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AAA Profile: Taylor Swift – Karma?

Taylor Swift, in case you’re unfamiliar with the name, is the latest in a string of global female superstars in the music industry.  At just 34, Swift has a list of smash hits to rival the best, and is only the third female vocal artist to garner a net worth in excess of a billion dollars.  Not just a pretty face and a lilting voice, Swift is a canny businesswoman as well – and she’s got moxie!  In 2019, an ownership dispute between Swift and her former label, Big Machine Records, resulted in Swift rerecording her first six albums, to ensure control of her creative output.

Of course, Swift has made plenty of headlines off the stage as well, in a baker’s dozen of transitory beaux over fifteen years, most lasting just a few months.  Her current alliance with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce looks like it has the potential to break that pattern, with Swift perhaps opining “You Belong with Me,” but only time will tell.

Like most people with asteroids matching their names, Taylor Swift has the typical contacts – asteroid Swift is exactly conjunct the Sun, and asteroid Taylor is exactly trine it, and embedded at station

Oddly, for such a megastar, there’s no confirmed birth time for Swift, born in West Reading, PA on 13 December 1989.  The most frequently encountered time currently in circulation is 5:17 AM EST, and though it only carries a Rodden Rating of C (unsupported or unverified data), I’m going to step out on a celestial limb and take a whack at it.  (Regardless, most of the info below will apply to any time that day.)

Like most people, PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) for Taylor Swift connect to a major factor in the chart (typically the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury, as ruling the naming function), and Swift fits this pattern, only more so.  Asteroid Swift 5035 exactly conjoins the 21 Sagittarius Sun, while asteroid Taylor 2603 at 21 Aries is exactly trine it, and also at station.  People with an exact match PNA at station have the potential to make a huge impact, often becoming virtually mononymous individuals, instantly recognizable by their first name alone (the late Diana, Princess of Wales, immediately comes to mind, with asteroid Diana at station at her birth and her death).

taylor grammys
Swift has been nominated for 52 Grammys, and won 14; asteroid Nike, named for the Greek goddess of victory, is at station, in a Grand Trine with Sun/Swift and asteroid Taylor, increasing the head count on her awards

As well, the Sun is conjoined by asteroid Sonbird 559521 at 17 Sagittarius, used here as a celestial stand-in for “songbird,” perhaps impelling Swift toward a career in singing as the truest expression of her inner essence (Sun).  Asteroid Singer 10698 at 24 Aquarius squares Pluto at 16 Scorpio, marking Swift as a powerhouse performer, also alluding to her billionaire status (in financial astrology Venus is noted as ruler of the thousands, Jupiter of the millions, and Pluto of the billions; never in her Wildest Dreams could Swift have anticipated such largesse).  Singer also rests roughly on the midpoint of the Sun/Swift conjunction and asteroid Taylor, sextile to each, helping to steer her in that direction.

Planetary factors also support a career in music, with a conglomeration of Uranus, Mercury, Neptune and Saturn at 4, 8, 11 and 13 Capricorn, respectively.  Neptune rules music, Saturn is career; Mercury here (ruling writing) denotes a lyricist and composer, not only a performer; and Uranus grants an inventiveness and originality bordering on genius.  With this grouping is asteroid Karma 3811, exact with Mercury at 8 Capricorn, and asteroid Eros 433 at 10 Cap.  Karma lends a fated quality to Swift’s career (as well as being the title of a hit which “Rolling Stone” called the fourth best song of 2022, peaking at #2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart), while Eros shows a true passion for her work and music generally.  These all oppose Jupiter at 7 Cancer, ruler of luck, fame and celebrity, whose job is to augment, increase and enhance whatever it touches. 

