James Comey before the House Intelligence Committee

Trump to Comey: You’re Fired! A Real-Time Episode of “Political Apprentice”

Clearly, the political apprentice in question is Donald J. Trump, who simply can’t seem to absorb the steep learning curve of the new job he holds. It shouldn’t be necessary to instruct this modern-day P.T. Barnum, who successfully based his political career on the essential truthfulness of Barnum’s adage that there’s a sucker born every minute, on this simple lesson: optics matter. But apparently it is.

The galactically stupid move of firing FBI Director James Comey came on Tuesday, May 9th, one day after said Director petitioned Congress for more resources to broaden the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian hackers, and one day before an Oval Office meeting with the Russian Foreign Minister and Ambassador, to which the American Press was not invited. Really?

Comey’s unceremonious sacking came as a shock to the country, the Bureau, and much of the White House staff, who were left scrambling for a justification. Trump’s terse letter of dismissal suggested that it was Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation (portions of which Trump had formerly praised fulsomely) which prompted his ouster, and that it was based on recommendations from Rod Rosenstein, the new Deputy Attorney General, just two weeks on the job, backed up by AG Jeff Sessions, who had supposedly recused himself from all matters regarding said investigation.

And that’s how the staff spinned it – for 24 hours. Then The Donald himself stuck a spanner in the works, in a Thursday interview with NBC anchor Lester Holt, where he vigorously asserted that he’d already made the decision to fire Comey over the previous weekend, before asking for the “recommendations” from the Justice Department. Gone, too, was the assertion that it was his crass treatment of Clinton that had made the firing inevitable, replaced with a more plausible, if self-damning, focus on that meddlesome “fake news” Russian investigation, and doubts about Comey’s personal loyalty to the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Trump’s former head of security (in that private life he so wistfully pined for in recent interviews commemorating his one hundredth day in office, and to which he may shortly be returning) was dispatched to FBI HQ with the dismissal letter, but the Director was in California, addressing a group of colleagues when a TV monitor in the background flashed the news of his job loss. Class act.

If Trump intended the firing to slow or terminate the Russian investigation, he has seriously overplayed his hand, and is reaping a bitter harvest. Renewed calls for an independent investigation, and an obvious fraying of GOP support, all but guarantee that things will get even hotter for Trump going forward.

The news broke at 5:40 PM EDT on 9 May 2017, and a chart cast for that hour in Washington DC has some remarkable things to say.

First, let’s talk about the angles, for Trump’s locale and Comey’s. In Washington, the chart has 20 Libra Rising, with 23 Cancer on the Midheaven. Both are succinct in their interactions with the two principals involved. Remember that the angles change degrees roughly every four minutes, they are the most volatile and personal points in a chart. That 23 Cancer MC is an exact match for Donald Trump’s natal Saturn – representing his authority as Chief Executive, and perfectly encapsulating Trump’s trademark “You’re fired!” phraseology. And lest we’re confused about the true motivation for the dismissal, that 20 Libra Ascendant is an exact match for James Comey’s natal asteroid Russia! No, I am not making this up.

The California angles have a tale to tell as well. In Los Angeles, where Comey was speaking, 17 Virgo was rising, with 15 Gemini on the MC. 17 Virgo is exactly squared Trump’s natal Uranus at 17 Gemini, reflecting the sudden, impetuous, shocking act. The 15 Gemini MC also highlights this Uranus by conjunction, as well as opposing Comey’s natal asteroid Troemper, for Donald Trump, at 12 Sagittarius, then being opposed precisely by transit Mars at 12 Gemini, encroaching on Trump’s natal Sun/Uranus combination, impelling impulsive action.

And once again confirming the falsity of the original cover story of the firing being based on staff recommendations and Comey’s handling of the Clinton investigation, the LA MC also conjoins Comey’s natal asteroid Lie at 14 Gemini. Not to be outdone, transit asteroid Blarney appears exactly on the Descendant of this chart, at 17 Sagittarius, from where it also conjoins Comey’s natal Sun at 22 Sag (born 14 December 1960, no time). The term “blarney” is a synonym for verbal rubbish, garbage, nonsense or drivel.

