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Kate’s Fate: Princess of Wales Cancer Diagnosis

What is going on with Britain’s Royal Family and cancer?  King Charles III was revealed to have an undisclosed type of cancer on February 5th, now his daughter-in-law faces the same situation less than two months later.  Catherine, Princess of Wales, more commonly known as Kate, released a video statement about her condition on Friday, 22 March, 2024:  “In January, I underwent major abdominal surgery in London and at the time, it was thought that my condition was non-cancerous.  The surgery was successful.  However, tests after the operation found cancer had been present.  My medical team therefore advised that I should undergo a course of preventative chemotherapy and I am now in the early stages of that treatment.”  As with Charles, no specifics were revealed. 

kate announcement
Kate revealed her cancer diagnosis in a video statement on March 22nd, with asteroid Kate squared the Sun, putting her in the spotlight, and asteroid Kathryn conjunct asteroid Rip (“RIP”), symbolizing her brush with mortality

The current skies are fraught for both Royals, with a number of pertinent minor bodies at station indicating major turning points for those involved.  To start, Kate is in the spotlight for the day, with asteroid Kate 2156 at 3 Capricorn, closely squared an exact pairing of the Sun with asteroid Hera 103 at 2 Aries, named for the Greek goddess of marriage.  Also with the Aries points is Neptune at 27 Pisces, somewhat clouding the issue.  The wife (Hera) of the heir to the throne (Kate) is in focus (Sun), undergoing chemotherapy (Neptune’s rulership of drugs), but without specifics (Neptune’s obfuscation).

kate dating
Kate and Wills started dating shortly after they met at St Andrews University in 2001, but it took a decade to get to the altar; the cosmos was more convinced of their destiny, with Kate’s natal asteroid Juno (marriage) conjunct asteroid Williams, and natal asteroid Groom sesquiquadrate asteroid William

Stationary points exert a greater-than-typical influence on events, character or biography.  Here we have fully eight points at station broken down into two general groups, roughly trine the Sun, before or after.  In late Scorpio/early Sagittarius we see asteroid Britten 4079 at 23 Scorpio, a phonetic match for Britain, turning retrograde March 17th, just five days before the announcement.  Also here, an exact pairing of asteroids Kathryn 2612 and Rip 7711 at 4 Sagittarius, and asteroid Regina 285 at 5 Sagittarius.  Kathryn turns retrograde March 28th, and is an alternate spelling of Catherine (for which there is no exact match); Rip turned retrograde March 20th, and functions as a death indicator in the form of the acronym RIP, “Rest In Peace,” a common tombstone inscription; and Regina (which turns retro on March 31st) is Latin for “queen,” which in the fullness of time may be Kate’s title.  Put it all together, we have a potentially deadly (Rip) situation involving Kate (Kathryn), Britian’s (Britten) future Queen (Regina). 

kate engagement
Kate & Wills were engaged in 2010; natal asteroid Rey (Spanish for “king”) conjunct asteroid Kate and squared asteroid Kathryn shows a potential for connection to royalty

As well, the early Sagittarius points sit at the fulcrum of a T-Square with asteroid Juno 3 at 9 Virgo, named for Hera’s Roman counterpart, again identifying Kate as William’s wife; and Damocles at 2 Pisces, representing the threat of doom or destruction hanging unseen overhead.  Kate’s doctors thought she was free and clear after her abdominal surgery, only to find that cancer was in fact present, a Sword of Damocles dangling above her for sure.  In addition, the transit Sag stellium aligns with Kate’s natal Uranus at 3 Sagittarius, indicating something shocking, surprising or unexpected, and forms a T-Square with two of her PNAs, opposing asteroid Kate at 1 Gemini and squaring asteroid Kathryn at 6 Pisces.

kate wedding
Kate & Wills were married 29 April 2011, with asteroid Kathryn conjunct asteroid Briede (bride) and asteroid William conjunct asteroids Groom and King; transit asteroid Kathryn was also exactly conjunct natal asteroid Briede, with transit Groom opposed natal William

