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Mueller Report Submitted

News broke at 5 PM EDT on March 22nd that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller had finally submitted his report on Russian interference and collusion with the Trump Campaign in the 2016 US Presidential Election to Attorney General William Barr. It may take weeks, even months, for the full contents of the report to become public, if they ever do. AG Barr is only required under current law to submit a precis of the findings to Congress, which will likely lead to subpoenas and protracted legal battles, possibly rising as high as the US Supreme Court before they are resolved.


But in the meantime we can see the astrological groundwork for the report mirrored in the skies at the moment of its delivery. As ever, the stars say it all. Mueller was appointed Special Counsel on 16 May 2017, and we’ll reference that chart as well.


First off, the Report chart has 4 Virgo rising; that’s the exact degree of asteroid Karma in Mueller’s Appointment chart. The Report Ascendant also highlights the Appointment’s asteroid Justitia, named for the Roman goddess of justice, representing the Justice Department, at 6 Virgo. So we can reasonably assume that karmic justice will be done, and that’s how it will appear to others (Ascendant). On the Report’s Descendant is asteroid Atropos at 0 Pisces, named for the Fate who severs the thread of life at death, an appropriate placement for the formal ending of the investigation. There is a T-Square formed by Lachesis, named for another Fate, who determines the span of life, at 3 Gemini on the 0 Gemini MC, and Kassandra, stationary at 5 Sagittarius on the IC. Kassandra relates to credibility, reliability and trustworthiness, and that will be the issue – are Mueller’s findings to be trusted, can he be believed? Trump has tried to cast doubt on the Special Counsel’s integrity, motivation, and methods, and will continue to do so. But with two Fates angular, and the focus on the Appointment’s Karma, there is a definite air of predestination to the moment.

MR barr

Attorney General William Barr, responsible for determining how much of the Mueller Report to disseminate to the public; which master will he serve, Trump or America?

That MC/Lachesis pairing conjoins the Appointment’s asteroid Troemper at 6 Gemini, making Trump the focus of all eyes, perhaps defining the limits of his term in office, the “lifespan” of his administration. Troemper is also exactly squared the Appointment Justitia, suggestive of calling Trump to account in due course. The IC/Kassandra pairing conjoins the Appointment’s asteroid Washingtonia – how the Congress responds to the report will profoundly affect its credibility with the American people. Kassandra is at its station degree, about to turn retrograde on April 2nd, making it an embedded factor in the period, granting an outsized importance in addition to its angular force and power. Credibility is the key issue of the moment – do we believe a war hero who has served his country in multiple official capacities for fifty years, or the self-serving draft dodger with an unimpeachable record of dishonesty and deceit?


As one might expect, Robert Mueller is strongly in evidence for the day, with asteroids Roberts at 29 Pisces and Mueller at 2 Aries conjoined the Sun at 1 Aries. This highlights and pulls focus to Mueller, but with these points combust the Sun (within 8 degrees) there may be too much intensity to truly stand out in his own right. Rather, it is his work product which is the star; Mueller himself remains somewhat in the background, despite being pivotal to the day. The Sun is also exactly conjunct Chiron and within orb of TNO Salacia at 3 Aries, depicting both the maverick behaviors, festering wounds (both Chiron) and potentially scandalous, sensationalist findings (Salacia).

MR mueller1

Robert Mueller contemplates his strategy; with asteroid Mueller conjoined Truth and Lie and opposed Pluto for his appointment as Special Counsel, he was always in charge; with transit Mueller now conjunct the Sun, his time has come

At his appointment, asteroid Mueller at 20 Cancer was in a very strong position, opposed powerhouse Pluto at 19 Capricorn, ruler of scandal, crime and secrets, while flanked by asteroids Truth at 15 Cancer and Lie at 21 Cancer. And that was Mueller’s job, to distinguish truth from falsehood, veracity from deceit. With transit Saturn in the Report chart now precisely occupying Pluto’s seat from the Appointment, the time has come to pay the piper – Saturn rules authority, criticism, censure and punishment, as well as the presidency itself.


Mueller was also squared to Venus with asteroid Themis, named for the Greek goddess of justice, at 11 and 13 Aries: follow the money (Venus), and it leads to justice (Themis). It’s also worth noting that these points closely conjoin Donald Trump’s natal Russia/Mueller combination, at 12 and 13 Aries, which, in turn, square his natal Nemesis/Bilk, both at 16 Cancer (prefiguring Trump’s downfall (Nemesis) for fraud (Bilk)), straddled by asteroid Mueller in the Appointment chart. With transit Justitia now at 18 Aries, conjoined natal Russia/Mueller and the Report Venus/Themis, as well as closely squared the Report Saturn/Pluto, the Appointment Truth/Muller/Lie and Trump’s natal Nemesis/Bilk, the wheel has come full circle. This degree of enmeshment, like the angular fated points described above, suggests an advanced level of predestination. This moment of comeuppance has been coming for a long time.