Pretty stunning stuff, but let’s dig deeper.

Take a look at the day’s Sun and its handmaidens. At 19 Taurus, the Sun is exactly conjunct asteroid Phaeton, a symbol of a sudden, dramatic fall, and exactly trine Pluto at 19 Capricorn, indicating a deeply transformative moment, fraught with primal motivation (as in self-survival), coercion or manipulation, and a potential scandal. Also close by are centaur Bienor – literally, the “strong man”, and asteroid Moskva, the Russian version of Moscow, both at 20 Taurus. Initially Trump’s defenders tried to focus on his “decisiveness” and “strength” in quickly addressing this situation, both hallmarks of the political “Strongman”, the powerful, typically dictatorial leader who rules by force. (Incidentally, a stationary Bienor appears exactly on the Ascendant of the Trump Administration, setting the tone for how the White House wants to be seen.) Moskva, of course, needs no explanation in these circumstances, but we’ll beat a dead horse anyway and state how this places the Kremlin front and center for the day.

Again, contacts from the day to the principal’s nativities make the situation clearer. Trump’s natal asteroid Lie falls at 17 Taurus, so it was highlighted and emphasized by the transit Sun’s passage directly over it the previous weekend, when he alleges the decision was made, with the Sun still within orb on Tuesday (and the Full Moon of Wednesday the 10th at 20 Scorpio further energizing this point). Sun/Phaeton at 19 Taurus also forms the apex of a temporary transit Yod with inconjunct aspects to James Comey’s natal asteroid James, at 20 Sagittarius, and Russia, at 20 Libra. This shows a fated circumstance affecting Comey personally (James), involving Russia (Russia), slated for that day (Sun), and resulting in a fall (Phaeton), based in Trump’s dishonesty on some level (Lie). The trine to transit Pluto also brings out Comey’s natal Saturn/Whitehouse conjunction, at 17 and 19 Capricorn, with Saturn exactly trine Trump’s natal Lie and Whitehouse exactly conjunct transit Pluto. This spells career (Saturn) devastation (Pluto) wrought by a connection to the Oval Office (Whitehouse), again with an accent on the essential untruthfulness (Lie) of the Chief Executive (Saturn).

Trump with Lavrov and Kislyak in the Oval Office

U.S. President Donald Trump meets with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, left, next to Russian Ambassador to the U.S. Sergei Kislyak at the White House. (Russian Foreign Ministry Photo via AP)

The impulsivity and volatility of the decision, as well as the coldness of that letter of dismissal, is reflected in the exact conjunction of Mercury and Uranus that day, at 25 Aries, exactly on a Black Hole. We certainly seem to be in a parallel reality (Black Hole) now, with the sitting POTUS firing the FBI Director, engaged in investigating his campaign. And now Trump is implying that he might have taped his conversations with Comey? Is this 2017 or 1973? Has the Black Hole Way-back Machine transported us to the Nixon White House? (In that context, note the meeting Trump had with Nixon Secretary of State Henry Kissinger that same week – talk about laying it on thick!)

Trump's dismissal letter to Comey

Trump’s dismissal letter to Comey (click image to zoom)

Nearby this Mercury/Uranus pairing is TNO Eris at 23 Aries, noted for causing strife and discord, and being just generally a troublemaker of the first water. This point is currently exactly squaring Trump’s natal Saturn at 23 Cancer, causing turmoil and turbulence in his career. Its union with Uranus last year, in opposition to Jupiter, was a huge factor in Trump’s win, with its accent on the cri de coeur of the downtrodden electorate against the establishment. But Trump is part of that establishment now, no longer the outsider with his tiny hands pressed to the window glass of the Oval Office, and Eris plays no favorites. He’s the one taking the heat now.