Swift is just the third female vocal artist to amass more than a billion dollars; Pluto (ruling the billions) squares asteroid Singer

That’s a great start, but there’s lots more.  Swift gets an assist in the financial department (and enhanced luck as well) by an exact semisquare from the Sun to asteroid Fortuna 19 (Latin for “fortune”) at 6 Aquarius.  Fortuna closely squares asteroid Juno 3 at 8 Scorpio, named for the Roman goddess of marriage, so she’ll be looking for a partner with a good stock portfolio as well.  But asteroid Valentine 447 is here also, at 0 Scorpio, so it’ll have to be a love match, too.  Opposing Fortuna, creating a T-Square, is asteroid Travisbarman 36187 at 4 Leo, one of five CNAs (Compound-Name Asteroids, comprised of first and last names strung together as one word, which can be separated and used for either) approximating current boyfriend Travis Kelce.  Hmmmm …  (more of that later).

What’s the source of Swift’s phenomenal magnetism?  Well, if we accept the 5:17 AM birth time as accurate, that places Pluto on the 25 Scorpio Ascendant.  Pluto can be compelling, compulsive even, and has a very primal vibe that cuts to the core, exuding power and force.  Yes, it can be manipulative and controlling, but on the Ascendant, it’s also very magnetic, drawing others in with an obsessive quality, almost before they realize they’re hooked.  Mars is here as well, at 26 Scorpio, so Swift has undeniable sex appeal and an energetic, action-packed public persona (which the Ascendant represents).

taylor concert
Swift is a dynamic performer on stage; with her Ascendant conjunct Pluto, Mars and asteroid Magnitka and Magnitskij, she has a powerful presence (Pluto), with a magnetic persona (Magnitka, Magnitskij) and more than a dash of sex appeal (Mars)

To further enhance this magnetism, we have a pair of colluding asteroids, based on phonetic similarities to “magnet.”  Don’t ask me how this works, folks, I’m still an apprentice metaphysician, but I’ve found over the years that sound has a lot to do with how asteroids react, and what they relate or convey.  If it sounds similar, often it equates.

Here the points in question are asteroids Magnitka 2094 and Magnitskij 6573, closest in spelling and pronunciation to magnet.  Perhaps not coincidentally, both appear together, conjoined the Ascendant, Pluto and Mars from 21 and 29 Scorpio respectively.  Note that both also square natal Singer, helping to explain the worldwide appeal of Swift’s lyrics and vocal output.

taylor west
Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech at the 2009 VMAs, but despite his objections, the awards keep coming, with 23 VMA wins to her credit; asteroids Victoria (Roman goddess of victory) and TRIUMF (phonetic match for “triumph”) square her Sun conjunct asteroid Sonbird (“songbird”), for more of that winning vibe

Taylor Swift is a winner, no doubt.  And the cosmos kindly confirms this with a trio of asteroids that represent winning, all prominently placed.  Asteroid Nike 307, named for the Greek goddess of victory, falls at 13 Leo, trine the Sun and embedded at station, making it a prime factor in Swift’s character and bio.  Nike forms a Grand Trine with the Sun and asteroid Taylor, and turned retrograde two days before her birth.  There’s also a loose Kite pattern created by Taylor’s wide opposition to asteroid Starr 4150 at 12 Libra, on the String, guiding its manifestation, and identifying just what, colloquially, Taylor Swift is – a star!

Asteroid Victoria 12, named for Nike’s Roman counterpart (and the root of our word “victory”) appears at 19 Pisces, squared the Sun, funneling more winning vibes into Swift’s core being.  It’s accompanied by asteroid TRIUMF 14959 at 16 Pisces, also squared the Sun.  TRIUMF is an acronym for a Canadian particle accelerator research facility, but resonates with its phonetic match “triumph,” establishing Swift as a winner of the first order.  Swift has been nominated for 52 Grammy Awards, winning 14, and is the only artist ever to win Album of the Year four times, validating the potential in her chart. 

taylor ad

If there’s one area where Swift might play the Anti-Hero, it’s her love life.  By last count, the music phenom has had at least 13 boyfriends in 15 years (no Blank Space on that dance card!), a circumstance aided and abetted by the fact of a stationary asteroid Aphrodite 1388, an energy she knows All Too Well.  At 26 Leo, Aphrodite is trine the Sun and turned retrograde five days after her birth, making it a pivotal factor in Swift’s makeup.  Although she’s the Greek version of Venus, ruling relationships and partners, well … to be Delicate, Aphrodite is less focused on LTRs and a bit more interested in the chase, playing the field, having a good time without commitment.  Carving notches on the headboard is more her Style – no slut-shaming implied here, it’s a perfectly valid modus operandi for males and females, and Swift has left a long trail of broken hearts (hers and theirs) in the wake of her amorous adventures, in no small part due to the pull of that stationary Aphrodite.