The second grouping straddles late Cancer/early Leo, and consists of asteroid Roy 14533 at 22 Cancer, turning direct March 12th; asteroid London 8837 at 26 Cancer, turning direct March 10th; asteroid Lewis 4796 at 6 Leo, turning direct March 26th; and asteroid Charolotte 543 at12 Leo, turning direct March 30th.  Roy is the Old French term for “king;” London is Britain’s capital and main official residence of the Royal Family (as well as reflecting the London Clinic, where Kate had her procedure and the cancer was detected); Lewis is an alternate spelling for Prince Louis, Kate’s younger son; and Charlotte represents her daughter, Princess Charlotte.  It’s quite stunning to see PNAs (Personal-Named Asteroids) for Kate and two of her children all changing direction at once, indicating the cancer diagnosis as a crisis point for the entire family.  (Charlotte also represents King Charles, for which there is no exact match, and he is further symbolized by asteroids Roy and Britten, so the current period may mark a major turning point in his cancer therapy as well.)  Having both Britten and London at station signals this as a major concern for the nation at large as well.

kate pregnant
An expectant Kate continues her royal duties late into her pregnancy; the couple waited two years to start a family, but the timing was impeccable, with asteroid Demeter (Greek goddess of motherhood) exactly conjunct Kate’s natal asteroid Kate when her first child was born

The rest of the family is seen in a remarkable confluence of points in Taurus, centered on an exact conjunction of asteroids William 270373 and Prinz 4595 (German for “prince”) at 10 Taurus.  Appearing in the lead-up to this pairing are asteroids Queen’s 5457 (for Kate’s future title) at 0 Taurus, George 3854 (her eldest child) at 6 Taurus, and Lachesis 120 (named for the mythic Greek Fate who determines the span of life) at 8 Taurus.  Following are TNO Albion 15760 (an ancient name for Britain) at 13 Taurus, Jupiter (ruling royalty generally) at 15 Taurus, asteroid Cambridge 2531 (the Prince and Princess of Wales retain also their former titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, which can still be used as cosmic markers to identify them) at 18 Taurus, Uranus (the unexpected) at 20 Taurus, and asteroid Atropos 273 (the Fate who severs the thread of life at death) at 29 Taurus.  While all points do not conjoin each other, this string is an emphatic celestial statement of the shock (Uranus) generated in the young Royal (Jupiter) Family (Cambridge), specifically for Princes (Prinz) William (William) and George (George), from this brush with mortality (Lachesis, Atropos) for the future British (Albion) Queen (Queen’s).  A semisquare from William to Neptune at 27 Pisces illustrates the Prince of Wales’ likely feelings of despair, confusion and hopelessness at his wife’s diagnosis, as well as her chemotherapy.

kate george
Kate & Wills with their firstborn, Prince George; asteroid George squared both asteroid William and Kathryn at his birth, with George also opposing Kate’s natal asteroids Demeter and Ceres, named for the Greek and Roman goddesses of maternity

In general, I’m not seeing the preponderance of death indicators activated that typically herald a passing, so it seems likely to me that Kate weathers this crisis, and the “deadly” points that are active refer more loosely to the cancer diagnosis, which in a different age of medical science would have been a death sentence.  Nevertheless, the threat is real, and needs to be taken seriously.

Kate’s Fate, in many ways, was laid out for her from birth, as evidenced by asteroid connections in her natal chart.  Born 9 January 1982 at 7 PM GMT in Reading, UK (Rodden Rating C), the former Catherine “Kate” Middleton has just one point at station – asteroid Kate, which at 1 Gemini turned direct just four days before her birth.  Its stationary status, sesquiquadrate to the 19 Capricorn Sun, likely prompted the use of “Kate” as her primary reference, although asteroid Kathryn at 6 Pisces is also semisquare the Sun, a typical placement for one’s own PNAs (which most commonly interact with the Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury, ruling the naming function).

kate charlotte
Kate & Wills with daughter Charlotte; asteroid Charlotte was semisquare a Kathryn/Ceres conjunction at her birth, trine Demeter conjunct asteroid Queen’s, for this daughter of the future Queen Catherine

A connection to royalty is seen in asteroid Rey 13647 (Spanish for “king”) at 6 Gemini, conjunct Kate and exactly squared Kathryn; as well as asteroids Britten (Britain) and Roy (Old French for “king”), which at 6 and 7 Taurus respectively, closely conjoin the 5 Taurus MC, symbolizing her eventual status and place in the world beside the British (Britten) King (Roy), with Kate elevated from commoner to royalty by marriage.  And on that score, asteroids Queen’s and King 2305 conjoin at 3 and 5 Cancer, squared asteroid Hera at 12 Libra, a nod to the union (Hera) that would one day make the couple King and Queen.  Queen’s/King also opposes a combination of asteroids Prinz and London at 1 and 2 Capricorn, identifying her future husband’s title and the city where they would wed.  Her royal role is also foreshadowed by asteroid Regina at 14 Aquarius, given angular impact and force on her 18 Aquarius Descendant, also trine Hera, cementing the idea that marriage would be Kate’s ticket to royalty.