Let’s take a look next at the principal actors of the week’s drama, as they appear in that firing chart. PNA referents for these make significant aspects, detailing their various roles.

To start with, asteroid James at 7 Pisces is conjoined asteroid America at 11 Pisces and Neptune at 13. James with America suggests an identification with the American people, while the conjunction to Neptune sets up Comey as a victim, a sacrifice, but also enmeshed in a sea of deception or illusion. James is also exactly sextile asteroid Achilles at 7 Capricorn, establishing that Comey has a weak spot, a vulnerability, which can be exploited to his disadvantage. This point conjoins Trump’s natal Whitehouse as well, at 4 Capricorn, showing where Comey’s vulnerability originates, but also identifying this moment as potential weak spot for the White House.

There’s a loose Grand Cross here as well, with James opposing a pairing of asteroids Karma and Anubis at 3 and 4 Virgo, while squared to asteroid Troemper at 3 Gemini and Washingtonia at 2 Sagittarius. Karma indicates the reaping of the results of one’s prior actions, in this case Comey’s refusal to swear loyalty to Trump personally, and to give up the investigation; Anubis, named for the ancient Egyptian deity governing funerary rites, indicates an ending or terminus. Troemper is our celestial stand-in for Trump, and Washingtonia represents DC.

Reinforcing this Grand Cross from Comey’s nativity are asteroid Requiem at 2 Virgo, named for the funeral mass for the dead and another indicator of endings; and Pluto, lord of death and transformation, at 8 Virgo. Pluto also represents personal power, which for Comey was at an end, and scandal, which for Trump is just beginning. Also in the mix are Comey’s natal Washingtonia (DC) at 8 Sagittarius, and his Mercury, the decision to fire him and the Press reaction, at 10 Sagittarius, as well as our old friend Moskva, representing the machinations of the Kremlin, at 4 Gemini (conjoined transit Troemper, by the way; celestial birds of a feather…). Transit James also just happens to be exactly conjunct Comey’s natal asteroid Roddy at 7 Pisces, one of two PNAs representing Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, whose recommendation was briefly asserted as the grounds for Comey’s ouster.

Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General

Rod Rosenstein, Deputy Attorney General

Rosenstein’s other PNA referent, asteroid Rosenstein, falls at 4 Sagittarius in Trump’s natal chart, conjoined his own natal Troemper at 2 Sagittarius, both points tying to the Grand Cross as well. This close combination of Rosenstein with Trump’s personal PNA may help to explain why Rosenstein was chosen as the original “surrogate” for the firing, Trump’s patsy in the debacle.

There is no asteroid “Comey”, but asteroid “Combe” seems a useful stand-in. At 28 Taurus in the firing chart, Combe squares a pairing of asteroids Whitehouse and Damocles at 25 and 26 Aquarius. Whitehouse is self-explanatory, and Damocles represents the doom that hangs unseen overhead. Combe has also recently passed over Trump’s natal MC at 24 Taurus, and is still within orb. Combe is also broadly squared to transit asteroid Rip (for the acronym “RIP”, “Rest In Peace”, a common tombstone inscription), which also represents endings, at 21 Leo.

Comey’s natal Combe is at 12 Scorpio, conjunct his natal Rosenstein at 14 Scorpio, linking the two men personally. Both are also within orb of Neptune at 10 Scorpio, indicating again the victimization and deception, as well as asteroid Jefferson (for AG Jefferson “Jeff” Sessions) at 9 Scorpio. Further, these oppose Comey’s natal asteroid Atropos at 13 Taurus, named for the mythic Greek Fate who severs the thread of life at death, and yet another image of endings. This is a remarkable grouping, bringing together Comey himself (Combe) with both of the men who purportedly instigated his firing (Rosenstein, Jefferson), which was accomplished in a confused, deceptive manner (Neptune). And all these points were conjoined by the transit Moon and transit asteroid Jefferson at 8 and 11 Scorpio in the firing chart. The administration’s natal Moon is at 9 Scorpio, so the firing occurred on the day of its Lunar Return, setting the emotional tone for the upcoming month.

