart by asteroid Gunn conjunct the Sun, aimed at liberal Members of color

Marjorie Taylor Green’s affinity for Trump and the QAnon conspiracy can be seen in asteroid Taylor, which at 5 Capricorn conjoins asteroid Qiannan at 8 Capricorn, closest to QAnon (named for a Chinese province and pronounced “kye-AN-en” in Mandarin).  These are at the Apex of a Yod, or Finger of Destiny, with inconjunct aspects to Sun/America and asteroid Troemper, our celestial referent for The Donald, at 2 Leo, with asteroid Fantasia at 10 Leo, portraying a break from reality, showing a fated link between Greene, Trump and the conspiracists who stormed the Capitol on January 6th in response to the fantasy that Trump had won.  Taylor/Qiannan also opposes Saturn with asteroid Fanatica at 10 Cancer, in a T-Square with asteroid House at 14 Aries, for the fanatical ideas and mindset she has imported to Congress, where Greene often wears the mandated face masks, emblazoned with the legends “Stop the Steal” and “Trump Won”.

Greene’s unyielding stance on abortion (she is against in all cases, even health-related) emanates from the extended conjunction between TNO Quaoar and TNO Ixion active in the years surrounding her birth.  Quaoar, named for the creator deity of the indigenous Tongva people of southern California, relates to reproductive issues including abortion, while Ixion is named for the first murderer in Greek myth and relates to homicide.  This pairing was in effect during the early ‘70s debate over abortion and the Roe v Wade decision in 1973.  In and of itself, it does not appear to reflect anti-abortion views, but when linked with asteroid Child, it can result in a very personal antithesis to reproductive rights, as it is impossible for these individuals not to view abortion (Quaoar) as infanticide (Child/Ixion). 

SCOTUS Associate Justice Amy Coney Barrett, a noted abortion opponent born two years earlier than Greene, also has this conjunction, joined by Child.  With Greene the Quaoar/Ixion conjunction, at 4 and 7 Scorpio, opposes asteroid Child at 2 Taurus.  Greene also sports asteroid Roe at 6 Cancer, conjunct Saturn and opposed Taylor, and asteroid Wade at 13 Aries, conjunct House, joining that T-Square and leaving little doubt where she (Taylor) would stand in congressional (House) legislation (Saturn) limiting, restricting or abolishing (all Saturn) abortion (Roe, Wade).

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy a chance to put his caucus in order and strip Greene of her committee assignments himself, but the feckless “leader” botched the job.  After a ninety-minute private interview on the 2nd, where Greene remained largely unrepentant, a closed-door session with the GOP caucus was held on the 3rd.  Greene gave a half-hearted repudiation of some of the more egregious beliefs she had earlier espoused, liberally studded with half-truths and outright falsehoods about when she had asserted these positions, following which approximately half her peers gave her a standing ovation, and McCarthy failed to bring the issue to a vote.

MTG husband
Guns of a different variety are on display in this CrossFit Gym pic with hubby Perry Greene; asteroid Gunn conjoins the Sun, while asteroid Perry conjoins Venus, is semisquare Juno and squared Hera, named respectively for Roman and Greek goddesses of marriage

The following day the Dems scheduled a floor vote on removing Greene, prior to which she repeated her remarks from the previous day, but gave no apology.  Even her walk-backs were tenuous; for example, while she agreed that school shootings were “absolutely real”, she failed to withdraw her specific “false flag” allegations about Sandy Hook and Parkland.  Similarly, she said she also accepts that 9/11 was real, but said nothing about who was responsible, and did not specifically withdraw her comments that the Pentagon was not hit by a plane.  Eleven GOP Members joined their Democratic colleagues in voting Green off her committees, by a vote of 231-199. 

When the vote was called at 6:52 PM EST, the 3 Virgo Ascendant squared Green’s natal Sun at 5 Gemini, with the MC at 28 Taurus closely conjoined by asteroid Qiannan at 29 Taurus, still at its direct station degree from Inauguration Day.  This highlights Greene (Sun) in the moment (Ascendant), as well as the main point of contention in her QAnon adherence (Qiannan), as the focus of all eyes (MC).

Transit asteroid Marjorie at 12 Sagittarius was conjoined by asteroid NOT at 14 Sag, a general disqualifier or symbol of nullification and cessation of forward momentum.  These T-Square asteroid Washingtonia at 19 Virgo, depicting Greene’s conflict with the DC establishment, and Neptune at 19 Sagittarius, representing her conspiracy-driven fantasy world.  Marjorie/NOT also sextiles the Sun at 16 Aquarius, and this forms the base of a Yod with inconjunct aspects to asteroid House at 16 Cancer, showing a fated (Yod) blocking (NOT) of Greene (Marjorie) as the focus of the day (Sun).