Swift outdid herself at the most recent VMAs, in 2023, capturing nine of those little moonwalkers in a single night, just one shy of a record set by Beyoncé; Mercury, Neptune and Saturn conjunct, with asteroid Eros, shows a true passion (Eros) for music (Neptune) and songwriting (Mercury) as a career (Saturn)

To analyze the PNAs for all Taylor’s beaux, which includes such celebrities as Joe Jonas, Taylor Lautner, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Harry Styles, is beyond the scope of this article.  These failed relationships, doomed by fickle Aphrodite, might have left Swift stating, “I Knew You Were Trouble” in the aftermath, and chalking it all up to experience. 

But let’s take a deep dive on her current Love Story, with inamorata NFL pro football player Travis Kelce.  As noted above, there are five CNAs beginning with the name Travis, for which there is no exact, solitary match.  We’ve already seen that asteroid Travisbarman fills in a T-Square with Fortuna and Juno, perhaps making him the lucky stiff (Fortuna) to grab the brass ring, or gold wedding band (Juno), as may be.  But what about the other contenders for a Travis referent?  How do they fit in?

taylor BF lineup
Blame this lineup of boyfriends on Swift’s stationary asteroid Aphrodite, more fickle than Venus, looking to put points on the board rather than settling down

Pretty well, actually.  Two of these referents, asteroids Traviscarter 208917 and Travisturbyfill 211377, appear at station, suggesting inordinate importance for a Travis in her biography.  In short, with two cosmic stand-ins at station, the gentleman has staying power!  Traviscarter at 12 Leo conjoins Nike (will he be the “winner” of her heart?) at 13 Leo and trines the Sun, also squared Pluto at 16 Scorpio, indicating a deeply transformative relationship.  Travisturbyfill at 26 Aries is also trine the Sun, and conjunct asteroid Taylor as well, implying a “close” relationship.  Travisturbyfill also squares Venus at 1 Aquarius, arbiter of love and romance, linking to permanent relationships; and opposes asteroid Valentine with Juno, another indicator of “happily married” potential.  Traviscarter turned retrograde five days before her birth, Travisturbyfill turned direct the day before.

Remaining are asteroid Travisbrown 27507 and Traviscole 26502.  Travisbrown at 28 Aquarius squares Mars at 26 Scorpio, a good sign of sexual heat and between-the-sheets compatibility (though it can also degenerate into abuse or anger), and opposes Aphrodite at 26 Leo, perhaps giving Travis Kelce the ability to “eclipse” that flighty femme fatale’s power over Swift.  Asteroid Kelsey 6260, phonetic match for Kelce, appears at 22 Taurus, opposing Mars and completing a Grand Cross, adding further force to the effort to dislodge that Aphrodite mentality.   Traviscole at 7 Virgo conjoins Swift’s 8 Virgo MC (given the unverified birthtime), perhaps making him somehow influential in her career, and widely opposes TRIUMF at 16 Pisces, a possible indicator of Kelce’s ultimate success.

taylor kelce box
The first intimation most had of a budding romance between Swift and KC Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce was her appearance in the Kelce box with his mother, Donna, in September 2023; with two Travis-related asteroids at station in her chart, one conjunct asteroid Taylor, this guy could have the staying power to see it through

Born just a few weeks prior to Swift, on 5 October 1989 (no time available), the two charts have much in common, but important differences as well.  Kelce’s 12 Libra Sun is bracketed by Mars at 10 Libra (that’s the sports inclination) and asteroid Juno at 14 Libra (so he’s more relationship-oriented than Swift, and sees his partner as an integral part of himself).  There’s a T-Square with Jupiter at 10 Cancer (conveyor of fame and celebrity, also ruling Sagittarius, Sign of sports) and Saturn (career) with Neptune at 7 and 9 Capricorn.  Saturn tied to Mars and Jupiter reads “pro sports career” for sure, and with Saturn also ruling the “consort,” the tie to Neptune could suggest a partner with a connection to music.