In Trump’s nativity, asteroid Combe appears at 12 Libra, sandwiched between Neptune (victimization, deception) at 5 Libra and Jupiter (politics) at 17 Libra. But its truly stand-out configuration is as part of a grand Cross involving asteroids Sergej and Lavrov, at 13 Cancer and 14 Capricorn respectively, quite literally portraying Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and asteroid Russia at 12 Aries. I mean, what could be more emphatic to tie Comey and the Russian investigation in Trump’s psyche?

Of course, for Trump, politics generally is closely linked to these same energies, with Jupiter prominent in this pattern. His political thinking and philosophy is inextricably bound up in Russian perspectives, as indicated by the three pertinent Russophile PNAs. Add in centaur Chiron at 14 Libra and we see a clear indication that the relationships and attitudes cultivated by the Russian connection will be a source of wounding for Trump, as well as prompting his unconventional statements and positions on Russian matters. It could also point to maverick behaviors, if collusion with Russian agents is proved.

The presence of Combe here indicates a sharpening, or specifying, of the latent potential of the Grand Cross to develop along political lines favorable to Russian interests. It is as if Comey (Combe) is the catalyst of the pattern, bringing it into bold relief on the physical plane and making it manifest for others to see.

One more point to be considered: also part of this Grand Cross is asteroid Nemesis at 16 Cancer. Nemesis is named for the Greek goddess of vengeance and retribution, and indicates a point of self-undoing, often in the form of a person or thing which stands in our way, frustrates an ambition, or blocks us generally, bringing real or perceived setback or downfall. With Combe in square to this point, Comey’s a part of that. Another vital part is asteroid Sergej, at 13 Cancer conjoined Nemesis, which, in addition to Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, also stands for the Russian Ambassador, Sergei Kislyak, who has already featured prominently in the investigation. These three have a strong potential to bring a political (Jupiter) comeuppance (Nemesis) to Trump, whether by their will or no. Oh – one more thing: Pluto will be stationing at 16 Capricorn this September, exactly opposed Trump’s natal Nemesis. Have a nice trip – see you next fall!

Vladimir Putin is in the mix as well, in the form of asteroid Vladimir. At 8 Libra in the firing chart, Vladimir is within orb of transit Jupiter at 14 Libra, opposes transit Venus at 6 Aries, and ties to the “Russian Grand Cross” in Trump’s nativity by conjunction with Combe at 12 Libra. Vladimir in Trump’s chart falls at 23 Scorpio, conjoined his natal IC at 24 Scorpio, and establishing Putin as a foundational energy for Trump, something which supports and sustains him. For Comey, Vladimir appears at 9 Aquarius, in tandem with Damocles at 10 Aquarius, making Putin potentially an agent of that doom hanging unseen overhead.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions

To wrap up the contacts for the Justice Department, asteroid Jefferson in Trump’s birth chart is at 23 Taurus (exactly opposed Vladimir, by the way), conjoined the MC at 24 Taurus and Lie at 17. This shows Jeff Sessions as bound up in Trump’s career (he was an early supporter and campaign surrogate), as well as bound up in his falsehoods (Sessions was forced to recuse himself from the Russian investigations following revelations of his own false testimony about contacts with the Russian Ambassador during his Senate confirmation hearings). Lastly, transit asteroid Roddy at 26 Capricorn is conjoined the firing’s IC at 23 Capricorn, while transit Rosenstein at 10 Capricorn squares transit Jupiter at 14 Libra, opposes transit Atropos (endings) at 11 Cancer, exactly squares Comey’s natal Nemesis (undoing) at 10 Libra while exactly conjoining his natal Jupiter, and once again feeds into Trump’s “Russian Grand Cross”, by conjunction with natal Lavrov at 14 Capricorn.

Whew! That’s a peck of powerful PNA placements, for sure!

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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