MTG mccarthy
Greene and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy; with asteroid Kevin exactly conjunct natal Nemesis, which will prove the downfall of the other?

Transit asteroid Taylor at 27 Capricorn is enmeshed in a stellium incorporating Pluto at 25 Cap, asteroid Georgia at 3 Aquarius, Venus at 4 Aquarius and Saturn at 5 Aquarius, portraying the loss (Saturn) of power (Pluto) for a woman (Venus) from the Peach State (Georgia) named Taylor (Taylor).  In square to Pluto/Taylor is transit asteroid Green at 20 Libra, which is also at its station degree, and will turn retrograde on the 23rd, marking slowed momentum preparatory to a literal “change of direction” for Greene.

Asteroid Kevin at 14 Libra conjoins Green, a sign of his tacit support, and is also stationary, about to turn retrograde on the 8th, signaling an upcoming shift for the Minority Leader as well.  Kevin is at the Apex of a Yod with Mars at 14 Taurus and Neptune at 19 Pisces, describing his weak, ineffectual (Neptune) leadership (Mars).  Asteroid McCarthy at 10 Aquarius conjoins Saturn as well as Jupiter at 11 Aquarius and the Sun at 16 Aquarius, putting the Minority Leader (McCarthy) in the political (Jupiter) spotlight (Sun) over an issue of reprimand or punishment (Saturn). 

In her birth chart, Greene sports a combination of asteroid Kevin at 18 Leo exactly conjunct asteroid Nemesis, representing downfall, undoing or ruin, often self-created.  With this pairing, either has the potential to act the role of nemesis to the other; having refused to do so for Greene, McCarthy may find that his tepid response to this crisis may rebound upon him.  McCarthy’s upcoming importance in Greene’s life was prefigured by the December 14, 2020 Solar Eclipse at 23 Sagittarius, which squared her natal asteroid McCarthy at 23 Virgo exactly.  The preceding Lunar Eclipse of November 30th at 8 Gemini conjoined her Sun and energized its opposition to Neptune at 8 Sagittarius, highlighting her but also bringing into focus the loonier elements of her character.

MTG slogan
Greene’s campaign slogan sets up MTG as the conservative counterpoise to the liberal AOC; in the battle to portray the extremist fringe of their Parties, who will win?

Wither Marjorie Taylor Greene?  Greene loses nothing by this vote except the requirement to report for tiresome committee meetings, and has already raised in the six figures fundraising off her “canceling”, as she terms it.  The national exposure gained by this incident helps both sides to drive their message, and likely elevates Greene to the political Boogeyman status “enjoyed” by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, making her a conservative bugaboo to tar every Republican member who voted not to unseat her, and paint the GOP as a bunch of wild-eyed conspiracists. 

But in that battle of the extremists, AOC v MTG, who do you suppose most middle-of-the-road Americans will side with – the New York ultra-liberal whose policies smack of socialism, or the Georgia ultra-conservative who advocates the overthrow of government by violent means and denies reality?

Tough choice?

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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AOC…”the New York ultra-liberal whose policies smack of socialism”…really???? You think so, huh??? Socialism is a dirty word only to those who think it means one and the same with ‘communism’…sorry to give you the bad news, it doesn’t.
Thanks for the great article though, very informative.


Not a tough choice at all. As an independent voter who tends to mostly vote Democratically, only because even at their most mediocre, Democrats at least attempt to care about us lowly citizens. AOC.. the New York ultra-liberal whose policies smack of socialism…really? I’ve never heard her advocate for the dismantling of our capitalistic system to be replaced with an socialistic one.

    Alex Miller


    thanks for your comments, Ardee, but you’ve completely missed the point of the statement with which you take issue. I’m not saying AOC is socialist, just that this is how she has been characterized, as an emblem of that movement, to the average voter who isn’t steeped in politics and has a visceral reaction to the term. then I contrast that to the image projected of MTG, which is much more negative in its implications than simple policy differences or political philosophy. but I’m also unclear as to why you assume my use of the term is negative; all I said was her ‘policies smack of socialism’, I put no value judgment whatsoever on that. that’s on you. I happen to support socialism on the European model, but perhaps you feel insecure about endorsing that.


Thanks for this great article, Alex. I think Sun opposite Neptune in MTG’s chart perfectly symbolizes her delusional mindset while the asteroids you cite are the icing on the cake! I appreciated learning about the asteroid Qiannan to use for QAnon, a great find! I also found what you said about the effect of the conjunction between TNO’s Quaoar and Ixion on the abortion date really interesting. I always learn something from reading your articles, Alex! Keep up the good work!

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