We can see her specific spouse in the form of asteroid Juno (marriage) at 16 Sagittarius conjunct asteroid Williams 1763 (surname version of her future husband’s name) at 18 Sag, also trine a pairing of asteroids Cambridge and William at 13 and 14 Aries.  William was created Duke of Cambridge on their wedding day, a nuptial gift from the old Queen, but amazingly the connection shows in her birth chart from nearly thirty years previously.

kate louis
Kate with Prince Louis, her youngest child; at his birth, asteroid Lewis (alternate spelling) opposed Demeter in a T-Square with asteroid Kate, also conjunct asteroid Fini – “the last” – for her final child

The pattern of predestination repeats at her marriage to Prince William on 29 April 2011, in Westminster Abbey.  Appropriate to the occasion, markers for bride and groom appear entangled with the happy couple’s PNAs.  William shows the more demonstrably here, with asteroid William at 14 Libra surrounded by Saturn, asteroid King and asteroid Groom 5129, at 12, 17 and 20 Libra respectively, pegging bridegroom (Groom) William as royal (King) and a future head-of-state (Saturn).  As well, the William cluster forms a T-Square, opposed a pairing of asteroids Rey and Regina (king & queen) at 16 and 19 Cancer, and squared asteroid Cambridge at 10 Capricorn, with asteroid Williams at 24 Capricorn (too wide to be considered conjunct each other, both nevertheless interact with portions of the overall pattern).  Incredibly, Cambridge is at station, turning retrograde four days after Queen Elizabeth II revived the title for her grandson.

kate wedding2
The iconic post-nuptial kiss on the Buckingham Palace balcony; Wills was created Duke of Cambridge on his wedding day, with Kate his new Duchess, under a stationary asteroid Cambridge; also at station – asteroid Juno (marriage) exactly conjunct asteroid London (where the ceremony took place)

Kate shows similarly, as asteroid Kathryn at 18 Pisces conjunct asteroid Briede 19029 (phonetic match for “bride”) at 24 Pisces.  Asserting her status as an English royal bride, Kathryn/Briede appears at the fulcrum of a T-Square with a Roy/Britten conjunction at 21 and 22 Gemini, and asteroid Queen’s at 26 Sagittarius.  Kate’s natal Briede at 18 Pisces matches her marriage Kathryn exactly, and squares that Juno (marriage, partner)/Williams conjunction at 16 and 18 Sagittarius, while natal Groom at 26 Scorpio is sesquiquadrate her Cambridge/William conjunction at 13 and 14 Aries, both prefiguring their union. 

The venue and the occasion are seen in the 8 Taurus Sun’s conjunction with asteroids Abbe 5224 (for Westminster Abbey) and Hera (Greek goddess of marriage) at 6 and 10 Taurus.  Also at station, asteroid Juno (Roman goddess of marriage), which at 14 Virgo turned direct three days later, and exactly conjoins asteroid London, where the wedding took place.  Their somewhat unconventional royal love match (William was the first incumbent or direct heir to the British throne to marry a commoner since Henry VIII wed Catherine Parr in 1543; and most royals do not have extensive dating experience of their future spouses, with this couple together in some form for nearly ten years before their engagement) is depicted by groundbreaking Uranus at 2 Aries conjunct asteroid Prinz at 6 Aries and romance-minded Venus at 10 Aries.

kate liz memorial
Kate & Wills view memorials left for his late grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, in 2022; Kate’s natal asteroids Britten (phonetic match for Britain) and Roy (Old French for “king”) conjoined her Midheaven show her status as a member of the British Royal Family

The newlyweds took a bit of time settling into a life together before venturing into parenthood, with their first child expected in the summer of 2013, more than two years after the marriage.  Prince George duly arrived on 22 July of that year, with transit asteroid Demeter 1108, named for the Greek goddess of motherhood, at 1 Gemini, exactly conjoined Kate’s natal Kate, for her first foray into maternity.  Right next door are asteroids Queen’s and Cambridge, both at 2 Gemini, establishing the new mother’s royal connections and then title, with her precious imp styled “Prince George of Cambridge.” 