Transit asteroid Troemper at 17 Capricorn in the Report chart opposes the Appointment’s Mueller, denoting their antagonistic stance, and is closing in on Saturn and Pluto, preparatory to its extended conjunction with this pair which dominates 2019 and represents being called to account for one’s actions (Saturn) and the subsequent devastating transformation in circumstances (Pluto). Troemper at 6 Gemini in the Appointment chart is semisquare Mueller, denoting some degree of friction or conflict between them initially, which has now expanded to outright opposition. As noted above, that Troemper is now on the Report MC, highly visible and public.

MR trump mueller

Opposed forces Mueller and Trump, with the underlying backdrop of the White House and Russia – did the President collude with Putin to win his election?

Asteroids representing Russia and Putin are prominently placed as well, in both charts. Asteroid Russia at 24 Aquarius in the Report chart is part of a stunning stellium including Icarus at 17 Aquarius, Achilles at 20, Karma at 23, an exact pairing of Venus with Askalaphus at 25, and Damocles at 26 Aquarius. This prescient grouping defines the rash, reckless actions heedless of the consequences (Icarus) shown by the continual campaign contacts with Russian agents (Russia), based in financial entanglements (Venus) which are now being revealed (Askalaphus), exposing Trump’s essential weakness (Achilles) and the looming peril (Damocles) brought on by his prior bad acts (Karma). All of this clusters on Trump’s natal 29 Aquarius Descendant, personalizing its energies to him in ways which profoundly affect relationships of all kinds (Descendant). This phenomenal grouping also widely opposes the Report’s asteroid Roberta, another Mueller referent, at 18 Leo, which is also slowing as it approaches station, about to turn direct on April 8th at 17 Leo.


The Report asteroid Moskva, Russian for “Moscow”, its capital, falls at 14 Libra, exactly conjoined Trump’s natal Chiron (the incurable wound) and within orb of his Jupiter at 17 Libra (politics), as well as squared the Report’s Saturn/Pluto conjunction, opposing its Justitia and squaring its Themis, to create a Grand Cross. Asteroid Vladimir, for Vladimir Putin, is exactly conjunct Neptune at 16 Pisces, planetary ruler of lies and deception, and just so we’re clear, asteroid Lie is there, too, at 22 Pisces, with Mercury at 17, representing the many false statements and perjured testimony regarding Russian contacts which have snared multiple Trump cohorts in Mueller’s “witch hunt” net.

MR trump putin

Comrades in arms: Trump and Putin at the July 2018 Helsinki Summit, where the American President sided with the Russian dictator against his own Intelligence services

When Mueller was appointed, asteroid Russia at 3 Cancer was conjoined asteroid Veritas (Latin for “truth”) at 4 Cancer, again defining Mueller’s writ: to determine the veracity of Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign. Asteroid Moskva at 23 Taurus was conjoined the 25 Taurus Sun, putting Russian ties and interests on prominent display, while asteroid Vladimir at 7 Libra was squared Russia/Veritas (with Putin many times denying the truth of Russian involvement) and trined Troemper, showing the close, harmonious bond between them. But Vladimir also squares asteroid Achilles at 6 Capricorn, identifying the Russian president as a source of weakness or vulnerability, an “Achilles heel” for Trump.


The Report’s 26 Aquarius Damocles is now exactly squared asteroid Whitehouse at 26 Taurus, which conjoins the Appointment’s Sun/Moskva, indicating the doom hanging overhead for the administration based in the investigation begun then. At the time, Damocles and Whitehouse were themselves conjunct, at 26 and 27 Aquarius, planting the seed of that doom. The Report Washingtonia at 4 Taurus conjoins its Uranus at 0 Taurus, suggesting the shock to the system the report could produce on Capitol Hill.


The Report’s asteroid Truth at 18 Sagittarius conjoins Jupiter at 23, and is approaching station; it will turn retrograde a degree later on April 4th. Truth/Jupiter conjoins Trump’s 21 Sag natal Moon and opposes his 22 Gemini Sun, which is currently being transited by asteroid Nemesis at 17 Gemini and TNO Chaos at 23. Nemesis is the force of divine retribution which compels downfall or ruin, usually self-created, while Chaos exudes anarchy, turmoil and disarray. It is the fact (Truth) of his political machinations (Jupiter) which will bring down (Nemesis) Trump (Sun) and wreak havoc (Chaos) on his world, including emotional devastation and a probable change of habitation (both Moon).


When Robert Mueller was appointed Special Counsel, asteroid America at 14 Pisces was exactly conjoined Neptune: had a massive fraud (Neptune) been perpetrated on the nation (America)? That question is about to be answered, with asteroid America now exactly opposed this pairing from 14 Virgo as the Report is issued, bringing awareness and enlightenment. This synastric polarity squares Nemesis/Truth, forming a Grand Cross, and one upon which, with any luck, Donald Trump will be crucified.



Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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