But of course Taylor Swift has a more direct impact on the chart as well.  Asteroid Swift at 25 Scorpio conjoins both Venus at 26 Scorpio (romance, love interest, life partner) and asteroid Eros 433 at 29 Scorpio, suggesting a deep well of romantic/erotic passion.  Asteroid Taylor at 1 Taurus interacts with several Travis markers, conjunct Travisturbyfill at 7 Taurus and squared an exact conjunction of Travisbarman and Traviscarter at 0 Leo.  Of course, Traviscole at 17 Leo conjoins Aphrodite at 14 Leo, so perhaps it’s just a fling after all.  But then we have Travisbrown exact with asteroid Singer at 9 Aquarius, broadly squared Taylor, another indicator of a strong bond between them.  Singer/Travisbrown trines the Sun/Mars/Juno complex as well as asteroid Valentine at 6 Libra, two more links from Travis to a vocal artist, sex and romance.

taylor kelce hands
Taylor and Travis leave that first game hand-in-hand; asteroid Swift conjoins Venus and Eros in his chart, with asteroid Taylor squared an exact conjunction of asteroids Singer and Travisbrown

It’s hard to say exactly when the relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce began.  There was an abortive attempt to meet her (and gift her with a friendship bracelet) when Kelce attended a Swift concert in July 2023.  Some mild media flirtation then ensued on both sides.  But most sources agree that the first public acknowledgment of an attraction came on September 24th, when Swift appeared in the Kelce box with his mother at a Chiefs vs Bears contest, with the couple later leaving the stadium hand-in-hand.  Apparently, neither had the impulse to just Shake It Off, and they’ve been an item ever since.

At this first PDA, Eros at 7 Aquarius is at station (and conjoined his Singer/Travisbrown and her Venus), heating things up in general.  With Traviscarter at 19 Libra conjunct Mars at 18 Libra, and Kelsey at 22 Sagittarius conjoined Aphrodite at 23 Sag, Kelce is hot-to-trot and looking for fun, but a conjunction of marriage-minded Hera with transformative Pluto at 24 and 27 Capricorn says there’s also the potential for something deep and lasting.

taylor kelce kiss
A post-Super Bowl victory smooch; a stationary asteroid Traviscarter squared asteroids Juno (Roman goddess of marriage) and Valentine could signal a love match (Valentine) that lasts (Juno)

An exact conjunction of Venus and Juno at 19 Leo underscores this, uniting two factors which can be focused on the long term, and is given heft and expansion potential by a square from Jupiter at 14 Taurus with Valentine at 16 Taurus.  Lots of hearts and flowers in that mix, folks, and perhaps enough genuine affection to stick with it.  At any rate, this pattern certainly represents a romantic (Venus, Valentine) partnership (Juno, Venus) between celebrities (Jupiter), of whatever duration. 

Note also how this Leo pairing aligns with both partner’s natal Aphrodite placements, at 14 and 26 Leo, neatly bridging the gap between them, normally not in aspect.  Asteroid Taylor at 28 Leo (conjoining asteroid Travisbrown at 3 Virgo, semisquare Traviscole at 12 Cancer, and trine Travisturbyfill at 2 Capricorn) is just at the periphery of the Venus/Juno union’s orb, suggesting Swift might be almost ready for that leap to permanence; but there’s plenty a slip ‘twixt romantic cup and marital lip.

So far, so good:  no Bad Blood between them yet.  We’ll just have to see how it all plays out…

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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