Asteroid George at 19 Taurus opposes both natal Demeter at 26 Scorpio and asteroid Ceres 1 at 12 Scorpio, named for Demeter’s Roman counterpart, activating his mother’s cosmic maternal instincts.  On the day, George is squared asteroid Kathryn at 23 Leo and sesquiquadrate asteroid Kate at 3 Libra, doubly tying the tiny prince to his mother, also squared daddy asteroid William at 12 Leo and trine asteroid Prinz at 14 Virgo.  Natal George at 23 Aquarius was exactly opposed by transit Kathryn and squared by transit George, also squared natal Demeter.

kate 10th anniversary
The young Cambridge family on Kate & Wills’ tenth anniversary, with Prince Louis pulling one of his trademark faces; asteroids Kathryn, Charlotte and Lewis were all at station for her cancer diagnosis, indicating a major turning point for the entire family

Wills’ (to use his mother Diana’s diminutive for him) and Kate’s subsequent offspring can also be tracked celestially.  Princess Charlotte clocked in on 2 May 2015, with the 11 Taurus Sun conjunct asteroid Williams with TNO Albion, both at 2 Taurus, and asteroids Kate and Regina together at 12 Taurus, highlighting (Sun) the growing royal (Regina) family (Williams, Kate) and the nation (Albion) they represent.  Transit Demeter at 20 Leo conjoins asteroid Queen’s at 22 Leo, while asteroids Kathryn and Ceres combine at 5 and 6 Aquarius, atop Kate’s natal asteroid Child 4580 at 9 Aquarius.  Asteroid Charlotte at 14 Sagittarius squares asteroid Cambridge at 10 Virgo, itself embedded at station, turning direct on April 25th, for this latest addition to the Cambridge family.  Natal Charlotte at 22 Libra T-Squares Kate’s natal Moon (representing motherhood on a planetary level)/Sun polarity at 18 Cancer and 19 Capricorn, widely opposing natal William at 14 Aries for a Grand Cross.  The transit Moon at 20 Libra conjoined natal Charlotte, putting the potential of that pattern into motion, and perhaps suggesting the name chosen.

kate older couple
Kate & Wills today, showing the strain of the past 18 months of tragedy for the Royal Family; Kate and King Charles both received unexpected cancer diagnoses as a transit Jupiter (royalty)/Uranus (shocks) conjunction formed

Prince Louis, third and likely last of the royal brood, entered the picture on 23 April 2018, with asteroid Lewis at 4 Capricorn opposed asteroid Demeter at 2 Cancer, in a T-Square with asteroids Kate and Williams at 28 Pisces and 2 Aries.  Lewis widely conjoins asteroid Prinz at 13 Capricorn, confirming his royal title, and is T-Squared asteroids Regina at 9 Libra and Queen’s at 10 Aries, further identifying him as the child of a future queen.  Asteroid Kathryn at 21 Cancer conjoins Kate’s natal Moon at 18 Cancer, again suggesting motherhood, also squaring transit asteroid Cambridge at 19 Aries, with asteroids William and Louise 2556 (feminine form of Louis) at 23 and 24 Aries.  A pairing of asteroid Ceres (motherhood) and the Moon at 8 and 9 Leo closely opposes Kate’s natal asteroid Child at 9 Aquarius, and squares natal Ceres at 12 Scorpio.  Kate’s natal Lewis at 11 Sagittarius is semisextile natal Ceres and squares natal Kathryn at 6 Pisces.

kate kids today
Wills & the kids today, with Kate ominously out of the picture: will that be her Fate? Asteroids William and George conjunct Queen’s and Lachesis for Kate’s cancer diagnosis depict the concern from the heirs (William, George, next two in line for the throne) for the lifespan (Lachesis) of the future Queen (Queen’s)

The forming Jupiter/Uranus conjunction, exact on April 21st, has certainly provided its share of royal (Jupiter) shocks (Uranus).  King Charles and the Princess of Wales both entered the London Clinic on the same day in January, both expecting simple procedures for benign conditions, both emerging with cancer diagnoses.  Some form of doom – or at any rate, gloom – seems to be stalking the Royal Family of late, beginning with the death of the old Queen eighteen months ago.  We can only hope the clouds lift soon, and her progeny live to see happier days.

Alex Miller is a professional writer and astrologer, author of The Black Hole Book, detailing deep space points in astrological interpretation, and the forthcoming Heaven on Earth, a comprehensive study of asteroids, both mythic and personal. Alex is a frequent contributor to “The Mountain Astrologer”, “Daykeeper Journal”, and NCGR’s Journals and “Enews Commentary”; his work has also appeared in “Aspects” magazine, “Dell Horoscope”, “Planetwaves”, “Neptune Café” and “Sasstrology.” He is a past president of Philadelphia Astrological Society, and a former board member for the Philadelphia Chapter of NCGR.

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